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February 14, 2001

Chamber discusses different Rodeo Hall site

Staff Writer

PECOS, February 14, 2001 - Improved landscaping around the Buck Jackson Rodeo Arena and the possibility of locating the Texas Rodeo Hall of Fame in the same area were discussed at the regular Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors meeting held Tuesday at noon.
Reeves County Judge Jimmy B. Galindo was guest speaker at the meeting, and said, "A couple of weeks ago, I talked to Mr. (Chamber Executive Director Tom) Rivera about a landscaping project we're working on and specifically talked about one particular issue, the Rodeo Hall of Fame."
Galindo told the group that John Rediger had been very instrumental in getting the Rodeo Hall of Fame project started. Pecos received a charter last year from the State of Texas for the Texas Rodeo Hall of Fame.
"The project is moving along great, but with that in mind we talked about possibly putting the Rodeo Hall of Fame closer or adjacent to the rodeo arena," said Galindo.
The discussion about landscaping is part of a larger project the county is working on in cooperation with the Texas Department of Transportation, and which includes the area around the rodeo arena and civic center extending out to the Reeves County Golf Course.
"We'll have a hike and bike trail and landscaping in that area," he said.
Galindo said that with this project they have an opportunity to apply for funding through TxDOT, which maintains the road and right-of-way along U.S. 285 and I-20 through Pecos.
"The program used to be called Putting New Faces on Familiar Places," said Galindo.
Galindo said that landscaping throughout the area along Interstate 20 and U.S. 285 was very important because of the traffic.
"We have a lot of southbound traffic, with people going to Big Bend, one of the larges parks," said Galindo.
Galindo said there was also some traffic in that area, due to the Wal-Mart being right off the Interstate. "A lot of people see that sign and want to come in to town and purchase a few items," he said. Other traffic also travels though Pecos along U.S. 285 on the way to Carlsbad Caverns.
Galindo told the group that Reeves County Commissioners had pitched in funds from the travel expense line-item to purchase trees for the landscaping project.
He said putting the Rodeo Hall of Fame in that area, and closer to the rodeo arena, would really bring the whole concept together, since the project they are working on is a Western Theme.
"We'll have silhouettes of cattle and a western theme throughout," said Galindo.
"I wanted to see what you thought about this and get feedback on the landscaping project," said Galindo.
"Will it be a separate building or will you enlarge the civic center?" asked Chamber member Richard Creasy.
Galindo said that he didn't know what it would take to move the old Missouri Pacific train depot for the Hall of Fame. Current plans are to put the Hall of Fame in the Depot, located at First and Oak streets.
"They had talked about the old train depot for the site of the Hall of Fame, but I don't know if we could move it, or possibly make another building," said Galindo. "But with the funding we'll be getting through this project, we could build another building, adjacent to the rodeo arena.
"I'm certainly open to any ideas and possibilities," he added.
"I don't have any idea what it would take, or if we could move the depot over there," Galindo said. "But we can look into all of that and go ahead and apply for the funding."
The funding would be 80 percent grant and 20 percent matching funds, according to Galindo. "There's a good possibility of getting our own building," he said.
"What's the amount of money that we're eligible for?" asked Jim Ivy.
"I don't think there's a set amount for any particular city," said Galindo. "The possibilities are tremendous."
Galindo said these were just some of the ideas he has been talking with chamber members about.
"This is just to give you an idea of what we're doing and what we want to do," he said.
In other business on Tuesday, Rivera told the group that the Odessa Chamber of Commerce had invited Pecos to participate in planning a trade show. "We as a chamber need to be there and need someone to attend the meeting on the 22nd," he said, which is next Thursday.
Rivera said that he would be there and would like someone else to accompany him.
Women's Division President Laura Briggs reported that three new members had signed up to become a part of the club. "We'll also be having Golden Girl signup for those girls that want to participate in the Golden Girl pageant," said Briggs.
Signups will be held the Pecos High School on Wednesday, Feb. 21, with the deadline to register set for March 30.
The group is also working on "Newcomer's Baskets" to be given to new members in the community. "We'll be going to businesses, to see if they want to donate some items, such as jar openers, pens, or knickknacks," said Briggs. "We want to get a welcome wagon together," she said.
Linda Gholson will be in charge of the Reeves County Fall Fair this year, but is looking for a helper. "She said she would take on the duties of chairman, but needs a co-chair," said chamber president Barbara Creager, who chaired the committee last year.

City wants to fill `holes' through annexation plan

Staff Writer

PECOS, February 14, 2001 - Many local business owners and community members attended a public hearing on annexation of several sections of land held by the Town of Pecos City Council this morning at City Hall.
The Council has been considering annexation for about three or four years of the small islands throughout town that are not currently within the city limits, according to Councilman Ricky Herrera.
He said it has taken so long to get this far in the annexation process because of various projects that have been in development over the years.
"We've just been so busy with the water fields and other major projects," he said.
According to City Secretary Geneva Martinez, about 15 to 20 people were at the hearing in protest of the annexation plans
"Everyone was really against it," she said.
Community member David Pattillo presented the Council with a petition that was signed by 23 people from the area, and many of those at the meeting voiced their concerns to council members.
Martinez said that the council handed out a list of possible benefits to land and property owners after annexation.
According to the handout the benefits would include the water and sewer rates would be cut in half and the property owners would also get police protection and the ability to vote during city elections.
Herrera said that in his opinion the main reason for annexation is to promote future development and to allow property owners to be hooked up to city services including water, sewer and gas lines.
"We are conforming with the laws that are allowed for home rule cities to be able to annex," he said. "To be able to provide full city services to all the areas being annexed."
The largest section of land the city wants to annex is south of Walthall Street and on the eastside of Cedar Street. It included the areas behind McDonald's, Wal-Mart and the Flying J Truck Stop, along with several homes along Daggett, Lincoln and Oliver streets. Those streets currently are designated as county roads once outside the city limits.
Other smaller parcels of land are in the Winding Way area, west of Eagle Stadium and between the Pecos Nursing Home and Casa Manana Apartments
Another public hearing is set for 7:30 a.m., tomorrow morning in the Council Chambers at City Hall.

SSB announces promotions of four

longtime employees

PECOS, February 14, 2001 - Four employees at Security State Bank are being rewarded for their years of service and dedication with new positions within the bank.
Bill Oglesby, President of Security State Bank announced that the longtime employees have been elected to new officer positions. Cecilia Ward was promoted to Vice President and Cashier, Brenda McKinney and Bobby Clark to Vice President, and Suan Cross to Assistant Vice President.
Ward has been with the bank since 1975 and has worked in various departments of the bank and currently supervises the loan and teller operations. Her new duties will include supervising date processing, ATMs, bookkeeping, personnel, and funds management as well as her current duties.
Brenda McKinney joined the bank in January of 1987, returning to Pecos from Alpine where she worked in banking. Brenda supervises the new accounts, CDs and bank marketing and has currently been managing the new check printing service of the bank.
Clark joined the bank in 1988 as internal auditor/loan review officer and is now a lending officer. Bobby has worked in the banking industry since 1976 as an examiner auditor, and loan officer.
Suan Cross began working for the bank in August of 1987 as a secretary. Suan started her banking career in 1979 and had worked for several West Texas banks before moving to Pecos to begin work for the Security State Bank. Cross is in charge of loan administration.
Bill Oglesby said, "These four officers represent over 80 years banking experience, most of which came serving the customers of Security State Bank. These officers are outstanding assets to the bank and the community."

Science Fair efforts taken up by sixth graders

Staff Writer

PECOS, February 14, 2001 - Solar energy, weather predictions and germs were some of the projects from sixth graders at this week's Science Fair at Zavala Middle School.
The students had the opportunity to learn more about science, and the top finishers have an opportunity to advance further with their projects.
"They really had fun with these projects," said science fair director Diane Paz.
She said the school had a really good turnout, with 134 projects that were displayed and judged on in six categories: Physics, Environmental, Life, Chemistry, Behavioral and Earth and Space.
"We followed the International Science Fairs," said Paz.
The winners of the local fair will go on to compete in the Permian Basin Regional Science Fair in Odessa, which is scheduled for March 24.
"First, second and third place winners will advance to the regional fair," said Paz. "Eighteen projects will get to go on to regional."
Paz said that sixth grade students had not participated in a science in a long time. "They tell me they haven't had one in a long time, so this might be called our first annual," she said.
Ideas for the projects came from the students themselves, according to Paz. "We looked on the Internet and found several ideas, but a lot of them came from just the students themselves." Paz added that the students were very enthused about the projects.
"I think it was very successful," said Principal Cindy Duke. "Mrs. Paz did an excellent job of organizing it, getting together with the teachers, and getting the students to participate."
"Everyone had a great time doing the projects and the students were really enthused," said Duke.
"We're very excited about it and are looking forward to next year's event," she added.
Judges for the event included Paz' daughter, Erin Paz and Lance Ward, both of whom came in from San Angelo State University to help out.
Other judges were, Terry Holder, Ruben Cervantes, Jerry Milsapps, John Barrett, Hannah Paz, Emily Fernandes, Lupe Paz, Joyce Morton, Bud Nelson, Lois Nelson and Isabel Blanchard.
Winners in this year's event include in the Behavioral Science: first place, Matthew Garcia and Jonathan Gomez with their "Maze Madness" project; second place went to the project, "Shock of Breakfast," by Justo Dominguez and third place winner was Larry Johnson with his "T.V. Mania" project. Honorable Mention went to Ruben Salgado, "The Steady Hand Game" project.
In Chemistry: "The Battle to Increase the Shelf-Life of Vegetables," by Claudia Brandt took first place; second place went to Daniel Tarin, with "Tooth Decay and Liquids" project and third place, was "Crystals," a project by Rebecca Gooding. Honorable Mention was "The Beauty of Gardening" by E. Jaymes Navarrete.
Earth and Space Science winners included first place, Jesseca Perea, with "Hold the Solar Energy"; second place, "Battles of the Warm Fronts," by Michael Buentello and third place "Weather Predictions," by R.J. Guerra and Bonifacio Garcia. Honorable Mention was "Wacky Weather," by Jasmine Armendariz.
Environmental: first place winner was Eleanor Mason with "Gasoline Alley"; second place, "Survivors," by Santiago Leija and Francisco Ornelas and third place project, "What Kind of Music Do Plants Like?" by Casey Castillo and Crystal Orozco. Honorable Mention went to Daniel Reyes with his project "Magnetic Effect." Honorable Mention winner in this category was Brittany Castaneda with "The Water Challenge".
In Life Science, Crystal Ikeler and Silvia Baeza won first place with their project, "Knock Out Germs"; second place was "Plant Battle," by Syra Mendoza and Valeria Bersosa and third place winner was Melody Juarez with "The Beat Goes On." Honorable Mention went to Matthew Oglesby and Randy Prieto, with their project, "What Makes a Cockatiel Rock?"
In the Physics Category: Michael Herrera took first place with this project, "Best Bat"; second place went to Cody Hernandez and Adrian Solis with "Electroplating" and third place was "What Conducts Electricity?" by Chris Navarette. Honorable Mention was "Can White Light Change Into Color?" by Melissa Mendoza and Bianca Lujan.

Filing set to start for city, school,

hospital elections

PECOS, February 14, 2001 - Filing will begin on Monday for seats on the Pecos-Barstow-Toyah ISD and Balmorhea ISD school board, and for city elections in Pecos, Barstow, Toyah and Balmorhea.
Individuals who want to sign up to run in any of those elections can do so between Feb. 19 and March 21. School registration will be done at the administration buildings in Pecos and Balmorhea. City election candidates can do so with the city secretaries in all four towns, while Reeves County Hospital District filings will be handled at the Reeves County Hospital administrative offices.
Elections this year will be on May 5.


David Morena, Sr. and Ramon Ortega


PECOS, February 14, 2001 - High Tuesday 70. Low this morning 48. Rainfall last 24 hours at Texas A&M Experiment Station .06 inch. Forecast for tonight: Mostly cloudy with a 40 percent chance of showers or thunderstorms. Low 40 to 45. Variable wind 5 to 10 mph. Thursday: Partly cloudy with a 30 percent chance of showers or thunderstorms. High in the mid 60s. West wind 10 to 20 mph and gusty. Thursday night: Partly cloudy. Low in the lower 30s. Friday: Partly cloudy. Highs in the 60s. Saturday and sunday: Partly cloudy and cooler. Lows in the 30s. Highs in the 50s.

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