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Friday, August 23, 2002

`Pot wheels' suspect indicted by county grand jury

Staff Writer

PECOS, Friday, August 23, 2002 -- A man traveling through Reeves County in July with a large load  of marijuana in the tires of his sports utility vehicle was one of  the individuals indicted Thursday by the Reeves County grand jury.

Wilhelm Nuestater Neufeld, 36, of Mexico, was indicted for the offense of felony delivery of a simulated controlled substance in 143rd District Court, and bond was set at $50,000.

According to Trans Pecos Drug Task Force Officer Kevin Roberts, at 11:28 a.m. on Tuesday, July 30, he stopped a white Chevrolet Cherokee Laredo, at mile marker 35 in the eastbound lanes of I-20, for a traffic violation.

"I obtained consent from the driver to do a search," said Roberts. "A trap door in gas tank was fraud, in cargo area of the Jeep," said Roberts, but nothing was found in that area of the vehicle.

Roberts did a thorough search of the vehicle and noticed a distinct odor of marijuana. "The tires were later found to be loaded with marijuana," said Roberts.

The marijuana was found inside the "housing" part of the tire. "Each tire was tightly packed with marijuana," said Roberts.

Roberts called Trans Pecos Drug Task Force Officer Joe Gonzales to assist at this time.

"He was taking the marijuana from El Paso to Tennessee," said Roberts.

Officers confiscated 90.20 pounds of marijuana with a street value of $45,000.

Other individuals indicted Thursday included:

Ricardo Barrera for criminal non-support. Barrera failed to provide child support for Joe Manuel Barrera and was ordered to pay Debbie Salcido current child support in the amount of $155, beginning on Jan. 1, 2000. Bond was set at $5,000.

Jaime Ortiz Natividad, 19, was indicted for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. Natividad operated a motor vehicle without the consent of owner Imelda Jimenez on June 22.

Camilo Salcido, 58, was indicted for assault. On May 26, the grand jury said Salcido intentionally threatened Frank Subia with imminent bodily injury and also used and exhibited a deadly weapon. Bond was set at $15,000.

Jesus Levario Gochicoa, 55, was indicted for possession of a controlled substance, heroin, on June 13, in the amount of less than one gram, including any adulterants and dilutants.

Jose Luis Garcia, 38, was indicted for possession of a controlled substance, heroin, on July 5, in the amount of less than one gram. Prior to this on Oct. 27, 2000, he was convicted of a state jail felony, burglary of a building, prior to the commission of the primary offense. On Oct. 27, 2000, he was convicted of the state jail felony of forgery.

Efrin Rodriguez, 49, was indicted for possession of a controlled substance, heroin.

Ruben Porras Hernandez, 41, for possession of a controlled substance, heroin, less than one gram.

Myron Charles Jenkins, 30, for theft, by acquiring and exercising control over a firearm owned by Jerry Dominguez.

Billy Ray Box, 66, was indicted for aggravated assault. On May 30, he did knowingly threaten Donald William Shield with imminent bodily injury and did exhibit a weapon, a handgun. Bond was set at $5,000.

Guillermo Rayos, 49, was indicted for possession of a controlled substance, heroin, less than one gram, and 1,000 feet from a facility owned by the Pecos-Barstow-Toyah ISD (Pecos Kindergarten, 300 W. 10th Street). Bond was set at $5,000.

Gilberto Rayos Ortega, 31, was indicted for possession of a controlled substance, heroin, less than one gram, 1,000 feet from real property owned by P-B-T ISD (Pecos Bus Barn, 1201 W. 4th St.) Bond was set at $15,000. Prior to the commission of the primary offense, on Aug. 25, 1995, in the 238th District Court of Midland, he was convicted of the felony offense of criminal mischief. On March 17, 2000, in the Reeves County District Court, he was convicted of the state jail felony offense of forgery and on March 17, 2000, he was convicted of the state jail felony offense of delivery of a simulated controlled substance.

Juvenile detention agreements on agenda

PECOS, Friday, August 23, 2002 -- Several items involving juvenile detention services within and for Reeves County top the agenda for the Reeves County Commissioner's Court on Monday, during their meeting at 9:30 a.m., Monday, in the third floor courtroom of Reeves County Courthouse.

The public is invited to attend.

Commissioners will discuss and take action on a contract between Reeves County and Ever Change Youth and Family Services and a contract between Reeves County and Ector County for Juvenile Detention Services. Other items include discuss and take action on a contract between Reeves County and Hemphill County Juvenile Boot Camp/Detention; a contract agreement between Reeves County and Garza County Juvenile Center; and an agreement between Reeves County and ProTELL Systems International, Inc. for Juvenile Electronic Monitoring Services;

Also on the agenda for Monday is discussion/action on Reeves County Tax Exemptions/half payments option for 2003; presiding judges, alternate judges and central counting station personnel for the November general election; contract between Reeves County and Physicians Network Associates for RCDC Medical Services; LMD Architect request for payments; Frank Spencer requests for payments; agreement between Reeves County Sheriff's Department and Law Enforcement Television Network for Video-Teleconferencing Training; property bid located at 525 Martinez Street and Blue Cross/Blue Shield Health Insurance Programs and Funding for 2003.

Regular agenda items to be discussed include: reports from various departments, budget amendment and line-item transfers, personnel and salary changes, RCDC, sheriff's department, county judge, minutes from previous meetings and semi-monthly bills.

Council delays move to modify city's full name

Staff Writer

PECOS, Friday, August 23, 2002 -- The Town of Pecos City is still The Town of Pecos City,  following Thursday afternoon's session of the City Council at City Hall. But  that could still change in the near future.

After approving the minutes of the special council meeting held on July 31 and the regular council meeting on August 8, and hearing some public comment, the council decided to move down the agenda to Item G, "Discussing and considering modification of City name."

"We talked it over with the Mayor (Dot Stafford)," City Manager, Carlos Yerena said. "We do not want to change name but rather modify it."

Yerena said that by changing the name of the town it would not be as confusing and that their where other towns that had the word "City" in front of them.

Yerena suggested to the council "Town of Pecos" and "City of Pecos," as possible names.

However, he added that if the council approved modifying the name of Pecos, it would have to be put up for election by the voters, as stated by the charter amendment rule.

Stafford said that she recalls hearing that the name of Pecos was submitted to the state as "Town of Pecos" but when it returned, the name was typed as "Town of Pecos City." Stafford said that with the words "town" and "city" in the name, just made it sound redundant.

Lynn Owens said that the first time he heard about the possible name change was through the article in the Pecos Enterprise, Inc.

"The name is very distinct and very unique," said Owens, the Reeves County auditor who was speaking Thursday as a private citizen. "We pride ourselves on the name."

Owens went on to say that since the name (Town of Pecos City) has been around for some centuries now there is not competition with other cities or towns.

"We don't compete with anyone else," he said.

According to Councilman Frank Sanchez, depending on who looks at the community, for example like the United States Department of Agriculture, (USDA) they will either consider it a town or a city.

According to some of the council members when they go to major meeting and the people in attendance look at their nametag, they are seen as being from a small town. With the name "City of Pecos," it would put them on the same level as the big cities.

Councilman Johnny Terrazas said that he agreed with Stafford that the name sounded redundant. Terrazas also added that even though there are other towns with the word "city" after it, like Colorado City, it would take some time to get use to Pecos as "Pecos City."

"I like `Town of Pecos'," Terrazas said.

Councilman Michael Benavides said that he agreed with Councilman Terrazas and just drop "city" out of the name.

"If we can stick to `Town of Pecos' and just drop `city'," Benavides said.

Councilwoman Anglica Valenzuela said that she would like to hold off of approving the modification of the name until she hears some input from the community.

"I would like to think about it," Valenzuela said. "I would like to get more input from the community."

With that the council went on to approve the accounts payable report with Frank Sanchez making the motion and Mayor ProTemGerald Tellez seconding it.

The third item on the agenda was to approve the Municipal Court monthly report of July with Benavides making the motion for approval and Terrazas seconding the motion.

Before approving the monthly report, the council asked if the stop signs had been placed at the intersections on Jefferson and Pigman, 13th and Walnut and Fifth and Park streets. Police Chief Clay McKinney and Yerena said that they had agreed on holding off the installation of the signs.

"We decided to enforce those areas a little harder," McKinney said.

Tellez said that it was brought to his attention that some of the stop signs were not visible due to the tree limbs.

"Nora Geron told me that she had run a stop sign because see could not see it," Tellez said.

McKinney told Sanchez that the mayor had provided him a list of those stop signs and that the list had been given to Yerena. He said that city employers have been working on trimming the limbs. According to Yerena they are responsible for the limbs on the right of way.

Valenzuela said that she had seen a crew trimming the limbs on Jackson.

The Council went on to ask McKinney of a program was available for those teenagers receiving Minor In Possession of Alcohol.

McKinney informed the council that the only program that was done was "Shattered Dreams," by John Deering last year. McKinney said that he would talk to Deering to see if he would interested in doing something like that again.

Valenzuela then asked McKinney if their was a program that though child safety due to all of the kidnappings lately.

McKinney responded that they have an employee who specializes in fingerprinting.

"He goes into schools and taking pictures and finger printing them," McKinney said.

McKinney was then asked if police officers would recognize any sex offenders if seen near any of the school grounds.

McKinney informed the council that sex offenders were not allowed to live with in a certain area of a school. McKinney also told them that he has seven sex offenders registered with him and that they are in full compliance with the law.

After the approval of the Municipal Court report, the council then approved the tax collection report of July, with Terrazas making the motion and Sanchez seconding.

The council moved on to approve the certification of estimated debt collection rate for 2002 and excess debt tax collections for 2001 according to the 2002-planning calendar. Sanchez made the motion for approval with Valenzuela seconding the motion.

Sanchez then made the motion to approve the calculation of effective and rollback tax rates and submission to the governing body, with Tellez seconding the motion.

The council went on to approve the Juvenile Monthly report for 2002, with Benavides making the motion and Valenzuela seconding the motion.

Stafford entered a request to appoint Olga Lopez to a two-year term on the Pecos Housing Authority Commission with Sanchez making the motion and Tellez seconding it.

In the matter of amending the contract with the United States Marshal Service, McKinney said that he was contacted by the office in San Antonio about a stipulation that was left out of the contract.

According to McKinney, if a prisoner of the Marshal's Service is being housed in the city jail and for some reason need to be hospitalized, the city must staff a guard for the prisoner.

"We would provide our staff guards but the U.S. Marshals would pay them at an hourly rate," McKinney said.

According the McKinney the US Marshals would pay $18 an hour but the guard would only receive $15.50 after taxes.

The motion was made by Terrazas to approve the amendment with the Marshal's Service with Benavides seconding the motion.

The council moved on to the memorandum of understanding relation to the intelligent transportation system program.

According to Yerena, the Texas Department of Transportation is asking the council to attend their meeting and provide some input on the improvement of traffic flow, reduce emission of air pollutant and various other safety items. Such as providing signs that warn people of accidents up ahead or informing them of missing children.

Benavides made the motion to approve the motion with Sanchez seconding it.

An item to be placed on the council agenda for their next meeting is the closing of some of the streets for the festivities held of the 16 de Septiembre.

The council was also presented with the new newsletter that will be provided to the residents of Pecos.

According to Yerena the newsletter will go out every quarter.

During public comment McKinney informed the council that while in Huntsville the Pecos Police Department received an "A" on their policy based on Racial Profiling. Monahan who also received a "A" on their policy by the Police Chief in Monahans, who asked for a copy for McKinney.

Yerena also informed the council that Octavio Garcia is now an "A" licensed for landfill.

RCDC employees seeking donations for victims of fire

PECOS, Friday, August 23, 2002 -- Reeves County Detention Center employees are helping to raise funds for the family of co-worker Crissy Florez, who lost all their belongings in a fire early Tuesday morning.

The mother and children lost all their clothes and other items in the fire. Donations of girls clothes sizes 5 and 6 and girls shoes, sizes 12 and 13 are being accepted at this time. Donations can be dropped off at 2401 Cothrun Street.

The employees at the Reeves County Detention Center will also be planning a fundraiser for Florez, who is an employee at the facility.


PECOS, Friday, August 23, 2002 -- High Thursday 97. Low this morning 69. Forecast for  tonight: Partly cloudy with isolated evening thunderstorms. Lows in the mid  70s. Southeast winds 5 to 15 mph. Saturday: Partly cloudy. Highs  near 105. Southeast winds 5 to 15 mph. Saturday night: Partly cloudy.  Lows in the mid 70s. Sunday: Partly cloudy. Highs near 106. Monday:  Partly cloudy with isolated thunderstorms. Lows in the mid 70s. Highs near 105.

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