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June 27, 1997


By Mac McKinnon

Parental involvement
needed for discipline

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Dress codes and discipline policies continue to be a thorny issue in
local schools. This is not the only place where controversy swirls about
such issues.

It seems our world is in turmoil and much of that turmoil centers on
our school districts. The reason for that, it seems, is that people are
concerned about everything that affects their children.

I may have oversimplified that past statement as although many parents
may be concerned about their children, many don't really get involved
with their kids, only when the kid complains about things that they say
are unfair.

Many times those things that are unfair come about because they got
caught doing something wrong and you know how we all are - we don't like
to get caught doing what we shouldn't be doing.

I firmly believe our schools and teachers need more parental support
and backing. That doesn't mean that schools and teachers are beyond
reproach or being questioned, it only means that they need our help in
educating and keeping control of our children.

As I've said often in this space, teachers have a lot of influence over
our children but we have even more - if we take the time to exercise
that influence which many parents obviously don't.

We can't leave all the educating and discipline to teachers and the
schools. A well schooled (one whose parents help with homework and make
sure homework is done) child and one who is disciplined at home will
seldom if ever get in trouble at school or have trouble with studies.

Occassionally, that's not true and school officials are called on to
provide help. It seems that many children are dumped on grandparents
because the parents can't control them or don't want to take the time.
The grandparents many times are physically unable to provide what the
child needs in terms of discipline and scholastic help.

One of the keys in talking with local officials about this problem is
that parents and/or grandparents need to watch for early signs of
problems and when those problems are spotted, seek out help from
schools, churches and juvenile officials. Unfortunately, there aren't
many avenues for help in that area.

However, we must realize that kids see what their parents and other
adults do.

They see the drinking and dope use. They hear cursing and disrespect
for other people. I like the old saying that if a child (or adult for
that matter) is given respect, he or she will be respectful.

There just doesn't seem to be enough respect in our society and I'm not
sure of the reason why. There are some rules we've heard about in some
schools about kids being suspended for having certain things in their
possession such as Midol or Advil. Then there is the case of a
seven-year-old boy being suspended for kissing a girl student on the
cheek. That was supposedly sexual harrassment.

Now, I hear about a public school in New York that is for girls and a
suit is filed because that is supposedly discrimination against boys.

With adults acting like this, can we expect students to be any

We're losing a lot of good teachers because of violence in the schools
and a lack of respect from students, not to mention the vile language
that today's younger generation seems to be obsessed with.

What's the answer? I don't really know except that parents need to get
involved at any early age with their children and teach them manners.

Editor's Note: Mac McKinnon is editor and publisher of the Pecos Enterprise. His column appears on Friday.


Rodeo activities provide fun for all age groups

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Hang on Pecos! It's time for fun West of the Pecos.

Everything gets started tonight with the annual Golden Girl Review and
Little Miss Cantaloupe Pageant at the Pecos High School auditorium. Then
tomorrow, Night in Old Pecos gets underway downtown along with Fiesta
Night in the Courtyard at the museum.

Sunday morning, the annual fly-in will be held at the Pecos airport and
Monday, rodeo slack competition will get underway.

The Windmill Square Playhouse will be presenting their annual melodrama
on several occasions and the annual big rodeo parade is Wednesday
morning followed by a number of events throughout that day, including
the old-timers reunion at the Museum. And that night will be the opening
performance of the 115th annual West of the Pecos Rodeo. The rodeo
continues through Saturday with two dances each night, climaxed by the
appearance of Emilio at the Civic Center Saturday night.

There is a complete listing of events in Sections B&C of today's

It's a time to go out and have fun and invite friends and relatives from
other parts of the world to join us for a grand old time.

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