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October 8, 1998

Monahan's Well

By Jerry Curry
Physically, I am not afraid of a whole lot - momma; my
sister, Judy; Notre Dame ever, ever having another year like
last year; walking on The Val's grass; going completely
blind. But I have more than enough spiritual fears to go
around and maybe that is why the terror came on Friday
Night and early Saturday Morning. It did not even begin on
Friday the 13th. It was only Oct. 2 ending shortly before
dawn on Oct. 3 but it was a devastating Nightmare on Gary
Avenue and it left me trembling like a child gorged on too
many horror movies and has to sleep in a darkened bedroom
with the door closed .

This nightmare, and I thank God for this, was not real. If
it had been real I would be locked in some secure little
padded room sipping Thorazine through a straw with no more
sense of reality than the average Washington or Austin
politicians. I wonder how a good psychiatrist would have
interpreted what happened to me.

Here is the story of my nightmare. I say again this was a
real bad dream and I haven't had a nightmare since I was
seven or eight years old. That night I awoke convinced
Dracula was on my throat and discovered it was only our cat
curled around my neck and purring.

Here is the Nightmare on Gary Avenue.

Three men, well-trained, in shape and younger, or they
would never have taken me even in their dreams, kidnapped me
as I was walking into the side door of the Monahans News
about 6 a.m. one morning. I was late for work and hurrying
or I would have noticed the black Lincoln Town Car over by

They must have drugged me because the next thing I know I am
in a black-walled room with the three standing there. I am
shackled to a heavy wooden chair like they used to have in
public libraries and they are talking to each other.

I hear one of them tell the other they know how to make me
talk. I remember thinking no one has asked me a question.
Then they leave and suddenly every one of those four black
walls, the ceiling and even the floor. becomes a television

All of those screens are broadcasting news channels - I
recognized CNN and MSNBC. All of those television screens
are broadcasting specials on Monica and Bill. I begin to
sweat. Monica and Bill are coming at me in stereophonic
sound and wraparound vision. They just keep talking. They
just keep talking. Suddenly I see a cigar, THE CIGAR.

Then Linda Tripp's face flashes. I hear the tapes begin.

One of Clinton's lawyers laughs and begins to explain the
difference between a lie and perjury again and again.

Hillary Clinton's face flashes. Then, Newt's. I begin to

Children gain park equipment

New playground equipment has been installed in Alberta Allen
Park on the Monahans Northside. It was a long time coming
but now it is here for the children to enjoy, children who
are the best memorials to the work Mrs. Alberta Allen, a
teacher did. Mrs. Lillian McCoo, a Monahans Grand Dame,
always had a major and continuing interest in the park and
the families it served. Two pecan trees are planted in the
park for Alberta Allen and Lillian McCoo.

As Council member Mary S. Garcia writes:

"It makes me very happy to see that new playground equipment
has been installed in Alberta Allen Park. Mrs. Alberta Allen
was a very fine lady and teacher. She did much for this
community throughout the years and I think it is wonderful
that her dedication to the citizens of Monahans is being
recognized by new additions to the park. I only wish, Mrs.
Lillian McCoo, who also was a vital member of our community,
could be here to see. . .Help us keep this park beautiful in
remembrance of these two fine ladies."

Gore is Clinton's best hope

Democrats, be advised.

While in the throes of defending a President who
acknowledges he likes to lie under oath, it is not
recommended you attack those who will decide the fate of
said president.

Democrats, we say again.

While in the throes of defending a President who
acknowledges he lies under oath, it is not recommended you
attack those who will decide the fate of said president.

If we need to provide any evidence for this suggestion, let
us note the House Judiciary Committee on Monday, Oct. 5,
voted 21 Republicans to 16 Democrats to proceed with a
Presidential impeachment inquiry.

There are more Republicans in Congress than there are
Democrats. Some of those Republicans have to break ranks if
Democrat William Jefferson Clinton is to avoid being
fired. You do not persuade anyone to do anything by yelling
at them. Loud noises do not intimidate men and women who
have been elected to Congress. When the November elections
are over, the polls tell us there will be even more GOPs in
Congress than there are now. Those are the same polls which
say the majority of the people do not want William
Jefferson Clinton fired.

We do not pretend to be able to explain polls but we suggest
Democrats do try reasoned argument in their attempts to
persuade Republicans to help save a President who should be

Granted the only argument we know in Clinton's favor is
this one. Vice President Al Gore.

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