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Feb. 26, 1998

High speed chase charges pursued

Rudy Lee Stout, 20, of Monahans, was jailed again on
Tuesday, Feb. 24, after he made bond on a herd of charges
filed against him following a high speed chase on Friday
night, Feb. 20, through Monahans into Thorntonville.

Highway Patrol Trooper Eric White reports Stout was taken
into custody again after his probation was revoked on a
previous driving while intoxicated charge. The probation was
revoked, says White, because of the charges filed against as
a result of the high speed chase in which a pedestrian was
injured by the fleeing car.

Ward County Sheriff's Deputy Ronnie Howard attempted to stop
Stout at 10:57 p.m. on Friday in the 2500 block of Sealy
Avenue in Monahans. He did not stop and the black Mustang

Howard and White gave chase in and around city streets into
Thorntonville. It was there John Rucker, 35, of Monahans
was hit by the fleeing car and had to be taken to Ward
Memorial Hospital where he was treated and released. The
officers then fired shots into the tires of the Mustang,
stopping it at 11:07 p.m. in Thorntonville. Stout was
charged with driving while intoxicated, evading arrest,
deadly conduct, failure to render aid and other charges.

Hospital lease in the offing

The verdict is in but it is not unanimous.

Ward County Commissioners have decided to start negotiations
expected to lead to the probable lease of
financially-strapped Ward Memorial Hospital to a for-profit
health care corporation.

That's all that is certain.

Commissioners Monday, Feb. 23, voted 3-1 to follow Judge
Sam G. Massey's recommendation to negotiate with Community
Health Systems Inc. of Brentwood, Tenn., which owns or
manages several health care installations in the middle
United States.

Julian Florez, the Precinct 1 commissioner from Barstow,
voted "no" because, he said, "The citizens have concerns
and we should work toward what they want."

Kenneth D. Hawkins, Vice President, Acquisitions and
Development for Community Health Care Systems, was there to
answer questions from the commissioners court.

"We are vey excited about working in Ward County," says

"Currently we are working with the attorneys to get together
a letter of intent for the commissioers. Our next step will
be to have people come for our other locations (Alpine, Big
Spring and Lubbock) and talk to the hospital employees.

"We have good employee relations and want to put Ward County
Hospital employee worries to rest."

The county judge says he is pleased to see action.

"We had an opportunity to make a decision and to began
contract negotiations that will be good for the community
and provide health card at a optimum price," says Massey.

Massey says he wants citizens to see any proposed
contract. He also says lease is the best solution he can
identify for the troubled hospital.

"We made it clear that we want to get the contract done as
soon as possible, so we can show the community what is going
on," comments Massey. "I know what we have to have and what
we need for our hospital staff to be taken care of in a
proper manner, and that is what we want."

The matter goes to a public vote only if citizens petition
the court at an open meeting scheduled at the courthouse in
Monahans on March 25.

Massey says he will not give away the farm, "If can't get a
great deal then we have to move on to plan "B".

Plan "B?"

Says the judge: "We will have to go to the hospital board
and ask them to look at management and we will try to figure
out a way to finance their decisions . . .

"The only thing we can do is decide to lease or not.
However, we have not made that decision. We have only
decided to negotiate with one company."

Main Street tours upcoming

Texas Main Street Program Director Terry Colley and State
Main Street Architect Dick Ryan both plan March tours of
Monahans and Ward County, according to a statement by
Monahans Main Street Project Manager Suzi Blair.

It will be Ryan's second visit to the Ward County seat.

On Ryan's first tour he studied the downtown Main Street
area and prepared some sketches and suggestions on how
merchants can enhance the buildings in which their
businesses are located.

Says Blair:

"Ryan will be back in town on March 4 to meet with building
owners who are interested in helping with rehabilitation of
their building."

Blair notes that Ryan has prepared sketches of potential and
historically correct "facade improvements" at Adobe Station
in downtown Monahans.

Blair also reports: "On March 2, Terry Colley . . .will
visit Monahans to meet with City Manager David Mills, Main
Street Manager Blair and the Main Street Board of Directors
to make plans for the Resource Team visit on March 31, April
1 and April 2 and the First Lady's Tour (Gov. George Bush's
wife Laura) on April 27."

To prepare for those tours and to gain information to be
used in economic development of the city, Monahans Main
Street is conducting a survey for the State Resource Team.

"Main Street has been working on a "Take-a-Minute" survey
around town to compile information for the Resource Team.
The survey asks citizens their opinions of downtown Monahans
and their recommendations for improvements and the types of
businesses they would like to see available in Monahans,"
according to the Main Street communique.

Livestock show most lucrative

Ward County Agent called it the most lucrative 4-H & FFA
Ward County Livestock Auction "since the boom times, just
under $100,000."

In fact when all of the dollars and cents were tallied after
the auction brought an official end (if the Saturday night
dance isn't counted) to the fifty-ninth annual stockshow,
the total was $99,536.

"That's a quick running total," says Stewart. "It was the
best since the boom days. We went over a hundred back in the
late 70s and early 80s before the Oil Patch bust."

Last year, the auction total, Stewart says, was about
$93,000. For several years, the auction, he says, has been
holding a little more than $90,000 until this year it
reached and just missed $100,000.

Stephanie Aaron's grand champion steer sold for $2009 just
edging Justin Yates and his $2000 grand champion goat as
the animals that made the most in the auction. Jess Anthony
of Anthony Ranches bought the steer; Yates Ranch, the goat.

The other grand champions, their owners, auction prices and
buyers included:

Game birds - Laura Crumrine, $1150, Glen Garland of Pyote.

Swine - Stacey Miller, $1356 purchased by Carolyn
Cunningham, Mayfield Paper Co. of San Angelo, PG&E Gas,
Dolores Fine, Nell Berry, Ellen Friar, Sam G. Massey, Holly
Massey, Don Crawford and Len Inspection Control of Midland.

Capon - Logan Schoolcraft, $975, purchased by Bob Turner of
Coleman, C. Pearson Cooper, Judy Greer, Main Street
Automotive, Take 2 Video, KLBO Radio, Sprinkle Office
Supply, Richard King Insurance.

Stock show officials report the grand champion sheep was not

Says County Agent Stewart: "It was a real good week. There
was a tremendous volunteer effort."

Nanny Goat Class

First Place - Amanda Uechi
Second Place - Shayla Bryan
Third Place - Angela Stafford
Fourth Place - Lyndi Cypher

GOAT: Class 1

First place - Amanda Murphee
Second Place - Shirley Littlejohn
Third Place - Doug Crumrine
Fourth Place - Tommy Cleveland
Fifth Place - Shane Sinclair
Sixth Place - Laura Crumrine
Seventh Place - Jessica Santiago
Eighth Place - Shane Sinclair
Ninth Place - Shirlley Littlejohn
Tenth Place - Josh Gallagher
Eleventh Place - Brandon Marinez
Twelfth Place - Ronnie Vasquez
Thirteenth Place - Rebekah Robinson
Fourteenth Place - Mysty Brandenburg
Class 2
First place - Dustin Riggs
Second Place - Marie Simmson
Third Place - Amanda Hawthorn
Fourth Place - Melissa Fuents
Fifth Place - Justin Till
Sixth Place - Jordan Sellars
Seventh Place - Jordan Sellars
Eighth Place - Jordan Sellars
Ninth Place - Rachael Cleveland
Tenth Place - Laura Crummrine
Eleventh Place - Jamie Ramirez
Twelfth Place - Jessica Santiago
Thirteenth Place - Kallie Harris
Fourteenth Place - Roy Vasquez
Fifteenth Place - Tavia Bryan
Sixteenth Place - Laura Crumrine
Seventeenth Place - Roy Vasquez
Eighteenth Place - Melody Brandenburg
Class 3
First place - Cole Cornelius
Second Place - Chris Bates
Third Place - Melissa Fuents
Fourth Place - Alex Ramirez
Fifth Place - Marie Simmons
Sixth Place - Bianca Fuents
Seventh Place - Hope Cavazos
Eighth Place - Doug Crumrine
Ninth Place - Shirly Littlejohn
Tenth Place - Laura Crumrine
Eleventh Place - Doug Crumine
Twelfth Place - Steven Martinez
Thirteenth Place - Hope Cavazos
Fourteenth Place - Brandon Stuessy
Fifteenth Place - Josh Gallander
Sixteenth Place - Jenna Hawthorne
Class 4
First place - Chase Cornelius
Second Place - Sandra Fuentes
Third Place - Cody anthony
Fourth Place - Lauren Fuentes
Fifth Place - Lacy Vasquez
Sixth Place - Jessica Kessler
Seventh Place - Stacey Fuentes
Eighth Place - Amy Luckie
Ninth Place - Shara Dain
Tenth Place - Brandy Jordan
Eleventh Place - Annee Tucker
Twelfth Place - Sherry Brandenburg
Thirteenth Place - Jordan Sellers
Fourteenth Place - Anglea Stafford
Fifteenth Place - Doug Crumrine
Sixteenth Place - Amanda Studdey
Seventeenth Place - Laura Crumrine
Eighteenth Place - Justin Morriss
Nineteenth Place - Russell Simmons
Class 5
First place - Patrick Hawthorne
Second Place - Jarod Till
Third Place - Justin Till
Fourth Place - Lacy Vasquez
Fifth Place - Ashley Bean
Sixth Place - Dustin Riggs
Seventh Place - Lyndi Cypher
Eighth Place - Cory Petree
Ninth Place - Amy Luckie
Tenth Place - Cory Vires
Eleventh Place - Jamie Ramirez
Twelfth Place - Chase Pickering
Thirteenth Place - Doug Crumrine
Fourteenth Place - Tristan Pickering
Fifteenth Place - Rebekah Robinson
Sixteenth Place - Manuel Olivas
Class 6
First place - Russell Simmons
Second Place - Tosha Petree
Third Place - Shara Dane
Fourth Place - Megan Wittie
Fifth Place - Stephen Dain
Sixth Place - Karen Vires
Seventh Place - Stacey Fuentes
Eighth Place - Sandra Fuentes
Ninth Place - Ashley Canava
Tenth Place - Arcelia Fuents
Eleventh Place - Ryan Martinez
Twelfth Place - Brandi Wood
Thirteenth Place - Brady Bean
Fourteenth Place - Amanda Hawthorne
Fifteenth Place - Robert Salisbury
Class 7
First place - Jessica Kessler
Second Place - Lyndi Cypher
Third Place - Alex Ramirez
Fourth Place - Patrick Hawthorne
Fifth Place - Cory Carter
Sixth Place - Cody Cunningham
Seventh Place - Christy Bates
Eighth Place - Brandy Jordan
Ninth Place - Cody Hill
Tenth Place - Cody Rankin
Eleventh Place - Rebekah Robinson
Twelfth Place - Jeremy Vires
Thirteenth Place - Chris Bates
Fourteenth Place - Robert Slaisbury
Fifteenth Place - Rebekah Robinson
Sixteenth Place - Lyndi Cypher
Seventeenth Place - Shayla Bryan
Class 8
First place - Shirley Littlejohn
Second Place - Karen Vires
Third Place - Lyndi Cypher
Fourth Place - Amanda Uechi
Fifth Place - Amanda Murphree
Sixth Place - Amanda Murphree
Seventh Place - Anne Tucker
Eighth Place - Cody Anthony
Ninth Place - Kendra Vires
Tenth Place - Chase Burrow
Eleventh Place - Nathan Gaddis
Twelfth Place - Christie Bates
Thirteenth Place - Seth Pritchard
Fourteenth Place - Cody Rankin
Fifteenth Place - Steven Martinez
Sixteenth Place - Shayla Bryan
Seventeenth Place - Manuel Olivan
Eighteenth Place - Ashley Canava
Nineteenth Place - Sherry Brandenburg
Class 9
First place - Chase Burrow
Second Place - Justin Yates
Third Place - Anne Tucker
Fourth Place - Mark Graham
Fifth Place - Kisha Riley
Sixth Place - Holly Bates
Seventh Place - Seth Pritchard
Eighth Place - Nathan Gaddis
Ninth Place - Amanda Uechi
Tenth Place - Charlse Jordan
Eleventh Place - Amanda Murphree
Twelfth Place - Stacey Fuentes
Thirteenth Place - Stacey Fuents
Fourteenth Place - Lindsey Riley
Fifteenth Place - Megan White
Sixteenth Place - Cody Rankin
Seventeenth Place - Tavis Bryan
Eighteenth Place - Seth Pritchard
Class 10
First place - Justin Yates
Second Place - Annee Tucker
Third Place - Cody Murphee
Fourth Place - Cory Cater
Fifth Place - Lori Yoho
Sixth Place - Lori Yoho
Seventh Place - Amanda Murphree
Eighth Place - Justin Yates
Ninth Place - Hollie Bates
Tenth Place - Stacey Fuentes
Eleventh Place - Annee Tucker
Twelfth Place - Sherry Brandenburg
Thirteenth Place - Jordan Sellers
Fourteenth Place - Angela Stanfford
Fifteenth Place - Doug Crumrine
Sixteenth Place - Amanda Stussey
Seventeenth Place - Laura Crumrine
Eighteenth Place - Justin Morriss
Nineteenth Place - Russell Simmons
Grand Champion Goat - Justin Yates
Reserve Grand Champion Goat - Jessica Kessler
Senior Showmanship - Annee Tucker
Junior Showmanship - Amanda Murphree

Heifer Class

First Place - Cody Wood
Second Place - JC Kester
Third Place - Coby Wood
Fourth Place - Kristy Kester


First Place - Lacresia Porter
Secod Place - Garet Claborn
Third Place - Charity Pierce
Fourth Place - Bobby Wood
Fifth Place - Coby Wood
First Place - Stephanie Aaron
Second Place - Tabetha Chaney
Third Place - Lance Porter
Fourth Place - Brianna Chaney
First Place - Stacey Bookmiller
Second Place - Ashley Bookmiller
Third Place - Michael Parmer
Fourth Place - Marc Fuentes
Grand Champion Steer - Atephanie Aaron
Reserve Champion Steer - Lacresia Porter
Junior Showmanship - Ashley Bookmiller
Senior Showmanship - Stacey Bookmiller


First Place - Kristy Kester
Second Place - Amanda Claborn
Third Place - Logan Schoolcraft
Fourth Place - Emily Claborn
First Place - Iris Pierce
Second Place - Lacey Sanders
Third Place - Orin Schoolcraft
Fourth Place - Lacey Sanders
Champion Southdown - Kristy Kester
Reserve Champion Southdown - Iris Pierce

First Place - Kayse Renfro
Second Place - Kisha Riley
Third Place - Kisha Riley
Fourth Place - Erica Anaya
Fifth Place - Zack Price
Sixth Place - Jaime Ramirez

First Place - Kayse Renfrom
Second Place - Annee Tucker
Third Place - Keith McCall
Fourth Place - Kisha Riley
Fifth Place - Lindsey Riley
Sixth Place - Seth Sebastian
Champion Cross - Kayse Renfro
Reserve Champion Cross - Anne Tucker


First Place - Krystal Setzler
Second Place - Emerald Setzler
Third Place - Zack Price
Fourth Place - Charity Pierce
Fifth Place - Krystal Setzler
Sixth Place - Emily Claborn
Seventh Place - Emerald Setzler
Eighth Place - Zack Price
First Place - Kayse Renfro
Second Place - JC Kester
Third Place - Lacey Sanders
Fourth Place - Keith McCall
Fifth Place - Emerald Setzler
Sixth Place - Erica Anaya
Seventh Place - Orin Schoolcraft
First Place - Anne Tucker
Second Place - Lacey Sanders
Thrid Place - Zack Price
Fourth Place - Amanda Claborn
Fifth Place - Anne Tucker
Sixth Place - Logan Schoolcraft
Seventh Place - Ben Mc Gilvary
Champion Mediumwool - Kayese Renfro
Reserve Champion Mediumwool - JC Kester


First Place - Kayse Renfro
Second Place - Annee Tucker
Third Place - Erica Anaya
Fourth Place - Logan Schoolcraft
Fifth Place - Lindsey Riley
First Place - Annee Tucker
Second Place - Orin Schoolcraft
Third Place - Kisha Riley
Fourth Place - Seth Sebastian
Fifth Place - Lindsey Riley
Champion Finewool - Kayse Renfro
Reserve Champion Finewool - Annee Tucker

Grandchampion Lamb - Kayse Renfro

Reserve Champion Lamb - Kayse Renfro
Junior Showmanship - Lindsey Riley
Senior Showmanship - Annee Tucker


First place - Patrick Hawthorne
Second Place - Calen Baucom
Third Place - Shane Sinclair
Fourth Place - Tavia Bryan
Fifth Place - Angela Stafford
Sixth Place - Tyrel Dutcher
Seventh Place - James Bean
Eighth Place - Shayla Bryan
Ninth Place - Cody Anthony
Tenth Place - Laura Crumrine
Eleventh Place - Doug Crumrine
Twelfth Place - Sean Porter
Champion Pheasant - Patrick Hawthorne
Reserve Champion Pheasant - Calen Baucom

First place - Laura Crumrine
Second Place - John Willhelm
Third Place - James Bean
Fourth Place - Shane Sinclair
Fifth Place - Tyrel Dutcher
Sixth Place - Nikki Bean
Seventh Place - Doug Crumrine
Eighth Place - Angela Stafford
Champion Quail - Laura Crumrine
Reserve Champion Quail - John Willhelm

First place - Calen Baucom
Second Place - Tyrel Dutcher
Third Place - Shane Sinclair
Fourth Place - Patrick Hawthorne
Fifth Place - Doug Crumrine
Sixth Place - Laura Crumrine
Champion Chukar - Calen Baucom
Reserve Champion Chukar - Tyrel Dutcher

Grand Champion Gamebird - Laura Crumrine

Reserve Grand Champion Gamebird - Patrick Hawthorne
Junior Showmanship - Tavia Bryan
Senior Showmanship - Doug Crumrine


First place - Logan Schoolcraft
Second Place - Nolan Pritchard
Third Place - Nolan Pritchard
Fourth Place - Amanda Claborn
Fifth Place - Amanda Claborn
Sixth Place - Garet Claborn
Seventh Place - Orin Schoolcraft
Grand Champion - Logan Schoolcraft
Reserve Champion - Noland Pritchard
Showmanship - Amanda Claborn

Demos flood early vote booths

Early voters are averaging more than 100 Democrats a day
since the pre-primary balloting started on Monday, Feb. 23,
reports Ward County Clerk Pat V. FInley.

As of noon Wednesday, four GOPs had cast ballots.

Finley, the county's election officer, expects the 1998
primary early vote to be at least comparable to what it was
in Ward County two years ago, perhaps higher.

"In the last primary election, we had 6,434 total
registered voters," reports Finley. "Of those, 1260 voted
early; 1520 voted on election day."

Those totals are for Ward County Democrats. On the GOP side
in that primary, 61 voted early; 95 on Primary Election Day.

This year, according to county records, there are an even
7,000 registered voters in Ward County..

Deadline for casting early vote ballots at the Ward County
Courthouse is 5 p.m. on March 6, four days before the March
10 primary elections.

"First day we had 158 votes," says Finley. "Tuesday we had
117 votes in person. "It has been brisk today."

By noon Wednesday, 560 Ward County citizens had voted.

With the exception of four Republican Primary ballots, all
of the Early Vote has been in the Democratic Primary so far.
Locally, there are no GOP Primary races. Only Candido
Guitterez, who seeks the Republican county judge nomination.

Except for four Republican ballots, all the early votes so
far are in the Democratic primary where contested races are
the rule rather than the exception across the Democratic

Finley notes her staff will be in Barstow at the Community
Center from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 28, to take
Early Voting ballots.

Early Voting is underway during regular business hours in
the lobby of the County Courthouse in Monahans Monday
through Friday.

Jury panels being called to the Courthouse on Monday and
then a County Commissioner's Court meeting at which the Ward
Memorial Hospital issues were discussed brought many to the
courthouse this week.

"And they decided because they were here to go ahead and
vote early," says Finley. "But I believe a major impetus for
the busy early voting is the number of candidates seeking
Democratic nominations. "

She noted contests for county clerk (three candidates) to
succeed her (Finley has announced she is retiring), County
Commissioners Precinct 2 (three candidates) and Precinct 4
(four candidates), county judge (three candidates), county
treasurer (two candidates), Justice of Peace Precinct 2 (two
candidates) and Justice of the Peace Precinct 1 (two

As the Primary Campaign moves through the end of February
into the home stretch in March, candidates have intensified
their campaigns.

Candidates are walking the streets, knocking on doors and
distributing their push cards to voters One veteran
campaigner notes: "In Ward County, you don't get elected
unless the people know who you are and that means extensive
print and broadcast advertising. You also need as much
personal contact as possible. Direct mail doesn't work. It
gets thrown in the trash can."

Ward County in water planning region

Special to the News

AUSTIN - Ward County has no representatives on the regional
planning board that will set and guide water use policy in
the county and the region into the 21st Century, according
to a statement released by the Texas Water Development Board
on Thursday, Feb. 19.

The county has been placed in a state water planning region
that roughly includes part of the Trans-Pecos and most of
the Permian Basin.

Only Reeves County in the Monahans area has a representative
on that water board - Braulia Natividad of the Madera Valley
water utility, who is a water utility trustee of the
commission. The counties of Ward, Winkler, Loving, Pecos and
Crane, in the most Western and driest portion of the water
planning region are not represented. The most populated
counties of Ector, Tom Green and Midland dominate the board.

That was the word according to a statement released by the
Texas Water Development Board in its announcement on state
and regional water planning rules.

Ward County is part of Region F, one of 16 regional water
planning areas established in Texas. The region includes the
counties of Ward, Loving, Winkler, Reeves, Pecos, Andrews,
Ector, Midland, Crane, Upton, Crockett, Schleicher, Sutton,
Menard, Mason, Kimble, McCulloch, Concho, Tom Green, Irion,
Regan, Scurry, Howard, Martin, Glasscock, Mitchell, Coke,
Runnels, Coleman and Brown.

The statement says the water use rules give the regional
planning groups "broad guidance on how (the regional
planning groups) will develop a regional water plan for
their area, how approved regional water plans will be
incorporated into the State Water Plan and how to apply for
funding for regional water plan development."

Members of the regional water board, the counties from which
they come and their area of board membership are:

Aubrey Edwards of Tom Green, representing the public; Judge
Marilyn Egan of Runnels and Judge Jeffrey Sutton of
Crockett, representing the counties; Will Wilde of Tom Green,

Len Wilson of Andrews and John Gayle of Scurry,
representing municipalities; John W. Lasiter of Ector,
representing industry; Kenneth Dierschke of Tom Green and
John W. Jones of McCulloch, representing agricultural

Frances Mertz of Tom Green, representing the environment;
Stuart Coleman of Brown, representing small business; Dale
Higginbotham of Mitchell and TU Electric representing
electrical utilities; Stephen Brown of Tom Green,
representing the Upper Colorado River Authority and all
river authorities; John Grant of Howard, Loye Tankersley of
Irion and Cindy Cawley of Schleicher representing water
districts; Richard Gist of Brown and Natividad of Reeves,
representing water utilities; Ray Stoker of Ector and Steven
C. Hofer of Midland, representing all others.

Regional water planning boards were established under a new
Texas state law, which began the legislative process as
State Senate Bill 1. This law requires the Texas Water
Development Board to designate regional water planning areas
and appoint initial coordinating bodies for each region.
That bill required such action by Sept. 1, 1998.

"The (state water development board) accelerated its work to
accomplish these tasks six and eight months ahead of the . .
. deadlines to give the (regional planning groups) more time
to complete their regional water plans."

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