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Tuesday, October 29, 2002

What Carter

really deserves

Well, President Jimmy Carter was awarded the Nobel Peace prize.

What a joke.

Jimmy Carter deserves the Nobel Peace Prize like I deserve the Tact in Column Writing award.

I have no doubt that President Carter is a nice person. I also have no doubt that his weak-kneed policies caused conflict and death _ not peace.

Walking around whining that you want peace does nothing to promote peace and everything to encourage aggression.

Whining for peace may make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside when you are sitting on the front porch on your peanut farm, but what you are promoting is war.

The world is an elementary school playground. The only differences are that many of the players have funny sounding names, are unwashed heathens, and the stakes are a bit higher.

Ever try telling the class bully and his fellow thugs that you just want peace? Ever see some poor slob try that?

Did it work?

Did Elmo the Grade Flunker who needed a shave in 5th grade back off his demand for your ice cream money because you were nice to him?

Did a civilized approach when confronted with brute violence allow him to see the light and mend his ways?

Yeah, sure it did.

Elmo and company understand one language _ pain. Elmo is a businessman. You have something he wants. If the cost is not too high, he will try to get it.

That is why you have to stand up to him and get clobbered. If you get a lick or two in while he is whaling on you he probably won't come back after your dime the next day. He'll be looking for easier pickings.

Even bullies shop around.

Or, if you are considered a polite but twisted young man by your teachers, you organize a small gang of kids who don't like giving up their hard earned money and catch Elmo behind the gym with a few sticks. (The real world called this organization NATO).

The next day you enjoy your ice cream by the monkey bars in peace with Elmo resting comfortably at home with his new cast.

There will always be Elmo's on the playground and there will always be Elmo nations.

They do not want peace. They want your stuff. They want your liberty. They want your wealth. Whatever. You have got it and they want it.

A weak posture only invites their attention.

Switzerland did not spend the last 500+ years living in peace because she was nice to her neighbors.

The rest of Europe left the Swiss alone because the Swiss were ready to charge a very high admission to their little show. And they advertised the price.

The Krauts were not willing to pay that price during World War II despite the many strategic benefits.

Hitler's Third Reich considered it. They decided against it despite the projection of final victory. Victory was going too be expensive.

A weak American foreign policy is an invitation to the Elmo's of the world. Until Clinton I did not think we could project a weaker image than Carter did. Obviously I was wrong.

We are reaping the benefits of Carter and Clinton's combined efforts today.

The only award Carter deserves for his efforts is a swift kick in the pants.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Smokey Briggs is the editor and publisher of the Pecos Enterprise whose column appears on Tuesdays. He can be e-mailed at:

Our View

What can the Key Opinion Leaders' Summit accomplish?

Kudos to those who participated in the Key Opinion Leaders' Summit last Saturday.

If Pecos is going to continue to exist, our community is going to have to come to grips with many of the issues this group took up: issues such as taxes, civic pride, the appearance of our city, the attitudes of our elected officials, and race, to name a few.

Of course, even if this meeting and the work that may flow from it, is wildly successful, it cannot create a magic bullet that will solve Pecos' economic problems.

What can be accomplished is the creation of an atmosphere that is conducive to business and industry in Pecos, Texas.

If we have that atmosphere, then we have a chance that businesses or industries might decide to locate here.

This is the magic bullet _ industry. Companies that create a product and ship it down I-20 in return for a check.

Until we create this atmosphere, the chances of an industry coming to Pecos are slim.

Your View

Halloween should be celebrated on October 31

To The Editor:
Unlike Carole Keeton Rylander,  I'm not "one tough grandma,"  just one disgruntled, unhappy one regarding the decision of the  Pecos City Council to change arbitrarily the date for Halloween "Trick  or Treating". 

I agree completely with the Enterprise editorial of October 22nd . What's next on their holiday change list? Veterans' Day? Christmas Eve and Christmas Day? New Year's Eve and New Years Day? I plan to celebrate Halloween on October 31st.

Very Sincerely,

Important pieces of legislation deserve to be recognized

Dear Editor:
Oftentimes the work that our State Legislators accomplish  goes largely unnoticed unless an individual is personally affected  by that legislation.  As a Peace Officer I have seen that  legislation authored by state Representative Pete P. Gallego, District 74,  has greatly benefited law enforcement, crime victims and all the citizens  of Texas.

H.B. 84, effective September 1, 2001 and authored by Gallego made it a felony offense for convicted felons to possess body armor. By preventing convicted felons from having "bullet-proof vests" the safety of our peace officers is greatly increased.

H.B. 519, effective September 1, 2001 and authored by Gallego ensures that victims of Family Violence are covered by the Texas Crime Victims Compensation fund. This is important legislation to assist those who are the victims of criminal acts.

H.B. 1188 effective September 1, 1999 and authored by Gallego enables law enforcement to obtain DNA samples not only from individuals convicted of sexual offenses, but also those convicted of murder, aggravated assault, and certain burglaries. This legislation greatly assists law enforcement is solving crimes and insuring that the guilty are brought to justice thru the use of DNA evidence.

I am prompted to write this letter because these important pieces of legislation deserve to be recognized and should not go unnoticed by those who are most benefited by them-all of us who live in Texas.


Special thanks to the Women's Division, volunteers

Dear Editor:
We would like to express our gratitude to the  Women's Division of the Pecos Chamber of Commerce.  The generosity of all those involved in the Golden  Girl committee over the years has been vital to the success  of the West of the Pecos Museum for nearly 40 years.  The countless hours the committee dedicates to  this tremendous endeavor are greatly appreciated. We  each strive to promote Pecos, serve our community and  preserve our western heritage and we look forward to another  40 years of successful partnership with the Golden  Girl Revue.

In 2003 the West of the Pecos Museum will have accomplished 4 decades as a nationally recognized landmark. Plans are in the works for the yearlong festivities. It has been said that it takes a village to raise a child. We believe this to be true of our museum. We wish to congratulate all involved in the 40 years raising the West of the Pecos Museum.


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