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Thursday, March 9, 2000

Air Force offers Pecos group Dyess tour

Staff Writer
PECOS, Mar. 9, 2000 - A group of Reeves County residents will experience something new next Friday, when they receive a tour of Dyess Air Force Base in Abilene and learn more about the mission of the B-1 bombers stationed there.

The group will tour the base on March 17 and get a look at the operation of the B-1s, which the Air Force plans to fly in a low-level loop over Reeves County as part of its Realistic Bomber Training Initiative.

"We want them to understand our mission and what we're talking about," said Lt. Wes Ticer. "We want to show them how we do our mission."

"The Air Force contacted us and told us they want to keep up a good relationship with the community," said Town of Pecos City Manager Kenneth Neal.

"We'll gather at the civic center, early Friday morning and board the van," said Neal. "They wanted us to gather about 25 individuals from the community, from different aspects, such as the city, chamber and county," he said.

So far a good number of people from the city and chamber have signed up to go along on the tour, with five seats reserved for county representatives.

"Lt. Ticer was trying to get a hold of Herman Tarin (Reeves County Commissioner Precinct 3) to invite him along on the tour," said Neal. Tarin's precinct includes the area where B-1 and B-52 bombers from Dyess and Barksdale AFB are scheduled to make their lowest runs, while targeting an electronic scoring site to be built in south-central Reeves County.

Tarin was in the hospital in Odessa this morning, undergoing surgery on his foot, following an incident that occurred while at work on Feb. 18.

"I was riding on a horse, when it slipped and fell on my leg," said Tarin.

The horse crushed his leg and broke his toe. "They'll have to do surgery and put a pin in it," said Tarin.

Tarin has been on crutches since the accident happened and is scheduled for surgery for 9 a.m. today. "I think it will go pretty good, the surgeon is a very good one and I'll have to stay in the hospital, at least overnight," said Tarin.

"Hopefully he'll be better by next week and want to come along on the tour," said Neal.

Several residents along the bombing run have voiced their opposition to the plan, which was formally announced by the Air Force last month. They say the flights can damage buildings and windows and scare livestock in the area.

The Air Force told U.S. Rep. Henry Bonilla's office in late January that the electronic scoring site would cost between $3.5 and $5 million to build, and would add 31 jobs and an annual $1.6 million to the local economy.

"Lt. Ticer told me the Air Force wants to be a good member of the community and possibly participate in other events in town, such as the parade and the rodeo," said Neal.

Neal stated that this will be the first tour the air force offers the citizens of Pecos, but it won't be the last. "Also, if other members of the community ever want to visit and tour the facility, they will do the same for them, as they are doing this time," said Neal.

The General Commander has invited the group, along with other citizens from the Snyder area, including eight counties for the tour. "He invited them to come out and see what we're all about," said Ticer.

Snyder is and the other counties are within the Lancer training site, which the bombers will fly though at higher altitudes before beginning their lower-level runs through Reeves County.

Both groups will receive a briefing when they first get there, a Wing Mission Briefing, to let them know what they do and how they do it, according to Ticer.

"We'll be taking them into the B-1 Simulator and they will be seeing a weapons demonstration," said Ticer.

The group will also watch the load crews, load up, see the jet repair center and go inside a real B-1, according to Ticer. "They will get a briefing from the pilot, a familiarization tour."

"This is so that they will know exactly what we do and see it first hand," said Ticer. "They can then answer questions other community members might have."

"They'll know what it's all about and possibly squelch rumors about the air force and their mission," said Ticer.

Ticer said the Air Force had asked the city to get a cross-section of people to come to the tour so that they can return to Reeves County and answer any questions.

The group will leave at 6:30 a.m. and be back in Pecos by 8 p.m.

Council honors swimmers, sets election

Staff Writer
PECOS, Mar. 9, 2000 - Town of Pecos City Council recognized the accomplishments of the Pecos High School Swim Team today by declaring today as "Pecos Swim Team Day."

Coach Terri Morse and her team attended this morning's meeting and the council presented three plaques recognizing both swim team coaches and the team.

"We are so pleased to have you all here to day and we are extremely proud of your accomplishments," Mayor Dot Stafford said.

For Mayor Pro Tem Danny Rodriguez the day was extra-special as he recognized the team and also presented one of the coach's plaques to his son, Rene Rodriguez, a graduate of Pecos High and a former student athlete under Morse.

Coach Morse told the council that the boys' team won their district and region before going to state and the girls' team was the runner-up in district and region this year.

At state, the Eagle boys placed fifth overall in the state's first-ever Class 4A swim meet, and were the only swimmers not from a large metropolitan area among the point leaders.

"We really appreciate the city council recognizing us like this," Morris said.

In other business the council received Department of Health Director Armando Gil's report regarding the remediation of the property located at 5202 S. Cedar St, that used to be a gas station.

Earlier in the year the council solicited bids on the property, which the city owns, and then rejected the bids at the last council meeting. At that meeting, the council voted to have the property appraised and to look into the cost of removing the underground fuel tanks buried on the property, as well as the cost of demolishing the structures on it.

In his report Gil estimated that remediation could cost more than $100,000 over the long term.

The council took no action concerning the property besides receiving the report.

"Since the property was a gas station, remediation (removing fuel products from the soil and ground water that have escaped either from leaks or spills) can be very expensive," Gil said. "The project at Ninth Street and Cedar has been going on for five years or so and we are still pulling more product (petroleum products) from the ground water than we are getting actual water."

The council also read and approved an Order of Election providing for a city election to be held May 6. The city will elect two councilmen and a mayor, all to two-year terms.

The terms of Mayor Dot Stafford, and councilmen Ricky Herrera and Johnny Terrazas all expire this year. All three have announced their candidacies for the upcoming election.

The council also adopted resolution #20-3-2-R, establishing a central voting station for the election and appointing election officers. The voting station will be the county clerk's office at the county courthouse.

In discussing matters to be put on the next meeting's agenda, Councilman Ricky Herrera voiced his concern with the safety of the railroad crossing at Alamo Street.

"When the railroad was replacing the rails it took some of the crossing signs down and at least one is still down," Herrera said. "Also, there are several empty train cars parked near the intersection that really block motorists' view of on-coming trains."

Herrera asked that the topic be on the agenda for the next meeting and that the city contact Union Pacific and Pecos Valley Southern Railroad about the problem so that representatives from both could attend the next meeting.

"Most importantly, I want to see the city contact the railroad before the next meeting, to see if something can be done about this right away, before someone gets hurt," he said.

The council asked City Manager Kenneth Neal to contact both railroads that use the tracks, Union Pacific and Pecos Valley, to see what can be done about the cars parked near the intersection and the missing crossing sign.

"Since the item wasn't on the agenda the council couldn't take any action but they did request that I contact the railroads and see what we can do, and we'll do that right away," Neal said.

Area's tax rebate figures show increase for March

Staff Writer
PECOS, Mar. 9, 2000 - January sales in West Texas rebounded from a bad December, with most area cities seeing their tax rebate checks from Austin increase compared with a year ago.

Texas Comptroller Carole Keeton Rylander sent out checks to Texas cities, counties and other taxing districts this week, and all three cities in Reeves County saw their checks increase over last March's totals.

Pecos' check this month was up 5.6 percent, after a 16.9 percent fall in February. The city got a check for $61,752 from Rylander's office, up from the $58,476 sent back a year ago, based on Pecos' 1½-cent share of the state's 8¼ percent sales tax. For the first three months of 2000, the city's tax rebate total stands at $199,577, virtually unchanged from a year ago.

Balmorhea, one of the few cities to see an increase in its check last month, more than doubled its total this time around. The city's $474 check was one-third of what it received in February, based on sales during the Christmas holiday season, but it was still up 123 percent from the $212 check it got back last March.

Toyah, which saw it's check last month drop by two-thirds from a year ago, got back $585 from Austin this time, double the amount from both last month and a year ago.

Area cities like Fort Stockton, Marfa and Big Spring, also saw their checks increase by about five percent, while others reported double-digit jumps in their tax rebate checks.

The Reeves County Hospital District joined Pecos in getting about five percent more back from Austin this month. The hospital received a check for $22,814 as their ½-cent share of the state sales tax.

Couple heads to rodeo for 67th anniversary

Staff Writer
PECOS, Mar. 9, 2000 - A long-time Pecos couple will be celebrating their 67th anniversary on March 18 by attending a rodeo in the city where they were wed.

Love was in the air in Pecos back in 1933, when a young 23-year-old rancher, Norman Eisenwine had asked for the hand of his 20 year-old sweetheart, Annevlyn Roberson.

Since both of the families were in the ranching business the young couple thought it would be a great idea to get married in Fort Worth during the Stock Show.

Back in 1933 times and things were different in a lot of ways. The Southwestern Exposition and Livestock Show was the Fat Stock Show and Rodeo and it was held in March instead of February.

Annevlyn's mother went along with the idea of a Fort Worth ceremony, and they all made the then long trip to from Pecos to the big city where their families had been sending their cattle to auction through the years.

They had a special time at the rodeo along with that very special event of exchanging marriage vows at the St. Patrick Catholic Church in downtown Fort Worth.

The bride's mother, Mrs. Roberson, was in attendance at the wedding, but the couple kept it a secret from their friends from Pecos who had also attended the rodeo. They, at the time, thought it was a fun thing to surprise them by having a secret marriage and then springing it upon them later.

After 1933 the couple continued living in Pecos, where they raised their five children. Norman is now 90 years old and Annevlyn is 87. Three years ago they were persuaded to leave Pecos and move to Ennis, a Dallas suburb, where Louis and Norma, two of their children live. They have two other daughters, Carolyn, in Fort Worth and Marilyn in Georgetown. Another son, Jim, is in Dallas.

They celebrated again this year in Fort Worth by attending the 2 p.m. rodeo on Feb. 1.

"We had a good time," said Annevlyn. "We really enjoyed the show. We met with family and friends for lunch, then went to the rodeo. It was nice."

She said she and her husband particularly enjoyed the fireworks show and the chuck wagon races.

Although it has been years since they first came to the Stock Show Rodeo, the Eisenwines have long been involved in the West of the Pecos Rodeo. One reason Annevlyn came to Fort Worth in 1933 was to represent the Pecos Rodeo, considered to be the oldest rodeo in the country.

She was queen of the Pecos rodeo and was featured on the front of the March 15, 1933, Fort Worth Star-Telegram. The headline read, "Miss Roberson Representative of Oldest Rodeo in United States." The photo showed her wearing her banner across her chest.

"Wearing cowboy boots and breeches, a red jacket and a broad-brimmed cowboy hat, Miss Roberson was a picture of the cowgirl of the old West," the story said.

Last year Norman was honored during the West of the Pecos Rodeo. He's never missed a rodeo since he started going, and he's had the same box seats since the current arena was built.

Seminar scheduled on business taxes at Civic Center

PECOS, Mar. 9, 2000 - The Pecos Chamber of Commerce/CVB, the Big Bend Region Minority and Small Business Development Center of Sul Ross State University, and the Internal Revenue Service will be presenting a workshop on "Understanding Your Business Taxes."

The workshop will be held on Wednesday, March 29, from 5 p.m. until 8 p.m., at the Reeves County Civic Center.

This workshop is free of charge and will cover such topics as: Should you be a corporation, a limited liability company or a sole proprietor? How do I find out how much money I am making? And How do I determine my employment taxes?

This workshop is open to everyone.

You can earn CPE credits on this seminar. Call Tom Rivera at the Pecos Chamber of Commerce at 445-2406, to register or for more information.


AUSTIN (AP) - No ticket correctly matched all six numbers drawn Wednesday night for the twice-weekly Lotto Texas game, state lottery officials said. The numbers drawn Wednesday night from a field of 50 were: 1-13-17-28-29-44. Saturday night's drawing will be worth an estimated $13 million.


AUSTIN (AP) - The winning Pick 3 numbers drawn Wednesday by the Texas Lottery, in order: 4-6-9 (four, six, nine)


PECOS, Mar. 9, 2000 - High Wednesday 75. Low this morning 45. Forecast for tonight: Partly cloudy. Low around 40. West wind 10-15 mph. Friday: Partly cloudy and breezy. High 70-75. West wind 15-25 mph and gusty. Friday night: Mostly clear. Low in the mid 30s. Saturday: Partly cloudy. Lows 40-45. Highs 75-80.

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