Links to Images in Enterprise Files for 1997

Three Palms Inn, Presidio
David Alba, speaker, Ricky Herrera, city councilman, Pecos Chamber of Commerce banquet 97
Monahans Loboes track star, 97
Sheep at livestock show, Balmorhea FFA
Entrance to Balmorhea State Park
Dr. W.J. Bang and 96 Golden Girl Lindley Workman
Mary Barfield with projector at West of the Pecos Museum
Million Barrel Museum, Monahans
Kevin Bates with hog at livestock show
Black Bear at Maxey Park Zoo
Bill Gartner, Ruth Bell, Rey Carreon at Big Bend Baptist Church, Terlingua
Tostitos blimp at Pecos Airport
Bucking Bronc at West of the Pecos Rodeo
Bryan Brownlee throwing shotput at state meet
File photo of West of Pecos Rodeo bullride
Saragosa tornado aftermath
Snow covers yucca on Eddy Street
Linebery Chuckwagon exhibit, West of the Pecos Museum, campfire
Cara Alligood mug
Cattle Roundup near Alpine
Courtney Clark with champion steer, livestock show
Clay McKinney readies sheep for show ring
Editorial cartoon on drug policy
Cougar at Maxey Park Zoo
Pecos City Council 96-97, Gerald Tellez Jr., Danny Rodriguez, Dr. Elvia Reynolds, Mayor Dot Stafford, Ricky Herrera, Randy Graham
Caprice Cox, executive director Community Council of Reeves County
Courtney Brown of Fort Davis with string of crappie at Balmorhea Lake
Creamy & Elizabeth McCree on anniversary
Spectators in bleachers at livestock show
Cibolo Creek Ranch courtyard from tower
Pecos Mayor Dot Stafford & Dr. Elvia Reynolds at council meeting
Pecos Eagle runners in track meet
Peggy McCracken, Enterprise managing editor, 1973
Four members of Escapees RV Club at TraPark office
Pecos Division of federal court building
Roper Arnold Felts in Pecos Rodeo, 97
Saragosa tornado rubble, U.S. flag flying
Snowflakes falling at night look like golf balls
Larry and Rip Turnbough with Darren Owens at Farm Service Agency
Jaime Garcia, Rey Carreon at West Park Baptist Church
Golden Girl photos at museum
Will Haws readies steer for livestock show
Paul Hinojos, Pecos Chamber of Commerce president 97
Saragosa tornado victims at Reeves County Hospital
Saragosa Tornado wreckage
Texas Rangers inventory ROT car
Ismael Dutchover hands victim to JP3 Rosendo Carrasco, Saragosa tornado
Earl Bates helps son Kevin Bates ready hog for show
Tom Linebery, chuckwagon, Museum
Pecos Lions sell brooms for blind
Monahans Loboes at track meet
Mac McKinnon mug
Mari Maldonado mug
Clay McKinney holds lamb for livestock show judge
Editorial Cartoon, fax warrant for Richard McLaren, ROT ambassador
Rick McLaren in handcuffs, Sheriff Steve Bailey, Marshal Gary Brown
Andy the Capuchin Monkey at Maxey Park Zoo
West of the Pecos Museum
Kenneth L. Neal, Pecos City Manager
Ramon Victor, wife Consuelo and grandchildren, Sahuayo, Mex.
Rig at Permian Basin Petroleum Museum
Peggy McCracken mug
Ostriches at Maxey Park Zoo
Jimmy Dee Potter leaving Reeves County courthouse, Dub Blackwell, Jeffrey Baeza, Jesse Baeza, guards
Wynn Hamilton, projector at museum
Raul Girarte hands out tracts in Sahuayo, Mex. market stall
Saragosa torando aftermath, red car
Peggy McCracken, first reporter job, 1972
Rey Carreon preaches in market stall, Sahuayo, Mex. 1996
Richard McLaren shows map of Republic of Texas
Rio Grande between Lajitas and Presidio
Rodeo sign at night
Rosie Flores mug
Rick Smith mug
Sarai Vargas, Sahuayo, Mex.
Editorial cartoon, America scandals
Mexican wedding
Pecos Chamber of Commerce president Paul Hinojos and student directors
Red, white, blue map of texas
Lady in Sahuayo, Mex. making tortillas
Saragosa tornado overturned truck
Quality Inn, veterans bus
Editorial cartoon by Don Whitley
Farmers Irrigation shop
Windmill Square
Wynn Hamilton with Saragosa projector at museum
Yucca beside road
Frank Joplin
Kenneth Thorp, Melissa Hardwick Wedding
Onion packers at work
Flying J Store
Denise Camarena, Pecos Cantaloupe Shed Inc.
Escapee back in chains-Marshal Billy Johnson, Jesus Sandoval
Chinaberry trees in fall colors
Timber wolves howling in zoo
Zebra at Maxey Park Zoo
Pumpkins on Assiter Ranch
Retirees make African Music
Peach Blossoms/Pomegranates in November
West of the Pecos Museum officials on Christmas-decorated stairs. John Rediger, Bill Oglesby, Judy Tipton, Brandy Owen
Mary & Joseph travel to Bethlehem
Rediger's Christmas Tree
Mexican Christmas
Security State Bank Employees
White West Texas Christmas 1997

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