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March 11, 1998

Galindo sweeps county judge election

Staff Writer
PECOS, March 11, 1998 - Reeves County Judge Jimmy Galindo
walked away with the Democratic primary election yesterday
to retain his seat as county judge with a 2,315 to 1,415
victory against his opponent Linda Gholson.

With 7,710 registered voters in the county 3,914 ballots
were cast giving a 50.77 percent voter turnout in Reeves
County, well above the state turnout of about 13.4 percent.
About 1.47 million of the states 11 million registered
voters cast ballots Tuesday.

Galindo garnered 59.15 percent of the votes cast in the
Reeves County Judge's race and Gholson received 36.15

"It's been a long hard race and it shows what I've been
saying, that it's important to take everyrace seriously,"
Galindo said after the results were tabulated.

"I'm very, very proud to serve as Reeves County Judge and I
want to thank all those who votedfor me."

Gholson said she currently has no plans to run for another
office. "My plans for now are to get things lined up, tend
to my business and then we'll see," said Gholson.

Gholson is also a member of the Pecos-Barstow-Toyah ISD
board. Her position is coming up for election in May.

"I don't know about another election, I was so busy
concentrating on this one," she said.

Gholson said she doesn't know if she'll physically be able
to seek re-election to the school board, but stated, "I
really enjoy being on the school board, but as far as being
physically able to run again, I don't know," she said.

Coming off one campaign and hitting another seems like a big
task at this time, according to Gholson.

Gholson also expressed her gratitude to everyone who
supported her during her campaign for the county judge
position. "I do appreciate the kindness shown to me as I
went door to door and greeted people," she said.

Galindo, who is a Pecos High School and a University of
Texas at Austin graduate, said he is looking forward to
continuing to do the best he can for the people of the

"The biggest challenge we face is improving the quality of
life in our community," Galindo saidinbetween shaking hands
and hugging well wishers at his victory party at The
RiversideBallroom. "That includes developing recreation
facilities, economic development and running anefficient
government that does more with less dollars."

When Galindo was first elected county judge in 1994, Reeves
County faced an $800,000 a yearbudget deficit. Since then,
Galindo has played a strong roll in reversing the financial
position ofthe county.

Galindo and the commissioners' court have presented county
budgets that lowered taxes twoyears in a row while giving
raises to all county employees. Now Reeves County boasts a
milliondollar reserve in the bank.

During Galindo's first term in office the Reeves County
Detention Center became one of thefastest growing employers
in the County. Galindo traveled to Washington D.C. to
negotiate withthe United States Bureau of Prisons and
increased Bureau of Prisons payments to the RCDC by about $1
million annually. Progress at the RCDC created 50 new jobs
at the prison. Grossrevenue projections increased from $6
million to $12 million dollars a year.

Martinez and Rayos in run-off election

Staff Writer
PECOS, March 11, 1998 - As the final voting box was being
opened and counted at Reeves County Courthouse, several
blocks to the south, at Suavacito's bar, Gilberto "Hivi"
Rayos, candidate for Reeves County Commissioner Precinct 4,
had obviously been following the blow-by-blow election
results on local radio station KIUN.

"It's going to be a run-off," he said flatly as friends and
relatives buzzed with excitement in the ballroom. T-shirts
with "Rayos" emblazoned across the front were displayed

As the final votes were tabulated Precinct 4 encumbent
Bernardo Martinez was busy calculating the commissioner's
race on a scrap sheet of paper at the courthouse, while
Reeves County Democratic Party Chairman Bobby Dean loaded
the results into his laptop computer and Bill Cole, seated
right of Dean, reported the results as they came in live on
the radio.

The final results gave Martinez the most votes, 359 (34.55
percent), but not enough to leave him clear and free for
another term. There will be a run-off as Rayos had said.

Rayos received 316 votes (30.41 percent), and Mari Maldonado
received 291 votes (28.01 percent).

Bernardo Martinez said he looks forward to the run-off
election. "I'll have to change my strategy, but I'm glad it
was a good, clean race." After thanking all those who had
voted for him and those who had participated in the
political process, Martinez said, "If anyone has any
questions about my resume, I want them to please ask me."

Several blocks away, Rayos was pleased with the results,
allowing his campaign spokeswoman, Lorena Rayos Martinez, to
speak for him. "We are very happy and will work extra hard
in the run-off election," she said. "We want everybody to
help us make a difference."

Angel Rayos, Gilberto's father, who was at the club, said
only, "We are very proud." The senior Rayos said he was
confident that his son would win in the run-off election.

This will be the third run-off election Bernardo "Chaquen"
Martinez has had to face in his 20 years as a commissioner.

The run-off election will be held on Tuesday, April 14.

What remains to be seen now is which way Maldonado's 291
supporters will turn when faced with a choice between
Martinez and Rayos. Theirs is the vote that must be sought
and secured by the two over the next month.

JP Precinct 3 will see run-off election

Staff Writer
PECOS, March 11, 1998 - In the race for Precinct 3 Justice
of the Peace a run-off will be held next month involving
incumbent Joel Madrid and challenger Rosendo L. Carrasco.

Carrasco took more than 38 percent of the total vote,
equaling 388 votes, and Madrid received just less than 30
percent with 303 total votes. Two other candidates divided
up the remaining 25 percent, with Janell Ward receiving 84
votes and David Dominguez Vejil receiving 168.

Carrasco, speaking from Carrasco's Mercantile in Balmorhea,
said it felt real good to receive so much of the vote and
was glad people felt he could do the job. "We need a judge
that is available full time. That is my platform."

But at the same time, Carrasco said he wasn't taking
anything for granted. "I'm gonna hit it hard and go house to
house," he said of the future run-off election. Though he
felt that those votes that went to Ward would be turning his
way, he said "I'm going to fight for them."

He said that he and Ward both believed strongly in a
full-time judge for the people of Precinct 3, and had agreed
before the election that if there was a run-off involving
either of the challengers, the loser would pitch their
support behind the other.

Incumbent Madrid, who was elected four years ago in a
run-off election, said he was optimistic in the face of
another run-off election. "With four candidates it was bound
to be a run-off," he said.

Madrid said he planned on "campaigning a little harder," and
believed that those who had voted for Vehil and Ward would
fall in behind him.

"I just want to thank those that got out there and supported
me," he said, "I've enjoyed these four years."

Incumbent wins in county treasurer race

Staff Writer
PECOS, March 11, 1998 - Linda Clark plans to continue the
best she can to help the public, according to a statement
she made last night after winning her bid to retain her
position as Reeves County Treasurer in the Democtratic
Primary. She faces no opponent in the November election.

Clark said that she wanted to thank the voters of Reeves
County for the confidence they have shown in her.

"I'm just glad that they will let me continue serving them
as their treasurer," said Clark.

Clark was all smiles last evening at the Reeves County Civic
Center, surrounded by her family and friends.

The group was busy celebrating after hearing the news that
she defeated her opponent, receiving 1,928 votes. Her
opponent Terry Terrazas netted 1,678 votes.

Clark began working in the Reeves County Treasurer's Office
in 1989. In 1993 she was appointed to fill the unexpired
term of Reeves County Treasurer (Nina Abila), and was
elected to a four-year term in 1994.

She received her Treasurer's Certification in 1994. To date
she has earned 80 hours of continuing education units as a
County Treasurer. "I received certification as an Investment
Officer in 1996, and I have received 30 hours of continuing
certification credits as an Investment Officer," she said.

"I' glad that it's all over," said Terry Terrazas.

Terrazas was tired after the lengthy campaign and stated, "I
wanted the opportunity to run and that's what I did."

"If it just wasn't for me, then it just wasn't for me,"
Terrazas said. "I truly believe that God must have other
plans for me, or for me to just stay where I am," she said.

"I do want to thank everybody that helped and all the people
in Reeves County and I hope Linda continues doing a good job
for the county," said Terrazas.

Terrazas had earlier stated that she thought this was
something she might like to do. "But if the voters of Reeves
County decided otherwise, then that's alright," she said.

"But it was a great opportunity and I enjoyed it," she said.

Terrazas began a banking career in Austin with Texas
Commerce Bank and was employed for 11 years. "My experience
in banking was in the operational area that involves
bookkeeping, teller area and the accounting department all
of which deal with money and account balances," Terrazas
had stated during her campaign.

Florez retains county clerk position

Staff Writer
PECOS, March 11, 1998 - An early Christmas gift arrived at
Dianne O. Florez' doorstep last night after the Democratic
Primary Elections.

Florez was re-elected to her position as Reeves County Clerk
and said she felt great. She faces no opponent in the
November election.

Final totals showed Florez received 2,862 votes, with her
opponent Kristina Kaye Talamantes receiving 654.

"It feels like this was a Christmas gift, something you wait
and wait for, but don't know if you're going to get it or
not," said Florez.

Florez was surrounded by her family and well-wishers last
night at the Reeves County Civic Center for a victory

"I just want to thank everyone for their support, especially
my family," she said.

Florez plans to continue operating her office in the same
courteous manner.

"I plan to continue working to speed the process in
recording public records and to help the public," said

On Feb. 2, she was approved as the local registrar of the
county in order to be able to issue birth records to not
only those born in Reeves County, but to all of those born
in the state of Texas. This will become effective June 1.

Talamantes was unavailable for comment.

Marsh retains JP 2 seat

PECOS, March 11, 1998 - Incumbent J.T. Marsh beat challenger
Wesley Harpham in yesterday's Democratic primary race for
Justice of the Peace, Precinct 2, by 507 votes to Harpham's
281. Marsh will run unopposed in the November election.

Marsh was appointed by the commissioners' court to fill an
unexpired term in 1977 and has held the position of Justice
of the Peace for more than 20 years. The job consists of
documenting and filing all fines processed through the
Precinct 2 Justice court. It requires completing all local,
state and federal reports in a timely manner.

"I'm just proud to be back in for another term," Marsh said.

"I would like to thank everyone in Precinct 2 that supported
me," he continued. "I'm glad to be back in office and will
continue to do what I've always done, take care of everyone

Harpham said this morning that he really didn't have
anything to say about the outcome of the race, other than,
"I thank my opponent for running a clean campaign."

Jaquez wins District Clerk primary

PECOS, March 11, 1998 - Juana Jaquez won last night's
Democratic primary election for the position of District
Clerk with 2,087 votes. Challenger Rosemary Chabarria
received 1,109 votes and Catalina "Kathy" Ybarra received
451 votes. At this time, Jaquez has no opponent in the
November election.

Jaquez has already held the position of District Clerk for
11 years, and was a deputy for former Reeves County Clerk
Catherine Ashley for 12 years before that.

"I want to thank God first of all, and everyone who has
helped me whatsoever," Jaquez said about last night's

"I want to thank my deputies for holding up under the
pressure. I especially want to thank my husband and children
and Pat Tarin. I couldn't have done it without my son and
daughter," Jaquez said.

"I'm glad the voters of Reeves County weren't ready for a
change as proposed. I will continue helping everyone as I
have been doing. We'll put this election behind us and start
over," she said.

Jaquez is a 1964 graduate of Pecos High School who is now
married with two children and two grandchildren.


PECOS, March 11, 1998 - High Tuesday, 54, low this morning,
26. It will be turning even colder across most of Texas
tonight with a wintery mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain
forecast for West Texas. And forecasters say there could be
some sleet in the Hill Country and in the San Antonio area
during the night before ending on Thursday. The rest of the
state will have cold temperatures with wind expected to make
it seem even colder across North Texas before dawn on
Thursday. Clouds will be increasing across West Texas
tonight with rain expected in most areas east of the
mountains. The rain will be changing to a mix of snow, sleet
and freezing rain after midnight and continuing through the
night. It will be mostly cloudy and cold across North Texas
tonight. Clouds will be decreasing on Thursday. Clouds will
be increasing tonight in South Texas. There is a chance of
rain in southern areas and a slight chance of light rain,
possibly mixed with sleet in the Hill Country. Temperatures
will be climbing in South Texas on Thursday. Lows tonight
will be in the teens in the Panhandle and in the 20s and 30s
in the rest of West Texas, the 20s and 30s in North Texas
and in the 30s in the Hill Country and in the 40s and 50s
elsewhere in South Texas. Highs Thursday will be in the 30s
and 40s in the Panhandle and in the 50s and 60s over the
rest of West Texas, the 40s and 50s in North Texas and in
the 50s and 60s in South Texas.

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