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Nov. 5, 1998

State's best band has best fans

By Nathan Rogers
of The News
MESQUITE - The setting was a high school stadium on a chilly
night in Mesquite, Texas.

After lasting an excruciating wait and an extended
celebration, the state of Texas confirmed something the
Monahans High School Big Green Band, its directors, and the
town of Monahans has known for quite a while.

The Big Green Band, which was named the best concert band in
Texas in the Spring, is simply the best in Texas.

In the preliminary round, the band marched second of 21.
After a solid performance, the Big Green placed fourth.
This high preliminary ranking is significant because of the
band's early spot.

The judges tend to be conservative with the scores for the
earlier bands, and sometimes even forget how well a band may
have performed.

Not the case with the Big Green Band. After spending a few
anxious hours trying to relax and get some rest, the band
gathered in the lobby of their hotel for results.

Director TOny Gibbs called associate director John Zalman
from the stadium where the finalists were announced. Zalman
passed the news on to the students and other directors.

Mike Eckerty, assistant director describes his reaction: "I
was happy. All I could think was that we made the finals.
I was very happy."

At this point, the band adopted a new mindset.

Senior and First Lieutenant Lanny Hayes says, "At that
point, everyone had a different attitude. There was no more
goofing around or talking. Every person was focused on the
task at hand."

After the solemn bus ride to the stadium, the band was ready
to compete. Several of the seniors and officers addressed
the band; not so much as subordinates, but as a family.

"Although everyone was already concentrating, when we heard
the others talk, it was very motivational," says senior
Amanda Claborn.

After a brief warmup and wait, the band took the marching
field at Mesquite Memorial Stadium. And march they did.

Band Chaplain, senior Joseph Jones says, "I, and every
person I have talked to, fully believe that our show was the
best we have ever marched it, and that it could not have
been done any better."

When all was said and done, the Big Green Band from Lobo
Land earned second place out of all 173 3A bands in the

Head Director Gibbs says, "This accomplishment means so much
to me, the other directors, and to the band. I think it is
simply astounding to win 3A Honor Band, and to be in the
upper echelon of marching bands in the state. I am honored
to be competing with these bands. I am proudest, though, of
the way every one has performed better progressively, and
how our best show to date was in the finals. We begin Honor
Band rehearsals next week, and we will march at our last
district game and playoff games."

This performance and ranking, coupled with the Honor Band
title solidify Monahans' reputation as the best band in the
state. This honor can not be contributed to simply one
aspect of the band.

Assistant Director Mike Glaze says, "To get to this point,
it took every person in the band working together and
wanting this prize. everyone had to contribute, and they

The students believe it is the directors.

Senior Loading Crew captain Brandon Sutter says, "We all
feel we have the 4 best directors in Texas. They are
extremely well-qualified, hard-working, and do the job to
their fullest potential. The Class of 1999, this year's
seniors, seem to be the happiest.

"This experience and the memories will last a lifetime for
us all," says senior Josh Willson, "I think it's blessing
from God and a result of teamwork and all-out effort."

Brass Lieutenant, senior Freddy Martinez says, "This is
personally my greatest accomplishment, band-wise. I am just
honored to be a part of the band."

Senior Josh Schuler feels "it is a great accomplishment,
but in a way, bittersweet. The anxiety of listening to the
places, starting at 7th, was terrible. We marched our best,
and that's all anyone can ask. We are ecstatic."

What do these victories mean about the band program in

Assistant Director JZalman says, "This reflects a consistent
level of exemplary performance in all facets of our

Directors and musicians say The Big Green Band offers its
collective thanks to its fans who show their vigilant
support at football games and other performances.

More than 200 Monahans citizens traveled the 400 miles to
cheer on the band at the State Competition.

Say the band's members:

"Without our fans, the Big Green Band could not have
achieved this level of success. Besides having the state's
best band, we have the state's best fans. "

Massey wins big in judge race

By Rebecca Jones
of The News
You could see Sam Massey almost visibly sigh with relief
around 9 p.m. Tuesday night, Nov. 3.

He had won yet another term as Ward County judge fending
off a rare Republican challenge for a local office. THis one
came from Candido Gutierrez, an active civic leader who
waged a vigorous, if low budget, campaign.

When asked his vision for the county was this time around,
Massey said, "We have many projects that we've already
undertaken for the people of Ward County.

"If oil prices continue to drop, we're going to have budget
problems, but working together, we can make it through the
tough times ahead of us."

A gracious winner, Massey shook hands with Gutierrez, an
equally gracious loser, after the votes were counted.

"I appreciate Mr. Gutierrez's clean campaign," the county
judge said. "We hope to include him in the leadership of
the community and make use of his abilities."

One of Massey's major accomplishments of the past was
helping to keep Ward Memorial Hospital afloat. The hospital
had a major financial crisis last year after years of
financial brush fires.

Massey and the county commissioner's spearheaded a
management agreement with Covenant Health Systems Inc. out
of Lubbock (Covenant is a conglomerate of Lubbock Methodist
and St. Mary's of the Plains medical centers).

This has enabled the hospital to slowly ease out of a $2
million cash shortfall. I

No one denies that Candido "Candie" Gutierriz ran a good
race against Massey.

The Republican candidate kept a smile on his face Tuesday
night even as the last votes were counted.

"Sam and I are friends," said Gutierrez, "and while we may
disagree on certain issues, we both want what's best for
Ward County."

The challenger added, "I've enjoyed this campaign. I met so
many people, and heard so many of their ideas."

Republican Gutierrez said he still will seek ways to help
the county in anyway he can. Democrat Massey said he was
pleased to hear it.

Incorporation may be the answer

If you're a sole proprietor, you have probably wondered at
some point whether you'd be better off if you incorporated
your business. Here are some facts for you to consider.

-The single biggest benefit of incorporating a business is
limiting an owner's liability. In theory, a stockholder in
a corporation risks only his or her investment in the
corporation stock.

A lawsuit against the company generally cannot be satisfied
by attaching the stockholder's personal assets.

In practice, most small corporation stockholders must
personally guarantee bank loans for their corporations.

Thus, if the corporation fails, the stockholder's personal
assets are at risk.

In addition, where personal services are involved, the
individual performing the services may be personally liable
for his or her actions even though the business is

-The second advantage of operating as a corporation is that
it may be easier to raise capital because the business can
do so by issuing stock and selling bonds.

A third advantage is that ownership interest in a
corporation is easier to transfer than in a sole

-A corporation files its own tax return and pays its own
income tax. Therein lies the major drawback to the
corporate form: business profits may be taxed twice -- once
at the corporate level and again at the shareholder level
when paid out as dividends or liquidating distributions.

Double taxation can generally be avoided by electing S
corporation status.

-The corporate form does allow for more fringe benefits that
are deductible by the corporation and tax-free to employees,
including an owner-employee.

-No business owner should incorporate without carefully
considering the pros and cons of doing so.

Call your CPA and your attorney if you would like more
information about the advantages and disadvantages of
incorporating your sole proprietorship.

Dr. Davidson wins second verdict

A verdict was reached in the Sharon Ann Pittman vs. Family
Medical Center of Monahans case on Tuesday, Nov.3.

The case had already been tried once, but the defendant, D.
William Davison, M.D., appealed the ruling and was granted a
second trial.

Originally, Davison was ordered to pay a fine of $30,000 to
the plaintiff for mental anguish, but this charge was found
to be factually insufficient, along with the charge of
assault. In the second trial, the jury ruled for Davison
and said he was not found guilty of assault OR causing
mental anguish.

Monahans Schools

Twelfth of a series

The year was 1971, and George Cullender was superintendent
of the Monahans-Wickett-Pyote Independent school district.
There was change in the air that year- indeed, major changes
occurred in the school district that entire decade.

Cullender lived to see most of it.

In March of 1971, the school board began to deliberate on
what to do with Browne Elementary and Hudler Junior High.
Those were old schools, and could either be retained and
repaired or torn down altogether.

They decided to raze Hudler and Browne. Pupils at Browne
transferred to Edwards and Tatom.

The question now was, should a new junior high or a new high
school be built? With enough schools, the school board
reasoned, they could meet integration guidelines without
disruption of the neighborhood school concept.

By August that year, school trustees decided to build a new
junior high. Voters approved A bond issue to finance
construction, which would cost about $1.5 million. But this
money would not all go to the junior high; there would also
be improvements made to the high school and football field.
The high school would get a new wing which would include ,
a new Resource Center (i.e. library), a couple of science
laboratories and additional space for vocational

The vocational extension was needed because two new
vocational classes had been added to the curriculum -
Building Trades and Cosmetology. Previously, there had been
only three vocational classes - Distributive Education,
Vocational Office Education and Auto Mechanics.

addition also was planned for the band hall. Estes Stadium
would receive a new field house and improvements to the
press box and lighting system.

Nearly a year later, July 1972, the junior high had been
completed and was truly impressive for its day. There were
20 classrooms, a gymnasium, an auditorium, cafeteria, choir
room and band hall, all under its roof. But the citizens
were most impressed with the glass-enclosed Resource Center,
which contained roughly 6500 books as well as tapes,
filmstrips, and records which would aid students in their

Monahans High School's Resource Center was even more
extensive than the one at the junior high. It had 10,000
volumes and 15,000 magazines, not to mention a wealth of
audio/visual aids with carrels to foster independent viewing
and study..

In January 1976, an olympic size indoor swimming pool was
built on part of the site once occupied by the old Hudler
Junior . It would be accessible to the public as well as the
school. It was where district swim meets would be held,
because of its 25-yard length and racing lanes.

George Cullender died in December 1977, and Lathan Walker
was hired to take his place as superintendent.

In 1976, the school board had awarded a contract for
facilities to house the Special Services offices and
education programs for special children. It was finished
about 1979

Construction did not stop there.

A new multi-purpose facility was built in 1982 adjoining the
swimming pool. It could be used as either a gym or an
auditorium. The Class of '82 was the first to graduate in
the complex.

A four-room structure was added to the junior high for the
special education class. Edwards and Tatom got new
classrooms as well.

By the middle 1980s, the school district had cleared its
bonded indebtedness just in time for the start of the Oil
Patch slide into recession from which it has not fully

In 1987, a dog named Charlie became a regular fixture at the
schools. He was no stray, but was employed with Narcotics
Consultants, Inc. If any students had any drugs, Charlie
sniffed them out.

There was no longer just a Band Sweetheart; now there was a
Band Beau to accompany her. Also tipping an early Lobo hat
to political correctness was Monahans' Mr. Home Economics.

A new form of report card came along in October 1991- the
computerized version. It placed all the students' classes
in order, with a comments section for teachers.

The Monahans-Wickett-Pyote school district is still true to
its trailblazing ways. It has registered nurses, a dropout
recovery school, and special transportation for the
handicapped. The Internet, too, has made its way into

Behind the educators the same dedicated support groups of
maintenance, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, aides and
administrative personnel are there to help both student and
eductor. There is no indication this will change.

Today, the district employs about 355 professionals of many
disciplines on nine campuses that serve more than 2000
students on nine campuses.

Will the district be as innovative in its next century
as it was in its first ?

Next: Epilogue: School officials take stock of the present
and look at that 21st century.

Silver Dollar Classic on tap

Monahans' Silver Dollar Classic will be taking place Nov. 7
and 8, says Ward County Extension Agent Andy Stewart.

The Classic is an event which allows people to sell or just
show their steer, heifers, goats, sheep, and pigs.

Stewart isn't sure just how many entrants there are yet,
but he does know that "last year, we had about 1000 people,
and it looks like we already have more than that this year."

The fun begins at roughly 10 a.m. on Saturday with the Meat
Goat Show and the Gamebird Show. At 3 p.m., the Lamb Show
will take place. On Sunday, at 10 a.m., the Swine show will
begin, followed by the Heifer Show at 1 p.m. Directly after
that will come the Steer Show. All of this will be held in
the Coliseum Show Barns and the Quarter Horse Arena.

The Silver Dollar Classic will be hosted by Ward County 4-H
Adult Leaders, and is co-sponsered by the Monahans Chamber
of Commerce and Royalty Well Service.

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