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Thursday, August 27, 1998

Eagles opening tourney against Prowlers

Staff Writer
PECOS, Aug. 27 -- The Pecos Eagles will get a close look at
a former district rival on Friday, in pool round play of the
Cantaloupe Classic Volleyball Tournament. Then, depending on
how things go, they could face one of their new district
rivals and/or a couple of potential bi-district playoff
rivals on Saturday.

Pool round play opens for Pecos against Fort Stockton at 9
a.m. Friday at the Pecos High School gym, as they look to
defend the championship they won a year ago over Greenwood.
The Eagles follow that up with a 12:20 p.m. contest against
El Paso Jefferson and close their pool play at 3:40 p.m.,
against Presidio.

Fort Stockton is in the Eagles' pool this year because the
Eagles are out of the district they shared with the Prowlers
for decades. However, Pecos' new District 2-4A includes
Fabens -- which had a strong showing at last year's
tournament -- and the Wildcats will be part of Pool II, with
Grandfalls, Alpine and El Paso Parkland.

Parkland is one team the Eagles could meet in bi-district
play, as is El Paso Bowie, which will play in Pool III, with
Greenwood, Wink and Seminole. District 4-3A rivals Monahans,
Kermit and Crane make up Pool IV.

The Eagles dropped a pair of matches on Tuesday at Midland
Lee to the Rebels and Snyder Tigers, after opening week wins
over Odessa High and El Paso Riverside and a pair of losses
to Alpine. Fabens won consolation at the Monahans Sandhills
Tournament, while Bowie defeated Monahans for the tournament

The Eagles have had trouble serving at the outset of play in
all of their opening matches so far this season. They've
improved in their second matches, including Tuesday's loss
to Snyder, and also passed the ball better in the second
match Tuesday, but coach Becky Granado said the team still
needs to react faster on defense.

"As far as defense goes, we're still having a hard time
reading the hitters. The kids on the bench, when I talk to
them and they watch what's going on, are starting to see
where they need to be," said the Eagles' coach, who had her
players working on serves and hitting as well Wednesday.

"I'm going to put the `block it' (post) out there and get
them to work on hitting around it," Granado said. She cited
a block on sophomore Philonicus Fobbs in the second game of
Pecos' three-game loss to Snyder as the turning point, as
the Tigers rallied after the Eagles won the first game and
took a 5-1 lead in the second.

Pool III appears to be the strongest overall in the
tournament. Bowie downed Fort Stockton and Monahans on the
way to the Sandhills Tournament title, while Greenwood and
Seminole advanced to the championship bracket of the Lubbock
Invitational last weekend and Wink won its own tournament

Along with Fort Stockton, Pecos' other pool round opponents
will be looking to snap losing streaks. Presidio lost to
Monahans and then to another of the Eagles' new district
rivals, Clint, in the fifth place semifinals, and were
beaten by Fort Davis on Tuesday. Jefferson, meanwhile, was
swept in their season opener by El Paso Andress, but Andress
would go on to beat Midland Lee Midland Lee for third place
last weekend in the Ector County ISD Tournament.

In the junior varsity division, Pecos will face Crane,
Alpine and Fort Stockton a 9 a.m., 12:20 p.m. and 4:30 p.m.
on Friday in the old Pecos High School gym. Monahans, Odessa
High's sophomores, Greenwood and Presidio make up the other
pool in that division.

This afternoon in the new gym, the freshmen Eagles began
tournament play with both the purple and gold teams in
action. The purple squad will face Monahans, Greenwood and
Alpine at 4:30, 5:30 and 6:30 p.m., while the gold team
meets Fort Stockton, Crane and Andrews at 4:30, 6:30 and
7:30 p.m.

Both championship and consolation bracket matches on
Saturday for the JV will be in the old gym, while the ninth
graders will play their Saturday matches down the street in
the Crockett Middle School gym.

Five local riders earn firsts at rodeo

PECOS, Aug. 27 -- Several local competitors came away with
victories in their events this past weekend, during the
two-day junior rodeo at the Buck Jackson Rodeo Arena.

The rodeo was sponsored by the Reeves-Loving 4-H Club, and
featured competitors from other towns in Trans-Pecos and
Southeastern New Mexico. It was divided into five divisions,
with the local victories coming in the boys 9-14 age bracket
and the girls 14-19 division.

John Marvin Clark tied Aurelio Lopez for All-Around
Champion honors in the 9-14 division, with wins in the
Breakaway Roping and Ribbon Roping. He was also sixth in the
Barrels. Jake McKinney won the Goat Tying event and was
third in the poles and seventh in the Barrels, while second
place ribbons were won by Andrew Lopez in the Barrels and
Chris Armstrong, in the Poles.

For the girls, DeAnda Allgood won the 15-19 Barrels; Renea
Rasberry won the Goat Tying in that division and Brandi
Harrison took two events, Breakaway Roping and Ribbon Roping.

Other second place finishes were earned by Courtney Clark,
in the girls 9-14 Barrels, and by Clay Ryan McKinney, in
boys 15-19 Team Roping, with former Pecosite Randall

Results for the two-day rodeo are listed below:


1. Victoria Lucas; 2. Hart Greenwood; 3. Leeshaun Marshall;
4. Jessie Kirkes; 5. Caleb Midkiff; 6. Brittany Carr; 7.
Chad Harris; 8. Hugh Greewood; 9. Katelyn Lide; 10. Trey


1. Jessie Kirkes; 2. Victoria Lucas; 3. Katelyn Lide; 4.
Leeshaun Marshall; 5. Brittany Carr; 6. Hart Greenwood; 7.
Caleb Midkiff; 8. Trey Allgood; 9. Hugh Greewood; 10. Heath


1. Leeshaun Marshall; 2. Victoria Lucas; 3. Caleb Midkiff;
4. Hart Greewood; 5. Jessie Kirkes.
1. Hart Greewood.


1. Victoria Lucas; 2. Leeshaun Marshall; 3. Caleb Midkiff;
4. Hugh Greewood; 5. Jessie Kirkes; 6. Katelyn Lide; 7.
Heath Armstrong; 8. Brittany Carr; 9. Trey Allgood; 10.
Conner Armstrong.

All-Around Champion: Victoria Lucas.

GIRLS - 9-14


1. Lindsey Ewing; 2. Courtney Clark; 3. Amanda Armstrong; 4.
Shelly Martinez; 5.& 6 Lindsey Riley & Brooklynn Chester; 7.
Ashley Moody; 8. Lauren Lucas; 9. Dallas Thomas; 10. Tyler


1. Taylor Fellows; 2. Lindsey Ewing; 3. Lauren Lucas; 4 Lacy
Marshall; 5. Amanda Armstrong; 6. Shelly Martinez; 7.
Lorrisa Joe Lide; 8. Lindsey Riley; 9. Dallas Thomas; 10.
Kalie Harris.


1. Taylor Fellows; 2. Lacy Marshall; 3. Lorrisa Jo Lide; 4.
Ashley Moody; 5. Lindsey Ewing; 6. Dallas Thomas; 7. Amanda
Armstrong; 8. Kaci Harrison; 9. Tyler Lyda; 10. Lauren

1. Amy Lide; 2. Lorissa Jo Lide; 3. Kaci Harrison; 4. Lauren
1. Amy Lide

All-Around Champion: Lindsey Ewing.
BOYS 9-14

1. Kevin Kneupper; 2. Andrew Lopez; 3. Aurelio Lopez; 4. J.
Tam Fisher; 5. Aaron Lide; 6. John Marvin Clark; 7. Jake
McKinney; 8. Chance Burris.

1. Aurelio Lopez; 2. Chris Armstrong; 3. Jake McKinney; 4.
Chance Robbins; 5. Andrew Lopez; 6. Aaron Lide.


1. Jake McKinney; 2. J. Tom Fisher; 3. Bobby Wood; 4.
Aurelio Lopez; 5. Chris Armstrong; 6. Kevin Kneupper; 7.
Jordan Burris; 8. Andrew Lopez; 9. Chance Robbins.

1. John Marvin Clark.

1. John Marvin Clark; 2. Jacob Heritage.

All Around Champion - John Marvin Clark & Aurelio Lopez


GIRLS - 15-19


1. DeAnda Allgood; 2. Katie Kirkes; 3. Kisha Riley; 4.
Amanda Kneupper; 5. Lacy Brinkman; 6. Jennifer Merrell; 7.
Yvonne Thyberg; 8. Ryan Thomas; 9. Renee Midkiff


1. Kisha Riley; 2. Lacy Brinkman; 3. Amanda Kneupper; 4.
Jennifer Merrell; 5. Renee Midkiff; 6. Yvonne Thyberg;


1. Renea Rasberry; 2. Amanda Kneupper; 3. Katie Kirkes; 4.
Robin Warbois; 5. Kisha Riley; 6. Lacy Brinkman.

1. Brandi Harrison; 2. Jennifer Merrell.

1. Brandi Harrison; 2. Jennifer Merrell; 3. Ryan Thomas; 4.
Robin Warbois.

All-Around Champion - Jennifer Merrell


BOYS - 15-19


1. Joe Bob Hayter; 2. Rode Lewis; 3. Rusty Simmons; 4. Clint
Cooper; 5. Jason Kincaid; 6. Coby Wood; 7. Vin Fisher; 8.
Josh Patent.

1. Vin Fisher; 2. Josh Patent; 3. Rode Lewis; 4. Joe Bob
Hayter; 5. Clint Cooper; 6&7 Derek Erskine & Rusty Simmons.

1. Clint Cooper; 2. Vin Fisher; 3. Josh Patent; 4. Rusty
Simmons; 5. Rode Lewis; 6. Clay Ryan McKinney.


1. Clint Cooper/Josh Patent; 2. Clay Ryan McKinney /Randall
Barmore; 3. J. R. Gonzales/Harry Jumbo; 4. Renea
Rasberry/Randall Barmore; 5. Mandy Hathorne/Patrick
Hathorne; 6. Salem Mitchell/Clay Ryan McKinney; 7. Jake
Heritage/ John Marvin Clark.

All-Around Champion -- Clint Cooper

Cowboys look to avoid winless preseason

AP Sports Writer
JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Aug. 27 -- The preseason hype
surrounding the Jacksonville Jaguars has focused on whether
the youngest franchise in the NFL will get to the Super Bowl
in only its fourth year.

For the Dallas Cowboys, one of the most successful teams in
the league, the focus has been on when they'll win another

The five-time Super Bowl champions last tasted victory nine
months ago, when Troy Aikman and Michael Irvin led the
Cowboys to 11 points in the final 1:55 for a 17-14 victory
over the Washington Redskins that kept their playoff hopes

Dallas ended the season with five straight losses and
opened this year under new coach Chan Gailey with four
preseason losses, one solid performance from the starting
offense, and still no victory.

The Cowboys make their first trip to Jacksonville tonight
in their final exhibition game, trying to avoid their first
winless preseason since 1986 and only the third in franchise

In the two other years Dallas failed to win a preseason
game, the Cowboys wound up with a losing season.

``I don't put any stock into that,'' Gaily said. ``I don't
pay any attention to preseason records.''

That explains why he's not about to pull out all the stops
tonight at Alltel Stadium in a nationally televised game.
Gailey saw enough promise last week from his starters that
he might play them only one quarter.

``Preserving the starters is more important to me than a
winless preseason record,'' Gailey said. ``I wouldn't like
an 0-5 exhibition season, but that's not what's important.''

If last week was any indication, that might be all it takes
to give Gailey hope that the Cowboys can again become a
factor in the NFC.

The Cowboys' first-team offense finally turned in a command
performance against the St. Louis Rams, scoring touchdowns
the first two times it had the ball. Emmitt Smith ran for
110 yards, and the offense had 13 first downs and 258 yards
before taking the second half off. The Rams wound up winning

Cowboys' Allen faces rape allegation

Associated Press Writer
DALLAS, Aug. 27 (AP) -- A Dallas police spokesman said this
morning that officers are looking into a topless dancer's
accusation that Cowboys offensive lineman Larry Allen forced
her into having sex with him by threatening her with a
knife, ``but it's too early to say what the conclusion will

Sgt. Jim Chandler said no arrests have been made and no
charges filed.

``I think the investigation is progressing, but it's too
early to say what the conclusion will be,'' Chandler said.

Although Allen is not identified by name on the offense
report, The Dallas Morning News reported today that the
26-year-old All-Pro lineman was named on a search warrant

Neither Allen nor Cowboys owner Jerry Jones could be reached
for comment. Both were in Jacksonville for an exhibition
game tonight against the Jaguars.

``We will see how it proceeds, let the matter take its full
course and then make a decision on commenting,'' spokesman
Doug Hood said.

Allen is the third Cowboys offensive lineman accused of
sexual assault in less than two years. Neither of the first
two were prosecuted.

Last summer, a Dallas County grand jury declined to indict
Nate Newton after a Grand Prairie woman told police he raped
her. In December 1996, a former topless dancer told police
that wide receiver Michael Irvin threatened her with a gun
while lineman Erik Williams and another man raped her. The
accuser, Nina Shahravan, later recanted and pleaded guilty
to perjury.

An immigration judge deciding whether to deport Shahravan to
her native Iran said Wednesday he will ask a federal
magistrate to issue subpoenas for Irvin and Williams after
they failed to appear at a hearing Wednesday. Failure to
respond to the subpoenas could lead to criminal contempt

In Allen's case, a 36-year-old dancer filed an affidavit
saying Allen entered the Kings Cabaret club where she works
around 4:10 p.m. Monday.

Hood said Allen was at practice Monday from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.
The team's training facility is about 16 miles and nearly a
half-hour drive from the club, according to an Internet
mapping service.

The woman told police that Allen ordered drinks and a table
dance from her, then said he needed to talk to her so they
went outside, got into his car and drove behind the club.

She alleged that Allen put his hand on a knife that was in
the car's console and forced her to perform oral sex. The
woman, who told police she feared for her life, said she
then had intercourse with Allen.

The affidavit states that Allen dropped the woman off at the
front door of the club and finished her work shift. She then
drove to her aunt's house, where she called the police.

A police offense report states the woman made her report at
7:40 p.m., then went to a hospital for an examination.

On Tuesday, police obtained a warrant to search Allen's
black 1998 Mercedes. It was retrieved from his home in
suburban Coppell and searched it at the Coppell Police

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