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Nov. 5, 1998

District 4-3A Cross Country

at Ward Golf Course Monahans
Thursday, Oct. 29

Top three teams and top 10 individual finishers qualify
for the University Interscholastic League regional cross
country meet at Mae Simmons Park in Lubbock on Saturday,
Nov. 7. Men run three miles. Women run two miles.


Regional Qualifers

Seven runner Teams
(low score wins)
1. Kermit 30
2. Monahans 37
3. Greenwood

Regional Qualifiers

1. Jameson Grand, Kermit, 18:01.80
2. David Morales, Monahans, 18:55.30
3. Jeremias Pando, Midland Greenwood, 19:01.30.
4. Levi Colwell, Monahans, 19.03.10
5. Kolt Walker, Kermit, 19:14.60.
6. David Williams, Monahans, 19:20.00
7. Justin Meyers, Kermit, 19:28.80
8. Harlan Parsons, Kermit, 19.41.60
9. Ben Foster, Kermit, 19:54.60
10. Mario Morales, Greenwood, 20:15.30.

Other Monahans High School Lobo district cross country
individual places, runners and times.

12. Josue Carrasco, Monahans, 20:48.70
13. John Rose, Monahans, 20:51.60
17. Roger Mills, Monahans, 22.47.60
19. Justin Heath, Monahans, 23.30:20
21. Margarito Zuniga, Monahans, 28:02.40
22. Jon Fickenscher, Monahans, 28:07.20

Regional Qualifiers
Seven runner Teams
(low score wins)
1. Kermit 24 2. Midland Greenwood 49. 3. Monahans 53
Regional Qualifiers
1. Tiffany Shaw, Greenwood, 13:12.60
2. Milisha Myers, Kermit, 13.21.60
3. Heather Day, Kermit, 13.29.60
4. Heather Lario, Monahans, 13.35
5. Jennifer Johnson, Kermit, 13:49.50
6. Destani Shipley, Kermit, 13.50.10
7. Cherie Scott, Greenwood, 14.12
8. Laura Bell, Kermit, 14:31
9. Andrea Gully, Greenwood, 14:36
10. Naomi McKinney, Monahans, 14.39.10

Other Monahans High School Lobo district cross country
individual places, runners and times.
12. Lori Enriquez, Monahans, 14:57.10
13. Amanda McNutt, Monahans, 15.00.70
14. Brea Ulrich, Monahans, 15:24.50
16. Amanda Murphree, Monahans, 15:32.80
20. Jolene Baldarama, Monahans, 16:21.50

Morales leads cross country run

"Little David" Morales led the Lobo cross country charge
that helped the Monahans High men's and women's teams
qualify for regional competition.

Coach Mike Swigert says it appears the Green made Lobo
athletic history when they ran into the regionals scheduled
in Lubbock on Saturday, Nov. 7.

"From what we can determine," says Swigert, "this is the
first time we have had a cross country team of any kind
qualify for regionals. We may have had some individual
qualifiers before but records indicate this is a first for
Monahans cross country teams."

It is a definite first for Swigert who coached his first
cross country only two years ago at Monahans High. His
previous responsibilities had been in football and
basketball, responsibilities which he retains.

Now Swigert says of his runners, "They made it in spite of
their coach." Then Swigert laughs.

The historic Lobo runs came on Thursday, Oct. 29, at the
Ward County Golf Course where Monahans hosted the District
4-3A Cross Country meet.

Monahans teams finished second in the men's divisions and
third in the women's competition, as Swigert describes it,
only "four lousy points" out of second.

Kermit's cross country runners finished first in the two
divisions and took both district championships . Greenwood
was second in the women's division.

Monahans, Kermit and Greenwood teams are on their way to
the regionals. State championships are scheduled in Round
Rock on Nov. 14.

It wasn't only the Lobo teams.

Five Green runners - three men and two women - also
qualified for individual competition at the Lubbock

Those Lobo individuals are:

"Little David" Morales, whose 18:55.30 was good for second
among the men runners.

Levi Colwell, fourth at 19:03.10.

"Big David" Williams, sixth at 19:20.

Heather Lario, who ran fourth for the women at 13:35 and has
medaled in every meet but one this Autumn season.

Naomi McKinney who fiished tenth for the Lobo women at

Swigert notes the team dubbed Morales "Little David" because
he's about five-feet-six-inches tall; and Williams "Big
David," because he's six-five. Swigert's praise was not
confined to individual regional qualifiers.

Says Swigert: "Lori Enriquez fnished twelfth (14:57.10) and
she ran the race of her life. All ran their hearts out."

Cornered Loboes come out fighting

An old Chinese adage says true warriors come out fighting
when their "backs are against the wall." One from West Texas
says,"Don't mess with a cornered Lobo."

Friday night, Oct. 30, the Monahans Loboes found themselves
in one of those fabled situations. The Green still had
their prep football play off fate in their own hands-a win
then plus a win this Friday, Nov. 6, would place them in
the post season. If defeated the day before Halloween,
play off hopes would have to be calculated by university

This past Friday in Monahans, there was steel-and-fire in
the eyes of the Loboes and lightning in the sky as they came
onto the field for their final home game of 1998, as well as
the final home appearance for the '98-'99 Seniors. That
electrical storm forced an evacuation of the Lobo Stadium
seats and a more than 30-minute delay in the
Monahans-Midland Greenwood reckoning.

Finally, at 8:03 PM, there was no more prolonging the
inevitable. Despite falling behind early 7-0, the Loboes
retained their play off hopes by defeating the Greenwood
Rangers, 21-7. The game was dominated by both the offensive
and defensive lines for the Loboes, as well as great back
play on both sides of the ball.

The Loboes kicked off to start the first quarter, and
Greenwood had a short return. Junior QB Adam Dorner took
care of most of the dirty work early for Greenwood, keeping
the ball himself on four plays of the opening drive. On
that fourth play, Dorner took advantage of a small hole and
his speed and went 34 yards for Greenwood's only touchdown.
Jared Moore added the PAT, and the Rangers led 7-0 just
under 4 minutes into the game.

Then the hungry Monahans offense hit the field.

On the first drive, the Lobo offensive line dominated the
pit. The opening drive for the Loboes was quick and
efficent, moving the ball for good yardage on almost every
play. The opening drive, however, stalled for the Loboes
just inside the Greenwood 25, as a mishandled snap recovered
by Greenwood caused the change in possession.

After the Monahans defense held Greenwood to a "3 and out,"
drive, the Lobo offense took the field again. Much like the
previous drive, the Green offense ran the ball at will. As
the theory of deja vu would have it, the Lobo drive stalled
on a fumble just inside Greenwood territory. The Lobo "D"
held Greenwood again, and Monahans took back over possession
just before the second quarter.

The Loboes made the "goose egg" by the Home side disappear
in the second quarter. The Loboes took the ball with just
over nine minutes remaining in the quarter, and marched down
the field toward Greenwood's end zone.

With just over four minutes remaining, Brandon Lee took a
Raul Hinojos handoff behind the blocks of Crosby Swanson,
Lanny Hayes, and Chris Adams to score Monahans' first TD.
Joel Najar added the PAT after Lee's four yard run, and
Monahans and Greenwood stood locked at 7 with 4:17 remaining
in the half.

On Greenwood's first play from scrimmage, great defenseive
play by the Loboes caused QB Dorner to fumble the ball,
where a host of Loboes quickly pounced and gave posdession
back to the home squad. The Loboes marched through
Greenwood's and capped off their drive with a four yard pass
from Hinojos to Adams. Najar added the PAT, and Monahans
took the 14-7 lead into the half.

The final scoring of the game took place in the third
quarter. On Monahans first drive, the Big Green continued
their dominance up front. This drive was capped with a four
yard scoring run by Sophomore Ben Cordova. Najar added the
final touches to the game, and Monahans ran out the final
quarter to emerge victorious, 21-7.

The win puts the Loboes at 3-6, and 2-2 in district.

Kermit game decides district

Monahans faces 2-2 Kermit this Friday, Nov. 6, at 7:30 p.m.
in Kermit.

The Monahans-Kermit winner advances to the bi-district round
of the playoffs. The winner of Friday's Alpine-Greenwood
contest will also be in the playoffs.

For all intents and purposes, this Friday's game is a play
off game for the Loboes and the Yellowjackets- win, keep
playing; lose and go home. The Loboes know the importance,
and are continuing intense preparation for Friday's game.

Lobo coaches note the team appreciates support from the
town and invites everyone to support the Loboes in Kermit.

Lady Loboes eye title

By Nathan Rogers
A sports correspondent of The News

For the District 2-3A Champion Lady Lobo volleyball team,
the time for fun and games has yet to arrive. After
vanquishing the Greenwood Rangerettes in the championship
game, the Ladies were immediately back at work.

"We practiced all week. The girls are excited about beating
Greenwood, but there's not time for us to sit and relish in
it...yet," says Coach Patty Hall.

As a result of the district championship, the Ladies have a
bye in the bi-district round and do not play until the area
round, Saturday, Nov. 7. The opponent will be Amarillo
River Road. Game time will be 7 p.m. at Frenship High

And the scouting report for that team? The Loboes lost a
close one to Amarillo River Road early in the season.

Says Hall: "We played River Road in the Seminole tournament
earlier this year. We beat them handily the first game, and
lost our concentration after that. We should be able to
handle them."

The coach's confidence is based on a steadily improving Lobo
volleyball squad that came to maturity in its championship
victory over Midland Greenwood.

Senior captain and four-year varsity starter Shayla Terry
says, "We are extremely confident about our chances. We
know we have just grown better and better, and feel almost
unstoppable. For us to go all the way, we need to keep
working hard, and stand by our work ethic and team unity."

The Lady Loboes have, as the season progressed and
continues, become more mature and cohesive as a team. They
believe this factor has significantly added to their
success. Senior Felicha DeLaO gives this insight on the
playoffs: "This is an excited, determined team. If we play
our hardest, we don't think anyone can stand in the way.
This is something we all want to happen." Time will reveal
the achievements and strength of this team. And so far,
time has been on their side.

Swimmers make good showing

BIG SPRING - Little 3A Monahans High's Green Wave women
finished second and the men fourth at the Big Spring
Invitational in the Halloween opening of the 1998-99 prep
swim competition.

Overall, the Green Wave finished third behind 5A Abilene and
4A Pecos.

In a meet where more than 90 percent of the swimmers were
from 4A or 5A schools, the Green Wave showed they swim at
the state's highest level.

"This was a fantastic team effort," says swim coach Doug
Ward. "Last year we came in fifth and eleventh in the Big
Spring competition with the bigger schools. What a
difference a year makes. Monahans has a reputation as a
top swim team and our new swimmers picked up on that
reputation quickly."

Men's Lobo swimmer Chris Gain had one first place (100
breast stroke 1:06.765). Women's swimmer Candice Teague, a
state level backstroker, won two firsts and set two school
records in the process (50 free in 25.82 breaking the old
record of 25.98 set by Becki Houston in 1986 and the 100
back in 1:03.78, breaking the record Teague herself set
last season in her premier event. That swim last year also
was in the Big Spring Invitational.)

Ward was especially proud of his younger swimers why hit the
water and finished high enough in their races to put one,
two or three points on the board.

Premier swimmers, he notes, put a team in position to win
in a swimming competition. It is the younger swimmers who
push you to the top in competitions, Ward says.

Big Spring Invitational

Saturday, Oct. 31


1. Abilene, 402; 2. Pecos, 301; 3. Monahans, 346; 4. Odessa,
269; 5. El Paso Jefferson, 263; 6. Abilene Cooper, 256; 7.
Big Spring, 240; 8. Andrews, 190; 10. Permian, 182; 11
Seminole, 59; 12. Fort Stockton, 50; 13. Abilene Wylie,
45; 14. El Paso Austin, 41.


1. Abilene, 231; 2. Monahans, 205; 3. Abilene Cooper, 191;
4. Odessa, 172; 5. El Paso Jefferson, 147; 6. Big Spring,
107; 7. Pecos, 95; 8. Permian, 93; 10. Abilene Wylie, 42;
11-12. Fort Stockton, 2; 11-12. Seminole, 2; 13. El Paso


1. Pecos, 266; 2. Abilene, 177; 3. Andrews, 147; 4.
Monahans, 141; 5. Big Spring, 133; 6. El Paso Jefferson,
116; 7. Odessa, 97; 8. Permian, 89; 9. Abilene Cooper, 65;
10. Seminole, 57; 11. Fort Stockton, 48; 12 El Paso Austin,
40; 13. Abylene Wylie, 3.


Green Wave Individual


200 Medley Relay - 2. Monahans "A" 2:02.51 (Candice Teague,
Lindsay Fredericks, Marina Martin, Karen Robertson). 7.
Monahans "B" 2:17.61 (Jenny Waggoner, Autumn Ware, Amy
Bowman, Fonda Moore)

200 Free - 6. Fonda Moore, 2:22.70; 10. Beth Cox, 2:34.83.

200 IM - 6. Fonda Moore, 2:36.43; 8. Karen Robertson,

50 Free - Candice Teague , 25.82; 8. Karen Robertson,

100 Fly - 3. Marina Martin, 1:13.79; 6. Fonda Moore,
1:16.61; 11. Alexis Lewallen, 1:25.45.

100 Free - 4. Lindsay Fredericks, 1:02.26; 8. Karen
Robertson, 1:05.01.

500 Free - 7. Amy Bowman, 7:07.46; 10. Rebekah Robinson,

200 Free Relay - 3. Monahans "A," 1:52.24 (Fredericks,
Martin, Robertson, Teague_)

100 Back - 1. Teague, 1:03.78 (new school record); 11.
Rebecca Pinson, 1:18.60.

100 Breast - 5. Fredericks, 1:17.93; 7. Autuumn Ware,
1:19.43; 12. Beth Cox, 1:29.06.

400 Free Relay - 7. Monahans "A," 4:42.14 (Lewallen,
Waggoner, Bowman, Moore)


200 Medley Relay - 3. Monahans, 1:53.17 (Clayton Cunningham,
Chris Cain, Shawn Hill, Brandon Sutter)

50 Free - 2. Cain 23.94

100 Fly - 6. Joseph Naranjo, 1:09.41; 9. Shawn Hill, 1:11.48.

100 Free - 3. Sutter, 54.26.

100 Free Relay - 3. Monahans "A," 1:40.77 (Sutter, Hill,
Cunningham, Cain)

100 Breast - 1. Chris Cain, 1:06.75.

400 Free Relay - 5. Monahans "A," 4.08.05 (Westley Everett,
Naranjo, Hill, Cunningham.

G-R top six-man team again

Grandfalls-Royalty is the champion of District 7A-Six Man
for the third straight year.

Grandfalls-Royalty, second ranked in Texas six-man football
by the San Antonio-based Huntress Report, did it in grand

They romped and they rolled and they scored until the
referees invoked six-man's 45-point mercy rule with nine
minutes and 32 seconds left in the game at White Field in

The victim this time was Imperial Buena Vista. The score was
53-6 and the game wasn't that close.

Buena Vista had been singled out in the area press last week
for their efforts on the gridiron. They could not control
the Cowboys, whose only regular season loss in the past
three years has been to Trinidad earlier this season by only
a few points. Trinidad is ranked first in the state.

What about this game that clinched the district three-peat
for the Cowboys?

Andy Leyva scored a hat trick - three touchdowns in one
quarter, the third. There are a lot of threes in that
paragraph. Everybody else also went wild.

It is now permissible for Coach Dewaine Lee to talk about
the playoffs and the hoped for rematch with Trinidad. Lee
had talked about the injuries that have hobbled the Cowboys
in the last few games. Lee was not spinning smoke. He does
have several key players out - the Vasquez brothers - Ronnie
(ankle) and Roy (appendix) - and Sean Francisco (knee), are
three of them. They and Center Jason Carter, who is not
hurt, are potential all-state choices. So how do you roll to
a third straight district championship over a pretty good
team with several of your stars down with injuries?

It helps to be Dewaine Lee, who has built a program in

How does he feel about the latest district title?

"I feel real good," says Lee, "especially because we had
several injured starters. We were able to bring up some of
the kids who haven't played much varsity this year. They
were able to fill in the gaps."

Those kids came from a junior varsity that has beaten
several varsity teams this season. Those kids came from a
junior varsity many coaches agree is the second best team in
District 7A-Six Man. The best - the Cowboy varsity.

Those ailing Cowboys? Says Lee, "They'll be back for the

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