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Monday, October 8, 2001

Fall Fair surpassed 2000's totals

Staff Writer

PECOS, Mon., October 8, 2001 -- Better participation by the community and civic  organizations were just two things that helped  make this year's Reeves/Loving County Fall Fair a success.

Pecos Area Chamber of Commerce Director Tom Rivera said that this weekend's fair was more successful than the 2000 Fall Fair, which was hindered by cold weather.

"I thought it was super, it was great," he said. "It was better than last year for sure."

Rivera said that he believes the nice weather and the open football day on Friday contributed to the success of the fair, as well as the fact that the Chamber sold out of vendor space early on.

"A lot of folks came out to see what was out there," he said.

Rivera said that the Fall Fair Committee, headed up by Linda Gholsen, did a "super job."

He also commended the Reeves County Sheriff's Posse for their work in taking over the annual Barbeque Cookoff, which was not held last year due to a lack of entries.

Rivera said that he did not get a chance to walk through the cookoff but he could tell that it was a success by the number of people and number of camps that could be seen.

The only problem that the fair seemed to have was the small carnival, according to Rivera.

"It wasn't what I expected," he said.

The carnival owners got their dates confused and opened two days late.

Rivera said that he received some complaints from the community on how few rides there were at this carnival and assures the community that more research would be done before lining up a carnival next year.

"We need to find bigger carnivals with more rides," he said.

Rivera said that there would be a number of things that the Chamber would look at before they make a decision.

"We want to make sure it's a good one," he said.

The carnival is not going to be the only change that the Chamber makes for next year's fair.

Rivera said that they are already planning to revive the Fall Fair Concert, which also was canceled prior to the start of the 2000 fair.

Rivera said that in the early 90s the concerts were an annual event but it seemed that people just lost interest. A lack of ticket sales and higher costs to book the bands caused fair officials to opt against having the concert at the Buck Jackson Rodeo Arena last year.

Now the Chamber is planning on booking more than one band to perform at the fair next year.

"In fact we've already started the process," he said.

Many people participated in this year's Arts and Crafts shows with many of those participants walking away with awards.

Many entries were made in the quilting division that was divided into five categories.

For large, machine pieced and hand quilted quilts Nyla Dominguez took first place while Louise Forrister placed second, Lynn Fowler placed third and honorable mentions went to Rosie Portillo and Laura Teal.

Dominguez also placed first and second in both the small machine pieced-machine quilted and the small machine pieced-hand quilted categories and first place in the large machine pieced-machine quilted division.

Sharon Gooding placed third in the small machine pieced-machine quilted category with Janet Cranfill receiving honorable mention.

Kathy Pascal placed third in the small machine pieced-hand quilted division.

In the large machine pieced-machine quilted category, Forrister placed second while Gooding placed third and Virginia Pena received honorable mention.

Teal placed first and second in the large machine pieced-hand tacked category while Forrister placed third and Fowler received an honorable mention.

Dominguez received Best of Show for the quilting division.

Helen Fobbs took home Best of Show and first place in the crochet afghans division while Barbara Creager placed second and received an honorable mention and Pena placed third.

Creager also placed both first and second for knitting and Pena placed first and second in crochet.

For needlework, Espie Parsons placed first and Janet Prewit placed second and third.

Cornelius Brantley placed first and second in the clothing division.

For hand painted accessories, Creager placed first and second while Cranfill placed third and Karen Chowing received honorable mention.

Teal took home first and second in the Christmas crafts division while Kathy Contreras placed third and Melissa Contreras received honorable mention.

Christie Blake took first, second and third for photo albums.

Jerry Neely placed first in the woodworking while Gigi Stoup placed second and Ella Sue Johnson placed third.

In the counted cross stitch-aida cloth division Vera Sellars placed first and second and received honorable mention while Naomi A. Marquez placed third.

Teal received Best of Show and placed first in the counted cross-stitch for linen cloth.

The photography division received many entries as well.

Elvia Reynolds placed first in the digital photography category.

Kelly Davis took first, second and third in the human interest-color category while R.L. Tellez received honorable mention.

In the human interest-black and white category, Leia Holland placed first while Jan Pattilo placed second.

Holland also placed first and third in the old structures category while Calvin Howard placed second.

Freye McGuyer took home first, second and third in the vanishing past category as well as first in the scenic division.

Tellez placed second and third in the scenic division while Margie Williamson received an honorable mention.

Davis, Teal and Tellez placed first, second and third in the color portrait category while Holland received honorable mention who also received first in the black and white portrait.

McGuyer placed first in the grouping category as well as second and third in the natural history category.

In the latter category, Williamson placed first while Howard received an honorable mention.

Jessica Perea placed first in the student scenic category.

For dried arrangements, Jan Chandler placed first and second while Doris Tillery received honorable mention.

Tillery also placed first in the dried wreaths category while Catherine Thomas placed second and third.

Thomas received numerous first places in the herb show for the oregano, dill, parsley and kitchen herbs categories.

Katherine Crenshaw received a first place for her large pot of basil and second for the large parsley.

In the farm and garden division, Berta Begay placed first for the large squash and third for a small squash while Martina Chavez placed second for a pumpkin.

Ramon Marquez placed first, second, and third for long green onions, jalapenos and red pepper.

David Teal placed first for his pomegranates.

In student's crafts, Roger Lee Quintana placed first for latch hook, Lauren Wein placed first for pots, Sam Prewit placed first for nature baskets and Katie Fossum placed first for crochet slippers.

In men's crafts, Danny Reyes placed first and third while Ebo Teal placed second.

Creager received Best of Show for the art show as well as first and second place in the watercolor category while Joyce Morton placed third.

Terry Holder placed first in the charcoal category.

Tillery placed first in the oil on paper category while Brantley placed first in the acrylic.

Duane Poinenint, Jr., placed first in the pen and ink category while Janette Perea and B.K. Perea placed first and second in the Tempra category.

Sarah Kratzmeyer placed first in the colored pencil category.

For novice oils, Elaine Moody placed first and second while Chandler placed first and third in the oils category and Nancy McAnally placed second.

Machuca Ranch places first overall at barbeque cookoff

Staff Writer

PECOS, Mon., October 8, 2001 -- A local group took top honors at this year's Barbecue Beef  Cookoff, held at the Reeves County Sheriff's Posse Barn this past weekend  in conjunction with the Reeves County Fall Fair.

After a lack of contestants forced cancellation of last year's event after 26 consecutive years, the cookoff was taken over this year by the Reeves County Sheriff's Posse and included around 40 entries.

The Machuca Ranch won Grand Champion and placed first and second in the rib category.

In the brisket category, Classic Burrito, with Melvin Orona as chief cook took first place; second place went to the Herrera Camp with Ricky and Arturo Herrera; third place was the Martinez Bunch and fourth place was Club Suavecito, with chief cook Adolfo Muniz.

In the rib category, the Machucas' took first and second; third place went to the group consisting of Xavier Martinez, Victor Fierro and Gabriel Gonzales and fourth place was awarded to Da' Boys, which included cooks Freddy Contreras, Ricky Barreno, Gus Ybarra and Ricky Evaro.

Prizes awarded were for Grand Champion, a silver plate; first place barbecue brisket was $500; 2nd place, $250; 3rd place, $150 and 4th place, $50.

First place in barbecue pork ribs was $500; 2nd place, $250; 3rd place, $150 and 4th place $50.

Reeves County Sheriff's Posse Sweetheart Cassie Foster was on hand to present the awards to the winners.

Retired P-B-T administrator Hendrick dies

Staff Writer

PECOS, Mon., October 8, 2001 -- Former Pecos-Barstow-Toyah school principal and coach Beau  Jack Hendrick, who retired from his job in May of 2000 after 33 years with  the school district, died Saturday at Reeves County Hospital.

An Odessa native, Hendrick began his teacher career in 1967 at Pecos High School, and spent his last seven years as principal at Austin Elementary.

In a February 2000 interview, Hendrick said he spent time in the Pecos area even before moving here after college. His mother, Hazel Eisenwine, was born and raised in Pecos, which gave him the opportunity to spend the summers here.

"I would ride the train back and forth, so Pecos has always been my second home," said Hendrick. .

"I've really enjoyed all the grades," said Hendrick. "But middle school is really fun because you can follow them through high school."

The disadvantage of teaching lower grades is that they mature, so that you don't recognize the student, according to Hendrick. "In middle school you can watch them. "I just wanted to help kids that didn't have a male figure in their lives."

While principal at Austin Elementary School, Hendrick helped implement many programs aimed towards making the student's life easier and helping them learn in a more efficient manner, including the Accelerated Reader Program, Classroom Phonics, Excel Math, Mock TAAS Testing and the Achievement Test.

"By the time I finish here, every classroom will have two computers," Hendrick said last year. He also helped put in the second grade, CI, Computer Assisted Lab.

During the school year, Hendrick played Cowboy Santa Claus during the Christmas Season and was the Cat In the Hat during Dr. Seuss celebration. During Public School Week, he dresses up in western wear and reads the story about Pecos Bill to all the children.

During the 1970s he served as a seventh and eighth grade Crockett Middle School, and was also golf coach at Pecos High School in the 1970s and early 1980s. In 1974-75 and 1975-76, his boy's golf team went to the Class 3A State Competition at the high school level. "I also took one girls golf team to regionals," he said last year.

Survivors include his wife, Tina, a Physical Education Teacher at Zavala Middle School and the Pecos High School girls' golf coach, one son, Beau Tate Hendrick, and his wife, Laura.

Commissioners OK payments, election items

Staff Writer

PECOS, Mon., October 8, 2001 -- Commissioners worked through a long agenda before lunch  today during their regularly scheduled meeting at the Reeves County  Court House. 

County Clerk Diane Flores asked the commissioners to renew her office's hardware and software maintenance contract with Election Systems and Software (ESS) company. Flores said that the services provided by ESS were essential to maintaining an accurate voting system and the court approved the contract.

The court also approved Flores' request for the County Clerk's office to be designated the Central Counting Station for the upcoming November general election and approved the election officials to man the station: Diane Flores _ manager, Estella Anaya _ alternate manager, Cookie Cannon _ programmer, Jodi Exum _ alternate programmer, Belinda Chabarria _ tabulating supervisor, Zulema Dominguez _ alternate tabulating supervisor, Iris Rives _ presiding judge, Nadine Smith _ alternate presiding judge.

Election day will be November 6 and the polls will be open from 7 a.m. till 7 p.m.

Polling places outside of Pecos will be: Toyah City Hall, Balmorhea Fire Hall, Saragosa Multi-Purpose Center and the Red Bluff Office in Orla. All other election boxes will be at the Reeves County Civic Center.

The court also approved the final Tax Roll for 2002. County Auditor Lynn Owens said that the final values on the roll totaled $478, 355,730.

Convicted juvenile offenders will still find themselves at the juvenile detention center in Fort Stockton. Chief Juvenile Probation Officer Louise Moore told the court that her department had placed two juveniles at the facility over the past year.

Moore said that it costs $100 per day to keep a juvenile at the facility but that so far, the county has recouped almost all the money it has spent through grants.

Commissioners also approved a progress payment to Banes General Contractors concerning the new racquetball courts being build next to the old Pecos High School gym as part of the county's Sports and Recreation Department.

County Judge Jimmy Galindo said that the new courts should be finished by the end of the week, or by early next week.

The court also decided to allocate funds for the repair of the water pump at the Greenwood Cemetery. Reeves County Road and Bridge Supervisor Russ Salcido advised the court that the pump was burned out and that replacing it was about the same cost as fixing it.

Salcido told the court that parts to replace the 50 horsepower pump and the four pump bowls would be about $4,500. The bowls are the mechanical apparatus that the pump motor turns to actually pump the water out of the ground, Salcido explained.

Field Day Tuesday, tour of salt cedars set for Wednesday

PECOS, Mon., October 8, 2001 -- Area farmers will have a chance to meet with the new economist for  the Texas Cooperative Extension Service and view several projects  Tuesday afternoon, when the Texas Agriculture Extension Service  holds its annual Field Day.

Than on Wednesday morning, range management specialists from across Texas will tour the Pecos River Salt Cedar Alleviation project, as part of their annual state meeting, being held this week in Odessa.

Mike Murphy, director of the Experiment Station, said the Field Day would beginning at 3:30 p.m. at its farm seven miles west of Pecos

Dr. Bill Thompson, the new area economist for the Texas Cooperative Extension Service from Fort Stockton will be on hand, along with several other officials to provide information on new and ongoing projects.

The Pecos River Salt Cedar Alleviation project will be viewed by members of the Texas Section Society for Range Management, who will travel to the Mentone bridge at 10 a.m. on Wednesday to view the results of the spraying of the trees in September 1999 and September 2000.

Along with local officials, Texas Agriculture Commissioner Susan Combs and State Rep. Bob Turner, who represents Ward County in the Texas House of Representatives, are scheduled to be in attendance.


PECOS, Mon., October 8, 2001 -- High Sunday 86. Low this morning 53. Forecast for tonight:   Partly cloudy. Lows in the mid 50s. South winds 10 to 20 mph. Tuesday:   Partly cloudy. Highs in the upper 80s. Southwest winds 10 to 20  mph. Tuesday night:  Partly cloudy. Lows in the mid 50s. Wednesday:  Partly cloudy. Highs in the lower 80s. Thursday:  Partly cloudy. Lows  near 50. Highs 75 to 80.


Beau Jack Hendrick, Adam Minjarez, Carlota Nunez and Bessie Sample

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