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Mac McKinnon

Tuesday, June 2, 1998


By Mac McKinnon

Fire, smoke pose health

threat to many people

All of this fire and smoke coming first from the
Marfa-Presidio area and then from Mexico and Central America
has really gotten me concerned.

For one thing, I don't know that people have taken this
whole thing seriously. It is a health threat to many people,
young, old and those with breathing difficulties shouldn't
be going outside or doing anything strenuous.

The long term problem is what really concerns me. That
problem is the loss of our rain forests and the warming of
the atmosphere.

There have been many fires around the world in our rain
forests this year. Those rain forests are very important for
our climate as well as for many species of plants and
animals that are close to becoming extinct.

Greed is one reason some of the rain forests are being
destroyed as mining and lumber interests are heavily
involved in destroying these areas. Plus, the world's
growing population is causing expansion into parts of the
world that have been left alone up until now.

The rain forests help absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen
for our atmosphere. The world's increasing temperature,
although a slow climb, is evidence of what is happening
because of our incursions into formerly undisturbed forests.

Obviously, the fires between Marfa and Presidio didn't
involve forests but the smoke emitted carbon dioxide into
the air. In the long haul, the fires will probably be good
for that land as at times fire helps growth. Of course, it
would help to have rain to encourage the new growth. I'm
sure we'll get rain sooner or later, hopefully sooner.

I've never been one to holler and scream about environmental
concerns but it looks like we all need to get more concerned
than we have been. I know environmentalists have been
working hard for years to get people's attention and it has
worked to some extent.

While we may holler about the rain forests, it should be
noted that Americans are the worst about polluting. We live
in a disposable society. Did you see all the trash after the
windstorm Thursday night?

We need to use, reuse and recycle all that we can. That's
one reason I like to stress using recycled newsprint for our
newspaper. Do we stop and think about where all our trash is
going? Do we realize how much trash each family generates
each day? If you haven't, believe me, it's a bunch. Multiple
that out and you realize we've got a problem in this country
and in other so-called civilized nations.

El Nino gets the blame for all the strange weather we've
been having. I'm not a weather expert but it would seem that
we as greedy, careless humans, must bear some of the blame.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Mac McKinnon is the editor and publisher of
the Pecos Enterprise whose column appears each Tuesday. He
can be e-mailed at:

Your Views

If the mind can believe it,

the body can achieve it!

To The Editor:
For the past two years that I have lived in Pecos I have
witnessed both the positives and negatives and it is sad to
say that the negatives far out weigh the positives.

I arrived in Pecos with a new set of coaches who came to
town with a belief that success can be achieved with these
students and community. A belief which is prevalent in any
teacher, coach, or administrator. I am not talking about
sports and I am not talking about deficient grades
throughout the schools, what I am talking about is the basic
belief that one's life is not decided and is not defined. A
belief that is guaranteed by life and is within each one of

In a world where our children have to grow up and worry
about drugs, gang retaliations, pregnancy and AIDS it is
easy to see how one may forget to believe that there is more
out there than what is being presented and it is our job as
teachers, coaches, administrators, community and parents to
show them this belief. We have to take control and see that
our children do not lose their hope. They have to know that
they can achieve anything their young hearts desires.

We can no longer continue to ignore this problem, because as
a previous educator I have seen the students beliefs
diminish. Parents I plead with you to see that your child
believes that they can succeed then what example have we
set. I am not talking to the ones who are reading this
letter, I am talking to that ones that are not. Which I am
afraid is the majority.

Someone once said, "if the mind can believe it, than the
body can achieve it." Similar words are posted in the Pecos
High School Gym, how many of our children have read these
words? How many of you have read these words? How many of us
believe in these words?

Parents believe in your educators this belief does not only
reside in them but they believe in your children. Support
them and show them you appreciate them. The job they choose
to do is the most important yet.

Students believe in your own ability, know what you want and
do not let anyone tell you different. If you can dream it,
then you can achieve it. Do not lose faith in yourself,
BELIEVE in yourself.

Goodbye and Good Luck,
Ex Pecos Coach Darrell Ericson

Decency, morality should be a priority for all

To The Editor:
This letter is in regard to your letter concerning the city
council meeting.

First of all, no one is trying to legislate morality. People
have the right to choose what they're going to participate
in. All we're asking is that they take it outside the city
limits, not right in residential areas.

Secondly, I'm disappointed that the editor of our local
newspaper who professes to be a Christian refuses to take a
stand for decency and morality. Someday, Mr. McKinnon,
you're going to have to give an account to God. Have you
thought about that?

And to Mr. Timmins, it is the city council's job to pass
ordinances such as the one we're asking for, so how do you
figure they are spending their time on unimportant things? I
do believe that there are more than 350 Christians in Pecos.
So I say to all of you Christians who did not sign the
petition, "What are you going to say to God when He asks why
you didn't take a stand for decency in your Town?" Have you
thought about that?

Betty Daniels
Pecos, Texas

Imagination is basis for new children's book

There are many different kinds of children's books on the market these days and many of them appeal to the imagination and creativity of the younger set.

That's the basis for one new book, "What's Up With You Ta Quandra Fu?" written by Matt Cibula and illustrated by Brian Strassburg.

It's very entertaining with vibrant, colorful illustrations about a girl who is different and is constantly asked the question that makes up the title.

It's published by Zino Press which has a children's fun club and has published a number of children's books.

Price of the book is $16.95 and can be ordered through Amazon Books on the link with the Pecos Enterprise web page.

One of the new attractions that many books have for children is a glow in the dark cover. This is a hardbound book that can light up your child's imagination. It helps develop reading skills by using syllables to form words that have to be looked at and pronounced a little at a time.

Mac McKinnon

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