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Monday, August 31, 1998

Hamilton gives 4-H new pens

Staff Writer
An inch of rain early Saturday canceled a barbecue
celebrating the completion of a horse barn for Reeves-Loving
4-H members, but its builder said it is ready for occupancy.

Wynn Hamilton designed and built the 12-stall horse barn on
the 4-H compound near the Reeves County precinct shop, on
the I-20 south service road. He had purchased beef for 200
guests, and volunteers had it on the barbecue grill in one
of the horse stalls when the rain hit at 5 a.m. Saturday.

County extension agent C.W. Roberts said that the danger of
guests getting their vehicles stuck in the mud forced
cancellation, and it is doubtful the barbecue can be
rescheduled any time soon.

"We hope to have horses moving in right away," Roberts said,
noting that the pens are complete except for gates, and they
are ready to install.

"If any kid is interested in using the pens, they should
contact us," he said.

4-H members who participate in the horse program are
eligible to stable their horses in the facility. The ongoing
program provides clinics and other support to members, who
ride their mounts in horse shows throughout the spring,
summer and fall.

"We really appreciate all the work Wynn has done, and
support we received from the Reeves County Commissioners
Court," Roberts said. "There were also a lot of individual

Dismantling and moving a barn from his property at Saragosa,
Hamilton used county jail inmates for some of the labor.

The steel shed is the third building Hamilton has completed
on the compound, recently named for him and the late Howard

"I started the sheep barn in 1980 and Howard jumped in and
helped me," Hamilton said.

Hogs are sheltered in the second barn, a joint effort
between Hamilton and other 4-H supporters. Show animals are
housed in the facilities, where their owners feed and groom
them in preparation for the Reeves County Fair,
Reeves-Loving County Junior Livestock Show and Sale, and
other shows around the country.

An added touch to the compound is an American flag that flew
over the nation's capitol and a Texas flag that flew over
the state capitol, both honoring Hamilton when he served on
the state board of the Soil Conservation Service.

"This is just my idea of a way to help kids in Pecos,"
Hamilton said of his efforts over the past 18 years. His
sister contributed her part of the Saragosa property, and
the duo also contributed land for similar projects in
Mertzon and Longview.

"I just like to build for the kids," Hamilton said.

Rain delay ends with Saturday showers

From Staff and Wire Reports
After a week in which Pecos received lots of humidity - but
no rain - from the remains of Tropical Storm Charley,
thunderstorms snuck into town early Saturday morning and
gave the city its biggest one-day rainfall total for all of
drought-plagued 1998.

The showers, which began about 5 a.m. and continued on and
off until mid-morning, left 1.08 inches of rain in town,
while another cloud Sunday afternoon dropped a trace of rain
on parts of the city.

Saturday's 1.08 total lifted the rainfall for August to 2.40
inches, and came after Pecos recorded just 1.08 inches of
rain for the first seven months of 1998.

Thunderstorms left as much as two inches of rain in some
areas Friday night and Saturday, with one storm causing a
delay in the start of the season-opening football game in
Andrews. However, the forcast for tonight gives the area
little chance of receiving any more rain on the final day of
the month.

Some areas to the east of Pecos did receive some rains from
Charley, but most of the rains were concentrated in the area
south of U.S. 190 and east of Fort Stockton, with the
heaviest rains forcing thousands from their homes in Del Rio
last week.

The Texas Department of Public Safety said 28 people remain
missing nearly a week after the worst of the flooding, while
nine people are confirmed dead in the Del Rio area.

Today, the Federal Emergency Managment Agency (FEMA)
announced the opening of a disaster recovery center in Del
Rio, while Maverick County was added to Val Verde County in
the federal disaster declaration.

As of last night, FEMA had received 1,044 applications for
the federal aid.

FEMA spokeswoman Pam Johnson said she expects more requests
to pour in over the next few weeks.

The amount residents receive will depend on their case, Ms.
Johnson said.

``It really depends on individual needs. There is no magic
number,'' she said. ``An inspector will call and make an
appointment and look at the damage.''

The DPS has released the following 28 names of people from
the Del Rio area who are unaccounted for since the Del Rio
flood. The DPS says anyone who knows where any of these
people are should call the Del Rio flood command center at
830-703-2179, 830-703-2181, or 830-703-2183. Information may
be faxed to 830-703-2141.

Alderte, Pat; Aguilar, Estela; Calderon, Estela; Carranza,
Eva; Castano, Heraudez; Chacon, Gilberto; Coleman, James;
Contreras, Maria Novano; Espinosa, Gilbert (Espinoza);
Garcia, Susan; Gonzales, Blanca (Gonzalez); Hernandez,
Fabiano; Ibarra, Guadalupe; Ivanez, Myra Alejandra; Knight,
Tim; Martinez, Roman; Martinez, Soela; Meyer, Carl; Meyer,
Terry; Pineda, Maria; Quareda, Juanita; Rodriguez, Michalana
Prado; Rodriguez, Rosa; Ruiz-Valdez, Maria Elena; Santiana,
Dora (Santana); Vandewey, Cynthia; Yanez, Arturo; Zuniga,

Commissioners cut field for librarian's job

Reeves County Commissioners, meeting in special session
today, narrowed the field of 32 applicants down to five
finalists for the position of Reeves County librarian.

The county's longtime librarian, Nancy Bentley, resigned
earlier this month to move to Arizona.

The five finalists are to write a one-page statement on
their vision for the Reeves County library, provide three
personal references who will be asked to write a one-page
letter and the personnel director of the county will contact
the previous employer for a reference.

The five will be interviewed following the regular session
of the court on Sept. 14 with interviews starting about 1:15

County Judge Jimmy Galindo said this will give the
applicants time to take care of what they've been asked to
do and the personnel officer a chance to run checks on the
five finalists.

Those five are, in no particular order, current assistant
librarian Robbie Jones; Sarah Perry, a substitute teacher;
Tanya Rodriguez, who works for West Texas State School,
Alvian Venegas, former financial aid officer at Sul Ross
State University and Zane Windham, who works for the schools.

All commissioners were present except for Precinct 4
Commissioner Bernardo Martinez.

PHS grad picked to author report

From Staff and Wire Reports
A literary editor/lawyer who got his start at the age of 14
proofreading stories for the Pecos Enterprise is writing the
Monica Lewinsky investigation report for Independent Counsel
Kenneth Starr.

Stephen Bates, who entered Harvard shortly after graduation
from Pecos High School in 1976 and continued writing while
obtaining a law degree, is literary editor of the Wilson
Quarterly, a Washington-based international review published
by the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

Starr is to deliver the report to Congress next month, Time
magazine reported Sunday.

An unidentified acquaintance described Bates to Time as a
``genuinely moral conservative, religious-based, but not an

Bates began working with Starr's team in 1995. He let his
friends back home know that he's working with Starr, but
that he can't talk about the investigation.

The report to be submitted to Congress will present evidence
of the investigation of President Clinton's admitted
inappropriate relationship with Ms. Lewinsky and address
other issues, such as possible obstruction of justice, that
could lead to impeachment hearings against the president.

Standberry continuing `Peace Walk"

Staff Writer
Not even getting his leg nearly cut off has stopped Earl
Standberry from carrying out his message.

The Peace Pilgrim has made a stop in Pecos, despite an
accident which almost took his entire leg.

"The accident happened right out of Benson, Ariz., on my way
back to Tucson," said Standberry, who has been walking
across America since the beginning of the year, hoping to
get his message across.


"I was virtually living on the streets with no direction in
my life, when I decided to leave it up to God," said

And the path God has laid out for Standberry consists of
many miles across America.

Standberry is following in the steps of Mildred Norman, who
covered many miles across America in the name of Peace
during the early 1950s.

"It's her anniversary and I want to do what she did," said

Norman has a book published in several languages, crossed
America seven times, along with trips across Mexico and
Hawaii, and also visited the U.S. Capitol.

"I eventually want to meet President Clinton, like Norman
wanted to meet the president back then," said Standberry.

Standberry's accident left him a bit torn up. But his leg
was successfully reattached, and his resolve has not changed.

"God's people are good and so far He has taken care of me,
so I know He always will," said Standberry.

All the doctors who attended Standberry predicted that the
leg would have to be amputated. "Right there it shows me
that God does have a purpose for me," he said.

Standberry's accident happened when he jumped off a train.
"That train just caught my leg and spit me out," he

Standberry laid on the ground for an hour, watching himself
bleed to death before a train employee came by and summoned

"The doctors thought for sure that they were going to
amputate and then they asked me the crucial question, `can
you move your toes,' and that's when they decided it was
salvageable," said Standberry.

"He put me in the right place, with the right doctors, so my
belief now is even greater," said Standberry, who will be in
Pecos all week and welcomes speaking engagements.

"I'd like to talk to school children and others would like
to hear about what is going on in America and about my great
belief," said Standberry.

The former Marine carries with him the three wishes, three
petitions, that Norman carried with her 45 years ago: the
establishment of a Department of Peace by the U.S.
government, an end to all war-like activities the country is
involved in and a presentation to the United Nations asking
for world peace.

"I don't have any rush to finish this quest," said

Standberry stated that he feels very close to Norman, "I
feel very close to her, I know she's with me every step of
the way and is guiding me," he said.

Standberry can be reached this week at the home of a friend
if anyone wants to contact and visit with him or ask him to
speak to others, at 445-9508.

Standberry calls himself a "walking billboard," for peace.
"That's my job, that's what I do and what I'll continue to
do until I die," said Standberry.

"I'll continue to spread the word," he said.


Marriages for August 1998, as reported by the Reeves County
Clerk's Office.
William Kyle Watson and Anita Morey White
Gerardo Guillermo Bustamante and Denett Saucedo Carmona
Steven Marcus Matta and Juliana Carrasco Hermosillo
Miguel Venzor and Melissa Adame Valeriano
Manuel Zubia Nunez and Elvira Montes
Thomas Wallace Ryan and Laura Kelley Ryan
Leroy James Boicourt and Alicia Smith Kratzmeyer
Fernando Chavez Vela and Yolanda Rubio
Porfirio Mendoza Lopez, III and Debora Lujan
James Lynn Wade and Rhonda Sandell Payne


Divorces for August 1998, as reported by the Reeves County
Clerk's Office.
Joseph Urias and Marisol Urias
Ernesto Ramirez and Lora Ann Ramirez
Jesus Garcia Morales and Teresa Matta Morales
Donnie Dominguez and Pamela Dominguez


The Big Bend Sentinel

MARFA, Aug. 20, 1998 -- Felicia Wood is the 1998 Gifted and
Talented Teacher of the Year in Texas, the highest honor a
Texas teacher of gifted and talented students can earn. She
has been with the Marfa ISD for 13 years and was the Region
18 teacher of the year as well. Wood will officially receive
recognition of her award during the December meeting of the
Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented in Dallas. One
of the perks of that award will be to participate in the
selection of next year's G/T teacher of the year.

The International

PRESIDIO, Aug. 20, 1998 -- In the first regularly scheduled
Presidio Independent School District school board meeting
since the announcement that Candelaria School would be
closed on a "trial" basis during the 1998-1999 school year,
students, parents and concerned citizens packed the Presidio
High School library to make their feelings known to a rare
full panel of trustees. While the closure of the school will
continue in force, Superintendent Dr. Sharon Morrow made the
district's position clear, telling the crowd that "I don't
see a full opening of that Candelaria school again."

The McCamey News

McCAMEY, Aug. 20, 1998 -- Wayne Greer, publisher of The
McCamey News, was named to the Media Honor Roll, a program
sponsored by the Texas Association of School Board (TASB) by
the McCamey Independent School District. The Media Honor
Roll recognized media representatives statewide who deserve
recognition for fair and balanced reporting of news about
public schools. Media representatives from almost 350 Texas
newspapers and radio and television stations were honored by
their local school districts.

Iraan News

IRAAN, Aug. 20, 1998 -- On Aug. 13 the Iraan Lions Club
invited District Governor Lion Steve Rodgers as a special
guest to speak for the Iraan Lions Club. Rodgers emphasized
the motto of the Lions Clubs, which is "serve."

Monahans News

MONAHANS, Aug. 20, 1998 -- Dismissed Grandfalls Mayor Joyce
Wilhelm says she wants an independent investigation of the
way in which Grandfalls city government operates. She also
plans to appeal her removal as mayor of Grandfalls by the
city council. That appeal, she says, most likely will be to
the 143rd District Court and is being prepared by her
attorney, Windel M. (Hoot) Gibson of Monahans.


High Friday 93, Saturday 88, Sunday 93. Low Saturday 67,
Sunday 67, this morning 65. Rainfall total Saturday 1.08
inches. Total for month 2.40 inches. Total for year 3.48
inches. Forecast for tonight: Partly cloudy. Lows around
65. East winds 5-10 mph. Tuesday, mostly sunny. Highs in the
lower 90s. East to northeast winds 5-15 mph.

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