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June 11, 1997

County to apply for recreation center grant

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From Staff Reports

PECOS, June 11, 1997 - Cooperation between local governing entities
could result in the construction of a recreation center in Pecos by next
year. Such is the hope of several Pecos community leaders.

Reeves County Commissioners will meet at 5 p.m. Friday to discuss the
submission of a grant application to the Texas Parks and Wildlife
Department (TPWD) for monies to build a recreation center in Pecos.

"The county can put $500,000 up front for the building of a recreation
center," said Reeves County Judge Jimmy Galindo. He said the grant
application to the recreation division of the TPWD would ask for a
matching $500,000.

"We will use the money to build a state-of-the-art type health and
fitness center," he said.

In addition to the funds to build such a facility Galindo said it will
also take community cooperation.

"The highlight here is that this is a real opportunity for the public
and private sectors to become partners in a community project," he said.
Galindo hopes to see the county work together with the
Pecos-Barstow-Toyah school district, the Pecos City Council, the Reeves
County Hospital District and the private sector to bring about the

As part of the private sector, Anchor West plant manager Oscar Saenz has
renewed his effort to restore a full-time recreation center in Pecos.

Saenz, who spearheaded an unsuccessful effort two years ago to bring a
YMCA to the city, sent out a letter in late May about the recreational
operations in Monahans to local officials, including Galindo, PBT
Superintendent Mario Sotelo, and Pecos City Councilman Randy Graham.

"Some of my management personnel are leaving Pecos at 5:30 a.m. to drive
to Monahans for swimming or racquetball exercise," Saenz wrote in his
letter. "Could we not copy Monahans' idea and start one of these fitness
centers within our own P-B-T ISD?"

"We've been talking and talking and nobody does anything," Saenz said
last Wednesday. "When I talked to Mr. Sotelo he said we could work
something out, and when I talked to Jimmy he said he had some money for
a wellness center."

Saenz's interest in a recreation center is an example of the private
sector working to help bring the project to pass, Galindo said.

"Anchor does many good things for this community," he said. "The
wonderful thing here is we are going to see the public and private
sectors participate to establish a good community program."

With the construction of a recreation center both public and private
entities in the area can establish employee wellness programs, Galindo

"Our employees can then be more fit and more healthy at work which will
result in less claims on insurance, saving companies and the public
money," he said.

The Monahans Fitness Center mentioned by Saenz uses facilities
maintained by the Monahans-Wickett-Pyote school district.

The system in Monahans was established with the opening of the school
district's multipurpose center in 1982, though M-W-P Assistant
Superintendent Mike Fletcher said the main part of the center, the gym,
is not used by the general public. A junior high gym located behind the
main center is where basketball and volleyball leagues are held.

However, the racquetball courts and swimming pool adjacent to the gym
are open for public use.

"We have year-round facilities for racquetball and aerobics, and we also
allow the public to use the swimming pool at times," Fletcher said. That
also includes a weight room within the multipurpose facility.

Membership fees there are about $10 per month, though Fletcher said,
"this is not a for-profit enterprise by any means."

Fletcher said between 250 and 300 people are members of the fitness
center. "All of those don't use it weekly. Some just come in once in a
while," he added.

Pecos let its recreation center die in December, 1990, when inspectors
decided the West Pecos Gym, where most of the facilities were located,
was unsafe in its current condition. P-B-T school board members are
currently seeking to make a final decision on the unused building and
the school warehouse next door.

The West Pecos Gym housed a weight room, racquetball court and
basketball/volleyball court, under the direction of the Pecos Community
Recreation Department, which also supervised outdoor softball, T-ball
and flag football leagues at Maxey Park.

But budget shortfalls led to financial cuts in the department's
operations prior to the closing of the gym. The PCRD continued
supervising outdoor activities for four more years, before ceasing
operations completely in 1994.

In the past few years, the school district has allowed use of the old
Pecos High School gym for youth basketball leagues, while both the new
and old high school gyms have been used for weekend volleyball and
basketball tournaments.

"Mr. Sotelo said they have a building suitable for racquetball near the
gym, and we could also see about putting something in so we can have a
weight room," said Saenz, who also would like to see hours added on for
swimming, which was not part of the former PCRD operation.

"The school has got a nice natatorium we can use," he said. "My guys
leave at 5:30 in the morning to go swimming at 6 a.m. and pay $10 to $20
a month. We could use the facilities here and charge some kind of
admission to pay for someone to supervise at the pool."

"My question to everybody is if Monahans can use their facility for kids
and adults, why can't Pecos?" Saenz asked.

Galindo said Saenz's proposal is very good one.

"Yesterday, Sotelo and I met and discussed Saenz's proposal," Galindo
said. "We agreed we should not duplicate facilities. I hope we can
establish some inter-local agreements to allow the use of the gym and
pool at the high school and facilities at the new recreation center."

Galindo said Sotelo suggested that the circle of people participating in
the project be slowly increased to serve on a planning committee to
establish a long-term plan for health and fitness programs for the

The maximum matching funds available from the TPWD grant is $500,000,
which the county is applying for, Galindo said. In addition to the money
needed to construct such a facility operating funds would have to be

"I would like to see inter-local agreements that commit between $10,000
and $20,000 a year for operating funds for the center," Galindo said.

Galindo said he would like to see the recreation center project
established quickly while the expansion of the Reeves County Detention
Center is on-going.

"That way we already have contractors in the area and can have more
competitive bids," he said.

The county should hear if the grant application to TPWD was accepted sometime in August, Galindo said.

Volunteers needed to man
booths for Night in Old Pecos

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Staff Writer

PECOS, June 11, 1997 - Everything is under control and only one thing
missing from the plans for Night in Old Pecos.

"We need volunteers," said Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Tom

According to Rivera, the bands that will be playing the night of June 28
are already procured along with several different events planned for the

Eddie Rivera and the Breeze will be performing on Windmill Square Stage,
while Imprezion will be set up on Oak Street Stage.

"We'll be selling sodas and we need volunteers to man the booths," said

The possibility of selling beer in the West of the Pecos Museum
courtyard, which was also done last year, is under consideration at this
time, according to Rivera.

The Cantaloupe Festival is scheduled in conjunction with Night In Old

Several events are scheduled for the cantaloupe festival including a
tennis tournament, volleyball tournament, basketball tournament and a
fun run, according to Linda Gholson. Cow-pattie bingo will also be held
that night.

"The chamber has the information for everything except the fun run,"
said Gholson. "We are hoping for a big turnout," she said.

A fly-in breakfast is scheduled for Sunday, June 29 at the Pecos
Municipal Airport beginning at 7 a.m.

The possibility of bringing a new business to Pecos was the topic of
discussion by several members of the economic development committee.

"Tom (Rivera) received a call about a company that was looking for a
site to install a business, they were looking at Fort Stockton, Del Rio
and Monahans," said Bob Curry, member of the economic development

The company is hoping to bring in a garment factory to a West Texas city
and hopefully build up a business in the area, according to Curry.

"We were trying to get people in the community to meet with them and
found several individuals who were willing to do so," said Curryl.

Curry stated that the meeting went real well, Pecos was represented well
and the group showed a tremendous amount of interest.

"They're looking at 10,000 square feet plus a working area and will
begin with 20 employees according to their plans," said Curry.

Monahans can't fill the employment and they are the ones who recommended
the group speak to Pecos about the possibility of bringing the business
here, according to Curry.

"They would start off with 20 employees, but the business would build up
and Monahans are ones who recommended they speak to us about it," he

Curry stated that this is the very reason that the community is in need
of a economic development director, which is something the committee is
currently working on.

"This just proves that we need a director to help us with all this, to
promote Pecos and work with individuals who want to bring new businesses
into town," he said.

According to Curry, this company owns several businesses and has the
capital to embark in a business venture in Pecos.

The economic development committee has been talking to the different
entities about possibly establishing a position for an economic
development director.

This position would be funded by all the entities and would help promote
the economy and tourism in Pecos and procure grants to better the

Booths are still open at the Trade Shows which will be housed inside the
Reeves County Civic Center during the rodeo.

"If anyone has a craft or a local merchant would like to participate in
this they need to do so," said Rivera.

Tickets for the annual Golden Girl Revue will go on sale Friday, June 13
at both First National and Security State Banks and the chamber office.

"We've already sold a few tickets, since we're giving the parents first
choice and there are Little Miss Cantaloupe Contestants this year also,"
said Brandy Owen.

The older girls, those vying for the coveted title of Golden Girl will
be in Odessa at Music City Mall from 2-3 p.m. on Saturday, June 21. The
production will be aired on Big 2 news, Channel 12.

"Some of the girls will be performing their talent routine and basically
promoting Pecos during this time," said Owen.

The girls will also be talking about the upcoming rodeo events.

Due to lack of interest, the chamber will not be sponsoring a night in
Midland to watch the Angels play.

"We still have the tickets and we will give them to the directors and
the tickets that are left, we might give them out to the Little or Senior League teams or other organizations," said Paul Hinojos.

PBT school board to discuss restructuring

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PECOS, June 11, 1997 - The Pecos-Barstow-Toyah ISD school board will
hold a special meeting tomorrow evening to discuss matters such as the
district's restructuring study recommendations, as well as other issues
which have sparked recent controversy, such as the Pecos High School
dress code and the calender for the 1997-98 school year.

The school board will meet at 6 p.m. Thursday in the board room at 1304
South Park Street, across from the high school. Some of the other main
topics to be discussed include the PHS discipline plan, job
descriptions, TAAS results and revision of the enhanced curriculum

Three former board members will be awarded plaques during the meeting,
and Pauline Moore will discuss economic development. Moore is the Pecos Chamber of Commerce Economic Development Committee chairman.

Militias pressing for Texas secession vote

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SAN ANTONIO (AP) June 11, 1997 - - Various militia groups are coming to
Texas and are prepared to seize property unless Texans are allowed to
vote on secession from the United States, jailed separatist leader
Richard McLaren says.

"Most of the people feel that if there's a battleground, it might as
well be Texas. We consider we're still engaged in a war," McLaren told
the San Antonio Express-News by telephone Tuesday from the Presidio
County Jail in Marfa.

The leader of one of three Republic of Texas factions was arrested on
May 3 along with four followers after a week-long standoff with law
enforcement officers who surrounded the group's so-called "embassy" near
Fort Davis.

Republic of Texas members believe Texas was illegally annexed by the
United States in 1845 and is an independent country.

McLaren's attorney, Terrence O'Rourke of Houston, has been trying to get
a hearing in Washington to call for a referendum, but with little
success so far, McLaren said.

Without going into specifics, McLaren said the matter of granting
independence to the people has been "turned over to all militias. We've
turned it back to the people."

Mike Cox, a spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Safety, said
anybody is welcome to visit Texas - so long as no laws are broken.

"As long as the Republic of Texas members don't break any laws, we have
no interest in their interpretation of history. That's up to them.
That's their right to do that," Cox said.

He added:

"We did find out there in Fort Davis that McLaren said a lot more than he actually ever did," Cox said. |

Movie added to start vacation Bible school

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PECOS, June 11, 1997 - Rodeo Week begins Sunday, June 22 with "The Wild
and Wonderful Good News Stampede" at West Park Baptist Church.

"Good News Stampede" is the theme for Vacation Bible School, said Kay
Taylor, co-director with her husband, Carlton.

Sunday is an unusual day to start Vacation Bible School, so West Park is
adding something new this year - a movie for adults and preschoolers not
involved in VBS, said Taylor.

"We are inviting parents to bring their children to VBS at 6:30 p.m.,
fill out a registration slip for them, and then stay for the `Jesus'
film," Taylor said.

The film is 1½ hours long, so it will conclude at the same time children
in grades 1-8 are completing their classes. Since no class is provided
for preschool age children, they are invited to remain in the auditorium
with their parents for the film.

Bible school will continue each evening, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., concluding
on Thursday with parents'night.

Taylor said the children will present a program at 8 p.m. Thursday to
show their parents what they have learned during the week.

"We are concluding on Thursday to give our students and faculty the
opportunity to attend the Golden Girl Revue and Little Miss Cantaloupe
Pageant Friday night," Taylor said.

The rodeo theme for Bible School works in well with pre-rodeo
activities, and the children should come prepared to have fun while learning about Jesus, she said.

City council will hear request
from juvenile probation for funds

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PECOS, June 11, 1997 - A request from juvenile probation department for
financial assistance for juvenile probationers community service will be
the topic of discussion at Thursday morning's regular Town of Pecos City
Council meeting.

Council members will meet at 7:30 a.m. in council chambers located
inside city hall.

The group will consider the street closure for Night In Old Pecos
scheduled for Saturday, June 28 and consider traffic control at baseball
fields and on 13th Street.

Council members will consider a grant of easement for roadway at
landfill to WesTex Waste Service, Inc. Members will meet in executive
session following the discussion of regular agenda items to discuss
employee performance review.

The city will consider a proposed donation of realty property to the
city in the Morris Addition of Pecos.

Other issues that are on the agenda are:

* Award bid for lawn and garden tractor.

* Award bid for 1997 street seal coat. *

* Approval of monthly reports.
* Approval of accounts payable.

Immigrant rights addressed

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NEW YORK (AP) June 11, 1997 - A bipartisan alliance of mayors from New
York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Seattle and metropolitan Miami on
Tuesday called on the federal government to restore immigrants' benefits
that were slashed in last year's welfare law and cut the backlog of
citizenship applications and ensure immigrants remain eligible for
public housing.

Legal immigrants "infuse our life, our economy and our culture," said
New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, who led a two-day immigration
conference. "We want Congress to undo the damage they did."

The mayors joined forces as Congress is debating whether to restore
benefits for disabled and elderly immigrants who were in the country
before the welfare reform law was passed Aug. 22. A bill in a
GOP-controlled House committee would restore benefits to some elderly
immigrants but prohibit aid to others expected to become disabled in the

The mayors argued that lawmakers should go much further and reverse
benefit cuts for immigrants in areas such as Medicaid and Supplemental
Security Income, a program that benefits many elderly and disabled

The group signed an agreement to pressure Congress, saying the law will
shift huge costs to cities and "have a devastating effect on
individuals, families and communities."

"For centuries America has welcomed immigrants with total embrace," said
Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan. "Let us not ever again think about
turning our backs on the immigrants who have made America the greatest
country in the world."

The group signed a "statement of principles" on Ellis Island in Upper
New York Bay, the terminal where 16 million immigrants arrived in the
country between 1892 through 1924.

The document states that legal immigrants work and pay taxes, and should be entitled to government assistance in times of difficulty.


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PECOS, June 11, 1997 - High Tuesday, 94, low this morning, 68. The area
will have mostly sunny days and fair nights through Thursday. Lows
tonight will be in the 60s and 70s with highs Thursday in the 80s and

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