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Tuesday, November 6, 2001

Gasoline prices drop back below $1 in Pecos

Staff Writer

PECOS, Tues., Nov. 6, 2001 -- For the past few weeks in Texas, gas prices have dropped to below  a dollar in more and more places across the state.  

Now Pecos is one of those places.

This morning, employees of Allsup's Convenience Store on Cedar and Eddy Streets lowered the price of regular self-service gas to 99.9 cents a gallon from the $1.07.9 level the price was dropped to last week.

Cindy Bagley, manager of Allsup's on Eddy Street, said that her supervisor from the corporate office Clovis, N.M., called the store and told them to lower the prices.

"We were at a dollar-seven," she said.

Bagley reported that the gas pumps at that particular Allsup's had been broken for the past few days and only opened up last night, just in time for the prices to drop.

Allsup's is the only gas station in Pecos that has gone down under a dollar. The next lowest prices come from Flying J Truck Stop and Town & Country Convenience Stores who, as of this morning, are still at $1.08.

Both of those companies said that they would not know if the price of gas would go down at those stations until the separate corporate offices contact them.

"We always expect corporate to call us and let us know," Dominga Villegas, assistant general manager of Flying J, said.

Employees at Town & Country, on Cedar Street, would not discuss the gas prices for this article. The Pecos Enterprise was instructed to contact the corporate offices for any further comment.

The public information officer for the corporate office in San Angelo was unavailable for comment in time for this article.

Manager for Uncle's Convenience Store on Cedar Street Retta Blount also said that the corporate office, located in Midland sets the gas prices.

Blount said that she called the corporate office this morning with news of the low gas prices at Allsup's and is waiting for a response.

"I called in and reported that (Allsup's) has gone down to 99 cents," she said. "Now I'm just waiting for their response."

Blount said that she would not know if the prices would go down any more until the corporate office contacts her.

The price for regular gasoline at Uncle's is currently at $1.14.9 a gallon.

However, like many of the gas stations in Pecos, the gas prices for all grades of gasoline, at Uncle's, have gone down considerably since the attacks on the World Trade Center caused a one-day spike in gasoline prices across the United States.

Since then, a decline in the economy around the world resulting in part from the attacks has led to a drop in oil prices and a decline in the price of gasoline, due to the surplus oil. The price of West Texas Intermediate Oil fell below $20 a barrel today, and the price of Saudi Arabian oil plunged below $17.75 a barrel this morning on U.S. commodities exchanges.

Blount said that the price for all grades of gasoline at Uncle's is the lowest it has been in quite some time.

"Everything is lower than it used to be," she said. "They're all a lot lower than they've been in a long time. I don't remember it being in the teens lately."

Bagley said that she is uncertain how long the prices would stay under a dollar.

"People might as well fill up now," she said. "It could change again in the same day."

Bagley said that she is not expecting a big rush of people trying to fill up their tanks before the prices go back up.

She said that between the store on Eddy and the store on Cedar she doesn't believe that the rush will be bad, however, she wouldn't mind if there were a rush.

"Hopefully we will get a rush," she said. "I like it when it's busy."

GED registration held today at PHS for test

PECOS, Tues., Nov. 6, 2001 -- GED Testing will be held at 4:45 p.m., on Monday, Nov. 12 and Tuesday, Nov. 13, at the Pecos High School.

Registration is scheduled for 1-5 p.m., today at the Pecos High School Counselor's Office.

Examinees must present a Texas driver's license or Texas Department of Public Safety ID Card. For more information call Pat Cobos/Eva Arriola, PHS counselors at 447-7229.

PHS student earns tour of Boston campuses

Staff Writer

PECOS, Tues., Nov. 6, 2001 -- A Pecos student had an enlightening experience recently  in the northeastern United States, in preparation for her future.

Kristian Aguilar, a junior at Pecos High School, attended a Youth Leadership Conference in Seguin this summer, which led to her being chosen to go to Boston and tour several colleges.

"This summer I went to the Lorenzo De Zavala (conference) and was chosen as Party Whip by the other students and Most Distinguished Senator by the president of the National Hispanic Institute," said Aguilar.

It was through NHI that Aguilar had the opportunity to attend the summer conference. "Because of my work there I got to go to Boston," said Aguilar.

Aguilar was in Boston two weeks ago and had the opportunity to tour four prestigious colleges including, Harvard University, Wellesley University, Dartmouth College, Boston University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

She plans to apply at one of these colleges next year. "I don't know which one yet," said the honor student.

Aguilar said that the group had the chance to sit in on classes and speak to the admissions officers both informal and formally.

"We got to stay in the dorms with the students, which was a lot of fun," said Aguilar.

The group was in Boston for five days and colleges weren't the only things the students had an opportunity to see. "We got to see Paul Revere's house and church, the Holocaust Memorial and the USS Constitution, among other things," said Aguilar. "And we walked everywhere."

Her sponsor, Armando Urquidez, is a former Pecos resident and the founder of the National Hispanic Honor Society. "His oldest son attended Dartmouth and the other one is a freshman at Harvard," said Aguilar.

Urquidez is a counselor in Wichita Falls and trying to promote this program to reach other Hispanics.

"His son also holds SAT camps, which I've attended and this year I'll be teaching it," said Aguilar.

"The board for this is made up of students that have attended the program and only certain students are picked to teach it," she said.

Aguilar is a member of the Pecos Eagles golf team, the student council, the debate team and an honor student who is a prospective member of the National Honor Society. "They won't induct us until January, but I'm a prospective member," said Aguilar.

When she's not busy studying, she enjoys reading and spending time with family and friends. She plans to attend college following high school graduation and major in computer engineering or go into business law.

Aguilar is the daughter of Geno and Anabel Aguilar of Pecos.

Constitutional amendment voting today

Staff Writer

PECOS, Tues., Nov. 6, 2001 -- Election Day traffic remains light in voting on 19 amendments to  the Texas constitution, but officials said they have seen traffic pick up  today at the Reeves County Civic Center, compared to the early voting  period the previous two weeks at the Reeves County Courthouse.

Election Judge Nora Briceno said that as of noon today, 18 people voted in that location in the constitutional amendment election.

In this election, voters have the opportunity to vote for or against 19 propositions to the state constitution, including amendments on spending for highways and water projects in Texas.

Fewer than 100 voters came out in Reeves County to vote during the early voting period of this election for the past two weeks.

Briceno said that there has been a steady flow of people coming in to vote today.

"It's good because we're having people come in every once in a while," she said. "It's been steady."

Briceno said that she believes that more people understand what they are voting for or against after reading about the different propositions in yesterday's edition of the Pecos Enterprise.

"A lot of people are glad that the propositions were printed in the newspaper," she said.

Briceno said that a bigger rush of people could come after 5 p.m., when most people get off work.

"We might have a big rush after five when people get off work," she said.

The polling booths will be open until 7 p.m., tonight, after which election officials are scheduled to count the votes at the Reeves County Courthouse.

While voters in the eight precinct boxes in Pecos will all cast ballots today at the Civic Center, voters in other parts of Reeves County can also vote today until 7 p.m. at Toyah City Hall, the Balmorhea Fire Hall, the Saragosa Multi-purpose Center and at the Orla Red Bluff Office. Ward County voters in the Barstow area can cast their ballots today at the Community Center until 7 p.m.


PECOS, Tues., Nov. 6, 2001 -- High Monday 77. Low this morning 45. Forecast for  tonight: Partly cloudy with an isolated shower or thunderstorm.  Lows around 50. South winds 5 to 10 mph. Wednesday: Partly  cloudy. Highs in the lower 80s. Southwest winds 5 to 15 mph.  Wednesday night: Partly cloudy. Lows around 50. Thursday: Partly  cloudy, windy and cooler. A 20 percent chance of showers  or thunderstorms. Highs 65 to 70. Friday: Mostly cloudy with  a slight chance of showers. Lows in the 30s. Highs around 60.


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