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December 29, 1998

Our View

Pecos looks at 1999; wouldn't it be nice?

We'll leave the resolutions to others with more resolve. Our intent this year's end is to fix our mind on good things we would like to see happen to Pecos this coming year. Like, wouldn't it be nice if....

Oil prices boom and pump renewed vigor to the Pecos econony.

There is a sudden world-wide hunger for onion rings, requiring Anchor West to triple its capacity.

The plans for the significant prison expansion wind their way through the bureaucratic maze, gain funding, and actually come to fruition.

Every teacher in every classroom somehow finds the key to getting through and motivating each and every student because, make no mistake about it, education is the answer.

Some industrial tycoon on his way through town looks around, says "why not?" and builds his new microchip plant here.

Poor people in Pecos, and there are far too many, find hope for the future in the months ahead.

Pecos leaders spend more time leading and less time squabbling.

Well...we can always dream.

Your View

"Membership" What's it all about?

Prospective members nearly always ask a common question. "Tell me why we need a chamber?" That question is nearly always followed with "What will the chamber do for me?" or "What's it all about?"

Ironically; it isn't just prospective members who pose this question. Staff members and chamber directors are often recipients of the inquiry; why should I maintain my membership in this organization?

What is it all about? Well frankly, it's about concern for your community; it's about networking; and it's about what we call "self-interest rightly understood."

If you live, work or do business in this area, then the economic vitality and the livability of Pecos and Reeves County must be of concern to you because, (and it's very simple) if these decline, then business declines. Therefore, it is essential for the business community to be part of the decision-making processes that will impact on the community. To gain this input, a business or professional person has choices:

1. Take individual action. This would be very time consuming.

2. Add employees to handle this important task. This would be very expensive.

3. Let the government do it. This would lead to increased taxes, more regulatory controls, and increased business development constraints.

4. Do nothing. If we do nothing, then the government will do it.

5. Take collective action. That's volunteerism...this is the chamber of commerce _ and what its for.

By banding together to undertake aggressive action programs, both business and the community prosper. Many Chamber members belong even though they know they will be unable to take an active part in the organization. They realize that their financial participation is important because it helps to fund those programs and activities of importance to the business community, and in many instances to their very own business. They realize, like those members that participate, that it is in their best interest to have a strong, active chamber working for them.

You don't buy membership in this chamber _ you buy into a cooperative effort of the ablest men and women in business, industry and the professions, with whom you can join hands to do those things which you can't do by yourself.

Executive Director
Pecos Chamber of Commerce

Christmas scenes, lights make Pecos look cheerier

Once again, Pecos residents have outdone themselves!

The gorgeous lights and Christmas scenes are ever amazing.

It certainly brightens the holidays, reminding everyone how fortunate we are to live here. Congratulations to everyone who participates in making Christmas in Pecos a favorite time of year.


Critic's Corner

Internet aids search for that special job

The Internet has become an indispensable tools for job seekers to gather information, and e-mail speeds up communications with prospective employers.

Peter K. Studner recommends the use of both in the third revision of his book, "Super Job Search."

Targeted to workers who are laid off, as well as to first-time job seekers, the thick paperback manual is a complete workbook for career changers.

"People get jobs from people," said Studner. "What takes place in an interview decides whether an applicant will be a finalist. The winning candidate will always be the best prepared."

Working through "Super Job Search" and completing every excercise virtually guarantees success, the author believes. From assessing your strengths and weaknesses, listing your accomplishments and writing a resume through drawing up a marketing plan, networking, telemarketing, interview and negotiation, the book guides every step in detail.

The book is available at $22.95 in book stores; from the publisher, Jamenair Ltd., P.O. Box 241957, Los Angeles CA 90024-9757; or at a discount through the Enterprise online bookstore at Super Job Search.

Peggy McCracken

Peggy McCracken is a reporter and webmaster  for the Pecos Enterprise. See more of her book reviews at Pegpicks, and her staff home page at Peg.

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