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Daily Newspaper and Travel Guide for Reeves County, Trans Pecos, Big Bend of West Texas

Pecos At Work

February 27, 1998

More Pecos At Work

Security State's services expanded

Security State Bank has had another good year financially in
1997, though President Dudley Montgomery is hoping things
will be even better in 1998.

"The bank continues to be a strong capital-structured bank,"
said Montgomery, who has been with the bank for 38 years.
"It was an average year as far as earnings are concerned,
and I wish we had a little bit stronger loan demand."

Montgomery said a local economy that is a little more
diverse than nearby cities helps. "With the test track,
prison, food processing, and the sulphur plant, along with
oil, farming and ranching, we're a little more diverse than
some of the other neighboring towns."

Security State Bank, located at Third and Cypress streets,
employs a total of 35 people within the community in both
full-time and part-time positions, representing over 500
years of banking experience.

Security State Bank is both the only locally-owned bank in
Pecos, and the only one with its own automatic teller
machine, located in the drive-thru area on West Second
Street. The ATM offers 24-hour access to checking and saving
accounts at ATMs across the United States and in other
countries as well.

Security State has also added a 24-hour bank-by-phone
service during the past year. "The 7-day a week customer
service telephone system allows people to access their
accounts for balance information, checks and deposits
posted, returns and transfers," said bank vice president
W.H. Oglesby. "With the ATM and the 24-hour customer service
phone, customers have access to cash and account services

Security State Bank offers basic checking and saving
services, certificates of deposit and both consumer and
commercial loans. "We provide all services to depositors,
including checking accounts, interest bearing checking
accounts and CDs," Montgomery said.

In the lending area, Ray Owen is senior vice president and
senior lending officer, while Gilbert Abila is vice
president and Bobby Clark assistant vice president.

Abila, a 1983 graduate of Pecos High School, has been on the
job as an assistant vice president at Security State Bank
for four years after returning to West Texas. He is the
bank's consumer and real estate loan officer, and is in his
14th year in the banking business.

Owen came to Pecos from 1st Interstate Bank in Arizona. He
is a 1987 graduate of Texas Tech, where he earned a B.S. in
agricultural economics.

He is involved in direct lending for agribusiness and
commercial loans. He also handles some consumer lending and
oversees the whole lending function of the bank.

Clark began work with Security State in July of 1988 as
internal auditor and loan review officer. Currently, he
handles consumer loans.

In the loan department, they finance real estate,
automobiles, commercial and agricultural ventures. The trust
department sets up trusts and settles estates.

Cecila Ward, assistant vice president and a 1974 PHS grad,
oversees tellers, the vault, wire transactions and the note
department. She joined the bank in 1975.

Assistant vice president Brenda McKinney oversees the new
accounts and CD department, and is assisted by Sylvia
Carrasco, Jackie Warren and JoAnna McCormick, while Donna
Lara and Sandra Ramirez are Security State's newest
employees, both working in bookkeeping.

Oglesby said Security State Bank is home owned and operated.
"The stockholders are people you know in the community. We
are proud to be a part of Pecos and to continue to serve the

Directors for Security State Bank are William R. Bickley,
Michael A. Harrison, David G. Johns, James B. Kenney, Dudley
K. Montgomery, J.F. Pattee, Archie B. Scott, W.H. Oglesby
and Ray Owen. Montgomery is president and CEO.

Desert Rentals very successful

"It has been three years since we first opened Desert Rental
and Sales. I think we've got a winner," said Louis Matta,
store owner.

Matta and Ray Ortega began operations in June 1995.

The owners of Desert Rental are involved in all phases
including contact with customers, sales, delivery and

"Our customers get to deal directly with us, the owners and
Ray and I are kept aware of what products are in demand and
what we are doing wrong," Matta stated.

"You hear all sorts of slogans pertaining to satisfying the
customer on television, and radio. Yet all of us have
experienced the pitfalls of services after the sale," said

The goal of every transaction of Desert Rentals and Sales is
customer satisfaction. "If only one of our customers is not
getting what he wants, we make it right no questions asked,"
said Matta. "This is the key to a successful business and we
have certainly proved it time and again," he said.

Business continues to grow. New customers come daily which
have been referred by existing ones. And old customers
continue to come for repeat business. "People in our
community know we are here to stay and that we can be
counted on to provide good quality furniture, appliances and
electronics," said Matta.

Name brand products the company offers include Action Lane,
Coventry, Ashley, Standard, also JVC, Sharp, RCA, G.E. and
Gibson appliances and electronics.

Future plans: Look for completion of bedroom shoppe within
60 days. Customers will be able to come in browse, climb up
on our mattress and literally try before you buy. "We are
excited that these too will be what Pecos wants. If anyone
wants to buy the bedspread and pillows, we will sell them,"
said Matta.

Area served: Pecos to Presidio, Fort Davis, Fort Stockton,
Monahans, Odessa and Kermit. "Going out of town to deliver
sometimes calls for long days but we are committed to making
the sale and keeping the customer happy," said Matta.

Staff has grown to seven persons including Ray and Louis.

Customers are able to arrange payment mode to fit their
needs. We offer Rent-to-Own, installment sales, 90 day same
or cash, or lower cash discount prices, according to Matta.

"We invite all to come in and browse and see beautiful
selections of furniture, modern appliances, newest in
stereos, VCR and big screen TV's," said Matta.

Pecos Home Health meets new standards

The business of providing home health will never be the
same. All home health agencies will be under Health Care
Financing Administration's new Interim Payments System by
October 1998. Also, All home health agencies have to get
bonded as of January 1, 1998.

"All home health agencies are bracing for a bumpy year
ahead," says Landa Rediger, Administrator for Pecos Home
Health Agency.

"Pecos Home Health is pleased to announce that we have
secured a bond. ~Many agencies have not been able to obtain
a bond, because of the way Medicare worded the regulations,"
she said.

How successful a HHA will be at obtaining a bond by February
27 will ultimately depend upon both the credit worthiness
and financial health of the agency and of its owner(s). With
all the changes in the horizon, all home health key
personnel have to get educated.

"Pecos Home Health is doing that. I obtained more than 60
hours of continuing education workshops and seminars, and
John T. Rediger, Assistant Administrator, also obtained more
than 60 hours of C.E. Credits." Landa Rediger said. "For
Home Health agencies to survive in these changing times, the
clinical staff must now become educated about the business
side of the home health business."

"That does not mean to compromise clinical principles! In
fact, the more completely we come to understand the business
side of home health, the more effectively we can argue for
the clinical side." she explained. "Our goal, and of the
utmost importance to John and I as owners and operators of
Pecos Home Health, is to continue to bring to Pecos and its
surrounding area the highest quality of care in an
atmosphere of genuine warmth and concern with respect to
patients' rights as our mission statement states.

"In keeping with our tradition of 43 years of commitment to
our customers at Rediger's Pharmacy we provide fully
certified and professional care to our customers at Pecos
Home Health. We continue to `Treat Your Family Like Ours'."

Pecos Home Health offers professional support:

* RN's

* LVN's

Case Management Home Care Aides-to assist with daily living
Physical Therapy (by contract) Services arranged for by PHH:

* Durable Medical Equipment

* Respiratory Therapy

* Prescription Services

Pecos Home Health scope of services:

Nursing Services include:

* Vital signs and full assessment each Visit wound
care/dressing changes

* PICC Line placement/management

* IV Infusion/Education Parental Nutrition

* Pain Management/Support

* Lab Services

* Catheter Care

* Ostomy Care

* Trach Care

* Diabetic Teaching Therapy Pediatrics

La Tienda going crazy this Saturday

They're going crazy at La Tienda Thriftway!

At least things will be that way this Saturday for the first
"Crazy Days" at La Tienda at 810 S. Eddy St.

"We're going to have a lot of parking lot activities and
excitement going on," said Sammy Villarreal, who has been
the La Tienda manager for a little more than a month.

"There'll be hot dogs outside, we're trying to get the radio
station down here and we want to have a `Meet the Players
Day' so everyone can meet all the local school ball
players," Villarreal said.

And what would a "Crazy Days" day be without special sales
in the store? Saturday at La Tienda shoppers will be able to
purchase cooked hams at half price, 6-packs of Pepsi for 99
cents, a five pound bag of potatoes for 29 cents and fresh
baked pumpkin pies for 99 cents.

One thing Villarreal has learned in his 15 years in the
grocery business is if you want to stay in business you have
to keep the customers happy. Since he became the manager at
La Tienda Villarreal has set out to do just that.

"If our customers want us to start carrying any items that
we don't carry all they have to do is let us know and we
will get it in here," Villarreal said. "We're here to serve
their needs.

"We don't want anyone in Pecos to have to go to Odessa or
Monahans to get what they need. If they let us know we will
get it and sell it at the same prices as Odessa or Monahans."

Villarreal has also been expanding the services offered at
La Tienda. The store now has a big floral department and has
improved it's deli and added a pizzeria, where fresh pizzas
are made daily.

And don't forget, you can now purchase beer and wine at La

Colt uses computer to find new vehicles

Ask Kevin Duke what kind of vehicles are available at Colt
Chevrolet, and he is likely to reply "anything you want."

Although Duke has trimmed the on-lot inventory due to high
vehicle prices and interest "that is eating us up," he and
the sales staff can locate any body style or color of car or
pickup with a computer search.

"If we don't have it on the lot, ask us," Duke said. "Tell
us what you are looking for, and we will locate it and get
it here for you."

It's kind of like ordering a vehicle by mail, only with
quicker delivery.

"We can get it the same day," Duke said.

Colt has sold General Motors products at their I-20
dealership for more years than he and his father, Jack Duke,
like to admit.

Duke said that the father and son team bought out their
partners two years ago.

Prior to that, they had sold both Ford and General Motors
vehicles side by side.

They still service all brands of GM vehicles and motor
homes, and offer towing service. Ray Varela is service
manager. Colt employs 16 people, Duke said.

Vision Clinic gets new look, new name

Pecos Vision Clinic has been serving the Pecos area for over
35 years. They are celebrating the occasion by getting a new
name and look. Pecos Vision Clinic is now Castle Rock Vision
Center. It is appropriate for the totally new look,
something completely different for the area. They hope
everyone will enjoy the new theme. You just can't help but
smile when you see it.

Dan's sells, rents games, audio, video

Dan's Music and Video has a history in Pecos that dates back
to 1954, and its owner and customers are constantly looking
toward the future.

Dan's has a convenient covered drive-through to make it
quicker and easier to drop off or pick up movies or buy
beer, wine and cigarettes.

Movies may be reserved under a "waiting list" Monday through

Lottery tickets are also available at Dan's with the largest
selection of scratch offs in town.

Dan's Music and Video is operated by Ronny Daniel, his
mother, Elsie, and his wife, Jennie under the parent company
of Daniel and Sons, Inc.

The company started out in Pecos and the surrounding area in
1954 by providing coin operated machines to a number of

The retail end of the business began in 1964 at Dan's Record
Shop with sales of the latest hit records. In recent years
this portion of the business has added new and additional
movies and games each month.

Dan's supplies pool tables, juke boxes in both CD and 45
rpm, dart games and video games to locations in and around
Pecos on a commission basis.

Presently available at Dan's are cassette and CD music,
video accessories, and VCR sales, in addition to rentals of
VCRs, games and cartridges. Services offered include VHS

The shop itself, a favorite spot to stop among local youth,
also features kiddie rides, coin-operated video machines,
air hockey and pool.

"We invite everybody to come down," Daniel said.

Dan's, located at the corner of S. Cedar and Third streets,
is open from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday through Thursday,
from 10 a.m. to midnight Friday and Saturday, and from noon
to 11 p.m. on Sunday.

La Nortena looking at expansion

Over the past 30 plus years La Nortena, 212 E. Third Street,
has become an icon in West Texas for fine Mexican food.
Within a 100 mile radius of Pecos the name is well known and

This fact is not lost with the new generation of family and
employees who are charged with the responsibility of
carrying on the tradition and heritage invested over the
years. The winds of March will also signify the winds of
change for La Nortena and her new charges. With the focus of
emerging markets within the area and parts of Texas to the
North and East La Nortena is positioning herself to meet the
growing demands.

At the facility they produce thick tortillas for enchilada
plates, thin tortillas are perfect for chips and they also
have the option to use flour tortillas.

World famous red and green tamales, regular and cocktail
sizes are available.

Owner, David Castillo, is continually looking for new items
to add to the menu.

The newest item to be offered will be picadillo and red and
green chili sauce for enchiladas. "We want to start
packaging this items for the bigger market," said Castillo.

"We now offer the red sauce for enchiladas in pints and
quarts," stated Castillo.

Castillo stated that most of his "ideas" come from the
customers themselves. "The picadillo is something people are
always asking us for," he said.

Other innovative ideas Castillo has been thinking about
possibly for the future, is packaging and selling beans and
rice, the pint and quart sizes.

A production line, using equipment that was implemented two
years ago, produces 100 dozen tamales an hour, when it's
being run, according to Castillo.

The Castillo family would like to bring money from the big
cities into our small town to create work opportunities and
operate more businesses so people would have another reason
to visit this town.

Oilfield Phone fills communication needs

Oilfield Phone Service is a local company that serves a wide
variety of communication needs and strives to stay on the
cutting edge of technology.

"We're providing local businesses with service using local
people," said co-owner Jeannette Alligood. "We hire local
people and train them."

"We have a wide range of residential and business phones,
cellular phones and accessories," she said. "We are an
authorized Cellular One dealer."

Alligood said that Oilfield Phone Service was the first
company to bring cellular service to Pecos, and more
recently, they were the first company to bring the Internet
to Pecos.

The price on Oilfield Phone's Internet service has been
reduced in the past year. Now, they charge only $30 for
installation and $20 a month for Internet access. There is
no long distance dial-up charge and their technical support
is also a local number.

Allcomm Long Distance, at the same location, is also locally
owned and is the only long distance carrier operating from
Pecos, which means that they are the only long distance
service that keeps Pecos dollars in Pecos.

"We operate from Pecos and can service any kind of
communications equipment," Alligood said.

"We are an authorized Panasonic DBS (Digital Business
Systems) dealer. Our personnel are factory trained and
certified to install and service Panasonic telephone
systems," said Alligood.

Also, OPS technicians "are fully qualified to work on all
major telephone systems," she added.

"We work on residential phones, paging systems and we are
factory certified on Active Voice voice mail systems," which
the company also sells, Alligood said.

Oilfield Phone Service hasn't forgotten its roots, though.
"We are still working in the oil field, bringing
telecommunications to the oil field," Alligood said.

Oilfield Phone Service is located at 401 S. Cypress Street,
and can be reached at 915-445-4660. They invite you to come
to their spacious office to meet their helpful staff and see
all of the many services they have to offer.

American Home Health adds staff

The American Home Health Agency in Pecos continued to grow
during 1997, as more people have sought to take advantage of
its health care services.

"The public is more aware of what home health is about, so
they have utilized the agency even more than they did last
year," said Leo Hung, who administers the home health
agency. It is located in downtown Pecos, at 315 S. Oak St.,
in the old J.C. Penney building.

With its growing number of clients, AHHA has increased its
staff to include 11 nurses, 10 aides and seven office staff

"These are all local residents," noted Hung. "That's
something I always try to do is to hire locally," to aid in
the creation of local jobs he added.

Registered nurses, licensed vocational nurses, nurses aides,
a physical therapist and a respiratory therapist are on the
staff to meet the needs of Medicare patients and other
homebound individuals.

American Home Health is also hospice certified and approved
as a hospice agent by Medicare.

"This is a great service to offer the community," said
director of nursing Ava Gerke.

A speech therapist and social worker are also great
additions to the facility.

"Stroke victims or individuals who have problems swallowing
will greatly benefit from the speech therapist," said Gerke.

Hospice health care workers will offer pain control,
pastoral counseling and emotional support.

"This is an expansion of our services, and it's truly a
great privilege to be let into these individuals' lives,"
said Gerke.

Nurses and support staff provide skilled nursing and other
therapeutic services to patients in their own homes through
AHHA, which received Medicare certification in 1989.

Hung said a plan of treatment is prescribed by an attending
physician under requirements of the health and safety code.
AHHA performs a variety of intravenous therapies under
physicians' directions, including IV administration of
antibiotics and chemotherapy, prenatal nutrition and pain
management. It also provided post-surgical wound care and
burn care.

"Administering intravenous injections at home has been the
medical trend of the 1990s," Hung said. "It allows the
patient to receive quality care without the expense of a
hospital stay."

Gerke stated that the home health care facility serves
Pecos, Balmorhea, Saragosa, Toyah and Monahans. "We also
have a branch office in Odessa that opened in 1994," she

"It (the Odessa office) really facilitates the coordination
of care," said the registered nurse. She explained that the
branch office helps with preparations for AHHA patients that
have been treated at Odessa hospitals. "It helps me in
ordering supplies and preparing for them (patients) to come

Professional Pharmacy, which is also administered by Hung,
is located at the corner of Daggett and Eddy streets. It
began operations in September of 1980 and has continued
throughout the years to provide a wide spectrum of
pharmaceutical goods and services for the community. PP also
carries Durable Medical Equipment (DME), such as
wheelchairs, hospital beds and oxygen therapy.

AHHA hours are from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Mondays through
Fridays and from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturdays and provides
7-days-a-week, 24-hours a day, on-call nursing care to its
clients. For more information interested parties can call

Gerke stated that referrals for home health care can be made
by anyone. "They can be made by social workers, any kind of
social service, family members, friends. A reference can be
made by just anybody...anyone that cares."

After a referral, the patient must then be approved by their
physician for home health care, she said.

Downtown Lions busy with spring projects

The Spring is a busy time for the Downtown Pecos Lions Club,
as they have two of their major fund drives that help
finance the many projects undertaken by the Lions for the

Lions are now busy taking orders for Lions Club Rose Day,
with roses to be delivered on April 2. Price for a dozen
roses is $15, and includes a vase. Incidentally, if you have
received a vase in the past and don't want it any more, the
Lions would appreciate getting it back so it will cut down
on the number of vases they have to buy.

George Gaab is chairman of the rose day project.

Coming up at the end of April or first of May will be the
annual Lions Club Mop and Broom Sale at the LaTienda parking
lot. The project is being chaired by Bill Oglesby and Larry
Sloan. Pre-sales are underway and a firm date for the sale
will be set soon.

Sales from the mop and broom sale - many other types of
items are also available - go to help the blind who make the

The Downtown Pecos Lions Club is in its 66th year and is
associated with Lions Club International, which has as its
motto, "We Serve".

President of the local club this year is Richard Crider.
First vice president is Paul Hinojos; Gilbert Abila, second
vice president; Danny Shelton, secretary-treasurer; Kelly
Davis, tail twister; one-year directors, Fred Dominguez and
Bob Trammell; two-year directors are Jack Brookshire and
Stan Lamb with Eddie Vasquez as alternate.

The Lions Club truly serves the community as most of its
members are active in a wide variety of civic endeavors
outside of Lions Club. As Lions, the members help in the
Cantaloupe Festival Fly-In, Golden Gloves boxing tournament,
ushering for the world-famous West of the Pecos Rodeo, as
well as staffing other events as called on.

Proceeds from their fund raisers help pay for eyeglasses for
needy students and for a college scholarship given to a
Pecos High School senior each year. In addition, the Lions
Club sponsors a number of youth activities in the community
each year, including those encouraging youth to stay off

The Downtown Pecos Lions Club is active in the Permian Basin
Eye Bank which gathers donations of corneas for transplants
and also collects old eye glasses and hearing aids to be
reused by people in other countries.

The local club is also a 100 percent member in sponsoring
the Texas Lions Crippled Children's Camp in Kerrville and is
seeking those eligible to attend camp this summer. Sessions
are also available for children with diabetes. If you know
of someone who would be eligible and interested, contact any
of the officers listed.

Another project of the Lions Club is to help sponsor the
Newspapers in Education program in cooperation with the
Pecos Enterprise to provide newspapers for classrooms in the
Pecos-Barstow-Toyah School District and Balmorhea ISD.
Newspapers are used to help teach children to read, write
and keep up with current events as well as with economics.

If you are interested in becoming a Lion, contact one of the
officers listed above. Good members who are interested in
serving their community are always being sought.

Eagle Tire provides service, along with tires

Eagles fly high at Eagle Tire & Service, which provides the
Pecos Valley with complete tire sales and service at 2034
Balmorhea Highway.

The new owners took over in May of 1995, choosing the name
from the Goodyear tire line Eagle, to match Pecos High
School's mascot.

Primarily a Goodyear dealer, Eagle also carries the Dunlop,
Cooper and Kumbo lines, along with other lines.

In the service department, they offer front and rear
alignment, brakes and shock service, lube and oil changes,
computerized wheel balance, flat repairs, vehicle state
inspections and air conditioning services.

Store manager Lupe Garcia, is a Pecos native. He welcomes
old and new acquaintances to come in and see what Eagle Tire
has to offer.

Garcia states that he has thoroughly enjoyed working in the
area and meeting all the new customers.

"We always welcome new customers and are ready to provide
fast, efficient service," he said.

"We've been real happy with the way things have been going
for us. With the addition of the Dunlop and Cooper lines, we
have been able to increase our inventory, which has allowed
us to offer a larger selection of tires and at a better
price," Garcia said.

Garcia also credits the business' growing success to his

"I consider myself lucky to have a great crew working for
us. They do a good job," said owner Howard McKissack. "They
all have a positive attitude, and they take pride in their

Rene Garcia heads the alignment and brake department. Hector
Hinojos, Raul Sosa and Rueben Florez take care of the tire
service department, and Gene Mendoza is the tire technician
for the tractor and loader tires.

They offer 24-hour road service, with a call to
915-447-2257. The store is open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday
through Friday and from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday.

Airlawn has selection of jewelry, furniture

Airlawn Furniture, which added an extended selection of
jewelry services last year, is still serving the community
of Pecos and offering a fine selection of furniture.

Airlawn offers an array of jewelry fashions on the same
credit plans as its rent-to-own furniture sales, but can now
repair, size, clean and polish jewelry.

Co-partner in the venture, Starkey Warren, said that after
he completed a training course and received his diploma from
the Stewarts International School for Jewelers the extended
service plan was added to the business.

The store underwent some remodeling in 1995 after Warren and
co-partner Becky Jaquez decided to do away with the adjacent
Airlawn Video. "But this gave us more room for furniture
(displays)," said Warren.

He explained that entire bedroom sets can now be viewed in
the added space.

"We've got more inventory," as well, said Warren, adding
with the changeover from Airlawn Video came some colorful
remodeling to the store. Margie Fuentes also joied the
furniture store's staff last year following the expansion,
he said.

Warren said that Airlawn Furniture continues to provide
service and quality merchandise, along with delivery and
appliance repairs for all brands. "We also have a shop in
the back for small engine repairs, like lawnmower motors and
gas-powered water wells," he said.

Of the tanning bed facility available to local residents at
Airlawn, Warren said, "we can hardly keep up with it."

Warren said he would like to remind the public that they
still carry the mini-satellite dishes with 150 channels.
These, along with brand-name furniture and appliances and
electronic equipment are all available on the rent, with
option to buy plans.

Top furniture brands that have included Broyhill and Singer,
have been joined by such giants as Stratalounger and
Jackson. Discounts are given on cash sales, and Airlawn
offers a 90-day no-interest payment plan. In-house financing
is available for longer-term credit.

Lourdes Guzman, Monette Arreguy, Joey Villanueva and Danny
Soto complete the staff at Airlawn Furniture.

The staff will deliver purchases and service what they sell.
They also provide carpet cleaning by steam extraction and
restoration after flooding.

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