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Pecos Gab is designed to draw Pecos High School exes and other former residents together and keep them in touch with folks back home.

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Subject: Old friends
Date: October 11, 2008 3:50:22 PM CDT

Hey Pecos. Hope all is well there. I am hoping to find some leads on the Matthews family that left there in about 78 or 79. Brenda, Ronnie and Roger. If anyone has info on them please give me a holler. Also any of the class of 77 out there that wants to drop a line please do. Been years since I have seen anyone. Take care all.  

Best regards,
Paul Meek

Subject: Where's my class of 84
Date: August 8, 2008 11:53:57 PM CDT

Hey you ex pecos'ites. What are we doing, not letting everyone know what we're doing or where we are at. Don't be strangers. I'm in Midland still, drilling for a local drilling company.  How is everyone.  Let's update this thing and try to keep in touch.  Miss ya'll and would love to hear from ya soon.

Email me when you can at  Take care and hope you're doing well.  GOD BLESS!  84 still rules. 

Bet that.

Subject: Looking for old friends
Date: July 4, 2008 12:28:39 PM CDT

Editor - The Pecos Enterprise

I am looking for some old friends that used to live in Pecos - they may still be there. In the summers of 1947-48, my school teacher parents were attending summer school at Sul Ross College and we lived in some housing that had once been an Army Air Force base between Alpine and Marfa. Two of my closest friends were Bill and Shirley Kell(e)y. Their parents were also school teachers. Bill is probably 2-3 years older than me  and Shirley should be about my same age (72). She should remember me since I was the one who pushed her off the railroad trestle, resulting in her breaking her arm.. I am planning on traveling through Pecos around September 8-9, on my way to Colorado,  and would like to contact one or both of them, if possible. Your assistance in this endeavor would be appreciated.

Bob Wood Cuero, TX

Subject: Hi there
Date: June 24, 2008 11:03:50 AM CDT



Subject: "Pecos Strings"
Date: June 12, 2008 10:10:08 AM CDT

Hi, Everyone!

Hope you made it to the PHS Mega Reunion!  Unfortunately I did not, but I enjoyed hearing of all the fun....

I keep up by e-mail with at lot of ex's in the 30's, 40s, and 50's; I call it my "PHS Friends List."

From time to time we get started "remembering" about something that happened in Pecos....WAY BACK WHEN!  Over the years I've captured some of these "strings."  This month I began publishing some of them on the web.

I thought you might like reading them, here:

Enjoy! Bye R@y Ray Mack Thompson

Subject: Thank you Gab
Date: May 7, 2008 9:55:30 AM CDT

For old friends being to e-mailing each other.I now live in Irving, Texas. Anybody out there know me are welcome to e-mail me. I moved from Pecos 1986. To N.M.than to the Dallas area.  

Luz (vasquez) Rodriguez

Subject: Elizabeth Black Bingham's Birthday
Date: April 7, 2008 2:43:40 PM CDT

Elizabeth Bingham, who grew up in Barstow and was a resident of Pecos for over 50 years will celebrate her 90th birthday on April 16th, 2008.

Her family will celebrate with her in Abilene, Texas where she resides with her husband A. w. (Bill) Bingham (94). 

If you would like to help her celebrate with a card shower please send a card in care of her daughter, Nancy Lemons, 2234 Barrow, Abilene, Texas 79605. 

I know she would love to hear from her many friends in Pecos and Barstow.

Thank you,

Judi Bingham Hutcheson

Subject: Class of 1986
Date: April 1, 2008 5:35:53 PM CDT

Hi, my name is Guill Gabaldon hopefully there's someone out there that remember's me from our class of 1986. I would like to get in touch with some of my  old friends from school. Please send email to or So we can catch up. Thanks a lot.

Subject: Searching for long lost cousins
Date: March 17, 2008 5:23:43 PM CDT

hello, i've have been searching for my cousins from pecos, texas. My name is Melissa Jackson, my cousins names are Julian, Ana, Tre` Garcia. I have searched all over then i came accross your paper. i hopes of finding my cousins who i think about all th e time. my cousin jualin just turned 25 a week or two ago. i don't know the age Ana maybe around 22, and then tre should be around 15 or sixteen. Thier mom is my auntie Neva Spotted Wolf from Montana They could reach me at

thanks p>melissa Jackson

Subject: Class of 88 Reunion
Date: March 17, 2008 5:00:25 PM CDT

Hello All,

The Class 88 of  Pecos High School is in the works of planning the their 20th Class Reunion in  Midland, Texas.   We are just four months away from the proposed dates so it is important that we all meet to finalize the times and dates so we may begin making all reservations.   I know many of us live out of town and need to put in vacation time at work and make other arrangements to attend the reunion.  

Robbie Paz is working on getting us prices of hotels and a place for a formal dance, reception, and etc.   We have much planning to do and we hope that anyone in our class who is interested in participating to help make all the arrangements, will attend the next meeting so we can make this event happen.  We would really like for our PHS Class of 88 Officers to attend the next meeting so they can help us finalize everything.   

Meeting Info:

Cabanas Sports Bar 3113 Industrial Road Midland, Texas Tuesday, March 25th at 7:00 pm

The restaurant will be closed to public for our meeting so we will have plenty of room for everyone. We NEED your input and ideas .  Please come!

If you need to contact me please email me to

Edwin Jaquez


Michelle Alvarez Dominguez

Subject: Class of 1998 10-yr reunion
Date: January 24, 2008 9:41:02 AM CST

*****CLASS OF 1998*****

  Hello!  I am trying to locate all of 1998 Pecos High School graduates.  Some of us would like to have a 10-yr reunion. 

If you are interested, please email me at or visit our Myspace page at,

Subject: i am looking for jana lee shaw-PLEASE PLEASE respond
Date: January 4, 2008 2:11:11 PM CST

to whom it may concern, here is the reason for my search.........for many yrs i searched for my half brother david marion langley. he was born in pecos, tx. to jana lee shaw and kenneth langley. i did find jana within the last year and spoke to her. she had given custody of david to a friend of hers and forever lost contact with him.(he was never leagally adopted) she told me she had often wondered about him and where he was.

she last called me several months ago to see if i had found her son. i had not found him at that time.

she also indicated that she still lived in texas but had moved to another nearby town.

she also remarried and has a different last name.

i have now found her son. but sadly i have misplaced her contact info. her son david(my brother) strongly wishes to have contact with her also.

in his younger years he even hitch hiked around the country looking for family-based solely on the names on his birth certificate.

i am the first family contact he has ever had. he is not close to the family that raised him and does not keep contact w/ them. he basically feels like an orphan. it is my mission to reunite mother and son. i was wondering how i could go about running an article or ad to find her. she has lived in or around pecos for many years and i'm sure one of your readers could be of assistance in locating her. she is approximately 56 years old.

if you can offer any advice as where to search please contact me. my name is Lisa Langley. my e-mail is

many thanks for your time.......................Lisa

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