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Tuesday, June 15, 1999

County invites golf pro bids, ups salaries

Staff Writer

PECOS, June,15, 1999--Reeves County Commissioners voted Monday to advertise for bids to operate the pro shop at the county golf course and gave generous raises to prison staff.

The court rejected a proposal submitted by an advisory committee on the golf pro shop.

"There are still a few items that need to be worked on, on that contract," said Reeves County Auditor Lynn Owens. "There were some things on there that were not legal," he said.

The advisory committee was made up of representatives from the county, the city, the men's golf association, women's golf association and the current operator, Royce Cassell.

City councilman and advisory committee member Larry Levario told the court that the group had met and come up with this proposal.

"One concern that was put in there, and I don't know if it's legal or not, is that the greenskeeper be a Pecos resident. We feel it's important that they live within the city limits," he said.

Advisory committee member Jo Cooksey told the court that Cassell needed to be contacted about their decision so he can seek other employment.

"If he doesn't have the concession stand (pro shop) he might resign as greenskeeper. He used to be a teacher, and he may want to resume teaching if he doesn't get the concession stand. They are hiring teachers now," she said.

"This is advertisement for the concession stand, not the greenskeeper's position," said Reeves County Commissioner Precinct 3 Herman Tarin, who presided in the absence of County Judge Jimmy Galindo.

Award of the proposals is scheduled for commissioner's court, June 30, at 2 p.m., on the third floor of the courthouse.

"Mr. Cassell can submit his bid," said Tarin. "We'll get the advertisement going and then go through everything at the special meeting," he said.

"It's a business venture. Anybody that wants to bid can do so," said Commissioner Precinct 2 David Castillo.

The request for proposal reads in part: for Golf Pro/Pro Shop Operator. To provide golf professional services and pro-shop operations at the Reeves County Golf Course.

The term of the contract shall be for a period of three years, with duties as follows:

—The contractor/operator is required to furnish a minimum of 30 golf carts to meet the requirements of the users of the course;

—The contractor/operator is required to collect all locker rentals that shall be paid during the terms of this agreement and remit the lock fees to Reeves County at the close of each month in which locker rental fees are received;

—The contractor/operator is required to collect all private cart trail fees and remit the trail fees to Reeves County on a semi-monthly basis;

—The contractor/operator is required to collect all green fees, annual, and semi-annual dues for the use of the golf course.

—Daily receipts sheets shall be maintained showing the fees collected, and course use by annual and semi-annual membership holders. All such fees collected shall be transferred to Reeves County on a semi-monthly basis.

—The contractor/operator is required to stock and operate a proper pro shop that will fulfill the needs of golfers utilizing the Reeves County Golf Course and to provide all services necessary to the golfers use of the course, providing that the facilities are available, or can be made available by Reeves County.

Other provisions are written in the request for proposals. The deadline to bid is 2 p.m., June 30.

"Will Reeves County get a percentage of the concession stand?" asked Commissioner Precinct 4 Gilbert Rayos.

"The golf course is provided as a service to the community. They're doing an excellent job and the advantages it provides to the county shouldn't be an issue," said Levario.

Cooksey said that when tournaments are held at the course about 64 teams join and 44 of those are from out of town.

"This means they spend the night in Pecos, spend money here and about seven tournaments are held each year," she said.

"So we do reap a little from out-of-towners and it's great P.R. for Pecos," she said.

"We're all looking for the same outcome," said Tarin. "The county is not here to make money off of taxpayers, but if we can work out a deal that will make us break even," he said.

Cooksey said that Reeves County is one of the cheapest golf courses in West Texas. "I don't think it would hurt the business to raise the fees, and all that comes back to the county," she said.

Advertisement for the pro shop is in today's newspaper and anyone can bid on the position.

Commissioners approved new hires at the Reeves County Detention Center for the position of Correctional Officer I, Hector Nunez, Adam D. Graves, Martina R. Armendariz and Larry E. Acosta.

Arturo Pallan was promoted to the position of Food Service Foreman II at a salary of $21,000.

Richard Prieto Natividad has joined the Reeves County Sheriff's Department at an annual salary of $20,500 as a deputy sheriff.

Lifeguards approved for the Northside Swimming Pool for the recreation program on a part-time basis are Jason Abila, at $7 per hour; Mark Abila, at $6 per hour and Sarah Flores as concession stand operator/lifeguard at $5.15 for regular pool hours and $6 for parties.

Leroy Rodriguez has been hired as a part-time substitute lifeguard/concession stand operator at the Northside Pool at $5.15 per hour, along with Patrick McChesney.

Julia Rayos will working as an office aide for the recreation program on a part-time basis, at $8 per hour.

County auditor Lynn Owens' salary will be increased from $40,590 to $44,649. Angela Harrison, as first assistant county auditor will receive an increase from $20,000 to $21,500.

In the Road and Bridges Department Ruben A. Cazares will be working as a Tech I at $13,978.40, and Jaime Mendoza moved from Tech I to Tech II at $16,100 per year.

Stella Nichols will be working at the Reeves County Library as a part-time temporary library clerk. Lindsay Olibas will work on a part-time basis at the the Reeves County Judge's Office at $5.15 per hour.

In the Reeves County Clerk's office Crystal Gochicoa will go from $13,000 to $17,000 per year.

RCDC Warden Rodolfo Franco's salary will go from $90,000 to $120,000 on July 1.

Assistant wardens receiving raises are: Antonio Perez, $65,000 to $85,000; and Regaldo Guadalupe, $45,000 to $50,000. A recently-hired third assistant did not receive a raise.

Transportation director Mike Lecuyer went from $40,000 to $42,500.

The vacant position of infirmary director was set at $50,000.

Secretary Laura Contreras' salary will go from $19,000 to $21,000.

At the beginning of 1999, total RCDC salaries and benefits were $6.7 million for the 1,000-bed prison. The court expects to add 181 employees.

Starting salaries begin at $19,000.

Trustees set special agenda

PECOS, June,15, 1999--An interlocal agreement with Reeves County and Town of Pecos City for repair/replacement of Pecos High School track and advertise for bids will be the topic of discussion at a special Pecos-Barstow-Toyah ISD Board meeting.

The special meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m., Thursday at 1304 S. Park. The public is invited to attend.

A presentation by David Atkinson from Texas Association of School Boards on a salary study and compensation plan for administrative/professional and auxiliary personnel will also be held at the meeting, along with a discussion and approval of revisions to the student dress code.

The board will discuss/approve options for increasing vehicle fleet and advertise for bids.

The group will meet in executive session to discuss personnel and hear complains against personnel.

In open session the board will discuss/approve raises for administrative/professional and auxiliary personnel.

Stagehand experience fuels dream

Staff Writer
PECOS, June,15, 1999--Lillian Creasy and Nan Zeman hang around the lobby of the State Theater every day, but they're not waiting for the feature to start. They're pulling staples and removing soiled upholstery from the theater's opera seats.

"We are going to open this year," said Creasy. "We don't know what day yet, but, having been in the business, we have contacts with people where we can get equipment we need."

A walk through the dusty old theater that has been closed for years makes one wonder how it could possibly be renovated in six months by a dedicated foursome and a few school kids.

"It will take a lot of time and money," Creasy admitted. "We are waiting for some grants to come through."

Creasy, whose parents taught school in Pecos, has come home to stay after traveling all over the country working backstage in live theater.

"In `Phantom of the Opera,' we were in every state except four," she said. "Richard (her husband) did pyrotechnics for awhile and then was flyman (assistant carpenter), and I worked in the wig department."

Nan Zeman came from Albuquerque, N.M. to Pecos and married Alan Zeman one year ago on June 13. She taught fourth grade at Bessie Haynes Elementary School last year.

It was her cousin Alan who introduced the Creasys to the State Theater, and it was love at first sight.

"Last summer Richard and I came out, and I sang at their wedding," Creasy said. "Alan took us driving around and we saw the `for sale' sign and we knew we were in big trouble."

Creasy feels right at home because her father, Dr. Joe R. Humphrey, graduated from Pecos High School in the 1920s and later became superintendent of schools. Her mother, Marana, was a teacher.

"We have owned property here since then," she said.

Richard Creasy and his family have always worked backstage in the theater, touring with Broadway shows.

"Richard has worked on movies and re-doing theaters as part of his profession as a stagehand," she said. "When we looked at this theater, we were looking at what it could be, not what it is right now, because we have seen it happen."

Surgical masks helped when the foursome cleaned pigeon droppings out of the theater and sealed the holes to keep them out. Still to be repaired is the roof, which has allowed water leaks to ruin the ceiling.

Alan Zeman said the roof will have to be repaired before they can complete interior work, such as replacing the ceiling and screen, carpeting the lobby and aisles and re-covering the backs and seats of the opera chairs.

"Most people would run screaming and set a torch to it," Creasy said. "We intend to have it looking like it did when it was built, or better, and become a big part of the community and help Pecos."

She said they will extend the stage so the theater can be used for small productions, such as the Western melodrama that a local group performs each July 4.

They hope to have first-run movies that will show daily during the summer and at least on weekends the rest of the year.

"We are just working it as we can," said Alan Zeman. "We are not overly endowed with money. It is do-it-yourself as much as possible. We have done a lot. All the cushions are out, and we should have them re-upholstered in the next few weeks."

Richard Creasy is using his skills in pyrotechnics (fireworks) to earn a living while the others work on the building, said his wife. He is in Delaware for an aerial fireworks show now and will be in Coleman, Ala. on July 4.

Lillian plans to teach special education this fall.

"I hope people will stop by and watch the progress," said Creasy.

Sales tax rebates drop on April sales

PECOS, June,15, 1999--Down, down, down is the report on state sales tax rebates to area cities and special districts for the month of June.

Texas Comptroller Carole Keeton Rylander said that the $814 million rebated to 1,097 Texas cities and 118 counties shows a downward trend statewide.

But, she said, total payments for the year are running 7.1 percent ahead of the same period last year.

"The Texas economy continues to grow at a steady pace," Rylander said. "Sales tax collections show that consumer confidence is strong.

In Pecos, the drop for June - based on April sales - was 13.14 percent from the same month last year. Balmorhea also shoed a decrease, while Toyah's receipts jumped 588.51 percent due to an increase in the sales tax to 1.5 percent.

Reeves County Hospital District received $20,485, down from $27,372 in June, 1998.

Tax office closes Friday for Y2K

PECOS, June,15, 1999--Reeves County Tax office will be closed Friday, June 18.

The office is in the process of Y2K conversion and data will be converted to that format on that day.

As a result computers will be down the entire day and the staff will be unable to conduct business for the day.

For more information contact county tax assessor/collector Elfida Zuniga at 445-5473.


AUSTIN (AP) — Results of the Cash 5 drawing Monday night: Winning numbers drawn: 2-3-13-27-31. Number matching five of five: 4. Prize per winner: $20,727. Winning tickets sold in: Baytown, Dublin, Houston, San Antonio. Matching four of five: 224. Prize: $556. Matching three of five: 8,304. Prize: $25. Next Cash 5 drawing: Tuesday night.


Bill Dewayne Dearing

Bill Dewayne Dearing, 77, died Saturday, June 12, 1999, at the his residents in Barstow.

Services were held at 10 a.m., Wednesday at the Pecos Funeral Home Chapel with Pator Raymond Bugg officiating.

He was born Sept. 15, 1921, in Hunt County, was a World War II veteran, who served with the last horse calvary unit before it disbanned, had been in the ranching business in the Pecos, Van Horn and El Paso area since 1948 and was a Baptist.

Survivors include his wife, Frances Parsons Dearing of Barstow; two sons, David Dearing of Garland, Jim Dearing of Garland; one daughter, Lynn Dearing Watson of Abilene; two brothers, Waylond Dearing of Commerce, Tx., Weldon Dearing of Dallas; three sisters, Ila Ray Peyton of Roswell, N.M., Bessie Pear of Plainview; Mary Roach of Livington, Tx.; and five grandchildren.


PECOS, June,15, 1999--High Monday 74; low last night 61. Rainfall .02 inch. June rainfall .28 inch. Year-to-date 1.52 inches. Records for this date: High 111, 1939; Low 49, 1936; Rainfall 1.02, 1941. Tonight, partly cloudy. Low in the lower 60s. Southeast wind 5-10 mph. Wednesday, partly cloudy with a slight chance of afternoon thunderstorms. High in the upper 80s. Southeast wind 5-15 mph. rain chance 20 percent.

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