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Aug. 20, 1998

Scrimmage impresses coaches

A summer full of hard work and intensity culminated into the
annual Lobo intersquad scrimmage, held at Lobo Field last
Saturday. The varsity, junior varsity, and freshmen squared
off against combined groups of themselves and each other,
with many positive impressions made upon the coaching staff,
as well as the 100+ people who attended the scrimmage.

Coach Hanna noted his pride in his varsity team. "These
guys worked hard all summer for this. They made sacrifices
that no other Lobo team made collectively. Their work in
the summer TAC program has contributed greatly to this team,
as they're in far better shape than they were last year.
The team attitude leading up to this point has been
tremendous. This team is full of pride and has been giving
extraordinary effort. This scrimmage is a reward to them
for their hard work." Coach Mickey Mitchell notes.

The Varsity only squared off against each other for twenty
plays, when the "First" varsity offense went against the
"First" varsity defense. People who came to watch the game
didn't have to wait long for action.

On the first play, Benny Rodriguez took a Jarod Thomas
handoff, hit the hole on the right side of the line, then
cut the ball back through a huge lane to the left, and went
basically untouched 80 yards for a touchdown.

"Scoring that TD was a huge boost for our offense," Coach
Hanna stated after the scrimmage. "It gave them some
confidence, and it also helped our defense as well." After
that play, despite a couple of big plays and one sustained
drive, the offense failed to find the end zone against their

"The Defense responded to that score by playing great,"
Coach Mickey Mitchell said, "We made some great plays, big
hits, and showed poise out there. I'm very confident about
this defense heading into the Pecos scrimmage."

The scrimmage against Pecos this Friday will give the Loboes
a chance to hit someone not in a green jersey, something
that the Loboes have been waiting for since Mid-November

As Coach Hanna notes, the game is basically a practice
against another team, with score not being officially kept.
However, following the actual "scrimmage," the varsity will
hook it up with Pecos for one game simulated quarter.

The Loboes look to be strong heading into Friday, going
against one of their oldest rivals, whom they haven't lost
to in nearly 20 years. However, the Loboes will be without
two of their key players, Linebackers Brandon Lee and Gabe
Ontiveros. "Both Brandon and Gabe had unfortunate injuries
after the dedication and hard work that they put in this
summer. We're just going to be patient and let those
injuried fully heal before we put them into a game
situation." Hanna, Lee, and Ontiveros are all optimistic
that that time will be before the season opener in Snyder.

Overall, the Loboes are fielding a very promising team that
has set big goals for themselves. "This team wants to go
10-0 and claim another district championship," says Senior
QB/DB Jarod Thomas, "but, a district championship isn't
enough. We want much more than that, and we feel like we're
capable of much more as well." Coach Mitchell notes again,
which has almost become a cliche around Lobo Football, that
the players showed up in tremendous shape.

"We saw their dedication and courage during our off-season
program last year. We had a great reaction to bringing The
Athlete's Course (TAC) here, and everyone made great gains
in strength, quickness, endurance, and we're in overall
better shape. Seeing their attitude about this season,
those gains were expected, and they're sacrifices will pay
off huge down the road."

That road starts Friday in Pecos. The Freshmen will being
the day at 4:30 PM, and the JV will take the field at 6.

The Varsity will strap the pads on and take a shot at the
Eagles at 7:30. The public is welcomed and encouraged to
make the short trip to Pecos and support each of our Lobo

Girls duo defeats Midland

The Lobo tennis team played the 5-A Midland Lee Rebels team
in a dual match Tuesday, August 18 at Midland. The Monahans
Varisty girls defeated the Rebels six matches to three. The
winning players were Erin Armstrong, Megan Shawn, Casey
Gatzki, Melinda Covensky, Lecia Baker and Sandra Molinar.

The Monahans Varstiy boys played well but were unable to
defeat the Lee boys, several who have national rankings by
the U.S tennis Association. Several Monahans boys played
their opponents close and were narrowly defeated.

Daniel Fuentes, Drew Skinner and Ben Hawkins played their
matches "nip and tuck."

It was a good tune-up for the state 3-A runner-up Monahans
team on their quest for a championship.

besides the top six varisty players for each team, several
other players competed. Notable perfromaces by Curtis
Gibson, Joe Hawkins, Nick Ledingham, J. Oscar Polanco,
Crystal Passmore and Ashley Neace. Each won matches, Lynsey
Stout was winning her match before an injury forced her to

Overall, the Monahans girls won seven of 16 matches, while
the boys won two of 16 matches.

Boys Singles:

Trent Broach (Lee) def. Daniel Fuentes (Lobo) 6-3, 6-4
Brian Breithaupt (Lee) def. Robert Wilbur (Lobo) 6-2, 6-0
Marshall Viney (Lee) def. Aashish Chopra (Lobo) 6-0, 6-2
Stephen Fly (Lee) def. Drew Skinner (Lobo) 7-6, 6-4
Moody (Lee) def. Reyes (Lobo) 6-7, 6-3, 6-2
Harris (Lee) def. Jeremy Reyes (Lobo) 6-1, 6-1
Curtis Gibson (Lobo) def. Rich (Lee) 9-7
Molinar (Lee) def. Joe Hawkins (Lobo) 8-2
Hendricks (Lee) def. Nick Ledingham (Lobo) 8-4

Rivera (Lee) def. J. Oscar Polance 8-0
Boys Doubles:

Viney/Breithaupt (Lee) def. Fuentes/Skinner (Lobo) 6-3, 6-2
Broach/Fly (Lee) def. Wilbur/Gibson 6-0. 6-1
Moody/Harris (Lee) def. Chopra Reyes (Lobo) 6-0, 6-1
Rich/Molinar (Lee) def. Hawkins/Hawkins (Lobo) 8-6
Ledingham/Polanco (Lobo) def. Harris/Huck (Lee) 8-5

Girls Singles:

Hofer (Lee) def. Lecia Baker (Lobo) 7-6, 6-4
Erin Armstong (Lobo) def. Megan Hand (Lee)
Megan Shawn (Lobo) def. Cariens (Lee)
Kahlick (Lee) def. Sandra Molinar (Lobo)
Casey Gatzki (Lobo) def. Hodgens (Lee) 6-2, 6-0
Melinda Covensky (Lobo) def. Wisdon (Lee) 6-2, 6-0
Birhelbach (Lee) def. Crystal Passmore (Lobo) 6-7, 6-4, 7-6
Morgan (Lee) def. Ashley Neace (Lobo) 8-3
Lambilotte (Lee) def. Lynsey Stout (Lobo) 7-6
Hood (Lee) def. Sara Lively (Lobo) 8-2.

Girls Doubles:
Baker/Molinar (Lobo) def. Hofer/Hand (Lee) 6-4, 4-6, 7-6.
Armstrong/Shawn (Lobo) def. Cariens/Kahlich (Lee) 6-0, 6-2.
Carroll/Burke (Lee) def. Gatzki/Covensky (Lobo) 7-6, 3-6,
Passmore/Neace (Lobo) def. Hodges/Wisdon (Lee) 8-6.
Binggell/Howard (Lee) def. Stout Lively (Lobo) 8-5.

District eyes Lobo defense

A small sign in the Lobo Varsity football locker room
displays one of the truest cliches ever known to football,
"Offense wins games, Defense wins championships." With the
1998 Loboes eyeing one of those state titles, the rest of
District 4-3A is eyeing the Lobo "D."

"We're extremely excited about our defense," Head Coach
Larry Hanna said.

"We're returning four key starters, and the entire team is
stepping up to fill those other seven spots, as well as
competing for the spots of those four players. The attitude
we've seen from the players, on both sides of the ball, has
been great."

Coach Mickey Mitchell, who handles Linebacker duties for the
Varsity defense, echoes Hanna's remarks, "The attitude is
great. The men have retained a lot of what we taught them
last season about our system. We're far ahead of where we
were this time last year in all those areas: running our
defensive system, being in great shape, and having a very
positive attitude."

The defense intends (and has been, according to Hanna and
Mitchell) to make great improvements and help this team
compete for a district title and beyond. The key to stopping
an opponents running game comes primarily from the "Front
Seven," being the defensive tackles, ends and linebackers.

The defensive tackle corps, headed up by Coach Charlie
Quintela, is currently being led by a pair of returning
lettermen: Seniors Robert Sanchez and Aaron Swartzfager.

Competition for the starting DT spots are being provided by
Seniors Jeff Ennis, Adam Quiroz, Jeff Akins, and Lanny
Hayes. Larry Navarette is the lone Junior vying for one of
those spots. The Defensive Ends look strong as well, says
Coach Doug Doege.

The Defensive End line-up is headed by returning District
3-3A Defensive MVP, Roy Porras. Porras will likely start
alongside one of two follow Juniors, Josh Swarb and Chris
Adams. Senior Todd Passmore and Junior Ruben Garcia are
also in search of playing time at DE.

The Linebacker corps returns all of it's starters from the
1997 season: Junior Brandon Lee, and Seniors Joel Najar and
Gabe Ontiveros. Ontiveros and Lee have seen little playing
or practice time thus far due to injuries, but both are
confident that they will be back for either the Pecos
scrimmage this Friday, or the first game in Snyder next

In the interim, the Linebackers are being led by Seniors
Wayne Branham and Crosby Swanson at MLB, and Willie Hanks
and Leif Tefertiller at "Willie" linebacker. Najar
continues to lead the pack at "Sam" linebacker, with chase
from fellow Srs. Matt Blair and Tony Gabilondo.

After opposing teams fail to run the ball against the
Loboes, they'll likely try their passing game_but don't
count on that to work either. At the Left Cornerback, Sr.
Junior Cordova and Jr. J. T. Higgins lead the starting
charge, while Sr. Benny Rodriguez and Jr. Louis Moreno head
up the depth chart at Right Cornerback. The deep men are
being occupied by two Juniors: Frank Vela at safety, and
Raul Hinojos at Rover. Coach Ray Brown heads the Lobo

Shaw strokes way to championship

Rusty Shaw blistered the Ward County Golf Course in
convincing fashion over the weekend firing a six under total
of 138 (69-69) to claim to his first Monahans City
Championship title.

Shaw edged out first round leader Curtis Howard who could
only muster an even par 72 after opening with a 5 under par

Shaw's march to the title began during the first round as he
played the final four holes 4 under by birdieing the 15th &
16th holes and then capped off the round with an eagle 3 on
the par 5 18th to conclude his first 69.

Shaw then calmly went out and quickly caught Howard on
Sunday as he went 2 under par on the first four holes by
virtue of birdies on the par 5 second and the treacherous
par 4 fourth, the hardest hole on the course where he
chipped in his third shot from off the green.

A bogie on the par 4 fifth slowed his momentum but he again
tied Howard on the 9th hole with a birdie and then took the
lead for good on the 11th when Howard carded his first bogie
of the tournament when he failed to connect on a 4 foot par

Howard compounded his problems by following up his bogie at
11 with another one at 12 to give Shaw a 2 stroke lead with
6 holes to play. On 13, Shaw made the first of two
incredible par saves to hold the lead. Having hit a tree on
his second shot he was left with 35 yards to the green and
was able to wedge to 2 feet and save his par to maintain the
2 stroke advantage. "That one hurt", said Howard. "I had hit
it 12 feet in two and he's out there trying to kill our
trees and the next thing I know he's 2 feet away for par. It
was an unbelievable save."

The two traded pars on the par 4 14th and each carded
birdies on 15 to keep the lead for Shaw at 2. Howard got up
and down from left of the green on 16 to halve Shaw's 2 putt
par and that set up the next great save for Shaw on the long
para 4 17th. Shaw's drive was true down the middle but his
second shot was left of the green leaving a difficult chip.

Howard, in the meantime hit his drive in the right trees,
"typical, I skanked it" said Howard, but was able to produce
a par. Shaw hit a poor chip and was faced with a side hill
12 footer for his par. "He hardly even looked at it", said
Howard. "He just get's over the thing and BOOM, he nails it's nothing, like...ho hum. My reaction? uh-oh..."

With the 2 shot lead intact, Shaw played the 18th very smart
and parred the hole forcing Howard to attempt to make an
eagle for force the playoff.

Howard's second shot deposited itself in the front trap and
Howard did nearly hole the shot for the miracle but it ended
inches away and the victory was secure for Shaw.

"I didn't lose this tourn-ament.....I got beat", said a
gracious Howard. "Look around and you won't find a more
popular champion. Everyone was thrilled for Rusty and that
includes me. He was flawless and fearless and made the putts
and shots when I put the heat on. He deserves the win and
I'm tickled for him."

Shaw, along with Billy Neace and Greg Watson all secured
positions on the 1998 Morrow cup team alongside third place
finisher John Sconiers, Mike Claborn and Howard. Sconiers,
Clamor and Howard had already qualified via the ongoing
Match Play Championship which finds Howard and Claborn in
the finals.

Captain Gene Brown will pick the final 2 participants and at
least 2 alternates for the matches that will be held on
Sept. 18-20 in Fort Stockton.

Soccer grabs attention

The summer has ended and everyone's attention has turned to
school and -Soccer! The Sandhills Soccer Association is
preparing for another season, beginning with registration on
Thursday, August 20, from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Monahans
Convention Center, located at Fourth and Calvin.

A fee of $25 per player is required and all new players must
bring a birth certificate.

To meet age requirements, a player must have turned 4 by
July 31. Teams will be formed for ages 12 and up if enough
applications are received. A later registration is slated
for Thursday, August 27, also at the Convention Center fro 6
to 8 p.m.

In an effort to create evenly-matched teams, a lottery
system will be used this year.

Both boys and girls teams will be formed in the following
age groups: Under 6, Under 8, Under 10, and Under 12. Teams
will be formed for older age groups if possible. If all goes
as planned, many games will be played on the new soccer
fields located northeast of the Ward County Armory.

The Association is once again looking for sponsors to help
pay for the new uniforms and field maintenance. The $150 fee
is good for two years.

Plans are underway to erect a sign on the new soccer fields
to display the names of all sponsors. Many thanks to those
who contributed two years ago.

Lady Loboes open volleyball season

The old familiar sound of spiked volleyballs and referee's
whistles signaled the long-awaited start of yet another
season for the Monahans Lady Loboes on Friday, August 14 in
Denver City.

The Ladies faced Snyder in their first scrimmage of the dual
meet. The team's performance reflected the longer
preparation time they have enjoyed this year, resulting in a
higher level of cohesiveness among the players.

"The girls played very well," said Coach Patty Hall. "It
was a great display of teamwork, and the team was clicking
as things fell into place."

The ladies second match, versus Denver City, told the tale
of the extremely warm conditions in the gym.

The Lady Loboes played well despite their exhaustion, due to
the 55 minute length of the matches. After a good night's
rest, the team made their home debut in another multi-team
warm-up, Saturday morning at the complex.

Challenging the Permian Lady Panthers, a much larger school
but nonetheless longtime rival, the Ladies played a very
close, consistent game.

Although scores are not kept in these scrimmages, the Lady
Lobo coaching staff is confident that their team would have,
and in reality, did win the match.

Against new district rival Kermit, the women let up
mentally, making mental mistakes, and looked rather sluggish
overall, although it was not due to a lack of effort.

In the last match, against storied foe Pecos, proved to be
better than the preceding game against Kermit, however the
ladies were still short of the team's astounding potential.

"The team looked better than they did the last game," said
Hall. "They weren't, however, playing as concisely as can
be achieved." The Lady Loboes invite you to the
Multi-Purpose Complex this Thursday as they kick off the
25th annual Monahans Tournament, also in which the 1974
State Champion team will be in attendance.

Monahans v. Lamesa (W)
15-9, 5-15, 15-5
Monahans (W) v. Permian
15-2, 16-14.

Coach's comments: "The Monahans JV played a tough match
against Lamesa.

"They fought back and won the second game but eventually
lost the match 9-15, 15-5, 5-15. Crystal Suehs, Stephanie
Taylor and Amanda Krone did a great job hitting, Jessmy
Parras, Kristy Almanza and Tabetha Charey did a good job of

"The Monahans JV also played Permian. They lost the match
2-15, 14-16. Stepanie Taylor and Sandy Sotelo had a good
hitting game. Jessamy Parras, Kristy Almanza and Maribel
Yanez did a good job setting."

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