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Thursday, July 16, 1998

Pioneer family noted at museum

The Young Bell Family was recently honored at the West of
the Pecos Musem. This event was started 21 years ago as a
way to honor and recognize the Pioneers of Reeves County.

The reception and program took place on July 4, during our
historical week of celebration. A special certificate was
presented to Mrs. Birdie Bell Slack, daughter of Young Bell.
Also the Young Bell name was added to a special boot plaque
with past Pioneer's names and is displayed in the museum's
Old Timer's Room.

About 150 people attended the reception. Special out of town
guests for the family included: Frank and Billie Slack of
Phoenix, Ariz., Roy and Jake Slack of Tucson, Ariz., Larry
and Susan Slack Lemke, Aaron and Jenna of Tucson, Mike,
Debbie and Catilin Slack of Port Townsend, Wa. and John and
Martha Slack Reid and Elizabeth of Riple, Miss. The Golden
Girl nominees and the 1998 Golden Girl were also present for
the event.

A special family display was on exhibit at the West of the
Pecos Museum.

Depression often linked to hormones

There are three times in a woman's life when she is at
higher risk for depression.

"The greatest risk for depression occurs a week-to-10 days
before the period starts, after the birth of a child, and
one-two years before menopause. In general, women's
depression falls between the ages of 22 and 45," said Dr.
Lucy Puryear, director of The Women's Clinic at Baylor
College of Medicine's Department of Psychiatry.

Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) can occur each month
before a woman's menstrual period. It affects six-to-eight
percent of women and can be severely disabling.

"PMDD shouldn't be confused with the common PMS symptoms of
slight tearfulness and irritability," she said. "Women with
PMDD cannot function during the week-to-10 days before their

Symptoms include an inability to work or go to school,
excessive crying, and relationship problems. Once the period
begins, the woman's functioning returns to normal.

Treatment with anti-depressants provides immediate relief of
the symptoms. "Other types of depression need three-to-six
weeks for the medication to take effect. It is not clear why
PMDD responds differently," Puryear said.
Women with PMDD have the same hormone levels as other women,
but women with PMDD may be more vulnerable to hormonal
changes before their period.

Post-partum depression occurs in one out of 10 women and can
last for six months to a year if left untreated. Not to be
confused with the "baby blues" which can last for a couple
of weeks, women with post-partum depression feel extreme
sadness and guilt and are unable to function and to enjoy
caring for their baby.

"Post-partum depression interrupts the bonding between a
mother and child," Puryear said. "The newer anti-depressants
allow mothers to continue breast feeding while being

Researchers believe the rapid drop in estrogen that
occurs immediately after birth triggers the depression.
Prevention tactics being studied include using oral estrogen
or estrogen patches to taper the estrogen decline.

"Woman who have been sensitive to hormonal changes in the
past should be watchful for signs of major depression
one-to-two years before menopause," Puryear said.

Estrogen replacement therapy will treat the mild tearfulness
and moodiness that women often experience before menopause,
but anti-depressants are needed to treat severe depression.

"Not getting out of bed, not functioning, and wishing you
were dead is not a normal part of menopause," Puryear said.

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