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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

"Stale" water release eyed by Red Bluff

Staff Writer

PECOS, Tues., Jan. 20, 2004 -- Red Bluff Lake has less salt coming into it, but too much salt sitting at the bottom of the lake, board members were told during this morning's meeting in Pecos.

Board members met for only 30 minutes in their first meeting of 2004, and were told by Managing Director Randal Hartman that the Malaga Bend salt alleviation project is beginning to show results in the salt content of the Pecos River as it enters Red Bluff Lake.

"Apparently the Malaga Bend thing is working. It looks like we dropped the salt content about 50 percent on our last reading," Hartman said.

Salt coming into the river from an underground spring at Malaga Bend doubles the river's salt content south of Loving, N.M. Under a project begun a year ago, water from the spring is being pumped out of the Pecos River and into man-made ponds, where the water will be evaporated and the salt mined by Sun West Salt Co.

However, while the salt going into the lake is down, the salt already there has had no place to go for the past two years, due to the onging drought in the Trans-Pecos and eastern New Mexico basins of the Pecos River that has prevented any water released to farmers. Because of that, Hartman said "the water is getting stale," and the district needs to consider a water release to get the excess salt out of the lake.

"Let's wait until next month," said board member Lloyd Goodrich, who told the board winter rains in the area could help raise the lake from its current 55,000 acre/feet level and lower the salt saturation of the water. Hartman said the lake is current at 8.1 parts of salt per 1000 parts of water.

Goodrich did say if water is released from the lake, "I look at the reservoir and there's about a half-ton (salt) different in the top and bottom. If you open the (dam) gate real slow the bottom water will run out faster than the top water," he said.

"We haven't really been in this circumstance before," Hartman said, explaining that they didn't know how much water would have to be released to clean up the lake. Border members were told that the salt content would make the water unsuitable for farmers downstream, who have not had a water release for irrigation since 2001.

"If anyone wants to take it, it's on their head," Goodrich said.

Board members were also told by Hartman that the U.S. Geological Survey wants to increase the price charged to Red Bluff for reading the salt content meters above and below Malaga Bend from $5,400 to $15,000.

"They've got to read two other meters there regardless of what they do with ours," Hartman said. "They can't make us pay it, but if they don't do it we've got to get somebody else to do it."

"We had an agreement between Texas and New Mexico. We agreeded the USGS would read the meters for $2,700 (each) with some minor adjustments," he said. "If that's a minor adjustment, I don't want to see a major one."

Financially, the board members accepted the audit report from CPA Randy Graham for te 2003 Fiscal Year. Graham did not attend this morning's meeting, but Hartman said, "He said it looked pretty clean and very good."

Goodrich said the only note on the report was on maintaining better inventory control on items owned by the Red Bluff District.

Board members also approved accounts payable, cash disbursements and the fund balance report for December during this morning's meeting.

Stock show's auction take up by $10,000

PECOS, Tues., Jan. 20, 2004 -- Stock show participants fared well during the Annual 2004 Reeves-Loving County Junior Livestock Premium Sale held Saturday at the Reeves County Civic Center, as this year's event raised over $10,000 more than at last year's show.

The show noted a sale total of $60,500 during the sale, which was held following the final judging on Saturday for the 2004 Reeves-Loving County Junior Livestock Show. The show began on Thursday, with weigh-ins, continued Friday evening with the showing of the goats, steers and lambs and on Saturday morning the hogs.

Last year's Stock Show sale netted $49,550, which was slightly higher than what the auction took in during 2002.

Nathan Box received $3,000 for his Reserve Champion Steer, which was bought by Walter Wells Ranch; Kaci Harrison, $1,300, for her Grand Champion Lamb, a bid from Miller Steel and Welding, Hugh and Gail Box; Mayle McElroy, Grand Champion Goat, $950, Rosewell Livestock Auction, 2-T Cattle Co.; Marissa Tarango, Grand Champion Hog, $1,100, Pecos Feed and Supply, Charlie Bowers; Adrienne Bagley, Reserve Champion Goat, $700, McCoy Building Supply; Mysela Alvarez, Reserve Champion Hog, $650, Security State Bank; Mia Roman, Finewool Lamb Breed Champ, $650, Dick Slack, Jerry Moore and Crider Dairy; Luis Carrasco, Duroc Hog Breed Champ, $550, Kevin Moore, La Tienda, Keefe Supply, Robert Natividad; Mateo Tarango, Hampshire Hog Breed Champ, $575, Reeves County Judge Jimmy Galindo; Adam Roman, Cross Lamb Res Breed Champ, $650, Jimmy Wofford, Onek Propane, Jess Anthony, Leman Barmore, 1-10 Fina, Desert Dist. And Paul Ward; Justin Hannsz, Hamp Hog Res Breed Champ, $650, from Randy Graham Family and J.M. Fowlkes Family; Matt Elliott, OPB Hog Res Breed Champ, $600, West Texas National Bank.

Levon Barragon, Cross Hog Res Breed Champ, $700, Lethco Farm, Crider Dairy, Alamo-Kerley Gin; Derek Teague, 1st Hvy Duroc Hog, $800, John Forester; Justin Workman, 1st Lt Hamp Hog, $700, A.B. Foster; Will Putnam, 1st Lt. Hvy Hamp Hog, $800, Troy Electric; BreAnn Windham, 1st Med OPB Hog, $800, Gibson True Value; Natalia Ornelas, 1st Lt. Cross Hog, $800, Security State Bank; Curtis James, 1st Med Cross Hog, $600, Fisher Construction; Ashley Horsburgh, 1st Hvy Hvy Cross Hog, $600, Scott Cyber, Cisco Ford; Dailynn Mondragon, 1st Light Wt. Goat, $600, West Texas National Bank; Clay Teague, 1st Lt. Med Goat, $700, West Texas National Bank; Conner Armstrong, 1st Med Goat, $850, Loyd and Carol Carson; Chelsea Carrasco, 1st Hvy Med Goat, $500, Texas New Mexico Power, First Choice, Pecos Valley SS Road.

Chris Martinez, 1st Hvy Goat, $550, Dellco Commercial Kitchen; Drake Bradley, 2nd Hvy Cross Lamb, $700, Garland Roustabout; Katie Lee, 2nd Lt. Med Wool Lamb, $800, Wild Cat Prod. Kermit Elec., Morton Pumping, Moore Trucking, Strickland Pump, PNA Warren Smith; Michelle Guebara, 2nd Lt. Duroc Hog, $700, Texas-New Mexico Power, Calvin & Ava Gerke, Norman Hill, First Choice; Chris Bowers, 2nd Lt Hvy Hamp Hog, $750, Burrito Depot, Roy Kelly, Rediger's Pharmacy, Pecos Ins.; Amber Cook, 2nd Hvy Hamp Hog, $600, Fisher Construction; Victoria Carrasco, 2nd Med OPB Hog, $600, Reeves County Teacher's Credit Union, Jimmy Dutchover; Trey Graham, 2nd Lt. Hvy OPB Hog, $650, Fisher Construction; Alex Morales, 2nd Hvy OPB Hog, $650, Fisher Construction; Joel Madrid, 2nd Hvy Hvy Cross Hog, $600, Security State Bank; Brittney Alligood, 2nd Light Wt. Goat, $550, Steve-Barbara Armstrong, Brownlee Hardware, First Choice; Ricky Salgado, 2nd Med Goat, $500, Eagle Tire, Specialty Equip., Water Works, William Proctor, Don Bippes, Dan Rasberry; Michael Hardwick, 2nd Hvy Med Goat, $900 Walker Wells Ranch.

Heath Armstrong, 2nd Hvy Goat, $900, Loyd and Carol Carson; Michael Lee, 3rd Light Cross Lamb, $650, Colt Chevrolet; Imari Ornelas, 3rd Lt. Duroc Hog, $600, RC Teachers Credit Union, First Choice, Matt Burkholder, J. Remela, Jim Workman, Jet Specialty; Kendra Villanueva, 3rd Med Duroc Hog, $650, West Texas National Bank; Joseph Rodriguez, 3rd Lt. Hamp Hog, $650, Fisher Construction; Nigiel Lozano, 3rd Lt. Hvy Hamp Hog, $600, NAPA, Luis Carrasco, Crews Adam, Jennifer Ward, Victor's RS Railroad; Dustin Gulihur, 3rd Hvy Hamp Hog, $1,150, Pecos Animal Clinic; Jesse Hanks, 3rd Lt. OPB Hog, $550, Dust Devil's Flying Service; Jennie Canon, 3rd Med OPB Hog, $700, Fisher Construction; Ariel Garcia, 3rd Lt Cross Hog, $500, West Texas Gas, Mike Harrison; Russell Garlick, 3rd Med Cross Hog, $800, Steve and Dawn Taylor, Glen and Sandy Garland; Matthew Martinez, 3rd Lt Hvy Cross Hog, $650, Reeves County Teacher's Credit Union; Dillon Garcia, 3rd Light Wt Goat, $550, McCoy Building Supply.

Jose Rodriguez, 3rd Hvy Goat, $600, Armstrong Mechanical, Bob Bagle, Assoc. Parts, CF Ranch; Dominique Vejil, 4th Lt Duroc Hog, $550, Pecos Well Service; Josh Elliott, 4th Med Duroc Hog, $850, Verne Jones; Francisco Ornelas, 4th Med Hamp Hog, $550, Balmorhea Ag Boosters; Jamye Galindo, 4th Hvy Hamp Hog, $750, Charles and Gloria Bowers; Haley Kington, 4th Med OPB Hog, $750, 2-T Cattle Co.; Joe Abel Rodriguez, 4th Light Wt Goat, $600, Wofford Ranch, ABD Group, Baeza Feed, Crider Dairy, Hollye Kington,CF Ranch; Ariel Salgado, 4t Lt Hvy Goat, $550, Reeves County Sheriff, Bob's Thriftway, Peggy Walker, First Choice; Zack Morton, 5th Hvy FineWool Lamb, $700, Don Morton, Gray Pumping, Buster's Well, Ralph Roach; Anastasia Contreras, 5th Hvy Cross Lamb, $600, Forst Tire, CF Ranch, First Service, McCoy Building Supply; Maritza Sandoval, 5th Hvy Duro Hog, $800, Paul Putnam Oil; Chance Fincher, 5th Med Hamp Hog, $650, Security State Bank; Kristie Rodriguez, 5th Lt. Hvy Hamp Hog, $600, Balmorhea Ag Boosters.

Liza Vejil, 5th Lt OPB Hog, $600, Corplan Corrections, Architects, Pecos Municipal Criminal Justice; Ty Kington, 5th Med Cross Hog, $750, Duke Outdoor Advertising; Matt Lindemann, 5th Lt. Hvy Cross Hog, $600, Colt Chevrolet; Vanessa Garcia, 5th Med Hvy Cross Hog, $850, Crider Dairy; Jamie Gallego, 5th Light Wt. Goat, $600, Gary Hebbert,f Vicki Machuca, Crider Dairy, CF Ranch, McCoy's; Brandi Machuca, 5th Lt Med Goat, $600, West Texas National Bank; Harlee Lozano, 5th Lt Hvy Goat, $600 Wild Horse Pecan Farm; Teg Lozano, 5th Hvy Goat, $650, Mona Cook Memorial; Ryan Mondragon, 6th Hvy Cross Lamb, $600, Pecos Cantaloupe; Vanessa Baeza, 6th Med Duroc Hog, Trey and Amy Miller; Josh Cobos, 6th Lt. Hamp Hog, $750, Hale-Mills, Pecos Municipal Criminal Justice; Zachary Bowers, 6th Med Hamp Hog, $700, Jimmy Galindo; Sarah McKinney, 6th Lt Hvy Hamp Hog, $1,150, Jr. and Mae Martinez.

Geronimo Ornelas, 6th Lt. OPB Hog, $600, Loring Box, Coastal Chemical Jim-Mecca Kenney; K'Dee Gulihur, 6th Hvy OPB Hog, $760, Charlie Mitchell-Trans Pecos Dairy; Lauren Elliott, 6th Lt. Hvy Cross Hog, $1,100, Brent Shaw Family, West Texas National Bank; Nathan McCormick, 6th Med Hvy Cross Hog, $650, Bill Allen, West Texas Gas, Elliott Waldron Abst.; Brianna Rodriguez, 6th Light Wt Goat, $650, Cee Sales and Miller Steel and Welding; AriAnna Alligood 6th Lt Med Goat, $750, Taylor Farms; Noelee Garcia, 6th Hvy Med Goat, $600, Lisa Boicourt, CF Ranch, Crider Dairy.

Chamber banquet tickets available

PECOS, Tues., Jan. 20, 2004 -- Tickets for the Annual Chamber of Commerce Banquet, scheduled for next Thursday, Jan. 29, can be purchased at the Pecos Area Chamber of Commerce Office, 111 S. Cedar St.

Tickets are $20 each and the guest speaker will be Kirt Watson, the ex-mayor of Austin and an attorney.

For more information contact the chamber at 445-2406.


PECOS, Tues., Jan. 20, 2004 -- High Monday 66. Low this morning 33. Forecast for tonight: Mostly cloudy with a 20 percent chance of rain. Lows near 35. West winds 10 to 15 mph. Wednesday: Mostly cloudy. Highs near 50. North winds 10 to 15 mph.Wednesday night: Mostly cloudy. Lows near 30. East winds near 10 mph. Thursday: Mostly cloudy with a 20 percent chance of showers. Highs in the mid 50s. East winds near 10 mph. Thursday night: Mostly cloudy with a 20 percent chance of rain. Lows in the lower to mid 30s. Friday: Mostly cloudy with a 20 percent chance of showers. Highs in the lower to mid 50s. Friday night: Mostly cloudy with a 20 percent chance of rain. Lows in the mid 30s.

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