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Tuesday, September 8, 1998

Mac McKinnon


By MacMcKinnon
Enterprise Publisher

Water could someday
be expensive commodity

Have you taken notice of all the changes in society?
One of the most interesting ones is the emphasis on water
these days. Bottled water is a big seller. You can purchase
your own in bulk if you have the bottle.
I've written in this space before that a person told me some
30 years ago that water would one day sell for higher prices
than gasoline. That's not true yet but it could be coming
For sure, quality water is hard to come by.
One of the most amusing things is that each day, I see
school children carrying bottles of water to school. By
saying amusing, I really mean that this is a sign of the
times. Almost everywhere you go, you'll see people carrying
bottles of water and drinking it as they walk along.
For sure, water is good for you. I'm not a doctor, but I've
been told drinking lots of water is very important and it
helps cleanse your body.
Who would have thought of water being such a big seller and
such an important commodity even 10 years ago?
Many cities are even putting in reverse osmosis procedures
to make their water better. That includes Fort Stockton.
Some cities such as Monahans, Van Horn and the Valentine
areas, already have water that is as good as the stuff you
buy in bottles.
Many cities are really doing battle for good water. El Paso
has cornered the market on the water in Valentine which is
supposed to be some of the purest water in the world -
99.999 per cent pure. As I understand it, the ranchers in
that area don't like it as once El Paso starts sucking water
out from under their lands, the water table will drop.
Pecos continues to have problems with sources for water and
pumping it a long way. There is a good source of water where
the Freeport sulphur mine got it west of Toyah but it would
have to be purchased and then pumped by pipeline to Pecos
which would be very expensive. We already know the expense
of building and maintaining pipelines from the Ward County
water fields.
Water is something we simply can't do without. There are
already limits on industries in some areas because of a lack
of water.
In many areas of the world, water is so polluted it can't be
used for anything and you can't even swim in it.
We are really messing up our world and we need to get our
act together.
I just wonder how much affect this has had on the soft drink
makers? I even see more people ordering water instead of
other drinks at restaurants.
Of course, all drink manufacturers use water in their
products and the more water that is consumed means the
higher the cost for making soft drinks and beer.
Could it be that one day the highest price ingredient of any
drink will be water? Things in our world are constantly
changing, aren't they?
EDITOR'S NOTE: Mac McKinnon is the editor and publisher of
the Pecos Enterprise whose column appears each Tuesday. He
can be e-mailed at:


Kudos go to Eagle fans band, football players

Our hats are off to everyone involved with the Pecos Eagles
game against Denver City Thursday night in Ratliff Stadium
in Odessa.

Thanks first to all those in Odessa, particularly the Odessa
Chamber Sports Committee, for offering our school the chance
to play a game at Ratliff. We're sure it's an experience no
one who made the trip will forget, especially the players.

Our football team played a great game and we're proud of
them. We didn't win on the scoreboard, but everything about
their effort was a winner.

The band did a great job and our staff of new band directors
should be recognized for what they have done with our band

The Pecos Eagles' booster club also was involved in hosting
a tailgate party and that was a big success. Let's not
forget the fans who turned out in large numbers to support
our young people - the team and band - by making the trip to

This looks like the start of something good for this school
year. Let's keep it up!

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