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Tuesday, January 16, 2001

Loving vote probe awaits word from Austin

Staff Writer

PECOS, January 16, 2001 - A decision on whether or not to expand a probe into alleged voter registration irregularities in Loving County could be made within the next month, 143rd District Attorney Randy Reynolds said today.

The investigation into registration for the Nov. 7 general election began in October, after it was reported there were more people registered to vote in Loving County that actual residents in the weeks leading up to the election.

Loving County Clerk Beverly Hansen said in late October that while 146 people had been registered to vote in the county 1999, that number had risen to 212 by early October. The number of registered voters surpassed 200 even though the U.S. Census Bureau showed only 113 people living in Loving County as of July 1, 1999. Loving is the least-populated county in the United States.

The county ended up with 161 people voting in the Nov. 7 election, Hanson said. As a result, an investigation of the situation was requested by Reynolds and begun by Texas Ranger Jerry Villalobos.

Villalobos said he talked with Reynolds about the probe last week, but as of now, there has been no final decision made on what to do. Reynolds said the problem "may be considered by the Attorney General's office for action as well," but as of this morning there had been no word from Austin on whether or not the state would get involved.

"I would hope within the next 30 days a decision will be made," said Reynolds.

"If they (Attorney General John Cornyn's office) go ahead and accept the case they may assign their own investigator or have me do it," Villalobos said.

While Reynolds awaits a decision from Austin, another court action connected with the election was filed in 143rd District Court in Mentone in late November. J.W. "Buddy" Busby sued over his 37-24 loss in the election for Precinct 1 Commissioner to Harlan Hopper. In his suit, Busby questioned the fairness of the vote count, citing the fact that Loving County Clerk Beverly Hansen is Hopper's daughter.

Area's first sales tax rebates for new year show decrease

PECOS, January 16, 2001 - Sales tax rebate figures for Reeves County cities were below those of surrounding towns in January, according to figures released last week by State Comptroller Carole Keeton Rylander's office.

The totals, based on sales made locally during November, showed Pecos' rebate check slipped 7.4 percent from a year ago, falling from $60,434 to $55,967. Toyah's rebate check for $226 represented a 31.1 percent decline from a year ago, while Balmorhea's check for $231 was up 1.5 percent, but that was due to a 50 percent rise in the city's sales tax, from 1 to 1½ cents, since last year.

Out of Pecos' 1½-cent share of the state's 8-¼ cent sales tax, one-quarter cent, or $9,328, will go to the Pecos Economic Development Corporation.

Reeves County Hospital saw an even bigger drop in their ½-cent sales tax rebate check. It fell by 28.45 percent, from $23,9891 to $17,078. In contrast, statewide sales tax rebate figures were up nearly five percent for January, according to Rylander's office.

Alpine was the only city to suffer a larger drop in their first rebate check of 2001 among area cities. It fell 14.27 percent, to $50,908. In contrast, Andrews, Fort Stockton, Marfa and Presidio were all up by more then 10 percent, while Monahans, Odessa and Kermit showed gains of over eight percent. Midland was also up sharply, by 31.5 percent, but that was due in part to a 25 percent rise in their local sales tax last year.

Houston again had the state's largest monthly rebate check, for $23.9 million, which was a 5 percent increase from last year. Dallas got back just under $15.4 million from the comptroller's office, up 3.2 percent from their January 2000 total.

Probation time added for duo after hearings in district court

Staff Writer

PECOS, January 16, 2001 - More probation time was added to the sentences two individuals during court hearings held Friday at the Reeves County Courthouse with 143rd District Judge Bob Parks presiding.

Parks dismissed the revocation and amended the community supervision (probation) of Jose Alberto Barreno, Jr. He was assessed six years community supervision for assault causing bodily injury on Pedro Gonzales, Jr.

The court dismissed the revocation of Elizabeth Medrano and amended her conditions, for the charge of tampering with government records. Medrano also has a hold from Monahans and Ward County. Her probation was extended to three years.

Florencio Garcia pled guilty and deferred adjudication and received four years deferred probation.

Stock show auction nets over $45,000

Staff Writer

PECOS, January 16, 2001 - Sales from Saturday night's auction at the annual Reeves County Junior Livestock Show came to just over $45,000, with the largest single price going for the Grand Champion Steer from Friday night's Livestock Show.

Sale total was $44,055 with $1,225 added, to make the grand total, $45,280, while the winning steer was shown by John Clark and bought by Kwik-Stop Convenience Store for $2,500.

A moment of silence was observed before the bidding for Buddy Canon and Charlie Taylor, both of whom died during the past year. Both were big supporters of the annual event for many years and special thanks and plaques awarded to both Security State Bank and West Texas National Bank for their contributions.

Lyndall Elkins' grand champion lamb went for $1,200 bought by the Champion Club; the grand champion hog was sold for $1,200, shown by Mateo Tarango and bought by Rediger's, Randy Graham, Champion Club, Dairy Queen and Pecos Insurance; Heath Armstrong had the grand champion goat purchased by Loyd Amoco, Loyd and Carol Carson; Courtney Clark's, Reserve Grand Steer, went for $2,000 to Bobby Clark; the reserve grand lamb, shown by Adrienne Bagley went for $500 and purchased by Pecos Animal Clinic; the reserve grand champion hog, shown by Justin Lara, went for $550 to West Texas National Bank; the reserve grand champion goat, shown by Amanda Armstrong, went for $800 to Cole Armstrong-Hope Wilson; the champion Hampshire, shown by Chance Cook went for $740 to Mona Cook Memorial Fund (Pecos Cook); the champion OPB hog, shown by Brandi Bradley, went for $600, to Trans Pecos Dairy and Katie Lee's, reserve champ finewool, went for $650 to Security State Bank.

The reserve champion OPB Hog, owned by Jack Stickels went for the highest total of all the hogs at auction, $1,150, and was bought by West Texas Gas-Pecos Animal Clinic-Minton, Burton Foster, Collins, Bena Leismann. The reserve champ MW lamb was sold for $550 to Roberts Construction-Bob Burkholder-Garlene Burkholder and shown by Drake Bradley; Kaci Harrison's first place heavy weight Hampshire hog went for $600 to Trans Pecos Dairy.

Other winners included: Alex Morales, $950, 1st med. Wt. Cross hog, West Texas National Bank, Mary Lou and Luis Carrasco, Carrasco Law Firm, Louis Morales, Fibertech; Josh Elliott, $550, 1st med. Wt. OPB hog, Hi Lonesome Ranch; Susan Bradley, $525, 1st Lt. Wt. Cross hog, Trans Pecos Dairy; Arturo Rodriguez, $525, 1st Lt. Wt. Goat, McCoy Building Supply; Jamie Gallego, $550, 2nd Lt. Wt. MW Lamb, Security State Bank; David Bradley, $575, 2nd Hvy Wt. MW Lamb, Lee Lumber; Derek Teague, $600, 2nd Med. Wt. Duroc Hog, Reeves County Judge Jimmy Galindo-Charlie Bowers; Teddy Salcido, $610, 2nd Hvy Wt. Duroc Hog, West Texas National Bank, Texas-New Mexico Power Co.; Francisco Ornelas, $450, 2nd Lt. Wt. Hamp Hog, Texas-New Mexico Power Co.; Andrew Lopez, $650, 2nd Lt. Wt. Hamp Hog, Pecos Cantaloupe-Banes Gen. Contractors; Samuel Urias, $425, 2nd Med. Wt. OPB Hog, Reeves County Judge Jimmy Galindo; Liberty Wofford, $525, 2nd Hvy Wt. OPB Hog, Godbold Feed-Alamo Gin-Kerley Gin-C&S Heating; Jamye Galindo, $600, 2nd Lt. Wt. Cross Hog, Security State Bank and Natalia Ornelas, $500 2nd Med. Wt. Cross Hog, Valley Dist.-Western Livestock Auction.

Also, Jennie Canon, $475, 2nd Hvy. Wt. Cross Hog, Security State Bank; Clifton Brantley, $375, 2nd Med. Wt. Goat, Trey Miller-Banes Gen. Contractors; Jose Rodriguez, $425, 2nd Lt. Hvy. Wt. Goat, Sierra Super Energy-Annabel Still-Memory Bill Dearing; Chris Armstrong, $380, 2nd Hvy. Wt. Gato, Hugh Box, Loring Box, Miller Steel; Michael Lee, $600, 3rd Finewool Lamb, Clay and Ellen Lee; David Elkins, $375, 3rd Lt. Wt. Cross Lamb, Charlie Mitchell-Banes Gen. Contractors; Candice Regelman, $475, 3rd Lt. Wt. MW Lamb, Bob Bagley, Crews Adams, Holly Kingston, Bob's Thriftway and Edwin Easley; Jennifer Ward, $575, 3rd Lt. Med. WT MW Lamb, Jess Anthony, Jimmy Wofford, Dr. Cam, Erickson Equip. and P&J Farms; Adam Roman, $475, 3rd Med. Wt. MW Lamb, La Tienda Thriftway; Matt Elliott, $450, 3rd Hvy. Wt. Duroc Hog, West Texas National Bank and Gabriel and Crissy Martinez; Dustin Gullihur, $525, 3rd Lt. Wt. OPB Hog, Fred and Marsha Pearce; Kattie Davis, $475, 3rd Med. WT. OPB Hog, Clay Taylor-Gabriel and Crissy Martinez; Kalyn Lara, $400, 3rd Hvy. Wt. OPB Hog, A.F. Foster; Levi Cobos, $375, 3rd Lt. Wt. Cross Hogg, Pecos Farmers Produce and Fred Caballero, 3rd Hvy. Wt. Cross Hog, Jim Ed Miller; Dillion Dutchover, $375, 3rd Hvy Cross Hog, Bill Allen; Usbaldo Baeza, $350, 3rd Lt. Wt. Goat, Randy Taylor; Savanna Machuca, $350, 3rd Med. Wt. Goat, Jobe Ranch; Amber Cook, $500, 3rd Lt. Hvy Wt. Goat, Dolly Bryant-Big Springs; Adriel Roman, $350, 4th Hvy. Wt. Cross Lamb, Gary Hebbert-Ennis Erickson-Desert Distributing and Ilod Rausher and Jogina Gallego, $350, 4th Lt. Wt. MW Lamb, Carmon & Virginia Henderson, Chavez Law Firm, Skelton Trucking-Carlos Banvelos.

Also, Imari Ornelas, $375, 4th Lt. Wt. Duroc Hog, Grady Western Supply, Reeves County Sheriff's Posse; Joseph Rodriguez, $1,300, 4th Med. Wt. Duroc Hog, Joe Cisneros, CW&C; John Canon, $505, 4th Lt. Wt. Hamp Hog, Reeves County Judge-Charlie Bowers; Jack Bradley, $500, 4th Med. Wt. Hamp Hog, Fred and Marsha Pearce; Josh Cobos, $375, 4th Med. Wt. Hamp Hog, Pecos Animal Clinic, Lextron Animal Health; Breann Windham, $650, 4th Hvy. Wt. OPB Hog, Gibson True Value; Russell Garlick, $375, 4th Lt. Wt. Goat, McCoy Building Supply; Arianna Alligood, $500, 4th Lt. Med. Wt. Goat, Pecos Valley Grain-Steve and Dawn Taylor; Miguel Rodriguez, $350, 5th Lt. Wt. Cross Lamb, Pecos Valley RR, Dakota Cattle, Jim Bob McNeil; Sarah Matta, $350, 5th Lt. Wt. Hamp Hog, Pecos Fire Dept. Airlawn Furn.-Mike Livingston; Jay Sanchez, $350, 5th Med. Wt. Hamp Hog, Turnbough Farms, Western Abstract, Hulton Pass and Merle Norman Cos.-La Tienda; David Davis, $350, 5th Lt. Wt. OPB Hog, Jodi, JJ and Ricky Exum; Chris Bowers, $350, 5th Lt. Wt. OPB Hog, Herrera's Drive Thru- Fred and Marsha Pearce; Robert Vasquez, $350, 5th Med. Wt. Cross Hog, Steve-Dawn Taylor; Andre Varela, $1,000, 5th Hvy. Wt. Cross Hog, Ben Villalobos (4C Cattle Co.) and Abel Rodriguez, $350, 5th Lt. Wt. Goat, Carrasco Law Firm-David Castillo-American Home Health and B&B Wrecker.

Also, J.B. Moore, $350, 5th Lt. Med. Wt. Goat, Beau Jack Hendrick-Carrasco Law Firm-Fuentes; Amber Briceno, $350, 6th Lt. MW Lamb, Morrison Supply-Ron Lipbe &Ina Herdon-Lipsey Capitol Agg.-Desert Rental; Savannah Matta, $350, 6th Med Wt. Duroc Hog, Morrison Supply-Pecos Animal Clinic; Jourmain Matta, $350, 6th Lt. Wt. Cross Hog, LMD Architect, PLLC & Clay Taylor; Gabriel Saenz, $450, 6th Lt. Med. Wt. Goat, West Texas National Bank; Chase Lawrence, $450, 6th Med. Wt. Goat, Security State Bank; Justin Machuca, $350, 6th Lt. Hvy Wt. Goat, Reeves County Teacher Credit Union-Sandell Wrecker; Efrain Rodriguez, $350, 7th Lt. Wt. Cross Lamb, Jim Bob McNeil, Gaston & Mary Tarango- Jim and Michelle Workman-Manuel and Alicia Tarango; Julia Garlick, $525, 7th Med. WT. OPB Hog, Canon Consulting; Barbara Peacock, $400, 7th Lt. Wt. Cross Hog, Lindsay Construction and Levon Barragon, $350, 7th Hvy. Cross Hog, Balmorhea Ag Boosters and Morison Supply.

Also Isaiah Vela, $360, 7th Lt. Wt. Goat, Gibson's-KIUN Radio-West Texas Electric Supply; Tyler Hebbert, $410, 7th Lt. Med. Wt. Goat, Pecos Animal Clinic-Randy Taylor-Memory of Charlie Taylor; Roslynn Fleenor, $350, 7th Med. Wt. Goat, Acme Realty-J&J Rental-Canon Consulting-NAPA Auto Parts; Justin Campos, $350, 9th Lt. Wt. OPB Hog, Anchor West-Morrison Supply and Chris Barragon, $400, 9th Hvy. Wt. OPB Hog, Buyer's Pool.

Workshop to offer help to caregivers in handling stress

PECOS, January 16, 2001 - The Greater West Texas Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association and the Permian Basin Area Agency on Aging is presenting "Gimme A Breaků" a workshop on caregiver's stress at 10 a.m., on Wednesday, Jan. 24 at the Pecos Senior Citizens Center.

This workshop deals with people who take care of the elderly or ill, including those with Alzheimer's, cancer and other various illnesses.

Learn some valuable tips on taking care of yourself like finding the time to laugh at least once a day, facing the super-caregiver complex, discovering new strengths within yourself, setting priorities and boundaries and thinking outside the box-learning new ways to get the important things done.

The workshop is free to anyone who wants to participate.

For more information call Donna Woodard at 445-3272 or Beverly Thomas at 447-2810.


PECOS, January 16, 2001 - High Monday 58. Low this morning 32. Forecast for tonight: Cloudy with a 20 percent chance of snow. Low around 30. North wind 5 to 15 mph. Wednesday: Cloudy with a 40 percent chance of rain. Rain may be mixed with snow. High in the upper 30s. Northeast wind 5 to 15 mph. Wednesday night: Cloudy with a 30 percent chance of snow. Low in the upper 20s. Thursday: Mostly cloudy with a chance of snow. Low in The 20s. Highs 35 to 45.

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