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Wednesday, June 6, 2001

Pecos sailor remembers those who fought WWII

Staff Writer
PECOS, Wed., June 6, 2001 -- Sitting at his kitchen table having his morning breakfast, Bill Davenport starts to remember his days in the Navy during World War II.

It is the morning of June 6, the anniversary of D-Day, when the Allies landed on the Normandy beaches on the coast of France and began the long campaign that ended with the unconditional surrender of Germany almost one year later.

A resident of Pecos, Davenport can remember the exact date he and three other classmates of his joined the Navy. That day came right after the undefeated Pecos Eagles football team was defeated by Wink another undefeated football team in the district. Davenport was a senior in December of 1942.

The next day he and three his friends dropped out of school and enlisted for the Navy.

"We thought that they could not win that war without us," Davenport said as to why he joined the Navy.

Producing a video of the Pecos men who died in World War II, Korea and Vietnam, Davenport remembers that he had grown up with most of the young men who died in WWII.

"I went to school with a lot of these Pecos boys," Davenport said. "The majority are now gone."

"It leaves an empty feeling. It's hard to describe," Davenport said. " It seems that every time you turn around, there's another one gone."

As Davenport sits in his navy blue rocking chair he tells the story of his friend Charles Carrell, from Pecos. Carrell spent time as a prisoner of war in eight Japanese prisons during the war and was released August 30, 1945.

After the way, while visiting Davenport, Carrell announced to him that he was thinking of enlisting. While Davenport did not advise it, Carrell did re-enlist. However, on his way to pick up his uniform and his orders, Carrell died in a car accident near McAlester, Oklahoma.

Davenport was a crewmember with an amphibious force, were he would ride on boats known as LCMs (landing craft, medium) that were fifty feet long, and could travel at least 450 miles. LCMs had a crew of at least three or four men, he said.

"I had lots of good buddies," Davenport said about his unit.

Davenport also remembers that after the attack at Pearl Harbor, twelve Pecos boys joined the military.

Davenport keeps a scrapbook from those years. In it you can find newspapers from Hawaii, clipping from the Pecos Enterprise, photos of his friends and of course pictures of the pin up girls. Other memorabilia that Davenport keeps are official documents that were declassified and he got a hold of.

"This is official stuff but was declassified and I got a hold of it," Davenport said proudly, while pointing to his three-inch, three-ring binder.

Continuing to look through the binder, he points out some of his girlfriends back then.

Again sitting in his rocking chair, Davenport seems to have been thing of those old girlfriends for he says with a grin, "Back in those days I must of liked pretty girls because that's all I had."

Davenport and his wife, Enid Bush, who died of cancer in 1997, had five daughters. While one of Davenport's daughters lives in Pecos, his four other daughters live in Wink, San Antonio, Houston and Denton.

Summer golf no bogey for kids

Staff Writer
PECOS, Wed., June 6, 2001 -- Local kids are teeing off with summer golf lessons held by Pecos-Barstow-Toyah Independent School District at Crockett Middle School.

Golf coach Tina Hendrick said that more young golfers registered for summer golf this year than last.

"I had a real good response this year," she said.

Hendrick said that the golf lessons began on May 30th.

Kids from first grade through high school can participated in summer golf where they learn different levels of golf including grip, swing, stance, alignment, chipping and putting and golf etiquette, Hendrick said.

Hendrick said that in order to be in golf the kids had to register and pay a fee of $5, which would allow them to get involved in any sport offered by the school district this summer along with golf.

"They can go to anything the school offers except swimming with the $5 fee," she said.

Hendrick said that she believes giving the kids a variety of sports to choose from is good.

"It gives them something to do, different sports to try," she said.

All in all, Hendrick said that approximately 70 kids signed up for summer golf.

"I'm working on my golf program," she said.

The young golfers are asked to provide their own clubs and are given golf balls to use during practice, but they have to provide their own golf balls for tournaments.

Hendrick said that golf is not a cheap sport but is a good sport that the kids can play for life.

"It's an expensive sport," she said. "But it's a rewarding sport because they can play it for the rest of their life."

Being the only coach, Hendrick said that she gets a lot of help from the golfers' parents, which she appreciates.

Hendrick said that the kids are also very supportive of each other.

"They encourage each other and root for each other and help each other," she said.

The summer golf season will end with tournaments on June 21st and 25th.

Some of the summer golfers will be able to practice for those tournaments with an upcoming tournament scheduled for this weekend at the Reeves County Golf Course.

Director of the Reeves County Recreation Center Nora Geron said that this weekend's tournament is one stop on the West Texas Junior Champions Tour.

A San Angelo man named Steve Alexander created the tour for golfers between the ages of 9 and 18 from West Texas towns, Geron said.

The tour travels to various towns in West Texas including San Angelo, Sonora, Alpine, Big Lake, Fort Stockton and Pecos.

Geron said that the tour members, who pay a $15 membership fee, are able to travel to a different town each day, Monday through Friday to play in the tour.

The cost to enter in each tournament throughout the tour is $20.

Geron said that of the 63 registered members in the tour they expect about 40 players here this weekend.

Geron also said that local golfers that are not members of the tour would be able to compete in this weekend's tournament but not in any other tournament on the tour unless they pay the tour fee.

"Kids not in the tour can play in their local town tournament," she said.

Geron said that Alexander asked Pecos to be on the tour, which she believed would be good for the local golfers as well as the tour golfers.

"We're just doing it for the kids," she said. "We'd like to see a lot of Pecos kids do this. It's a great experience."

The Pecos stop on the tour is set to begin with a tee time at 8 a.m., on Friday morning at the Reeves County Golf Course.

School Board to discuss signing bonus for teachers

PECOS, Wed., June 6, 2001 -- Increasing signing bonuses for all subject matter teacher shortage areas will be the topic of discussion at the regular Pecos-Barstow-Toyah ISD board meeting. Areas where the district faces shortages are: math, science, bilingual, special education and technology applications.

The meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m., Thursday, in the board room at 1304 S. Park. The public is entitled to attend the open session of the meeting.

Board members will discuss and approve restoring funding to budgeted items that were cut in the 2000-2001 budget; appointing two board members to the insurance committee; take action if any, on employee recognition/awards program; discuss/approve use of classroom for six weeks to accommodate the Texas Workforce Summer Youth Program remediation class; changing staff development program dates on 2001-2002 calendar and set budget meetings.

The group will discuss the use of PHS baseball field for 13-18-year-old baseball league; planting pine trees on school owned property; cafeteria guidelines and prices for the 2001-2002 school year; reinstating holidays for hourly custodial, maintenance and bus barn employees; holiday calendar for custodial and maintenance employees; request to purchase foreclosed properties; bank depository contract-2001-2003; 2000-2001 budget amendments and a public hearing for Title-I Part A and Title VI Innovative Program Strategies; Title II Part B Co-op; Title IV Co-op and endorsement of nominated individual for representative on the TASB board of Trustees from TASB District 18.

The Board will discuss an update and revision to the local Gifted-Talented Plan; disposition of surplus equipment; board resolution to participate in the Texas Local Government Statewide Purchasing Cooperative sponsored by TASB and Interlocal Agreement and a district dress code for employees.

Mayor keeps house off auction block

Staff Writer
PECOS, Wed., June 6, 2001 -- Town of Pecos City Mayor Ray Ortega will once again get to keep his home, following a lawsuit instigated by the city official.

An auction had been set for 10 a.m., Tuesday, June 5, in front of the courthouse steps, but that sale was canceled.

"I'm just the trustee," said David Stephens, with Elliott and Waldron Abstracts, who was named, along with Ortega's mortgage company in a suit to stop the sale.

Stephens said that about four or five times a year, the law firm Barrett Burke, pays him $25 to be substitute trustee. "It just means that I sell the property to the highest bidder," said Stephens.

The law firm works in conjunction with the lenders, which in this case is Nationwide Home Mortgage Company.

"I couldn't be trustee if I had anything to do with it," said Stephens. "I'm trusted not to be the borrower or lender," he said.

Stephens acts a go-between for the two and is hired to do this several times out of the year.

"What happened was that under Chapter 13, there is what they call a payment plan," said Ortega.

Ortega had filed for Chapter 13, bankruptcy last year, saying at that time that it was, "a reorganizational effort to get his affairs together."

"Under Chapter 13, it doesn't mean I don't have to pay back the creditors, I have to pay all the creditors back in full with interest," said Ortega.

Ortega said that under the payment plan he was under the impression that the mortgage payment was included in the lump-sum payment but it was not. "So I was supposed to be making the bankruptcy payment, along with the mortgage payment," he said.

The mortgage company cited a relief of stay, to be able to foreclose on the house and the court granted the relief of stay. "In order to stop that I had to file an injunction and try to get the house payment under the plan," said Ortega.

Ortega said that the main reason he went into bankruptcy was because of the house payment, in which he was behind the payments on. "So now, I'll be double paying, because of the payments and mortgage payments," he said.

Ortega said that be filing this lawsuit the house could then go back into the bankruptcy court. "The judge will then decide if it will go under the plan," he said.

Lara Croft look-a-like contest underway

PECOS, Wed., June 6, 2001 -- The Pecos Enterprise is sponsoring a Lara Croft look-a-like contest in conjunction with the State Theatre's premier showing of Tomb Raider on June 15th.

First prize is $50 and four passes to see Tomb Raider at the State Theatre.

Contestant pictures will be published in the Pecos Enterprise. Contact the Enterprise at 445-5475 to arrange to have your picture taken in your best Lara Croft costume.


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