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Thursday, November 18, 1999

Troops plan food drive

Girl Scout Brownie Troop #188 and Senior Troop #509 will be having a canned food drive Saturday, Nov. 20, from 1-3 p.m., at Bob's Thriftway.

The canned goods will be donated to the local food bank.

Foods sometimes trigger headaches

Preparing for holiday meals may be a headache for many cooks, with menus to plan, ingredients to buy, and pies to bake. But to some, it's eating these meals that causes the headaches.

As if the holidays aren't stressful enough, throw a migraine headache into the mix and you've really got problems. Dietitians now believe that food can trigger migraines and by avoiding particular foods, sufferers can keep the headaches at bay. Many of the trigger foods often are found on the Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner tables.

"There seems to be a chemical connection between food and migraines, and by identifying which foods trigger your headaches, you might be able to control them," said Molly Gee, registered dietitian and manager of Methodist Health Care System's Institute for Preventive Medicine.

Gee said up to 20 percent of migraine sufferers experience headaches brought on by eating a particular food or combination of foods.

Migraines usually come on suddenly and strong and last for 24 hours, sometimes giving the sufferer a feeling that the world has stopped. Gee, a migraine victim herself, said some people are incapacitated by migraines. She recommends avoiding the foods that may trigger the headaches, and especially during the holidays when these foods are abundant.

Although there is no hard scientific evidence that certain foods can trigger headaches, there are some foods, such as aged cheese, that seem to activate chemicals in the brain, causing headaches, Gee said. She recommends keeping a food diary to help identify what might be triggering your headaches.

The foods that are thought to trigger migraine headaches: Dairy Products include aged cheese, ice cream and cultured dairy products such as yogurt; meats, are aged, canned, cured, or processed meats containing additives, bologna, ham, hot dogs, bacon and sausage; fruits and vegetables are figs, papayas, passion fruit, raisins, red plums, bananas, citrus fruits, avocados, onions, peapods and sauerkraut; legumes include beans, including pole, broad, lima, navy, pinto, garbanzo and lentils; alcohol, red wine and beer; caffeine products are chocolate, coffee, tea and colas; and baked goods are products made with yeast such as breads, raised coffee cake and doughnuts.

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