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Archives 1995

RCDC 'great' six months after crisis

Staff Writer
Pecos, Sept. 29, 1995--Reeves County Detention Center Warden
Joe Trujillo holds no grudges over his relief of duty from
the facility's highest position by Reeves County Sheriff
Andy Gomez six months ago today, as he is too busy
Implementing programs and filling positions

Trujillo was reinstated and given full control over the
center on March 31, two days after his dismissal, as the
U.S. Bureau of Prisons began removing inmates from the
facility, claiming Trujillo's dismissal had violated an
agreement between Reeves County and the BOP.

The inmate count at one point dropped below 400 just
after Trujillo's return, but since then has grown by more
than 250, thanks in part to the completion of the RCDC's new
wing in July. The wing and segregation unit boosted the
center's capacity by over 150 inmates.

Trujillo said this morning that the facility's
population is currently at 649, which is just two below ItS
capacity. "With the segregation unit, the capacity is 692,"
he said.

"Things are going great, said Trujillo, who added, "all
programs are working well."

He stated that he is currently seeking to fill two
Correctional Officer's positions and is operating with a
staff count of 152, "but it can go as high as 154."

Reeves County commissioners have granted Trujillo the
right to staff up to 159 persons at the county facility,
"but the position I'm not filling right now are department
head positions, and we're still looking," he said.

As far as March 29's incident goes, Trujillo said, "let the horse die."

Hubbs flew with Florida victim of crash

Staff Writer
Pecos, Sept. 29, 1995--Bill Hubbs was shocked this morning
to learn that "a good acquaintance" died in the crash of a
vintage aircraft in Odessa Thursday.

Vernon E. Thorp, 77, of Ocala, Fla was one of five men
aboard a B-26 Marauder that developed trouble and went down
during a practice flight for this weekend's CAF airshow in

Hubbs, the former mayor of Pecos, is a member of the
CAF, and he flew his P-51 Mustang in a "Missing Man" flight
last Friday.

He said that he has just resumed from the air races in Reno
and recalled making several such trips with Thorp back in
the mid-1970's.

"He raced my airplane one year and won third in the
Silver Race with my P-51," Hubbs said. The Silver Race pits
second-fastest airplanes in qualifying races against one

Thorp was a former corporate pilot for Levitz
Furniture and was a long-time member of the CAF, Hubbs said.

"He was a very qualified pilot. He had every aviation
license there was to have, including a hot air balloon
license," he said.

CAF members affectionately called Thorp "the
hard-headed Dutchman," Hubbs said.

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