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Tuesday, July 17, 2001

Walker part of group fighting Cornyn plan

From Staff and Wire Reports
PECOS, Tuesday, July 17, 2001 -- What wouldn't seem to be a natural combination _ House Democrats,  the Texas Farm Bureau and Republican State Rep. Gary Walker _ have  come together as part of a rural-urban battle over redistricting plans for the  Texas House of Representatives.

Walker's office sent out a fax today of a letter sent by the Texas Farm Bureau to Texas Attorney General John Cornyn, who is chairman of the Legislative Redistricting Board. The letter, written by Farm Bureau President Donald Patman, is highly critical of Cornyn's proposed redistricting plan for the House. The Farm Bureau also voiced its opposition to the plan during a meeting of the board in Austin on Monday.

A preliminary plan for redistricting the House, which occurs every 10 years, would have moved Reeves County from Walker's District 80 into District 74, a seat held by Rep. Pete Gallego (D-Alpine). But that plan failed to make it through the Texas Legislature, and the task of redistricting the state's House, Senate and U.S. House seats was turned over to the Legislative Redistricting Board.

Patman's complaint against Cornyn's plan focus on its pairing of rural incumbent House members with other incumbents from urban districts. "The plan seeks to pair 42 incumbents with 17 of those currently representing agriculture and rural areas," Patman wrote. "These rural members represent six committee chairs, the chair of the rural caucus, a member of the appropriations committee and three members of the House Agriculture and Livestock Committee.

"This is a huge loss for one of the state's most important industries. It and the many businesses dependent upon it add approximately $64 billion to the state's economy," Patman wrote.

Among those who stand to be affected by the change is Walker (R-Plains), who was first elected to the House in 1994. Under Cornyn's plan, he would be paired against Lubbock Republican Carl Isett, the only two Republicans who would be matched against each other under the Attorney General's proposal.

In contrast, the plan would pair incumbent Democrats in 10 new districts, while nine would have incumbent Democrats and Republicans facing off, according to the Farm Bureau release. A total of 22 open seats would be created, and Harris County (Houston) would maintain all of its current 25 House seats, all but two of which Patman said would be under-populated.

Walker would be moved into District 83 with Isett under the plan. The Farm Bureau said it would be the most over-populated district under Cornyn's plan. The district would include part of Lubbock County, along with Walker's home county of Yoakum. Cochran, Gaines and Hockely counties would be the others in District 83. "It makes no sense to force an already dwindling representation in rural Texas into fewer seats than is justifiable," Patman wrote in his letter to Cornyn.

"Farm Bureau is non-partisan. Agricultural issues are neither Republican or Democratic, and we will oppose any attempt to gerrymander a partisan House at the expense of rural issues," Patman said.

Black and Hispanic Democrats on Monday also argued against Cornyn's plan on Monday, saying it would hurt minority representation.

Walker has voice support for a redistricting plan proposed earlier this year by House Speaker Pete Laney, who is also a member of the Legislative Redistricting Board. On Monday, discussion of the Farm Bureau's objections to Cornyn's plan led to some terse words between Cornyn and House Speaker Pete Laney, the lone Democrat on the five-member board.

"I'm just trying to keep you consistent, general," Laney said to Cornyn during a clash over their dueling House plans.

"Well, I understand, and that would be a goal we should all strive for," Cornyn shot back.

Laney has presented his own plan, one approved by the Texas House in May and supported mostly by Democrats. It would allow some Republican gains but would likely let him get re-elected speaker by House members in 2003.

Cornyn wants to maintain 25 districts in Harris County, while

Laney's plan would drop that number to 24 and keep more representation in rural regions. Laney is a cotton farmer from Hale Center in West Texas.

Several other House Democrats also voiced their opposition to the plan, and the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund urged reconsideration of its House and Senate plans, which call for more Hispanic districts than the existing proposals.

Cornyn contends his plan has no minority retrogression. The reason 25 seats must be maintained in Harris County is to avoid reducing minority voter strength there, Cornyn said. Democrats control the House 78-72.

Pair arrested in heroin bust following raid

Staff Writer

PECOS, Tuesday, July 17, 2001 -- Two people were arrested Monday evening and a dangerous drug  taken off the streets, following a search warrant executed by Pecos officers.

Police said that at about 7:37 p.m., officers from the department executed a narcotics search warrant at 323 Mesquite St., the home of Gilbert Vasquez and Delma Hernandez Campos.

"Once the occupants inside the residence were secured, officers then proceeded to search the residence," said Pecos Police Investigator Paul Deishler.

During the search of the residence a substance believed to be heroin was found in various places of the inside of the premises, according to Deishler.

Also located were materials for the packaging and injecting of heroin.

Officers completed their search of the premises and placed Vasquez, 31 and Campos, 33, under arrest.

Both were charged with the offenses of possession of a controlled substance with the intent to distribute within 1,000 feet of a playground, a third degree felony and possession of drug paraphernalia, a Class C Misdemeanor.

Both are still in the Reeves County Jail awaiting arraignment.

OC looks to expand non-credit courses

Staff Writer

PECOS, Tuesday, July 17, 2001 -- Cake decorating? Learning to speak Spanish? Or a class to  keep up with the changing technology? Odessa College will be exploring  the possibility of offering a wide variety of classes to the community.

Paula Howard, Continuing Education Coordinator for Odessa College, Pecos Technical Training Center will be in charge of setting up these classes in Pecos.

"We want to offer courses that are geared to what the community wants," said Howard.

She said that if the community has an idea about a class they want to take they can contact her at the Pecos Technical Training Center.

Continuing Education classes are offered on a non-credit basis and have been designed to give students an opportunity to explore new activities for personal growth and enjoyment. Students also have an opportunity to keep up with new developments relating to their present occupations or to train for new career fields.

"If we get enough people interested in a particular class we can have that class," said Howard. "For the smaller classes, we won't need a lot of people, but for the larger ones, we'll require that a few more be interested in it."

Howard said that two people have already expressed interest in a cake decorating class. "If we can get at least three more people interested, then we can have the class," she said.

"We'd also like to teach something like water coloring and need some individuals interested in that, so that we can find a teacher," said Howard.

Howard said that one gentleman had expressed an interest in learning how to play golf. "We'd really like to have that class," said Howard. "We're only limited to what people want," she said.

In cooperation with business, industry and organizations in the community, Odessa College will plan additional non-credit courses, seminars and workshops. "We'd love to hear from businesses, organizations and clubs, if they're interested in setting up classes or seminars," said Howard.

Instructors for Continuing Education are not only educators from Odessa College, but also are professional men and women experienced in business, government and other fields in the community.

"We have instructors that come in from Odessa, but we like to use local individuals," said Howard. "If anyone is interested in teaching a course, they should contact this office."

Howard said that continuing education gives people a chance for a lifelong commitment and keeps the mind active.

These courses don't offer credits and are less expensive, according to Howard.

"They're less expensive, because they don't have lab work or anything like that and require less time," she said.

One course that is already in the making is "Conversational Spanish," which will begin July 24. "That course is really filling up quickly."

Local teacher David Reyes will be the instructor for that class, according to Howard.

Another class that will begin soon is the CNA (Certified Nurses Assistant) class, which will begin Sept. 4.

"We're willing to schedule computer classes and hope to do costumer satisfaction classes and some management classes," said Howard.

Howard can be reached at Odessa College, Pecos campus from 8-3 p.m., Monday through Friday. "I also teach, so I'm not here in the evenings, but there is someone here until 5:30 p.m., that they can leave a message with," said Howard.

Continuing Education is a new department. "We would also like to offer classes on Saturdays, because a lot of people work and can't attend during the day," said Howard.

Most credit courses are offered during the day, so the non-credit courses are offered in the evenings. "The ones during the day are great for mothers whose children are in school, but we have a lot of people that work and have other commitments in the evenings that would benefit from Saturday classes," she said.

Howard said they would also be offering a basic jail class, with at least 10 individuals.

"This is separate from the class offered by the local prison," said Howard.

"Continuing Education is a lifelong learning experience designed to give students a chance to explore new activities for personal growth or keep up with new developments related to their present occupation or train for new career fields," said Howard.

For more information contact the Pecos Technical Training Center, 1000 S. Eddy St., or by calling the center at 445-5535.

Open volleyball at gym resumes on Wednesday

PECOS, Tuesday, July 17, 2001 -- Open volleyball for Pecos-Barstow-Toyah ISD students will resume on Wednesday at the new Pecos High School gym, according to Pecos Eagles' volleyball coach Becky Granado.

Open gym will be alternate weeknights at the gym, from 6 to 9 p.m.

Rec department's volleyball sign-ups open

PECOS, Tuesday, July 17, 2001 -- Reeves County Community Sports and Recreation Department director Nora Geron said sign-ups for the department's youth volleyball program continue through August 17 at the old Pecos High School gym, and not July 17 as had been listed on Channel 6.

The league is open to children in Grades 3-6, with a registration fee of $10 per child. Parents registering their children should bring a birth certificate to the RCCRD office, and both parents' signatures will be needed on the registration form.

For further information, call the recreation department at 447-9776.


Marriages for June 2001, as filed with the Reeves County Clerk's Office.

Jose Lujan Gomez and Bertha Alicia Hinojosa Rodriguez.
Mario Javier Morqueto Arementa and Manuela G. Villegas.
Steve Acosta Reyes and Maria Eugenia Rodriguez Mendoza.
Brian Scott Gibson and Kittie Colleen Bramblett.
Raymond Rivera Avila and Pamela Renee Juarez.
Carlos Gutierrez Baeza and Marisol Gonzales.
Oscar Carrera Portillo and Susan Armendariz Terrazas.
Robert E. Clinton and Karen Leann Capers.
Eliaser Valadez Saucedo and Karime Mayhez Rodriguez.
Angel Anchondo, Jr. and Debbie Sosa Millan.
Frank Tarango Carrasco and Marie Rochelle Ybarra.
Roger Daniel Matta, Jr. and Joann Inez Gurule.


Divorces for May 2001, as filed with the Reeves County District  Clerk's Office.

Ignacio H. Rodriguez and Maribel Alvarado Rodriguez.
Ricardo H. Florez and Sylvia Natividad Florez.
Nikki Fowlkes and Jay M. Fowlkes, III.
Belinda Mirelez and Gilbert Mirelez.
Maria Baeza Mendoza and Adolfo Tarango Mendoza.
Jesus Ernesto Franco, Jr. and Jessica Patino Franco.
Abigail Salcido and Ismael Salcido.
Pedro Morales and Deena Morales.
Criselda Navarette Corrales and Paul Rubio Corrales.
Monce Medina Palencia and Julio Artemio S. Palencia.

Divorces for June 2001, as filed with the Reeves County District Clerk's Office.

Joe Alvarado and Petra Alvarado.
David Leamon Brantley and Sherry Lee Marie Schwindt Brantley.
Virginia Franco Palomino and Raul Lopez Palomino.


PECOS, Tuesday, July 17, 2001 -- High Monday 110. Low this morning 73. Forecast for tonight:   Partly cloudy with a 20 percent chance of showers and   thunderstorms. Low in the mid 70s. Southeast wind 5 to 15  mph. Wednesday:  Partly cloudy. High around 105. Southeast wind 10  to 20 mph. Wednesday night:  Mostly clear. Low 70 to 75. Thursday  and Friday:  Partly cloudy. Lows 70 to 75. Highs 100 to 103.


Jesse W. Bush and Coy Miller

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