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Monday, November 30, 1998

Area students make list in Who's Who

A total of 82 students from this area are included in the
32nd Annual Edition of Who's Who Among American High School
Students, 1997-98.

Who's Who, published by Educational Communications, Inc.,
Lake Forest, Illinois, is the largest recognition program
and publication in the nation honoring high achieving high
school students. Students are nominated by high school
principals and guidance counselors, national youth groups,
churches and educational organizations based upon students'
academic achievement and involvement in extracurricular
activities. Traditionally, 99 percent of Who's Who students
have a grade point average of `B' or better and 97 percent
are college bound.

The 32nd Annual Edition of Who's Who Among American High
School Students, 1997-98, published in 18 regional volumes,
features over 700,000 students or just five percent of the
nation's 14,000,000 high school students. They represent
about 20,000 of the 24,000 public, private and parochial
high schools in the country.

Who's Who students also compete for $200,000 in scholarship
awards and participate in the publication's Annual Survey of
High Achievers, an annual opinion poll of teen attitudes.
The book is distributed to up to 15,000 high schools,
colleges, universities and public libraries throughout the
country. To learn more about Who's Who Among American High
School Students, visit

The following students from the Pecos area are among those
featured in the 32nd Annual Edition of Who's Who Among
American High School Students, 1997-98.

From Balmorhea: Jeffrey R. Clark, Rebecca Orozco, Stephanie
Dominguez and Roxann Rodriguez.

From Barstow: Lucio Florez, Jr., Maria S. Hernandez and
Jesus Hernandez.

From Coyanosa: Brenda Madrid, Christy Martinez, Diana E.
Mandujano and Isabella M. Soto and from Mentone, Joe

Pecos students on the list include: Penny Armstrong, Kevin
N. Bates, Christi Breiten, Anthony L. Casillas, Steven M.
Clary, Kristen A. Evans, Michael R. foster, Jennifer M.
Fuentes, Hector Cruz Garcia, Sarai G. Garcia and John E.

Also, Martin L. Guzman, Steve Harrison, Rebecca Herrera,
Casey L. Love, Oscar L. Luna, Luis Madrid, Mark J. Marquez,
Orlando B. Matta, Cindy L. Mauldin, Griselda B. Muniz,
Robert Natividad, Amy Barreno, Bha Vesh B. Bhakta, Amy M.
Carrasco, Hilario Celaya, Laura J. Dominguez, Alan D.
Fleming, Megan Freeman, Raquel C. Gaitos, Joel Garcia, Ana
Gonzales and Jennifer A. Guerra.

Also, Brandi K. Harrison, Timothy M. Harrison, Kimberly
Lara, Nathan Lujan, Erik V. Machuca, Alexa A. Marquez, Moses
Martinez, Sara E. Matta, Eric O. Mendoza, Veronica Munoz,
Jerry S. Olivas, Jennifer G. Orona, Lily M. Payen, Michael
R. Pena, Noemi Perez, Katrina F. Quiroz and Ibefel G.

Also, Christopher Reyes, Stacy D. Rivas, Diana M. Rubio,
Javier A. Saenz, Rossana M. Salcido, Desiree M. Sanchez,
Crystal Y. Valenzuela, Elizabeth O. Parent and Erin R. Paz.

Also, Frank Perea, Briar D. Prewit, Erlinda S. Ramirez,
Renea Rasberry, Fabian R. Rios, Marlene Y. Rodriguez,
Christopher Ryan, Carolina M. Salcido, Amy A. Salgado,
Melissa Valdez and Cinthia L. Ybarra.

Study club holds Thanksgiving meeting

The Modern Study Club met at 3:30 p.m., Nov. 11, in the home
of Etta Sullivan. Lena Harpham presented a program on "The
First Thanksgiving."

Harpham told how the Pilgrims set sail from London, Englans
in late July of 1602, in two ships, the Speedwell from
Holland and the Mayflower from Plymouth.

She continued, after repairs to the Speedwell in Dartmouth,
England the ships set sail again on Aug. 5, but after 300
miles the Speedwell was abandoned. Some 80 passengers
returned home others joined the Mayflower. Holland
passengers were called Saints and the others were called
Strangers. Among these making the journey were John Alden
and Miles Standish.

After a cold, damp, and miserable trip of nine weeks,
complicated by terrible storms, poor food rations and
distasteful water, the Mayflower landed at Plymouth, Mass.
on Dec. 21, 1620. America looked wild and strange to the

Nearly half the Pilgrims perished during the first winter.

When spring time came the Pilgrims set about to clear and
work the land. The Indians came closer and closer, after
being frightened by them at first. The Indian Samoset came
and welcomed the Pilgrims, and later brought Squanto, who
spoke better english, and they taught the settlers how to

John Carver, Governor of the settlement, made a treaty with
the Chief Massasoit and the Indians shared the settler's
first Thanksgiving with much revelry during the three-day

Harpham concluded her program with this poem: In Pilgrim
Days the little girls wore gowns of homespun grey; So long
they almost trailed the ground, when they went out to play;
They wore white kerchiefs round their necks and caps to
catch their curls; They dressed as grown up women dressed,
though they were only girls; In Pilgrim Days the little boys
wore black hats, widely brimmed; and flapping capes and
buckled shoes. Their tight gray coats were trimmed; With
cuffs and collars stiff and neat; It must have been a
bother, when one of them went out to play, to be dressed up
like a father. Oh Pilgrim Days are past and gone and will
not come again and children dress like children now, and not
like grownup men. (author unknown).

President Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a National
Holiday in 1863.

President Lena Harpham conducted the business meeting. The
thought-quote for this meeting was "That I may proclaim with
the voice of thanksgiving, and declare all Thy wonders." -
Psalms 26:7.

The Club Collect was led by Nan Cate. The Pledges to the
United States of America Flag and the Texas Flag were led by
Mary Barfield, as the members repeated in unison.

A moment of silence was observed by club members for
Veterans of our great nation, on this Veterans Day.

The minutes of the previous meeting was read by Bobbi Lang,
secretary, and Pearl Gustafson, treasurer, presented a
report of club finances.

Margie Williamson stated that a framed certificate signed by
the top four officers of The Modern Study Club was presented
to Francis Wood before her departure to Garland. Juracy
McCall has received a phone call from Francis stating that
things were going well and she missed everyone.

President Harpham discussed the qualifications for Western
District Life Membership received from Western District
President Francis Dunn of Odessa.

Hazel Barmore, Ways and Means chairman, thanked everyone for
their help making the bake sale, held in support of the 1999
Modern Study Club Pecos High School Senior Scholarship a
great success.

Catherine Travland reported she has forms for T.F.W.C.
reporting on the club programs and activities.

Attention was called to the tribute to the late Vivian
Hudson that was in the latest issue of The Texas Club Women.

Margie Williamson nominated Nan Cate for Federation
Counselor and Catherine Travland seconded the motion, voting
was unanimous and Cate will serve, replacing Francis Wood,
former counselor.

Roll call was answered "What are we thankful for?"

Hostesses Juracy McCall, Catherine Travland and Etta
Sullivan used a Thanksgiving table decor to serve hot
chicken salad, crackers, nuts, pecan and pumpkin pie to Mary
Barfield, Hazel Barmore, Nan Cate, Pearl Gustafson, Lena
Harpham, Bobbi Lang, Doris Moorman, Joyce Morton, Laura Teal
and Margie Williamson.

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