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Tuesday, March 30, 1999

PHS students place first in district academics

Staff Writer
PECOS, March 30, 1999 -- Pecos High School students claimed most of the highest honors awarded in University Interscholastic League Academic Competition this past Saturday at the District 2-4A meet held at Clint High School.

PHS academic teams placed in almost every event at this year's District UIL Meet. Pecos received the Sweepstakes trophy, which is given to the school accumulating the highest total points in academic competition.

"This is the first time we have received this award in a long time," said teacher Barbara Scown. "This is quite an honor and we congratulate our Academic Team on their outstanding success, good luck at regionals."

students compete both individually and as a team in accounting, current events, science, and math. Individually the top three finishers in each event advance to regional competition.

In team competition, those with the top three scores for their school form the team in that event. Only the first place team advances to regional competition.

The accounting team is sponsored by teacher Charlie Wein. In district competition, Jonathan Fuentes placed first; Erin Paz, second; Tye Graham, third and Marissa Salgado, fourth (alternate).

Fuentes, Paz and Graham, make up the first place team.

In current events, with teacher Priss McNutt, Jeff Lam placed first; Tye Graham, second; Jonathan Fuentes, third and Matt Ivy, fifth. Lam, Graham and Fuentes make up the first place team in this event.

Science winners, headed by Jerry Workman (chemistry) and assisted by Barbara Scown (biology) and John Barfield, (physics) included Jeff Lam, first; Efren Rodriguez, second and Jack Armstrong, third place. Lam, Rodriguez and Armstrong make up the first place team.

Mathematics winners were Jeff Lam, first and Tye Graham, tied for sixth with Efren Rodriguez.

Lam, Graham and Rodriguez make up the first place team.

In computer applications, supervised by Jackeline Mandujano Dominguez, Efren Rodriguez placed second; Juan Angel Ramirez placed third and Luis Madrid, fifth.

Dominguez is also the coach for spelling, in which Desiree Sanchez, placed second and Luis Madrid fifth.

Prose winner included Jenny Alvarez, sixth.

In informative, Eric Machuca placed second and Josh Casillas placed third.

Informative, prose and persuasive are speaking events coached by Ben Price.

Persuasive speaking winners were Nancy Quezada, second and Myra Fuentes, fifth.

Journalism events are coached by Peggy Jones, and in that category, headline writing winners in that event include, Erin Paz, first and Brandi Harrison, fifth place.

Editorial writing winners are: Erin Paz, second; Brandi Harrison, third and Efrain Rodriguez, fourth, (alternate).

In Feature writing, Brandi Harrison is an alternate, having placed fourth in district.

News writing winners are: Brandi Harrison, fourth (alternate) and Juan Angel Ramirez, sixth.

Thomas Alexander placed first in the Lincoln/Douglas debate with Nancy Russell as his coach.

"We placed in almost every event that we entered," said Scown. "We really dominated the event to the point that in some cases we took the top three individual awards plus the team award, which is unusual," she said.

"We did really well at district and are ready to prepare for regionals," said PHS senior Jonathan Fuentes. "It will be a lot tougher competition, but we hope to be ready for it."

"We owe it all to our coaches, who worked really hard with us," added student Tye Graham.

"There are nine different ways to make it to regionals and we won them all," said Efren Rodriguez.

Scown stated that the group has received full support from the administration for UIL. "We would like to thank principal Danny Rodriguez, superintendent Don Love and assistant superintendent Gome Olibas and the school board for their help and encouragement," said Scown.

Three-car accident sends three to RCH

PECOS, March 30, 1999 -- Three people were transported to Reeves County Hospital this morning following a three-car accident at the intersection of Seventh and Palm streets.

Police and sheriff's deputies, along with ambulance and emergency personnel were called out to the site shortly after 8 a.m. today. Investigating officer Ismael Gamboa said the accident occurred when an Oldsmobile Achievas, driven by Sherry Hernandez, 22, attempted to cross Seventh Street while northbound on Palm struck the side of a Buick Skylark, which was eastbound on Seventh at the time.

"She said she stopped and looked both ways and didn't see a car and started across and all of a sudden saw the white (Buick) car," Gamboa said.

The force of the crash ripped the front bumper and grill off the Oldsmobile, though it failed to activate the car's airbag, and spun the Buick sideways, causing it to strike a Ford Thunderbird, driven by Amilia Lara, 36, which was westbound in the 800 block of West Seventh Street at the time. The Thunderbird was hit in the rear quarter panel on the driver's side.

Neither Hernandez or Lara required treatment from ambulance attendants at the scene, while the driver of the Buick, who was not identified, was taken to Reeves County Hospital, as was a 9-year-old passenger in the car and a third person who was in the Thunderbird.

The jaws of life were used to cut open the driver's side door to the Buick, and both it and the Oldsmobile were then towed from the scene.

Condition reports on the three people taken to the hospital were not available, and police are continuing their investigation of the accident.

Battery recycling plant's former owner faces suit

Staff Writer
PECOS, March 30, 1999 -- William R. Meador, the former owner of Recovery and Reclamation Inc., committed fraud by accepting payment for recycling batteries and then not following through, claims a civil engineer in a 143rd District Court lawsuit.

Adriaan Volker Civil Engineering N.V., filed the suit last week against R&R, Meador and his wife, Betty Meador.

The Meadors lived in Pecos when he operated the battery recycling plant, but they now live in Midland. They did not answer telephone calls to their residence regarding the suit.

Volker lives in The Netherlands Antilles. His suit arises out of an assignment from Ecotechniek B.V.

Background of the allegations include the following:

Ecotechniek and R&R entered into a recycling and return agreement Sept. 15, 1993 and a recycling agreement July 6, 1994. R&R was to treat and dispose of industrial and household batteries delivered to it by Ecotechniek.

After disposing of the batteries, R&R was to send Ecotechniek an invoice for the charges and to certify that the batteries had been treated and disposed of.

Ecotechniek delivered 9,400 tons of batteries to R&R and paid the ensuing invoices for most, if not all, of them.

When R&R filed bankruptcy in October, 1995, it still had 7,000 tons of batteries delivered by Ecotechniek, which had not been treated or disposed of. They were transferred to R&R's successor, Battery Conservation Technologies Inc. for disposal, by order entered by the bankruptcy court.

R&R's bankruptcy case subsequently was dismissed.

Ecotechniek entered into a credit agreement with BCTI to process and dispose of the batteries, hiring a law firm and an environmental consulting firm who monitored and confirmed the processing and disposal.

Ecotechniek assigned its contract with BCTI to Volker Feb. 28, 1998. Volker has paid BCTI and others to process and dispose of the batteries and has paid the two firms for services rendered in that connection.

R&R is responsible for those costs, Volker claims. And he asked the court to disregard the corporate identity of R&R because "it has been used as an unfair device to accomplish an inequitable result."

R&R was a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rose Traders Inc., which was owned or controlled by W.R Meador.

Meador should be held personally liable for R&R's contractual obligations, breaches and tortious conduct "because W. Meador caused R&R to be used for the purpose of perpetrating..fraud," the suit claims.

"Through false representations, W. Meador induced Ecotechniek to make payments for services which were never performed," the suit states..."W. Meador subsequently denuded R&R of many of its assets by transferring such assets to family members or entities owned or controlled by them or him or by using the assets to purchase property for his use, such as a vehicle and residence purchased in his wife's name shortly before R&R, Rose, and W. Meador filed bankruptcy."

Ecotechniek made payments to R&R on their promise to purchase pyrolysis equipment to treat the batteries, the suit alleges, "but R&R and W. Meador never performed these services."

Volker cites breach of contract by not disposing of batteries, receipt of payment for batteries not disposed of, fraud for entering into recycling agreements it did not intend to perform, negligent misrepresentation, indemnity and fraudulent transfer.

He seeks actual damages, exemplary damages attorney fees and costs.

Company begins repaving on new project

Staff Writer
PECOS, March 30, 1999 -- Hollomon Construction Co. began this week to replace paving from the south side of Third Street (BI-20), where they have installed sewer pipe and manholes for the city.

Ruben Carrasco, an engineer with Frank X. Spencer & Associates, said this morning that Holloman will replace paving that was removed during the excavation for the sewer.

"They are excavating to a certain depth to provide asphaltic surface," Carrasco said.

Holloman will remove 2 1/2-inch to 4 inches of the highway surface before laying the new surface, Carrsco said.

The Texas Department of Transportation plans to resurface the entire highway this summer.

City Manager Kenneth Neal said that Holloman has completed 85 percent of the sewer replacement project, which runs 11 blocks, from Ash to Oleander streets.

Hospital board set to discuss plan

PECOS, March 30, 1999 -- Directors for the Reeves County Hospital District will consider ratification of the organizational structure, operating policies and procedures for home health during their regular meeting at 5:30 p.m. today.

The hospital recently acquired Pecos Home Health to be integrated into the current home health organization.

Other agenda items include tax abatement for the proposed Immigration and Naturalization Service building, tax collector's report, financial reports and budget amendments, bills and medical staff report.

The medical staff will recommend adding several physicians to the consulting staff and removing others. They will also present amendments to the medical staff by-laws regarding delinquent records and on-call response time.

Board meetings are held in the hospital classroom and are open to the public.

Former Pecosite Waggoner new First Christian pastor

PECOS, March 30, 1999 -- First Christian Church has called former Pecos resident Ernest D. Waggoner as pastor.

Waggoner has been pastor of the First Christian Church in Fort Stockton since March, 1992. He will continue in that capacity, preaching in Pecos at 9 a.m. on Sunday, then returning to Fort Stockton for the 11 a.m. service.

He holds funerals and weddings in both cities and spends Tuesdays and Fridays in Pecos, ministering to his flock.

Waggoner has been in the ministry since 1971. He attended graduate school at Texas Tech University, Eastern New Mexico University and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth.

His wife, Sherry, was a reporter for the Enterprise before moving to Fort Stockton. She is now employed by the Lynaugh Unit of the state prison system in Fort Stockton.

I am glad to be back in Pecos, Waggoner said. I like Pecos.

Teen girls found slain in Abilene

ABILENE (AP) When West Texas law officers were summoned to apartments by a 911 report about gunshots and one man on the ground, they found a horrific sight.

Four teen-agers were shot to death and a man wounded Monday.

Law officers are now checking whether the four women's deaths are somehow related to gunfire Sunday that wounded a teen-ager.

A 19-year-old suspect and his 16-year-old brother who have Tarrant County addresses were sought in the Fort Worth area for questioning in the latest attack, according to Dallas television station WFAA.

Police were summoned to the duplex about 5 p.m. Monday.

A wounded man was found in the driveway and the other victims, including one who might have been pregnant, were inside, detective Jay Hatcher said.

Police had no motive and no suspects by late Monday for what he called Abilene's first quadruple homicide in recent memory. Repeated telephone calls from The Associated Press today to Abilene police weren't returned.

Residents of the northside Abilene neighborhood say violence is nothing new there.

Donna Rhone, who lives just a few houses away from the crime scene, told the Abilene Reporter-News that the tiny group of duplex apartments has been a problem ever since she moved to the area 13 years ago.

"If they would knock down those apartments, it would be a better area," said Ms. Rhone. "My kids can't even play in their front yard because I'm afraid they'll get shot."

Hatcher described the scene as "very, very gruesome" and added that it appeared some of the women might have been trying to escape.

"It's a very, very sad fact to have happened to four people at such a young age," said Hatcher.

The women were identified as Sandy Witt, Naomi Martinez, Penny Estrada and Erica Arispe. The fifth victim, Larry Hammond, was in surgery for his wounds early today.

Police at the scene said they were looking for a light-colored Cadillac that was seen speeding from the scene.

Hammond might have been shot while investigating the gunshots at the duplex, according to Abilene television station KRBC-TV.

Officers were investigating whether the deaths were related to the Sunday night shooting of 16-year-old Jimmy Estrada at his home. They said they didn't yet know if Penny Estrada is related to Jimmy Estrada.

Sunday's shooting victim told police he didn't know his assailant. Two other juveniles injured in Sunday's gunfire also told police they didn't know the shooter.


AUSTIN (AP) Results of the Cash 5 drawing Monday night: Winning numbers drawn: 4-8-21-34-39. Number matching five of five: 2. Prize per winner: $43,809. Winning tickets sold in: La Pryor, Stafford. Matching four of five: 195. Prize: $674.


AUSTIN (AP) The winning Pick 3 numbers drawn Monday by the Texas Lottery, in order: 9-7-6 (nine, seven, six)


Vernon Nichols

Vernon W. "Buzz" Nichols, 70, died Monday, March 29, 1999, at Odessa Medical Center Hospital.

Graveside services will be held at 2 p.m., Wednesday, March 31, at Elm Grove Cemetery in Alpine.

He was born May 2, 1928, in Alpine, was a lifelong Pecos resident, and a member of the First Christian Church.

Survivors include three sons, Bobby Nichols of Colorado, Russell Nichols of Hale Center, and Joe Nichols of Lubbock; one daughter, Martha Leonard of Littlefield; one brother, Harold Johnson Nichols of Victoria; one sister, Ina Bess James of Pecos; two nieces; three nephews and seven grandchildren.

Pecos Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.


PECOS, March 30, 1999 -- High Monday 67; low last night 48. Tonight, becoming cloudy. Low in the lower 50s. South to southeast wind 10-15 mph. Wednesday, morning clouds, otherwise mostly sunny and breezy. high near 80. South to southwest wind 15-25 mph and gusty.

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