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Reeves County Health Fair

Wednesday, April 1, 1998

Pecos Police

The Pecos Police Department will be taking fingerprints at
this year's health fair, said communications Supervisor
Dianne Tersero. Both adults and children can have their
fingerprints taken, she said.

Those who have their fingerprints or their children's
fingerprints taken will receive a card that they can take
home and keep in their files in case of an emergency,
Tersero said.

The police department booth will also be giving a drug
awareness program at the health fair, Tersero said. They
will be showing a video tape and giving out free literature.

The police department booth will also feature information
about drug awareness.

Home Health of Odessa

Along with pamphlets and brochures, the Home Health
Corporation, of Odessa, will be providing
O saturation tests at the 11th
Annual Health Fair set for Saturday.

Branch manager for the facility in Odessa, Debbie Wood,
stated that the test consists of an infrared light which
gives the percentage of oxygen in blood. "This gives the
respiratory therapist a general idea of how the lungs are
working," said Wood.

The facility provides oxygen and all respiratory needs,
including medications. "We also provide all home medical
equipment," said Wood.

Beds, walkers and canes are just some of the equipment
available. "We deliver 24 hours a day," said Wood.

Employees of the facility are often in Pecos, where they
make deliveries.

"We also carry specialty items, such as low-air loft
mattresses, for people who are bedridden," said Wood.

The special mattresses are to keep the bedridden individuals
from developing bed sores, according to Wood.

Tubs for transfer from bed to shower are available along
with shower chairs and assorted equipment for the physically

The facility has been located in Odessa since 1983 and are
ready to assist anyone with their needs, according to Wood.

RCH Trauma

Driving around a curve at a high speed may cause one to
wonder, "What would happen if the car rolled-over?"

The effects will be addressed at the Reeves County Health
Fair when the hospital's trauma unit presents a roll-over
simulator: a new-model pickup that regularly simulates a
roll-over crash.

The simulator, manned by "crash dummies," will be run by
Department of Safety personnel. The officers will also be
distributing literature concerning trauma and safety.

Odessa Orthopedic Center

Johnny Gentry of the Odessa Orthopedic Center will be
offering free scoliosis screenings for children age 4 to 18
at this year's Reeves County Health Fair. He'll be sharing a
space with Permian Basin Limb, producers of high-quality
back braces.

"In the past I've checked everybody who came to the booth,"
said Gentry, explaining that the screening is a simple, one
minute procedure for checking the curve of the back.

RCH Dietary

The Dietary Department of Reeves County Hospital will be
providing a barbecue lunch for the 11th Annual Reeves County
Health Fair.

Barbecue plates will be available for $4 per plate. The
lunch will be served in the cafeteria and will begin at 11
a.m. until 2 p.m.


Laboratory personnel at Reeves County Hospital will have
several booths at Saturday's 11th annual Health Fair which
will offer blood screenings from 8 a.m. to 12 noon.

The screenings will include CBC tests (Complete Body Count),
SMAC (blood chemistry) tests and Thyroid profile for $20.
Those taking the tests are asked to fast for 12 hours before
going to the health fair.

Odessa Heart Clinic

Thelma Reeves, office manager at the Odessa Heart Clinic,
will be presenting information to fair attendees on how to
be "heart healthy" and free blood pressure evaluations
during Saturday's 11th annual Reeves County Hospital Health

Diet sheets stressing the consumption of low-fat and
low-cholesterol foods; video presentations on what to expect
on a visit to the cardiologist; and special information on
angioplasty and catheterization will all serve to dispel the
many myths revolving around this most vital organ.

"We will focus on what a cardiologist does and how blockages
are treated," said Reeves.

Community Council

The Community Council's booth at this year's health fair
will feature information on many of the council's programs
said Outreach Specialist Virginia Garcia.

Garcia said that the booth will feature information on the
council's Family Service Program and the Emergency Shelter
Grants Program.

The Family Services Program helps the elderly and families
whose head of household is disabled, Garcia said. The
program can help those who qualify with their utility bills
as well as heaters or air conditioners, she said.

The Emergency Shelter Grants Program helps homeless people
and people who are in danger of becoming homeless. The
program can help the homeless with utility deposits, rent
deposits and first month's rent. It can help to make
mortgage or rent payments for people who are faced with
losing their homes due to foreclosure or eviction.

There will also be information on two programs which have
not yet received funding, Garcia said. They are the Oil
Overcharge and Enterp programs, both of which can help with
utility payments, and purchases of medication and food, she
said. Both of those are one time per year programs for which
families must meet income guidelines.

Garcia said that there will also be information on the
Community Council's day care, Meals on Wheels and medical
transportation programs.

Professional Pharmacy

Professional Pharmacy will provide free blood typing at the
11th Annual Reeves County Health Fair.

"Blood typing is important in case you are involved in an
emergency and need blood, or if there is a blood shortage of
a certain type of blood," said Leo Hung, owner of
Professional Pharmacy at 925 Daggett.

Professional Pharmacy has been in Pecos for more than 30
years. Hung bought the business about 18 years ago.

RCH Business Office

The Business Office staff of Reeves County Hospital will be
providing literature with frequently asked questions at the
business office.

The information will contain questions on Medicaid and
Medicare as well as insurance and payment and billing of
services. This year the business office staff will also
provide information to children on hospital services.

Free coloring books will also be given to each child. Face
painting will also be offered for children.

Business Office Director, Lily Serrano stated, "We realize
that children are also our patients and we want them to be
familiar with the hospital and not be afraid of the services
that are provided."

Mental Health Center

Jason Woods, center manager for the Mental Health Center,
will be giving free "stress" tests to fair-goers and
distributing information about mental illness.

The Mental Health Mental Retardation Services quit being a
state agency on March 1, 1997. Reeves County then banded
together with 22 other West Texas communities to serve the
needs of West Texans.

Woods will focus on issues concerning depression,
schizophrenia and bi-polar disorders.

RCH Rural Health Clinic

Reeves County Hospital's Rural Health Clinic will be
offering cholesterol screenings on Saturday, during the
hospital's annual health fair.

"It will be either a $2 or $3 charge," said physician's
assistant Shelia Brown. "We're having problems getting the
(testing) strips in, so the charge will be whatever it ends
up costing the department."

Brown said in addition to the test, glucose and blood
pressure screening will also be conducted by rural health
clinic personnel. The tests will be done at the clinic's
booth, in the lobby of Reeves County Hospital.

PB Resource Council

Drug prevention and treatment will be the topics addressed
by Candy Ornelas at the Permian Basin Resource Council booth
on Saturday. Literature will be available for all age
groups, stressing the importance of abstaining from drug and
alcohol abuse.

Council Director Vella Conally said, "We mainly want people
to know of our presence and what services we offer."

As the PBRC's spokes model to the schools, Ornelas knows a
few things about prevention. "We're real proud of her," said
Conally, "If anyone has a problem they know who to see."

Treatment centers from various price ranges may be
recommended by the PBRC. "We're primarily trying to prevent
a problem from ever happening."

Nurses Unlimited

Nurses Unlimited, a West Texas owned and operated business,
will be attending the Reeves County Health Fair to display
home medical equipment available through the organization at
their booth near the front door of the Reeves County
Hospital lobby on Saturday.

Having served West Texas since 1983, Nurses maintains
equipment warehouses in both Alpine and Odessa. A
fully-trained staff serve clientele within a radius of 100
miles from each location.

Some of the equipment available through the company for use
in the home includes nebulizers, oxygen equipment, hospital
beds, wheelchairs, walkers, commode chairs, pressure support
ventilators, volume ventilators, CPAP, and a complete line
of necessary supplies.

A trained seating and positioning expert is available in
order to provide the precision services required by the
severely impaired. A staff of four, full-time respiratory
therapists make monthly visits to those patients requiring
oxygen therapy.

The public in encouraged to visit at their booth, attended
by Alpine Manager Joe Ybarra.

"Nurses Unlimited is easily the most diversified home health
care service in the region," said Director of Marketing for
Nurses Unlimited Howard Reed, "We offer 100 percent
solutions for home health care challenges."

RCH Home Health

Reeves County Hospital Home Health is dedicated to serving
the people of Reeves, Ward and Loving counties.

"We provide skilled nursing, home health aides, and
physical therapy," said Tojia Criss, R.N. "We assist with
medication training, disease process teaching, wound care,
diabetic care, respiratory teaching and procedures with home
breathing treatments," she said.

During the health fair, RC Home Health will be providing
information on the services they provide, as well as
information on advanced directives.

"We will be explaining what advanced directives is and how
to go about letting your physician and family know of your
wishes," said Criss. "We will be talking about the
appropriate paperwork that needs to be filled out to assure
that your wishes are carried out," she said.

"Your health and independence at home, is our first
priority," she said.

Reeves County Hospital Home Health Services is dedicated to
quality nursing care in the home setting.

The facility's nurses are available to insure that the
individuals health care needs are met. "We provide the
professional services necessary to facilitate your return to
a normal lifestyle," said Criss.

Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance are accepted and
will be billed at the patients request, according to Criss.

Pecos Chiropractic Clinic

Donovan Thomas of the Pecos Chiropractic Clinic will be
scheduling free consultations and spinal checkups at
Saturday's health fair. But, many are still uncertain, what
is chiropractic care?

Chiropractic is a natural method of health care that treats
the causes of physical problems rather than just the
symptoms. Chiropractic is based on a simple but powerful
premise: With a healthy lifestyle and normally functioning
spinal joints and nerves, your body is better able to heal
itself. That's because the spinal cord, which is protected
by the spine, is the main pathway of your nervous system. It
controls movement, feeling and function throughout your body.

Dr. Thomas begins treatment by looking at your overall
health - focusing not only on your spine but also on your
lifestyle. This "total approach" to wellness helps determine
the best treatment for any spinal problems you have. "We can
be your doctor for good health," said Thomas.

After locating joints in your spine that are misaligned or
not functioning properly, your chiropractor gently presses
on the joints. By helping restore alignment, these
adjustments can improve a range of motion in your spine, and
relieve irritated nerves.

"Chiropractic," he said "does not require a referral and is
covered by most insurance."

Comm. Care Consortium

The West Texas Community Care Consortium will be offering
important health screenings at Saturday's Reeves County
Health Fair.

The services include providing clinical breast exams and pap
tests. The testing will be provided free of charge to all
women who will qualify.

The consortium focuses on providing diagnostic services to
detect breast and cervical cancer. Trained staff from the
Cancer Consortium of El Paso will be providing these

Individuals can expect to receive results on the pap
screenings about two weeks after the health fair. All CBE
results will be given directly to the patient.

WTCCC recognizes the importance of annual screenings in
promoting early detection of breast and cervical cancer and
encourages all women to keep up with their annual exams.

Diabetes Center of the SW

The Diabetes Center of the Southwest will offer screening
for, as well as information about, osteoporosis, also known
as brittle bone disease.

The center is an endocrine center, which treats any disease
resulting from the malfunction of the endocrine glands, such
as osteoporosis and hypothyroidism, but most of their
practice is in treating diabetics.

Miracle Ear

For those concerned about hearing loss, Miracle Ear, which
is currently enjoying its 50th anniversary, will be
distributing product and hearing information at the fair.

Distribution manager JoAnn Gonzalez will be presenting facts
about the wide variety of hearing instruments the company
provides, including the new Mirage, a
completely-in-the-canal hearing aid.

Gonzalez said they do provide free hearing evaluations, but
fairs are generally too noisy. "I do come to Pecos once a
month so people can get in touch with me about that," she


Texas New Mexico Power Company will have their "Community
Coach" parked outside Reeves County Hospital during
Saturday's Reeves County Health Fair, where a demonstration
on electrical safety will be conducted.

"We're going to be doing an arcing demonstration," said Mia
Surratt of T-NP's Pecos office. she added that the
demonstration will be similar those the company has
conducted in the hospital's lobby the past few years, "But
it will be bigger. It takes about three men to operate it,"
she said of the electric arc generator.

"The one last year was more geared towards kids. This one
is, too, but adults will really enjoy it," Surratt said.

Brochures on electrical safety around the home will also be
available during the presentation, which will be done by
local T-NP personnel, and videos will also be shown in the
Community Coach.

Pecos Home Health, Inc.

Pecos Home Health, Inc. will have a booth at the 11th Annual
Reeves County Health Fair.

Pecos Home Health and Rediger's Pharmacy, in a collaborative
effort, will offer free blood sugar screenings and blood
pressure testing. Literature and information about diabetes
will be offered. A nurse will be available to counsel
diabetic patients.

Pecos Home Health is located directly behind Rediger's
Pharmacy at 721 S. Palm. John and Landa Rediger, owners,
stated, "In keeping with our tradition of 43 years of
commitment to our customers at Rediger's Pharmacy, we
provide fully certified and professional care to our
customers at Pecos Home Health. We continue to ~`treat your
family like ours.' We offer professional support - RNs, LVNs
and home health aides."

Services arranged by Pecos Home Health are durable medical
equipment, physical therapy, prescription services and
hospice services.

Dr. David Lovett

Toddlers with `milk bottle mouth syndrome,' toothless
seniors with ill-fitting dentures, and everyone in between
are welcome at the dental screening booth to be manned by
Dr. David Lovett Saturday.

Lovett will be on hand at the Annual Health Fair, from 9
a.m. until 3 p.m.

Dr. Lovett will be offering free oral screenings to
identify oral cancer, tooth decay, peridontal disease or any
abnormality that might require follow-up care.

Milk bottle syndrome is common among young children who are
put to sleep with a bottle in their mouths, Dr. Lovett said.
"I have seen a lot of cases, or a lot more than I should be

Literature in English and Spanish about bottle mouth
syndrome, preventable tooth decay in infants and small
children will also be available, according to Lovett.

He said a pacifier or a teddy bear is better to comfort the
child than a bottle of milk or juice that constantly bathes
teeth in decay-producing liquids.

Lovett said soft drinks are especially bad for teeth, not
only in infants but also in older children as well.

Children and adults alike are encouraged to take care of
any tooth decay or other oral abnormalities that may be
detected during the oral screenings at the health fair.

"This is just a visual screening. We don't take X-rays or
do any treatment," Lovett said. "If we do see a problem, we
refer them to their dentist."

He said that traffic through the dentists' screening booth
at the fair has been good in previous years.

Older people like to have their gums checked for possible
tissue damage from dentures. Some are surprised to find they
have a problem, Lovett said.


Laboratory personnel at Reeves County Hospital will have
several booths at Saturday's 11th annual Health Fair which
will offer blood screenings.

The screenings will include CBC tests (Complete Body Count),
SMAC (blood chemistry) tests and Thyroid profile.

Pecos Ambulance Service

Pecos Ambulance Service will have an ambulance at the health
fair to allow visitors a peek inside their newest ambulance

Bill Randall Cole is chief of the volunteer ambulance
service, which has six, with five EMT/Intermediates, and
five basic EMT's.

Ambulance personnel will be on hand to explain how the
equipment works to save lives and prevent further injury to
accident victims.

Rediger's Pharmacy

Rediger's Pharmacy will have two booths at the 11th Annual
Reeves County Health Fair, one for the pharmacy and one
representing Pecos Home Health, the home nursing service
offered by the pharmacy.

John T. Rediger operates the pharmacy at 724 S. Eddy that
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. F.J. Rediger opened in Pecos more
than 43 years ago.

One focus of the Rediger's booth will be products and
services for diabetics. Rediger's will offer free blood
sugar screenings, displays of diabetic foods available at
the pharmacy and menus for diabetics.

"Diet, exercise and, if needed, medication are very
important for diabetics," Rediger said. "We will also be
available to council with diabetic patients."

Rediger's Pharmacy also offers free blood pressure and blood
glucose testing at the pharmacy throughout the year.

Pecos Masonic Lodge

Health fair attendees may find the tantalizing smell of
pancakes and bacon cooking on the patio too much to bear
while waiting in line for a blood test - after fasting since

Members of the Masonic Lodge are hoping that smell will
draw 600 to 700 people to their breakfast booth for the
pancake breakfast served with coffee and juice, that is free
to the public.

The breakfast will be sponsored by Pfizer Pharmaceuticals,
Wyeth-Ayerust Pharmaceuticals, Reeves County Hospital and
Reeves County Home Health.

Masonic Lodge members will begin serving the breakfast at 8
a.m. until all the food is gone, according to Dr. David

Lovett stated that members are doing this is a community
service and fundraiser.

PB Blood Institute

The Permian Basin Blood Institute will be offering Prostate
Testing for men at the Health Fair on Saturday.

Male donors who donate red blood cells and plasma can have
a PSA test at no charge. The PSA test is to detect cancer of
the prostate. The institute will provide PSA tests for those
who cannot donate for only $20. Every donor will receive a
T-shirt in appreciation of their donation.

Also free cholesterol testing will be provided with each
blood donation. However, those wanting a cholesterol test
without donating blood will have to pay $5.

The Permian Basin Blood Institute offers a variety of
programs to improve the health of people in this area.
Volunteer blood and apheresis donors who wish to meet the
needs of trauma victims, newborn babies, surgical patients
and those undergoing treatment for cancer and other
life-threatening diseases are served by the center.

Blood is needed every day by patients in the Permian Basin.
By taking 30-45 minutes to donate blood, you are helping to
save at least three lives. After your donation, your blood
is separated into its three components. For example, the
plasma may be given to a burn victim to help them recover.
The red cells might be used in the emergency room to help an
accident victim survive and the platelets can be used by a
cancer patient who is undergoing chemotherapy.

Basin Detox Systems

Brochures and pamphlets along with much more information
will be available at the annual health fair on the Basin
Detox Systems, Inc.

"We'll be there to answer questions one on one," said Dan
Atencio about the program, which is available to individuals
in the Permian Basin area.

Chemical dependency is a primary, progressive, and chronic
disease that affects the entire personality and all
interpersonal relationships of its victims, according to

Chemically-dependent people typically suffer progressive
deterioration of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual
health which influences the everyday lives of others. "For
the chemically-dependent person, a life free of all
chemicals is difficult to be both perceived and achieved.

It is a terrible prospect to envision an existence which one
considers to be destructive and negative as an everyday
lifestyle in which chemically dependent people live,
according to Atencio.

"What a lot of people don't know is that we provide full
transportation," said Atencio.

The facility accepts individuals 13 years of age and up,
male or female. Medicaid, Medicare and insurance are all

Referral to the facility may be made by physicians, mental
health professionals, and other concerned persons, as well
as hospitals, community referral agencies and mental health
centers. If placement at a Basin Detox Systems, Inc.
facility is not appropriate, the intake staff will assist in
finding a more suitable setting.

Five Basin Detox Systems, Inc. facilities are located in
Texas including the Martin County Hospital in Stanton; the
Pecos County General Hospital in Iraan; the Pecos County
Memorial Hospital in Fort Stockton; Refugio County Memorial
Hospital in Refugio and Rice District Community Hospital in
Eagle Lake.

All facilities are fully bilingual; detox for pregnant
females is available, insures 24-48 hours substance free
prior to discharge and provides appropriate referrals upon

"At the health fair, we can answer individual questions,
pertaining to each individuals needs," said Atencio.

American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society's Reeves County Health Fair
booth will be dedicated this year to informing everyone
about their upcoming "Relay for Life" according to spokesman
Marie Cardenas.

The "Relay for Life" will be held May 15 and 16 at the Buck
Jackson Rodeo Arena. The 18-hour event will begin at 6 p.m.
on May 15 and various events will coincide with the relay
teams walking around the track.

One of those events will be a luminary lighting ceremony at
9 p.m. May 15. At that time, track lights will be dimmed and
luminary candles will be lighted to honor cancer survivors
and in memory of those whose lives have been cut short by
the disease.

Luminary order forms and information about the relay will be
available at the American Cancer society's booth, and a
video describing the event will be shown continuously
throughout the day.

TT Mammography Clinic

The Texas Tech Mobile Mammography Clinic will have its van
at the health fair this Saturday.

Mammography Technician Wanda Young and Health Coordinator
Mary Ann Almanza will be on hand to provide screening and
diagnostic mammograms, for a charge. Financial assistance is
available for low income individuals. Call Nancy Ontiveros
at Reeves County Hospital at 447-3551.

Mobile clinic representatives will be taking appointments
at 1-800-222-8388. Walk-ins are also welcome, according to
Pam Johnson, Associate Director.

"If anyone wants to tour the mobile clinic, it's a really
nice facility, we are glad to offer that also," Johnson said.

RC Hospital Phy. Therapy

Reeves County Hospital's Physical Therapy Department will
be offering five-minute massages at their office in the rear
section of Reeves County Hospital, during the 11th annual
Reeves County Hospital Health Fair.

"We're just going to do five-minute massages, then we'll
have a door prize which will be a 30-minute massage," said
RCH physical therapist Dale Thomas. "There will be three of
us working off and one, and at least one of us will be here
all the time."

The sessions will be on the office's massage tables and
will be available during the length of the health fair, from
8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

American Heart Association

The American Heart Association will place an emphasis on
two areas at Saturday's Health Fair.

"Women and Heart Disease" was the focus of American Heart
Month in February and will carry over to reach out and
educate women in Reeves County on the risk factors that
affect women. Women tend to be the most overlooked
population group when it comes to heart disease.

As a result, the number of women affected by heart disease
has risen. Heart disease has become significant for females
beginning at ages 40-45. By placing an emphasis on women and
heart disease, the AHA hopes that women will have a new
awareness of their bodies and will recognize problems
earlier and therefore seek treatment to prevent heart
attacks or strokes.

Emphasis is also being placed on "Hispanics and Heart
Disease." Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of
Hispanics. One of the major risk factors is a high
cholesterol level.

Hispanics traditionally have diets high in fat. It is
estimated that 50 percent of Hispanics have a blood
cholesterol level of 200/Mg/dl and above. For best health,
blood cholesterol levels should be below 200mg/dl.

Information offered at the health fair will be available in
English and in Spanish. Additional information will be
available on strokes and other aspects of heart disease.

American Home Health

American Home Health has made additions to their staff and
services since last year's Health Fair, and will be giving
out informational pamphlets on their hospice service, which
wasn't available last year.

According to office manager Irma Castillo, hospice means a
team of professionals and trained volunteers who care for
people with terminal illnesses and their families who are no
longer actively seeking a medical cure.

Hospice care is intended to help the patient make the most
of each remaining hour and day of life by helping them to
remain at home, stay as active as possible, and to both
express and accept their feelings. Among other things, it
helps the family to care for their loved one and to deal
with stress.

Other services to be offered at the American Home Health
booth are glucose (blood sugar) screening and weight
analysis, which they offered for the first time last year.

American Home Health, located at 315 S. Oak St., has
increased its staff to eight registered nurses, five LVNs,
13 nurse's aides, four secretaries, a pharmacist, a speech
therapist, a social worker, a dietitian, and a physical
therapist. Their office hours are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays
and 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturdays. They also have an Odessa
office at 408 N. Washington, across the street from Medical
Center Hospital.

Narcotics Anonymous

Frank Ornelas Sr. will man the Narcotics Anonymous booth at
Reeves County Hospital Saturday to give out information on
drug abuse and narcotics addiction.

Narcotics Anonymous is a support group for recovering
addicts, which meets at 7 p.m. each Wednesday in the Reeves
County Hospital classroom.
Family members who need help with a drug addict may find a
sympathetic ear in the booth.

"For those who have questions or need counsel, we'll try to
help them," Ornelas said. "We can give them an 800 number to
call for more help than we can give them here."

This is the seventh year the group has manned the booth.

Permian Brace and Limb

Permian Brace and Limb will be featuring all different types
of braces at their booth in this Saturday's Health Fair. The
company's booth will feature everything from back braces for
people who suffer from scoliosis (curvature of the spine) to
arch supports said Permian brace and Limb's manager, Tim

The booth will also feature prosthetic devices, suspension
devices for the prostheses and samples of cosmetic finishes,
said Howell. The booth will be staffed by Allen Dolberry,
Howell said. Both Howell and Dolberry are certified

Trans-Pecos Health Center

Trans-Pecos Health Center Physician Assistant Michelle Cser
will weigh and measure visitors to her booth at the Reeves
County Health Fair on Saturday. She will also assess body
fat composition free of charge.

Center offices are located at the corner of Daggett and Eddy

Am. Diabetes Association

The American Diabetes Association will offer free
information on their services at Saturday's Health Fair.

The group will have pamphlets on a variety of subjects
related to diabetes, including medications, diet, and
exercise, according to board member Christina Little. They
will also have a risk factor test available. The risk factor
test is a questionnaire designed to help a person to find
out if they are at risk for diabetes.


Beltone specialists will be at the health fair, Saturday and
bring with them the latest equipment.

Specialists manning the booth at Saturday's health fair are
audio prosthologist Mike Wallis and Susan Bennet a hearing
instrument specialist. They'll bring a video otoscopy,
tympanometry and an otolab.

"The otolab is used for the hearing aids," said Wallis. He
explained that the hearing aid is put into the otolab and
the machine takes the humidity out of it.

"It's like a vacuum, it gets all the debris out and the
hearing aid doesn't have to be sent back to the factory," he

Also, Beltone offers a line of hearing aids that are
computer programmable to the client's specific hearing loss.

Should his hearing change, he can go to the Beltone Hearing
Center in Odessa or Midland for re-programming, according to

Using Reeves County Hospital's sound booth, they will offer
hearing screenings, check inside ears and provide
information on hearing loss and the latest hearing aids.

With the varied types of computer-programmed aids, Beltone
offers the invisible aid that fits inside the ear canal.

Beltone has over 60 makes and models of hearing aids for
every kind of hearing loss.

"It is very prescription-like nowadays. Just like you get a
prescription for glasses to fit your eye problems. We send
an audiogram and have them build it to the client's
specifications," according to Wallis

The aids are as individual as fingerprints, he said. "They
are much more technical and have a much more natural sound."

Free hearing tests are offered at three office locations in
Odessa, Midland and Big Spring and in 19 counties visited on
a regular schedule by specialists.

Curt Wallis, who purchased the hearing center in 1979,
remains active although semi-retired. He spends half his
time in the office and is active in state and national
organizations. He is governor to the National Hearing
Society for the Southwest region and past president of the
Texas Hearing Aid Association.

His children have joined the business, and a grandson has
completed his state board tests for a license so he can
continue the tradition to the third generation.

Midland Memorial Rehab

Sandra Turner and Amy Groeschel, community relations
coordinators for Memorial Rehab Hospital in Midland, will be
passing out candy and goodies and informing citizens about
what physical rehabilitation services offers and who is
appropriate for the program.

Those who go into rehabilitation therapy have ussually
suffered from stroke, head trauma, periferal nerve
damage, and hip fractures. "We offer physical therapy,
occupational therapy, respirational therapy and recreational
therapy," said Turner.

Often the elderly seek rehabilitation service because loss
of body strength. Medicare covers 100 percent of rehab

Memorial Rehab Hospital is a 34-bed acute care hospital for
in and out patient care.

RCH Auxiliary

There will be about 20 members of the Reeves County
Hospital ladies' auxiliary helping with this year's health
fair on Saturday, according to auxiliary president Willie

Hamilton said that the ladies will not have a booth at the
health fair, but will be helping the hospital administration
in various capacities. She said that some of the auxiliary
members will be helping in the hospital lab, while others
will be registering fair-goers, collecting fees from those
who wish to have testing done that fees are required for and
labeling blood samples.

While the health fair is in progress, the ladies' auxiliary
will have the hospital gift shop open. Hamilton said that
the gift shop has several nice items for sale.

Outside the gift shop, Hamilton said, the ladies' auxiliary
will be selling freshly popped popcorn.

West Texas Cattlewomen

West Texas Cattlewomen believe beef is an important part of
a healthy diet, and they will provide information on its
benefits at Saturday's health fair.

Margaret Lindley, a Loving County rancher, said the display
will include information on all aspects of beef.

The group will have several hundred booklets available from
the National Cattlewomen's Association and the National
Cattlemen's Association, Lindley said.

"We'll also have a number of different recipes that have
been given to us," she said. The recipes will be available
to the public, also.

The cattlewomen invite everyone attending the health fair
to come by their booth for the free handouts.

Reeves County Hospital Nursing

Personality assessments have been a popular booth in the
past years, which prompted the Reeves County Hospital
Nursing Department to offer the service once again at
Saturday's Health Fair.

The personality assessment serves as a tool to identify an
individual's strengths and weaknesses. Individuals wishing
to participate in a personality assessment must complete a
simple questionnaire.

The answers are then input into a computer program that
automatically generates a five page assessment. It
identifies an individuals strengths and weaknesses in
different areas such as leadership, work ability and
personality. This is a free service and is enjoyed by all
who participate, according to Director of Nursing L.G.

Texas Tech Rural Health Clinic/WIC

The Texas Tech Rural Health Clinic will be staffing a booth
offering information on services available through Texas
Tech, at this Saturday's Reeves County Health Fair.

Becky Gonzales said in addition to the information on
Tech's medical programs, other workers will be at Saturday's
health fair to offer information on the Women, Infants and
Children (WIC) program and on other services provided by the

"We will be giving out appointments for WIC, along with
family planning programs," Gonzales said. The booth will
also provide the public with pamphlets and workers there
will answer any questions on the program.

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