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Friday, June 11, 1999

Dress code bars dark lips, bare midriff

Staff Writer

PECOS, June, 11, 1999--Revisions to the student dress code will be added to the Pecos High School handbook, pending presentation to the District Educational Improvement Committee.

The revisions were presented to Pecos-Barstow-Toyah ISD board members by PHS Principal Danny Rodriguez during their regular meeting Thursday evening.

"We can't do anything about these revisions until they are presented to DEIC," said Rodriguez. "But we just wanted the board to be aware of these revisions," he said.

Rodriguez said the group had attended a seminar in which they were told that we needed to tighten the dress code.

Revisions for the student dress code for the 1999-2000 school year, if approved by DEIC, will include:

Shirts may be worn untucked as long as no part of the shirt extends past the bend of the wrist when arms are extended down the sides of the body;

Shirts may not be worn that allow any or all of the student's midriff to show when the student's arms are raised above the head.

Shorts must extend to the middle of the thigh

No black or dark color finger nail polish, lipstick or lip liner may be worn.

Pants/jeans/shorts may not be baggy or exceed three inches of excess fabric at the thigh.

A dress code check will take place during the first five minutes of first class period. Students in violation will be sent to the assistant principal.

"If they are found in violation, we will call their parents or send them to On Campus Suspension," said Rodriguez.

"Why do you say that no dark color finger nail polish, lipstick?" asked board member Louis Matta. "From what I see that is what is in vogue and I've even seen staff members wearing those colors," he said.

"Because they told us that those are some of the things that they have been using to indicate that they are in a gang," said Rodriguez. "And these are some of the things that we want to discourage."

"These are some of the things that were brought up at the committee meeting," said Rodriguez.

Matta asked why jackets and long coats were not on the dress code list.

"I can understand them wearing jackets and long coats during the winter, but I've seen them wearing them in April and May, when it's already warm," said Matta. "I think we should address this in the student dress code also," he said.

"We can list it also in the dress code, if the board feels it's an item that should be on there," said Rodriguez.

Board members agreed to list this item also on the dress code list.

Rodriguez told the group he would set up a DEIC meeting and get it publicized and approved by the board.

Board members agreed to stay with the current long-distance provider, Allcomm, of Pecos.

"We received two other bids and the savings would only be about $1,500, if we go with someone else," said Love.

Love told the group that the current provider is a local business, and that they are taxpayers. "It's not that much of a savings and if something goes wrong, the provider is right here in town," he said.

Dick Alligood of Allcomm Long Distance spoke on behalf of his company. "We have gone through a lot of a changes from when this system was first put in," said Alligood.

Alligood said that they receive a lot of calls about different problems and they are addressed promptly. "And this is at no cost to the district," said Alligood.

"Sometimes what is cheaper up front is not always best policy. Alligood is a taxpayer, and we need to look at that," said board president Earl Bates.

"If you have any problems, call me," said Alligood.

Board members voted to accept a gift of a greenhouse to be placed at the Crockett Middle School.

"I have spoken to the attorneys and there is no law that says we can't accept a gift from a board member," said Love.

The greenhouse will be a gift from board member Steve Armstrong.

"It's worth about $12-15,000, has a heater, air conditioner and is all glass," said Love. "Juanita Davila (Crockett principal) would like to accept it and move it to her campus, since there is no law that prevents us from accepting it," he said.

Love said that the district has insurance to cover the move and Armstrong has homeowners insurance that will cover if anything happens. "As soon as it is out the gate, it's our responsibility," said Love. "It's a really nice greenhouse," he said.

Love told the group that Davila wants to use the greenhouse for science and biology classes and that they are very excited about the prospect.

A report showed that there are currently 236 students enrolled in summer school.

"We had planned for all these students and I've visited all the campuses and everything is coming along real well," said personnel director Gome Olibas. "The kids and teachers have been working really hard," he said.

Appointments made for the 1999-2000 school year include:

* Eliza Acosta, Bachelor of Science/Criminal Justice/Southwest Texas State College, four years experience, assignment, Crockett Middle School English teacher/coach;

* Faustino Acosta, Bachelor of Science/Physical Education/History/Sul Ross State University, eight years experience, assignment, Pecos High School Special Education teacher/coach;

* Criselda Armenta, Bachelor of Arts/History/University of Texas of the Permian Basin, no experience, assignment, Lamar Middle School sixth grade teacher;

* Ronald Arnesen, Bachelor of Science/Physical Education/Tarleton State University, three years experience, assignment, Pecos High School history teacher/coach;

* Syed Askari, Bachelor of Science/Mathematics/Tarleton State University, no experience, assignment, Crockett Middle School math teacher;

* Charles Bunch, Bachelor of Science/Kinesiology/Sul Ross State University, no experience, assignment, Crockett Middle School Special Education teacher/coach;

* Bethann Davis, Bachelor of Science/Mathematics/University of Texas of the Permian Basin, two years experience, assignment, Pecos High School math teacher;

* Timothy Flanagan, Master of Science/Agricultural Education/Texas Tech University, six years experience, assignment, Pecos High School Vocational Agriculture teacher;

* Martha Franks, Bachelor of Science/English/University of Texas of the Permian Basin, no experience, assignment, Crockett Middle School math teacher/coach;

* Gwendolyn Jenkins, Master of Arts/History/University of Texas of the Permian Basin, one year experience, assignment, Bessie Haynes Elementary fifth grade teacher;

* Diane Minjarez, Bachelor of Science/Psychology/Business/Sul Ross State University, no experience, assignment, Pecos High School Special Education teacher.

Resignations came from Janie Aguilar, special education teacher for the visually impaired/Zavala Middle School; Jean Bracy, fourth grade teacher/Bessie Haynes Elementary School; Rick Bracy, Vocational Agriculture teacher/Pecos High School; Bobbye Brookes, music teacher/Pecos Elementary School/Bessie Haynes; Leah Ledbetter, assistant speech therapist for the district; Juanita Perez, third grade teacher/Pecos Elementary School; Jay Ragland, physical education teacher/coach/Pecos High School; Melanie Ragland, English teacher/Pecos High School and Vance Washington, History teacher/G.T./coach/Pecos High School.

Reassignments will be John Barrett, from Bessie Haynes Elementary School special education teacher to Lamar Middle School sixth grade teacher; Alicia Brown, from Austin Elementary School first grade bilingual teacher to Austin Elementary school second grade bilingual teacher; Allie Jolene Davis, from Lamar Middle School sixth grade teacher to Pecos High School English teacher; Irene Lujan, from Pecos Kindergarten bilingual teacher to Austin Elementary School first grade bilingual teacher; Mary Martha Mondragon, from Austin Elementary School second grade bilingual teacher to Austin Elementary School Special Education Inclusion teacher; Jaime Paniagua, from Pecos High School math teacher to Carver Alternative Education Program academics and Elias Payan, from Pecos High School Special Educational Inclusion teacher to Pecos High School Physical Education teacher.

Retirements were Joan Porter, third grade bilingual teacher/Pecos Elementary School and Bailey Wheeless, Vocational Agriculture teacher/Pecos High School.

County looks to join effort to rehab track

Staff Writer

PECOS, June, 11, 1999--Community recreation is the goal of a three-agency effort to upgrade the Pecos High School track.

Pecos City Council has already agreed to remove the old track surface after county employees break it up, and Reeves County Commissioners are considering laying the new asphalt surface.

County Judge Jimmy B. Galindo met with the Pecos-Barstow-Toyah ISD board Thursday to discuss an interlocal agreement with the county.

At the last board meeting, superintendent Don Love said he had spoken with the judge. "He assured me that between them and the city they could tear up the track, clear it out and get it ready to put a new one in," said Love.

The item was tabled until next week when a special board meeting will be held to discuss it in more detail.

Love told the group that it would cost the school district about $60,000, "to do it right."

"I think the school district has the money up to the $60,000," said Love.

In the interlocal agreement, the school district shall provide adequate personnel to control and direct the overall project. The county and city will sustain no monetary cost, but will provide equipment, personnel and material.

Galindo told board members that the work outlined is right within their realms, with what they do. "Our road engineer, Russ Salcido is very familiar with the material that will be used and it won't be a problem," he said.

"I invite all of you to go take a look at the track at the Pecos Elementary School," said Galindo.

The track at the elementary school was redone in an interlocal agreement with the county and the school district. "We're planning on doing the track at Austin Elementary School next," said Galindo.

Later, the track at Lamar Middle School will also be worked on.

Pecos High School Principal and Town of Pecos City Council member Danny Rodriguez, said that the city has already approved the interlocal agreement. "The city has agreed that they would come in and get rid of the old track," said Rodriguez.

"Somebody will also come in and measure and take care of the curbs," said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez said that utilities director Octavio Garcia had agreed to have his crew come and take the old track out. "He also plans to reuse some it, so that it won't go to waste," said Rodriguez.

"I fell this is something that is really needed in the community and we will discuss it in detail at the special meeting next week, just to iron out all the details," said Love.

"We still need to get with the city and county and see how long it will take, because we sure would like it before the first football game," Love said.

"We won't be able to start until after the rodeo. "This is a really busy time for the road and bridges department," said Galindo.

Type B Asphalt will be used for repaving and bids for materials will be solicited.

"This just goes along with the community recreation program the county has been working on," said Love.

Love said that cost for the surface and striping of the track would be about $40,000. "This is just a guesstimate of how much the school's part would be," said Love.

With curbing, drainage and other improvements, the total cost would be about $60,000, said Love.

"Depending on the wear and tear, the track would require resurfacing in 4-6 years," he said.

Criminal caseload in Pecos court

Staff Writer

PECOS, June, 11, 1999--Federal grand jurors on Thursday indicted 29 defendants, bringing the total this year to 301.

"The caseload is really growing dramatically," said District Judge Royal Furgeson, who with Senior Judge Lucius Bunton handles the Pecos Division docket.

If the trend continues, Pecos will handle more criminal cases this year than the San Antonio Division, he said.

"It appears that we will have to be keeping court open for more trials and more hearings for the foreseeable future just to keep up," Furgeson said.

He has another docket Monday, with three jury trials, one status conference, 35 sentencings and one civil forfeiture case.

Judge Furgeson had been working one week each in Pecos, Midland and El Paso each month, but has been forced to give up the El Paso docket.

"For the next eight months, I have asked other judges to handle my El Paso docket to make sure we don't fall behind on the Pecos docket," Judge Furgeson said Wednesday while on a break during one of two jury trials held here this week.

Noting that the increase in activity would have not been possible in the old courthouse located on the second and third floors of the Pecos post Office, Judge Furgeson said he is glad to have the new courthouse, built in 1995 at 410 S. Cedar St.

Judge Bunton, for whom the courthouse is named, is recovering from cancer surgery. He is growing stronger every day and spends about two hours each day in his office, said Furgeson.

With the help of visiting judges and magistrate/judge Stuart Platt, Judge Furgeson is handling Bunton's criminal docket, which is considerable with the addition of three assistant U.S. attorneys to the Pecos Division staff.

Other court support personnel includes four probation officers, two pre-trial services officers, five deputy clerks and five court security officers. With their clerical help, that is an increase of 14 from staffing levels in 1994 before the new courthouse was built.

Prior to 1994, an average of 150 felony criminal defendants were prosecuted in the Pecos Division each year, and an average of 55 civil cases were filed and processed.

Felony cases fell to 75 defendants in 1994 and 54 in 1995. The first year in the new building, 162 defendants were indicted, and the number continued to grow. In 1997, 328 felony defendants were processed, and the number reached 421 in 1998.

Also housed in the building are the U.S. Marshal Service and public defender.

At the time of construction, the new $4 million courthouse received widespread media attention. Critics claimed the $20 million cost to the government for a 30-year lease on the building is excessive in a town with 12,000 population.

They failed to consider that the Pecos Division is the largest division, geographically, in the nation. It has the longest stretch of the Mexican border and covers 10 West Texas counties: Brewster, Culberson, Jeff Davis, Hudspeth, Loving, Pecos, Presidio, Reeves, Ward and Winkler.

Federal grand jury charges cocaine suspects

Staff Writer

PECOS, June, 11, 1999--Two Hialeah, Fla. residents who were allegedly caught with 1,007 pounds of marijuana were amoung 29 defendants indicted Thursday by the federal grand jury in Pecos.

Area residents indicted were Rosa Isela Montoya, 18, of Fort Stockton, possession of 35.10 pounds of marijuana on June 8; and Sandy Lee Carrasco-Lopez, 27, of Presidio, 276.20 pounds of marijuana.

One superseding indictment not counted in the total names 21 defendants of an alleged drug smuggling ring charged with importing marijuana from Mexico into the United States over a period of years.

Several of the defendants have already pleaded guilty, and others are on the Monday docket of U.S. District Judge Royal Furgeson for a status conference.

New indictments Thursday include 12 for marijuana possession with intent to distribute, three for importing and possessing marijuana with intent to distribute, four for conspiracy to possess and possession of marijuana with intent to distribute;

One for importing and possessing cocaine with intent to distribute, one for possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, and five on immigration charges.

Golf concession contract bid

PECOS, June, 11, 1999--Advertising for Reeves County Golf Course concession contract bids will be one topic of discussion at Monday morning's regular Reeves County Commissioners Court meeting.

Commissioners will meet beginning at 9:45 a.m., on the third floor of the courthouse to discuss and take action on the Reeves County Detention Center 1,000 bed addition "Ramp Up" costs budget amendments.

The court will discuss awarding inmate food and kitchen supply bids for the RCDC and the Reeves County Jail and declare Juvenile Detention Center surplus property.

In other business, commissioners will discuss authorizing $100 change fund for the Northside Swimming Pool; the deputation and oath of Thomas Lee Acosta; reports from various departments; budget amendments and line-item transfers; and personnel and salary changes for the RCDC, Sheriff's Office, Community Sports and Recreation Department, county clerk's office, auditor's office, road and bridge department and the county library.

Commissioners will discuss and approve minutes from previous minutes and semi-monthly bills.

The group will meet behind closed doors to discuss possible litigation in relation to the Charlie Millan Cemetery Plot.

Parade features song on the range

Staff Writer

PECOS, June, 11, 1999--Western Songs will float out over the floats in the West of the Pecos Rodeo Parade this year, as each float entered for competition must carry out that theme.

Floats will gather on Texas Highway 17 at 8:30 a.m. July 1 for judging before the parade begins at 10 a.m., traveling east on Third Street (Business I-20).

In addition to floats, parade entries will include horses, horse-drawn vehicles, antique cars, commercial vehicles, Pecos High School Eagle band, specialty groups and individual entries on bicycle or afoot.

The parade will turn south on Cypress Street, east on Fifth, north on Oak, south on First past the West of the Pecos Museum, and south on Cedar Street to the rodeo grounds.

Once there, the Reeves County Sheriff's Posse will be hosting a Bar-B-Que for rodeo participants, where the plaques for first and second place winners in each category will be handed out.

Anyone is welcome to join the parade, but only the entries that are based on the theme will be eligible for judging. Applications may be picked up at the Pecos Chamber of Commerce office, 111 S. Cedar St.

Golden Girls' twin bake sales raise funds

By Smokey Briggs
Staff Writer

PECOS, June, 11, 1999--Participants in this year's Golden Girl pageant held twin bake sales this morning at Security State Bank and First National Bank.

Suan Cross, chairman for the pageant, reported that sales were brisk as the sales opened.

Cross said that the money would be used to cover the expenses of the pageant, to support the Golden Girl scholarship fund and the West of the Pecos Museum.

"One of our biggest expenses is for the production number costumes," Cross said.

This year's production will be based on the Shania Twain song, "Man, I Feel Like a Woman," Cross said, but would not be a recreation of the singer's music video based on the song.

The production will be part of the Golden Girl Revue, Friday, June 25th in the Pecos High School Auditorium.

Each participating girl will also have her own float for the rodeo parade on July 1st.

Saturday workday set for 4-H Club

PECOS, June, 11, 1999--A 4-H Workday is scheduled from 8 a.m. until 11 a.m., Saturday, June 12, at the 4-H Complex.

Anyone who has had an animal or 4-H project must attend along with all 4-H members.


AUSTIN (AP) Results of the Cash 5 drawing Thursday night: Winning numbers drawn: 1-5-6-10-30. Number matching five of five: 2. Prize per winner: $43,157. Winning tickets sold in: Harlingen, Wichita Falls. Matching four of five: 312. Prize: $415. Matching three of five: 9,743. Prize: $22. Next Cash 5 drawing: Friday night.


PECOS, June, 11, 1999--High Thursday 101; low last night 71. Rainfall, light sprinkle. Today's records: high 109, 1959; low 49, 1979; precipitation 1.46, 1935. Precipitation last year, .05 inch. Forecast for tonight, partly cloudy. A 30 percent chance of thunderstorms, a few severe. Low in the upper 60s. Southeast wind 10-20 mph. Saturday, partly cloudy. A 20 percent chance of thunderstorms. high in the lower 90s. Southeast to south wind 10-20 mph.

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