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Wednesday, January 19, 2000

Bunton's docket full on first day back

Staff Writer
PECOS, Jan. 19, 2000 - Senior U.S. District Court Judge Lucius D. Bunton ended a nine-month absence from regular service on Monday, handing his first full caseload in the Pecos federal courthouse named after him since undergoing cancer surgery in the spring of last year.

Bunton accepted several guilty pleas, handed down six sentences, issued a bench warrant for failure to appear on one defendant and began trial in a case involving the importation of importing over 1,200 pounds of marijuana.

Trial continued today in the case of Oscar Armando Miranda, with the defendant testifying on the witness stand this morning. Federal prosecutors charged Miranda with the importation of 1,250 pounds of marijuana that was found in a truck tractor in the Lajitas area last year, U.S. Attorney Jeff Parras said on Monday. The case was expected to go to the jury later today.

On Monday, Bunton accepted guilty pleas from two of six defendants in a marijuana case, and issued a bench warrant for a third, Ruben Medina, after he failed to appear in court.

Pleading guilty to one count of possession of marijuana over 50 kilograms and less than 100 kg were Michael Paul Medina and Apolinar Galindo-Bernal. Sentencing on the two men will be set for a later date.

A father and daughter were sentenced to prison by Bunton on three counts each of conspiracy to possess marijuana over 100 Kg and under 1000 kg, possession with intent to distribute marijuana over 100 kg and under 1000 kg, and use of a minor to avoid detection or apprehension for an offense.

Ruben Alarcon Pinon and his daughter Llama Edmundo Alarcon, were found guilty by jurors on Nov. 11 of last year for importation of the marijuana, which occurred on Aug. 3, 1999. Bunton sentenced Pinon to 84 months concurrent sentences on each count, to be served at the federal correctional institute in Big Spring, while his daughter was handed three concurrent sentences of 78 months by Bunton, to be served at the Carswell FMC in Fort Worth.

Sentenced to 24 month on a motion to revoke supervised release was Martha Sussana Ramos-Marufo. She was arrested on Jan. 31, 1994 for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, and was deported to Mexico from California in April of 1996. She was arrested again for possession of 90 pounds of marijuana in Nolan County (Sweetwater) on Aug. 27, 1998.

Bunton granted a motion to suppress evidence in a marijuana possession case involving John Marcus Barbee. Other cases handed by Bunton on his first day back included:

_ John Oliveras Munoz, sentenced to 33 months at the FCI-Bastrop for conspiracy to transport illegal aliens and transporting illegal aliens;

_ Nicole Lean Meek, 27 months at the FCI boot camp in Bryan for possession of under 50 kg marijuana with intent to distribute. A federal court jury found Meek guilty on Nov. 11, 1999.

_ Brian Coty, nine months for possession to distribute 285 tablets of hydrocodone at 7.5 mg per tablet. Coty pled guilty to the charge on Nov. 1, 1999.

_ Francisco Tejeda Anchondo pled guilty to one count of aiding and abetting Michael Anthony Vargas in possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

_ Kelly Jean Rivers pled guilty to one count of possession with intent to distribute over 100 kg and under 1000 kg of marijuana on June 14, 1999. She also pled guilty to a charge of failure to appear, and a sentencing date was set for March 28.

Released on bond was Ramon Chavez Gomez. He was charged with importation and possession of 10.2 pounds of marijuana on Nov. 26, 1999.

Hospital officials happy with blood drive results

Staff Writer
PECOS, Jan. 19, 2000 - Reeves County Hospital, hospital auxiliary members and United Blood Services of the Permian Basin were very pleased with the turnout at the Blood Drive held Tuesday in the lobby of the hospital.

"We had a total of 68 people come in," said Reeves County Hospital Director of Program Development, Community Services Nancy Ontiveros. "A total of 56 units of blood were collected."

Twelve individuals wanted to donate blood, but were deferred for various reasons, according to Ontiveros.

Blood shortages have been reported throughout the country as well as in the Permian Basin, and UBS officials were very pleased with the response, according to Ontiveros. "This will help replenish the supply of blood that we have already used," she said. The agency has made arrangements to hold another blood drive at the Pecos High School, on Feb. 8.

"We encourage all those individuals who were unable to donate yesterday, to drop by the high school on that day," said Ontiveros.

Ontiveros said she and the other organizers wanted to thank the entire community for their participation. "This supply will help greatly in replenishing what we have used and keep us on a steady level," she said.

The census at Reeves County Hospital has been steady, since the flu season began and continues to stay up, according to Ontiveros.

`The number of patients has increased, which means the blood supply is being used," she said.

Annual stock show sale nets $45,000

PECOS, Jan. 19, 2000 - Reeves-Loving Junior Livestock Show participants fared very well during this past weekend's Livestock Show and Sale at the Reeves County Civic Center.

"We had 75 students who had the opportunity to sell an animal," said Jodi Exum, one of the coordinators for the event. "We did really well this year."

A total of $45,000 was awarded to the students during the sale.

Courtney Clark's prize-winning red/white steer, which was named Grand Champion Steer, at the annual event garnered $1,400 from First National Bank, with the Reserve Grand Champion Steer exhibited by John M. Clark receiving $1,300 from Security State Bank.

Brandy Harrison's Grand Champion Lamb sold for $1,050 to Champion Club and Clifton Brantley's Grand Champion Goat went for $1,000 to Freeport Sulphur and Pecos Valley Field Services.

The Grand Champion Hog, owned by Jennifer Ward sold for $800 to First National Bank. Jamie Gallegos' second place Heavy Weight Steer sold for $1,300 to Dr. David Lovett and Ronnie Bowles, and Jogina Gallego's third place Heavy Weight Steer went for $1,200, and was bought by Trey Miller.

Other sales included, Justin Owen's Reserve Grand Champion Lamb for $750 to Pecos Insurance and Rediger's Pharmacy; Brandi Bradley's Reserve Grand Champion Hog sold for $600 to West Texas Gas; Heath Armstrong's Reserve Grand Champion Goat, for $700 to Lloyd's Amoco; Candace Roach's Champion Finewool Lamb went for $650 to Pecos Feed and Supply and Brandi Owen.

Sarah McKinney's Champion Cross Lamb sold for $850 to Marcos and May Martinez; Jennie Canon's Champion Cross Hog went for $600 to Phil Tyree and Steve Taylor; Gibson's True Value purchased the Champion OPB Hog owned by Bre'Ann Windham for $650; Bill Allen Insurance bought the Reserve Champion Finewool Lamb owned by Drake Bradley for $500; Adrienne Bagley's Reserve Champion Cross Lamb sold for $550, to Trans Pecos Dairy; Amanda Stickels' Reserve Champion Duroc Hog went for $700 to Hubbs Office Supply, the Reeves County Teacher's Credit Union and Beau Jack Hendricks.

Alex Morales, sold his Reserve Champion Hampshire Hog for $650 to Anchor West and Luis and MaryLou Carrasco; Pecos Valley SS and H.Q. Supply bought the Reserve Champ Cross Hog from Chance Cook for $425; Janie Jones sold his Reserve Champion OPB Hog for $600 to Pecos Valley Grain and Supply; Trey Perkins sold his first place Med. Wt. MW Lamb for $600 to Pecos Battery, David and Jan Pattillo and David Bradley's first place Heavy WT MW Hog, sold for $550 to Colt Chevrolet and Duke Outdoors.

Others were: Amber Cook, first place Lt WT Hamp Hog, $500, to McCoy Building Supply; Natalia Ornelas, first place Lt WT Cross Hog, $450, Texas-New Mexico Power Company; Stephanie Laurence, first place Hvy WT Cross Hog, $800, Balmorhea Feeders; Russell Garlick, LT WT OPB Hog, $650, Pecos Battery; Amanda Armstrong, first place LT WT Goat, $650, Balmorhea Feeders; Adriel Roman, second place LT Lamb, $450, A.B. Foster; Lauren Martinez, second place Hvy WT FWX Lamb, $550, McCoys; Katie Lee, second place Med WT WM Lamb, $700 to Peggy Goodman and Lee Lumber Co.; John Elliott, second place Med WT Duroc Hog, $450, Buyer's Pool; John Canon, second place Med WT Hamp Hog, $650, Pecos Valley-Gary, Steve, Kyle Taylor; Andrew Lopez, second place Lt Med WT Cross Hog, $550, Anchor West; Isaiha Vela, second place Med WT Cross Hog, $450, Security State Bank; Daniella Dutchover, second place Hvy WT Cross Hog, $450; Savannah Matta, second place Lt WT OPB Hog, $450; Valerie Garcia, second place Med WT OPB Hog, $400, First National Bank; Shelly Martinez, second place HVY WT OPB Hog, $500, Trans Pecos Dairy; Kaci Harrison, third place Finewool Lamb, $450, Pecos Valley Grain; Will Perkins, third place Lt Hvy WT MW Lamb, $500, Greg and Sharon Mitchell; Susan Bradley, third place LT WTC Duroc Hog, $550, Pecos Cantaloupe; Francisco Ornelas, third place LT WT Hamp Hog, $450, Greeman Ranches; Jay Sanchez, third place Hvy WT Hamp Hog, $500, Bob Burkholder.

Jourmain Matta, third place Lt Cross Hog, $450, La Tienda; Clayton Cox, third place Lt Med WT Cross Hog, $500, Trans Pecos Dairy; Jack Stickels, third place Med WT Cross Hog, $650, Gary and Debbie Taylor; Julia Garlick, third place Hvy WT Cross Hog, $600, Pecos Battery and Pattillos; Tyler Hebbert, thirst place Lt Med WT Goat, $450, Pecos Animal Clinic; Michael Lee, fourth place Hvy FW Cross Lamb, $600 Clay and Ellen Lee and Bill Davenport; Nina Gonzales, fourth place Hvy WT MW Lamb, $550, Randy Graham and Duncan Disposals; Chris Cook, fourth place LT WT Duroc Hog, $450, Big Bend Saddlery, Bagleys, Crews, Lippe AC; Jordan Burris, fourth place Hvy WT Hamp Hog, $650, Cee Sales, Boxes, Miller Steel; Alexis Lozano, fourth place Lt Med WT Cross Hog, $450, Armstrong Realty and Fred Armstrong; Joshua Cobos, fourth place LT Med WT Cross Hog, $500, Larry Sloan-Valley Dist.; Derek Teague, fourth place Hvy WT Cross Hogg, $550, Trans Pecos Dairy.

David Elkins, fourth place LT WT OPB Hog, $450, First National Bank; Justin Machuca, fourth place Med WT Goat, $500, Balmorhea Feeders; Gary McCraw, fourth place Hvy WT Goat, $500, Mc Coy Building Supply; Lyndall Elkins, fifth place Hvy WT MW Lamb, $450, Rick and Jodi Exum and Pecos Gas Co.; Chance Robbins, fifth place LT Med WT Cross Hog, $500, Greeman Ranches; Robert Vasquez, fifth place Med WT Cross Hog, $450; Liberty Wofford, fifth place LT WT OPB Hog, $600, Security State Bank, Balmorhea Ranches; Candice Regelman, sixth place LT WT MW Lamb, $500, Sheriff's Posse, Gibson True Value; Efrain Rodriguez, sixth place LT Med WT MW Lamb, $500, Alamo/Kerley Gin and Ben E Keith; Joshua Elliott, sixth place Lt WT Duroc, $500, Balmorhea Feeders; Vanessa Baeza, sixth place Med WT Duroc Hog, $450, Marfa Feed and Supply; Teddie Salcido, sixth place Med WT Hamp Hog, $500, Bob's Thriftway and Frank Spencer; Chris Armstrong, sixth place Hvy WT Hamp Hog, $600, First National Bank; Israel Lara, sixth place Lt WT Cross Hog, $500, Charlie and Rose Mitchell; Chris Barragan, sixth place LY WT OPB Hog, $550, Turnbough Farms and Sierra Supply Company; Kattie Davis, sixth place Hvy WT OPB Hog, $550, Patsy Bowles, Benjamin Orozco, sixth place Lt WT Goat, $475, A.B. Foster and Amanda Orozco, sixth place LT Med WT Goat, $500, A-1 Motors, Hoefs and Cattlemans.

Registration, primary ballot deadlines set

Staff Writer
PECOS, Jan. 19, 2000 - The deadline to submit an application by mail is March 7 for Reeves County's primary elections, with the last day to register to vote set for Feb. 14.

Reeves County Clerk Dianne Florez said anyone wanting an application for a ballot by mail can contact her office at 445-5467.

Early voting by personal appearance will begin on Feb. 26 and the last day to vote early by personal appearance has been set for March 10, according to Florez.

"We will be getting the applications for ballots by mail and as soon as we do they will be mailed out," said Florez. "As soon as I receive them from both the democratic and republican chairmen," she said.

"It's important for them to request the ballots early, for those who are 65 and over, disabled or college students," said Florez. "In case, they don't qualify, we can reject it and then they can request another application," she said.

If the county clerk's office received any applications for request for ballots by mail prior to Jan. 14 it will be rejected, according to Florez.

Absentee voting is from Feb. 28 until March 10, or individuals can vote in person from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on March 14.

The dates are the same for voters in Barstow, but they will have to go to Monahans to vote early in the Ward County primary elections. Barstow voters can obtain early voting mail ballots from the Ward County Clerk's office.

All local primary races in Reeves County will again be on the Democratic side of the ballot this year. Voters on the Republican side can still cast ballots in the presidential election, which currently features six candidates, including Texas Gov. George W. Bush. Vice President Al Gore and former Senator Bill Bradley will be the candidates on the Democratic primary ballot.

 Thomas seeking commissioner's job

PECOS, Jan. 19, 2000 - James H. Thomas, Jr., would like to work with others to improve this county. Thomas is one of four candidates running for the post of Reeves County Commissioner, Precinct 3, in the March 14 Democratic Primary.

"Pecos is my home, I have been a teacher, coach, and bus driver for the Pecos School system for 40 years," said Thomas. "I have lived in Pecos City and Reeves County all of those 40 years and have worked with most of its citizens."

During that time, Thomas has raised a family and worked with the Little League, the Pony League, the Senior League, and the Community Recreation Department.

"I will do my very best to improve this county. I will work with anyone or any group, including the county, the city, the local law enforcement, the school, the hospital, Reeves County Detention Center, the Economic Development Board, and the Chamber of Commerce, to improve this county," said Thomas. "I believe people who work together, stay together, and that they will improve together."

Thomas said he is highly qualified for the job of county commissioner. He is a college graduate with a Bachelor's Degree (majoring in Business Administration), and a Master's Degree in Education. "I will get it done, and done right," he said.

Thomas added that he is a versatile and efficient person; capable of handling several jobs at the same time and doing them well.

He also said that Reeves County can attract new businesses and can grow economically. An important part of the business sector already established in Reeves County is the prison. That business needs to be supported in measure with its importance to our county.

Other businesses, large or small, that are already in our community, deserve our support, as well. His motto is, "We need to support Reeves County."

Thomas is a family man who raised eight children in this community. He is married to Beverly Thomas and together they have 25 grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.

He is aware of the needs and opportunities for children to grow and develop in Reeves County. There is also a need to improve the options available to our children, and there are problems to address, as well, according to Thomas.

"The job of commissioner is a position that both carries responsibility and requires integrity. I have that responsibility and integrity," said Thomas.

"If I am elected, I will be available to all in the district and to all entities. I plan to make being a commissioner a full-time job," said Thomas. "I will give it my very best effort."

Eagle swimmers' TV appearance set for weekend

PECOS, Jan. 19, 2000 - The Pecos Eagles swimming team will be part of a feature this weekend on Fox Sports Southwest's "High School Xtra"

The boys' swim team, which is ranked No. 1 in Region I-4A will be part of the segment on the creation of a Class 4A division for swimmers at the regional and state meets for the first time this year.

The show will first air this coming Sunday Jan. 23, at 9:00 a.m. and again at midnight. The show will repeat again on Jan. 24 at 3:30 p.m. Pecos will compete in their District 3-4A swim meet the following Saturday at Fort Stockton.


AUSTIN (AP) - Results of the Cash 5 drawing Monday night: inning numbers drawn: 7-8-15-21-34. Number matching five of five: 1. Prize per winner: $74,849. Winning ticket sold in: Borger. Matching four of five: 234. Prize: $480.


AUSTIN (AP) - The winning Pick 3 numbers drawn Monday by the Texas Lottery, in order: 3-2-0 (three, two, zero)


PECOS, Jan. 19, 2000 - High Monday 82. Low this morning 44. Forecast for tonight: Partly cloudy. Low in the mid 40s. Wind light and variable. Wednesday: Mostly sunny and continued unseasonably warm. High near 80. Southwest wind 10 to 20 mph. Wednesday night: Partly cloudy. Low in the mid 40s. Thursday: Mostly sunny. High in the mid 70s.

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