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Friday, October 9, 1998

Head Start given use of Barstow campus

Staff Writer
Barstow Elementary School campus will be filled soon, but
not with elementary school students.

Pecos-Barstow-Toyah ISD School board members approved
leasing the facility to Greater Opportunities of the Permian
Basin, Inc. for project Head Start.

"They gave us a copy of their proposed lease agreement, we
modified it, sent it back to them and they sent it back to
us with their own proposal," said school superintendent Don

P-B-T closed Barstow Elementary prior to the start of the
current school year, and the proposed Head Start lease would
be effective this month and run through July of 1999, if the
school board agrees with the plan, according to Love.

Board members then voted unanimously for the proposal, which
was one of among three Love said had been brought to the
school district.

"Another proposal came from juvenile officer Alberto Alvarez
and the Reeves County Judge (Jimmy B. Galindo). They're
looking at it to be used as a juvenile facility, but that
hasn't been worked out yet," said Love.

The superintendent added that another individual had
proposed to buy it and would eventually use it as a church

"He wanted to know how much we were willing to sell it for,"
said Love, explaining that if the building were ever sold,
it would be at about $10 per square feet, it contains 24,000
square feet, which would amount to $240,000.

"These are just three of the possibilities that have been
brought up, for uses of that building, and we want to bring
them to the board," said Love. "We're asking for these
people to take care of our building and we want to include
in the lease the baseball field that is out there."

A Barstow resident in the audience stated that the Barstow
City Council met Wednesday evening and had been notified of
the possibility of leasing the building to the Head Start
Project, and said the council was in favor of that proposal.

"At this place and time, I recommend that we lease it to
them and it's been approved by the school's attorneys," said
Love, suggesting that the vote be taken now, and that board
members can come back next August and go to plan "B" if
that's what they wanted to do.

"At that time, we can open it up for bids or renew their
lease agreement," said Love. "It can go downhill pretty
quickly if someone isn't using it and I'd like to see
something being done there."

According to Love, Betty Carter, executive director,
GO-Project Head Start, stated that the group needed a couple
of classrooms for their Head Start students. These are
youngsters from the age of 3-5, who aren't currently
enrolled in kindergarten and who fall under the criteria of
Head Start programs.

The lease proposal stated that, "The Head Start Program is
currently funded to serve 94 children in and around the
township of Pecos. Currently, the agency has 58 of those
children in a facility that needs renovating and should only
be used as a temporary facility when in good repair (not
more than a couple of years in daily use).

"The facility that formerly housed the other 36 children was
shut down permanently by the Community Council of Reeves
County during the summer of 1998 without the knowledge of
this agency (shared the facility with the Pecos Day Care
Center) and based on the information the agency has
received, this building also maintaining a Head Start
waiting list of 10 eligible children.

"The agency is seeking a facility that will house the 94
children and will also allow growing space in the event the
agency should receive an additional expansion.

"The Barstow Elementary School building in its entirety and
the cafeteria building would allow this agency to fulfill
its obligation to the children in and around the area of

The proposal went on to say Greater Opportunities of the
Permian Basin is required to get a State Child Care License
and thus would be required to fence in the building and have
an area designated for playground. As a result, the facility
cannot be immediately occupied by the Head Start students.

The group added that playground equipment that is allowable
for use for students in the Head Start program would be
moved from the other location in Pecos to the playground at
the school.

The agency would agree to provide the Head Start Program to
the eligible youth of the Pecos-Barstow-Toyah ISD and assume
the responsibility of maintenance and upkeep of Barstow
Elementary, along with a payment of $648 as payment of lease
of the facility.

Two arrested, one sought following drug raids

Staff Writer
Two more people were arrested Thursday on drug charges by
local law enforcement officials and an arrest warrant is out
for a third man today, as the Reeves County Sheriff's
Department and the Pecos Police Department Multi-Agency
S.W.A.T. Team task force continues their busy schedule of
the past month.

Officers have made a series of warrant searches that have
resulted in drug seizures and arrests, the latest two
occurring Thursday morning.

Police said at 8:32 a.m. Reeves County sheriff's deputies
and the police S.W.A.T. team executed a narcotics search
warrant at the Mike Rayos resident at 420 East "B" St.

Rayos was not present at the time, but the search of the
residence was conducted, according to officer Ernesto

As a result of the search, a syringe commonly used to inject
heroin was found on top of a storage shed next to the main
residence. A tin foil and cellophane plastic wrapping
commonly used to package heroin was found on the ground next
to the storage shed.

"The evidence was seized, and charges are pending on Mike
Rayos due to investigation," said Lazcano.

The second incident occurred at about 9:25 a.m. Thursday,
when the S.W.A.T. Team executed a narcotics search warrant
at the Manuel Salcido residence, located at 515 S. Almond St.

As a result of the search, Salcido, 48, and Gary Salcido,
17, were placed under arrest. Lazcano said Manuel Salcido
was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, a Class C
Misdemeanor, for possessing cut cellophane squares and a
balloon normally used to package and store heroin.

Gary Salcido was charged with tampering with identification
numbers, a Class A Misdemeanor for possessing a stereo
amplifier with the serial number scratched off.

Both defendants were transported to Reeves County Jail and
are awaiting arraignment.

State, federal drug indictments returned

Staff Writer
Reeves County grand jurors on Thursday returned indictments
on a variety of offenses, ranging from hindering
apprehension to possession of cocaine within 1,000 feet of a

Randall Alan Raper, 41, of 1504 Missouri St., is charged
with possession of less than one gram of cocaine within
1,000 feet of Pecos High School on Sept. 9.

Adolfo Baeza Mendoza, 20, and Crystal Montano Mendoza, 17,
are charged with possession of between four and 200 grams of
cocaine with intent to distribute, on Sept. 17.

Jesus Manuel Mendoza, 43, and Maria Mendoza, 22, are charged
with possession of between four ounces and five pounds of
marijuana on July 21.

Martha Vela, 36, was indicted for alleged theft of clothes
from Wal-Mart on Aug. 12. Although the value was less than
$50, two prior theft convictions make the offense a felony,
the indictment alleges.

Gregory McCowan, 34, is charged with burglary of a building
managed by Christine Metler. He allegedly entered Beall's
Department Store on July 16 and took jewelry without paying.

Angela Dawn Leigh, 20, is charged with passing a forged $42
check to Allsups on July 16. The check was signed "James
Cleveland" and endorsed by Leigh.

Victor Jaso Mendoza is charged with passing a forged check
in the amount of $285 to A&N Finance. The check was payable
to Pedro Martinez and signed "Clay Taylor."

Staff Writer
Benjamin Carrasco Montano, 19, of 1200 E. Second St., was
indicted by the federal grand jury Thursday for allegedly
importing and possessing for distribution 131.07 pounds of
marijuana on Sept. 30.

His was one of 14 indictments returned by the grand jury;
all but two for drug violations.

An Oklahoma City man is charged with importing and
possessing both cocaine and marijuana with intent to
distribute. Octavio Cereceros Cisneros, 32, was arrested
Sept. 30.

Seven persons are charged with importing and possessing
212.25 pounds of marijuana on Oct. 7. They are Julian
Baeza-Islas, 32, of Aldama, Chih., Mex.; Epifanio
Islas-Baeza, Marcos Antonio Santillan-Guerra, Reymundo
Canales-Cruz, Jose Ortega-Navarete, Lauro Elias
Hinojosa-Padilla and Humberto Morales-Gomez.

Others charged with importing and possessing marijuana for
distribution are:

* Manuel Bernardo Ortiz-Quintana, 23, of Lawton, Okla; 74.74
pounds on Oct. 6;

* Norma Cordova Hernandez, 25, of Midland, and Isaac Saedra
III, 83.20 pounds on Oct. 7.

* Hector Manuel Villarreal, 18, of Aldama, Chih., Mex. and
Herber Teodoro Baca, 19, of Carrollton; 40.6 pounds on Sept.
22; and

* Ignacio Jaurequi-Soto, 38, of Dodge City, Kan., 13.58
pounds on Oct. 6.

Charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana

* Octavio Chavarria-Castillo, 27, of Amarillo; 340.72 pounds
on Oct. 4.

* Humberto Saenz-Torres, 27, of Cuauhtemoc, Chih., Mex.,
64.52 pounds on Oct. 1.

* Hector Fralin Valenquela, 63, of Amarillo; 105.54 pounds
on Sept. 16; and

* Elias Barrientes, 29, of Ralls, 245.66 pounds on Sept. 20;

Pedro Cisneros-Bouche, 44, and Rosalio Villa-Silvestre, 45,
both of Juarez, Mex., are charged with possession of 65.68
pounds of cocaine with intent to distribute on Oct. 1.

Joaquin Romero-Cordova, 45, of Ojinaga, Mex., is charged
with illegal entry after deportation.

Betty Jo Hernandez, 21, of Amarillo, is charged with three
counts of transporting illegal aliens.

FBI, Culberson deputies hunt womans body

FBI agents are working with the Culberson County Sheriff's
Office to investigate the reported murder and burial of a
woman on a ranch near Kent, said Deputy Sheriff Mike

An informant reported that a truck driver claims he killed a
woman and buried her in the Kent area, located on Interstate
10 about 50 miles west of Pecos.

"It has been a long day," Whitfield said this morning when
asked about the investigation, referring calls to the El
Paso office of the FBI.

Al Cruz, FBI public information officer, was not available
for comment before presstime today.


On April 4, at approximately 3:21 a.m., Pecos police
officers responded to a burglary of a business located at
910 South Eddy St. (Beall's Department Store). Upon arrival
complainant stated that a person or persons had gained entry
into the business by breaking the front plate glass on the
south side of the building.
The person or persons removed several jewelry items and
several perfume gift baskets from the store. Estimated value
of stolen items is $4,545.
Anyone with information on this crime or any other crime
call "Crime Stoppers" at 445-9898 and you will remain


High Thursday 86. Overnight low 46. Tonight, clear. Low 50
55. South to southeast wind 5-15 mph. Saturday, mostly
sunny. High 85 90. South wind 10-20 mph and gusty.

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