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June 27, 1997

Two channels added to cable TV lineup

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Staff Writer

PECOS, June 27, 1997 - Pecos cable subscribers voted for tunes and
'toons in a survey conducted last month by Classic Cable.

The cable company returned VH-1 to the Pecos cable lineup last week,
after an eight-month absence, while adding the Cartoon Network to the
system for the first time.

The two channels were among six local subscribers were asked to vote on
in May by Classic Cable for addition to the system. They were placed on
Ch. 46 and 47, which were previously unused.

VH-1 was taken off the Pecos system last November, along with MTV, and
replaced by The History Channel and Nick at Nite's TV Land. MTV was not
one of the six channels offered by Classic in their May survey for
addition to the Pecos system.

Mark Hamlin, chief technician Classic Cable's area systems, said the
company would be adding another channel to the local system later this
summer, for use by Pecos-Barstow-Toyah schools.

"We've got the equipment in, and we've worked out with the school where
they will have it set up," Hamlin said. He added that Classic has
already set up a similar channel for the Monahans-Wickett-Pyote school
district, and other school channels are planned for the company's Crane
and Kermit systems.

Hamilin said it will probably be a little while longer before Classic
installs a 'dial-down' system for ordering pay-per-view shows, such as
the Mike Tyson-Evander Holyfield title fight on Saturday.

Area manager Rowdy Whittington said earlier this year the new system
would allow customers to order events by phone, instead of going down to
the local office, but Hamlin said the system involves new technology,
and the company would probably "wait until the technology comes down in cost. But things change so fast in this industry I don't know for sure."

Pecos Learning Center closing

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Staff Writer

PECOS, June 27, 1997 - Officials at the Pecos Learning Center are being
forced to close its doors June 30 due to loss of funding and lack of
local support, though backers are hoping to resume operations later this

Pecos Learning Center is a nonprofit organization founded to care for
the children of local workers. Over the past three years, it has
provided services beyond much-needed day care to the people of Pecos,
and will be missed by many, even if the closure is a temporary one.

"Right now, we're not giving up," said Oscar Saenz, President of the
Board of Directors of Pecos Learning Center, Inc.

Saenz hopes to secure more funding so that the center will be able to
reopen when school starts in August.

"Due to the (economic) condition of the local area we can't charge
enough to cover expenses because people can't afford it," Saenz said.

According to Saenz, tuition pays only about 70 percent of the center's
operating costs. Other expenses are paid by gifts, grants and donations.

This year, Anchor West, Pecos' largest employer and a major supporter of
the Learning Center, gave $17,000 to finance the project, but hasn't
been able to come up with any more funds, said Saenz, who is also the
plant manager at Anchor West.

"We decided to close (the center) for the summer and ask for help from
the town, the state, anywhere that we can get funding," Saenz said.

"We lost the grant from the school for the pregnant parent program
because the state no longer gives it," he explained.

"I'm hoping that between now and September we can rally some support
from the townspeople and businesses to keep it open."

Saenz joins many parents and teachers in his sadness over having to
close the center, even if only for a couple of months.

"The Learning Center is one of the prettiest and best I've ever been
in," he said. "The teachers are excellent. They don't just baby-sit,
they teach."

The owners of Bob's Thriftway, located next door, also own the building
that houses the center.

"Thriftway has been great because they have let us use the building
rent-free, and we have a commitment from them that if the space
continues to be used as a day care, we can continue to use the building
rent-free," Saenz said.

In addition to the loss of the grant from the Pecos-Barstow-Toyah school
district program, utility costs have been high, and the 30 percent of
the operating costs that tuition payments don't cover has been hard to
acquire. Saenz said that basic operating expenses run about $12,000 per

"We tried to merge it with the Community Council day care program, but
have been unsuccessful in doing so," said Saenz.

There has been a rumor circulating around town that the day care is
closing because unrepaired roof leaks are preventing the day care center
from meeting requirements necessary for keeping its license to operate,
which Saenz says is not true.

"There is no problem in retaining our license," Saenz said.

Programs other than day care have been taught at the center in the past,
and Saenz says that there are still plans to reopen the center and
continue to use it as a center for many types of learning, not just day
care. Other programs taught at the center include creative dramatics for
children, children's dance and exercise classes, as well as an aerobics
class for adults.

The center has also been the location of Windmill Square Playhouse rodeo
week performances since the group had to move their operations from the
Reeves County Civic Center due to scheduling conflicts last year.

Many members of the community consider that the Pecos Learning Center
has been of great service to the community in the past and they remain
hopeful that those services will be able to continue.

Any person or organization wishing to make a contribution to help the
Pecos Learning Center reopen may contact Oscar Saenz at Anchor West, or
Kim Ewing, who is the center's director. Both numbers are listed in the local telephone directory.

Three indicted for false benefit claims

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Staff Writer

PECOS, June 27, 1997 - Reeves County grand jurors on Thursday indicted
three persons for alleged tampering with government records to gain
greater benefits than they were entitled to.

Other charges ranged from failure to stop and render aid to aggravated
assault and possession of marijuana.

Diane Morales, 37, is charged with making a false report to the
Department of Human Services in June, 1996, claiming her husband was not
employed when he was employed at Pecos Housing Authority.

Socorro Gonzales Lujan, 32, allegedly concealed information that her
husband owned two pieces of property other than their homestead on May
2, 1995.

Cindy Arenivas, 28, is charged with failing to report $2,676 in cash in
order to gain greater benefits under AFDC, Medicaid and food stamps.

Dudley Edward Vandergriff, 29, of Dallas, is charged with possession of
marijuana on April 30. He allegedly was twice convicted in Dallas County
for possession of a controlled substance, marijuana and cocaine.

Jeffrey William Howard, 32, of Dallas, is charged with marijuana
possession on April 30. He and Vandergriff were traveling together when
they were arrested at Flying J Truck Stop. Texas Rangers found a baggie
of marijuana in the car as they inventoried its contents.

Howard was convicted Wednesday by a federal jury of felon in possession
of a weapon in connection with that arrest.

Ylario "Larry" Ortega, 41, is charged with possession of marijuana on
April 16.

Jesus Rodriguez Armendariz, 18, is charged with marijuana possession and
possession of a prohibited weapon, a short-barrel shotgun, on March 25.

Nepunuseno Hidalgo, 25, is charged with burglary of a habitation owned
by Francisca Esquivel. He allegedly took a camcorder from the house.

Christopher Allen Davis, 17, is charged with unauthorized use of a motor
vehicle owned by Stephen R. Johnson.

Javier Torres Florez, 30, and Arturo Gallegos, 25, are charged with
burglary of a habitation owned by Ruben Contreras.

Gilbert M. Rayos Jr., 29, was indicted for the second time on a charge
of aggravated assault.

Rayos allegedly hit Ruben Mendoza with a shovel handle, bat and club,
all deadly weapons. The alleged assault occurred July 21, 1996 near the
car wash on Eddy Street. One defendant was tried and found guilty.
Charges against Rayos were dismissed for further investigation.

Marcos Licon Jr., 39, is charged with failure to stop and render aid at
the scene of an accident June 14 in which Margarito Franco Jimenez was

Moises Arenivas is charged with theft of electronic transfer benefits
belonging to Ermelinda Chavez and Maribel Alvarez. The alleged thefts
occurred between May 2, 1996 and Sept. 6, 1996.
The total amount alleged taken is between $1,500 and $20,000.

GTE to offer caller I.D. in fall

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Staff Writer

PECOS, June 27, 1997 - Much of Reeves County will have access to Calling
Number Identification (CNID) service from GTE this fall, according to
GTE representatives.

This week GTE announced that the company's most popular optional
service, popularly know as caller ID, including Calling Name
Identification to those customers who prefer seeing the name of callers
as well as the number, will be available not only to most Pecos
customers Oct. 17, but to customers in Orla, Mentone, Imperial and
Balmorhea as well. Charles Watkins, public affairs manager for GTE, said
the company previously had announced CNID would be provided to some
Pecos customers in February 1997.

"However, as we began the engineering, we found that by delaying the
service offering to a later date in 1997, we also would be able to offer
our customers the Calling Name and Number service, and offer the service
to almost all Pecos customers as well as those in Orla, Balmorhea,
Mentone and Imperial," he said. "We also would expand the capabilities
of other new services, such as automatic call return, call block, VIP
alert, special call waiting and special call acceptance." Watkins said
the expanded services are the result of enhancements being added to the
switching network in Pecos that will be complete in midyear, and the
placements of new digital switching centers in Orla, Mentone, Imperial
and Balmorhea. "We had the capabilities to offer some customers the
traditional number identification service, but the enhanced service will
make several services more valuable without any change in price," he

The delivery of a name in addition to the number costs more than number
only delivery. Watkins added that the enhancements in the Pecos network
will have the most benefit to customers if the calling party is located
in an area having the advanced network in their area, the long-distance
carrier carrying the call has the same enhancements in their network,
and if the local telephone companies have agreements to share the
information. As an example, he said a call from a distant city where
either the local telephone company or the long-distance company being
used has not yet placed the new technology in service would not show the
number or the name of the caller. In addition, callers can block their
number and name from being shown when placing a call.

Another service, called anonymous call rejection, will automatically
reject any call who has activated the cancel calling number delivery
service to prevent the display of their phone number, Watkins said.

Calling Name and Number ID can benefit both residential and business
customers, according to Betty Reynolds, GTE Caller ID product manager.
For example, with the service, parents can tell children who are home
alone to answer calls only from people they know. Businesses can
personalize their greetings and use the service to verify orders or

"There is an important safety component, as well as practical benefits,
to being able to tell who is calling," said Reynolds. "Harassing and
obscene callers take note, it is harder to hide."

"An overwhelming majority of our customers with Calling Number ID, say
they also want Calling Name ID. A name is often more recognizable than a
telephone number," said Reynolds.

The Calling Number service will be available as a separate service, and
is included as a part of the Calling Number service.

Calling Name ID is a supplement to CNID and can not be purchased

Responding to questions about perceived lack of service in the Pecos
area Joe Thornton said, "We may not be able to give every service to all
our customers at once, but we do upgrades as soon as we can."

Thornton said GTE is making efforts to improve communication with
clients in the Reeves County area by encouraging company representatives
to be more visible to the community, by increasing advertising and
through billing inserts.

"When we make changes we do all we can to notify our customers," Watkins
said. "We've done studies that indicate that billing stuffers are the most effective method of informing our customers."

Potential high for wildfires from fireworks

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Staff Writer

PECOS, June 27, 1997 - Although conditions are not as dry this year as
they were last year during the Fourth of July holiday season, the Texas
Forest Service has issued a warning that the danger of wildfire is high
in this area.

Such a warning means that extra care should be taken with the use of

"That was upgraded from moderate danger last week," said Jack
Brookshire, Fire Marshal for Pecos and Reeves County. "Now it is high
from Reeves County all the way to El Paso."

Because conditions were so dry last year Reeves County issued a ban on
the use of all aerial fireworks. It remains against the law to shoot
fireworks of any kind within the Pecos city limits. There is no county
ban on aerial fireworks this year but caution is advised, Brookshire

"Fireworks can be safe if you use common sense," he said. "If you're in
an area with a lot of grass you don't want to shoot fireworks up in the
air because there is no telling where they will come down."

Brookshire said that during the last week in June through the first week
of July there are usually quite a few grass fires in the area.

"Last year (with the county ban on aerial fireworks) was the first time
I know of when there was not one fireworks related fire call during this

People should also remember that fireworks not toys, Brookshire warned.

"They are explosives. You don't just turn them over to children," he
said. "They need adult supervision any time they are dealing with fire

Brookshire said he works nights through the Fourth of July season to
respond to any complaints about fireworks use within the city. He said
if he receives any complaints about people shooting off fireworks in the
city, or he hears or sees such action, he checks it out.

People caught exploding fireworks in the city can be fined up to $500,
Brookshire said, and the fireworks will be confiscated

There are three fireworks stands on U.S. 285 outside the city limits.
People shooting fireworks outside the city limits need to get permission
from property owners. Shooting fireworks on private property could lead
to a trespassing charge if the property owner complains. Also,
Brookshire reminds, people shooting fireworks are liable for any damage
they may cause.

The high danger of wildfire alert was issued by the Texas Forest Service
because vegetation in Far West Texas is dry and fire-prone, and the
start of fireworks sales in conjunction with the Fourth of July holiday
signals an increase in the possibility of wildfires. That some areas of
the state are fire-prone while other areas are flooded is somewhat
ironic, but the contrasting conditions are indicative of the size and
variability of the state.

Wildfire danger is highest in Far West Texas, where rains have been
spotty at best, according to firefighters in the region. A weekly
wildfire danger map prepared by the Texas Forest Service shows the area
west of a Midland-Fort Stockton line as having moderate to high wildfire
danger. Those with Internet access can access the weekly fire danger map
at the agency's home page at

"Every year around the Fourth of July holiday period, wildfires increase
wherever dry vegetation is present," says Mahlon Hammetter, fire
prevention specialist with the Texas Forest Service in Lufkin.

"While wildland fire danger is generally low across most of the state,
everyone should still practice good fireworks safety."

Fireworks use is best left to responsible adults, he advises. He
recommends that fireworks use should be restricted to safe areas, away
from grass and brush. Fireworks must also be kept away from homes and
other structures with untreated wood roofs, which might be ignited by

The Texas Forest Service asks that everyone help make this holiday season safer and more enjoyable by practicing good fireworks safety.

Toyah mayor resigns

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From Staff Reports

PECOS, June 27, 1997 - Charlotte Waight, 76, resigned from her position
as mayor of Toyah today as the result of a plea bargain stemming from
her indictment April 15 by a Reeves County Grand Jury on the charge of
tampering with government records.

Waight allegedly appropriated by transfer of title Lot 12, Block E of
the Willis Addition in Toyah from Mitchell Alan Budlong on May 23, 1996.
The indictment alleged Waight came into possession and control of the
property by virtue of her status as a public servant.

"I'm resigning as mayor. I'm on one year's probation. I have to pay a
$500 fine and $500 restitution to Alan Budlong," Waight said of her plea
bargain terms.

Texas Ranger Jerry Villalobos investigated the charges against Waight.
In an Enterprise story by Mari Maldonado on Jan. 29, Waight said she
"had no intention of crookedness."

She had borrowed $2,000 from her credit union and loaned it to Budlong
to fix up the house on the property in question. When he left town,
Waight approached the Toyah City Council about deeding the lot to her,
but was advised against it.

However, on May 23, 1996, Waight filed a deed showing the property was
sold to her for $500. She later sold it to a Toyah couple and said she
applied the $500 purchase price to her note with the credit union.

"I've given my life to Toyah, first as a school teacher, then as mayor,"
Waight said. "I think this happened to me because God either wants me to rest or he has something bigger planned for me."


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The Fort Stockton Pioneer

FORT STOCKTON, June 26 - In a number of votes, the Pecos County
Commissioners Court has moved forward in developing a new medical
facility for Fort Stockton, Pecos County and West Texas. The county
commissioners approved the schematic design phase of the new hospital,
which is the first major step in developing the design of hospital.

The Big Bend Sentinel

MARFA, June 26, 1997 - Marfa school district Superintendent Judy
Ledbetter is one of four education administrators to make the final cut
for Alpine school district superintendent. The other three candidates
are former Fort Davis Superintendent Ernesto Martinez, now Sonora
superintendent, Superintendent James R. Collins of Wellington, a
Panhandle community, and Superintendent J. Charles Harrison of

The Alpine Avalanche

ALPINE, June 26, 1997 - The U.S. Air Force will go ahead with a proposed
expansion of Holloman Air Force Base's low-level combat flight training
route contingent upon final approval by the Federal Aviation
Administration. About 25 area citizens were present at a meeting in the
Brewster County commissioner's room to hear Air Force officials explain
how the proposal was modified in response to citizen input last summer.

The International, Presidio Paper

PRESIDIO, June 26, 1997 - Esequiel Hernandez Jr. of Redford bled to
death after a bullet pierced his side, fragmented, then punctured or
injured his aorta, stomach and other organs, an autopsy report shows. A
diagram accompanying the report shows the bullet entered on the right
side of his chest, then traveled toward the left side of his body on two
different paths.

The Sanderson Times

SANDERSON, June 26, 1997 - At their monthly board meeting held June 19,
in McAllen, the Texas Water Development Board awarded a $3,257,069
grant/loan to Terrell County Water Control and Improvement District No.

The Monahans News

MONAHANS, June 26, 1997 - Monahans hosted a pair of visiting Chinese
businessmen, representing the muti-national Shandong Group Corporation
of Fisheries Enterprises. Wang Ai Min, the company's chairman, and Li De
Xin, manager, spent the day visiting city, county and state officials before touring the abandoned shrimp farms.


Bonnie Marie Golliher

PECOS, June 27, 1997 - Bonnie Marie Golliher, 86, of Pecos, died June
25, 1997 at Reeves County Hospital.

Funeral will be tomorrow, June 28, at the Pecos Funeral Home Chapel
followed by burial at Mt. Evergreen Cemetery.

Golliher was born May 7, 1911 in Pinkeyville, Ill. She lived in Pecos
since 1946.

Golliher is survived by: two sons, Billy Golliher of Keller and Benny
Golliher of El Paso; four daughters, Betty Whitson of Garland, June
Allen of Hubbard, Jackie Owens of Porter and Barbara Maddux of Pecos; 15 grandchildren; and 20 great-grandchildren.


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PECOS, June 27, 1997 - High Thursday, 92, low this morning, 63. Moisture
received during the night amounted to .02 of and inch bringing the
monthly total to .18 inch and the yearly total to 3.73 inches.
Temperatures were in the 60s throughout most of West Texas this
morning, with winds generally from the south at 5 to 10 mph except for
northwesterly winds at 30 to 40 mph at Guadalupe Pass. High temperatures
today and Saturday should be in the 80s and 90s.
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