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Monday, April 27, 1998

Top fundraisers are noted

Top fundraising students in the Jump Rope for Heart event
held at Pecos Elementary were recognized during a special
assembly. The school raised $2,282 total. Top fundraising
students include first place, R.J. Guerra, second place,
Bonnie Garcia, Jr. and third place tie winners, Amber Pando
and Dina Ortiz.

Aguilar honored by special program

Zavala Middle School student Kristian Aguilar was on the
students honored by the Duke University Talent
Identification Program, (TIP).

The program is sponsoring a series of recognition ceremonies
to honor some of the most talented seventh-graders in the
United States.

This year a record number of over 21,800 students are
invited to attend State Recognition Ceremonies. Students
invited to the TIP ceremonies earned scores that would be
the envy of many graduating seniors and while only in the
seventh grade.

"TIP's most important function is the identification of
talented students," said TIP's Interim Executive Director,
Ramon Griffin. "Over the years, we have seen many instances
of young people whose abilities were underestimated or
overlooked by their teachers or their peers, sometimes even
by their parents, and those talents then go to waste. By
identifying bright youngsters at an early age and
recognizing their abilities, we begin the process of
nurturing their talents."

TIP sponsors both State Recognition Ceremonies and a Grand
Recognition Ceremony, for the very highest scoring students.
Students invited to the Grand Recognition Ceremony earned a
math or verbal score on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)
or the American College Testing Assessment (ACT) higher than
70 percent of college-bound high school seniors as part of
TIP's 18th annual Talent Search. Of the 71,785 students who
participated in the 1997-98 Talent Search, 2,144 qualified
for this honor. These students also qualify for state

In addition to the Grand Recognition Ceremony, many Talent
Search participants are also honored at ceremonies in their
home states. Working with host academic institutions, TIP
sponsors 26 different state ceremonies in its 16-state
Talent Search region. Speakers at the state ceremonies
include university administrators and professors, state and
government officials, and former TIP students. Students
attending the state ceremonies scored as well or better than
the average college-bound high school senior on either the
SAT or the ACT. TIP's recognition ceremonies are the largest
of their kind in the nation with more than 41,400 parents,
students and teachers attending in 1997.

TIP's Talent Search identifies seventh-graders in 16 states
in the Southeast, Midwest and Southwest who have scored in
the top three percent on a national achievement test.
Students participate by taking either the SAT or the ACT.
Talent Search participants receive a variety of educational
materials and publications. A results summary and counseling
guide help students interpret their scores and provide
suggestions for using their ability more effectively. TIP's
publications help students find out more about academic
opportunities and about the needs and interests of people
like themselves. These publications include a guide to
educational opportunities, a newsletter, and a magazine on
college choices mailed to TIP students in the tenth grade.

TIP is non-profit, educational organization designed to
identify and develop academic talent. Over the past decade,
TIP has established itself as the largest program of its
kind in the nation. Since 1980, over 800,000 students from
all parts of the world have taken part in a TIP program. The
program receives support from students fees and donations
from individuals, corporations and foundations.

Parents and students interested in TIP's Talent Search
should contact the Duke University TIP office for more
information, call 919-684-3847.

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