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February 19, 1998

Sudderth takes first in UIL's competition

Sudderth Elementary School of the Monahans-Wickett-Pyote
School District is the first place winner in the academic
invitational competition conducted at Fort Stockton,
according to a statement from the school district.

Sudderth's academics won four first places - Baylee Ulrich
in oral reading, Drew Mitchell in spelling, Travis Reed in
number sense, Jarred Nall in Science.

In addition, Sudderth pupils won third place honors in the
math and science division.

Sudderth Summary

Saturday, Feb. 7

Oral Reading - 1. Baylee Ulrich.
Dictinary Skills - 2. Jamie Huckabee 4. Miranda Russ 5.
Jenna Fann.

Spelling - 1. Drew Mitchell 5. Richard Covington
Number Sense - 1. Travis Reed 4. Rafael Carrasco 6. Ryan

Science - 1. Jarred Nall 3. Sarah Loehman

Saturday, Feb. 14

Calculator - 4. Bobby Gajic 6. Seth Huddleston.

Science - 6. Bobby Gajic

Impromptu Speaking - 3. Lindsey Brown 6. Josh Lilly

Oral Reading - 5. Nichole Marshall

Spelling - 3. Whitney Mitchell 4. Tristant Martinez

Listening Skills - 6. Carrie Martin

Newest council members seek re-election

The two newest members of the Monahans City Council already
have filed for reelection on May 2, the first Saturday in
May, reports City Manager David Mills.

Jeppie Wilson of District 2 and Ted Ward of District 4 filed
on Tuesday, Feb. 17, the first day that council candidates
could file for the municipal elections.

Wilson had been appointed to fill out the unexpired term of
Chris Heisel; Ward, to replace Freddie Hinojos.

Filing for the Monahans City Council is scheduled to end on
March 18, the day after St. Patrick's Day.

Hospital chair warns he'll sue Ward Memorial

Glenn R. Vance, the chair of the Board of Managers for Ward
Memorial Hospital, threatens to sue the hospital's former
administrator and the deputy administrator.

Vance made the comment in a letter mailed Friday, Feb. 13.
the hospital board chief says he will seek legal redress
against Deputy Administrator Peggy Vestal and former
administrator William F. O'Brien if the hospital loses a
district court suit involving a contract dispute with Dr.
Judith A. Moss.

O'Brien says Vance misunderstands the issues involved.
According to the letter from Vance, the hospital Attorney,
Lonnie Hobbs, had not received billing information requested
by Moss's attorneys.

The letter says:
Hospital administrtors had 20 days from the time the papers
were served to provide an answer.

the Hospital Board of Managers had been after the
administration to provide the clinic billing information for
the past six months.

It had been stated before the Board of Managers that this
information would be completed before Dec. 31, 1997 and the
deadline was not met.

O'Brien, now administrator at Fayette Memorial Hospital in
La Grange, says the delays are no ones fault and that Vance
is wrong about the 20 day issue.

Recall's O'Brien: "We had been working on finalizing the
finances. Jody Breed (Ward memorial's Business Office
Manager) died and she was the one working on getting the
fiscal information . . . "The '20 days after the letter'
was to acknowledge the fact it was sent, which we did, but
not to provide the information at that time. I was trying to
get this done before I left but because of the unfortunate
circumstances of Jody's death it was not possible."

County commission to consider health care

Fiscally troubled Ward Memorial Hospital may be one step
closer to putting up an "under new management sign."

County Commissioners are expected to decide next week on a
plan that would salvage the hospital's finances by leasing
the facility to a third party health corporation.

Ward County Judge Sam G. Massey plans a strong
recommendation at the Monday, Feb. 23, commissioners court
meeting in favor of Community Health Care Systems (CHCS).

"I like the CHCS proposal; I like the service; they know how
to run a hospital; they have lots of plans for Ward County;
and they are very experienced," says the judge.

However, after last week's meeting, Massey received another
bid from Community Health Care Partnership.

"CHCP has an offer very similar to CHCS, however they are in
a position to offer more money. They also do not have quite
the same experience as CHCP," says Massey.

CHCP, CHCS and Community Health Corporation (CHC) have all
presented what may be their final proposals before Monday's

Massey reports:

CHC of Midland says the services the county requires are not
possible. The Midland group suggests they will eliminate
jobs and do away with services.

CHCP of Iowa has increased its up front money to $6,110,000
and can do everything listed in the minimum standards list.

CHCS of Tennessee maintains an up front money bid of
$5,500,000 but says it will commit to $3 million capital
improvements in only four years. CHCS also addresses
recruitment of doctors and technicians to staff the new
facilities plus equipment. CHCS proposes to pay the first
decade of property tax money up front, about $1,250,000,
which would require a legal interpretation as to its

Under the county's Minimum Standards for Ward Memorial Lease:

1. The contract must ensure that the present level of health
care will be maintained or expanded.

2. The minimum of "up front" money for the lease must be at
least $5,500,000.

3. The total amount of money the county receives includes
lease, accounts receivable, supplies etc. must be at lease

4. A figure of no less than $3,000,000 must be committed for
capital improvements and those improvements must be made in
no less that the first four years.

5. A contractual commitments must be made to retain or
recruit an adequate number of doctors and technicians who
will office in Ward County and support our local hospital.

6. Hospital employees must be offered fait wages and benefit
packages comparable to what they have now or better.

7. The term of the lease will be five years with six
automatic renewals if all aspects of the contract are
fulfilled. Provisions must be made in the contract for for
lack of compliance.

8. The local governing board must have authority to set
policy for the hospital. A majority of the board must be
made in the contract for various degrees for lack of

9. Indigent care must be offered as required by law. The
County will supplement indigent care money up to it's 1997
rate. Any indigent care costs beyond that figure will be
paid for by the hospital.

10. The county will subsidize the ambulance service at the
same figure as in 1997.

11. The Commissioners' Court must agree to cut the proprty
tax rate by a percentage equal to the savings in previous
hospital tax supplements, approximately $600,000.

Golf and RVs rub shoulders with museum

A golf course, driving range, putting green and RV park have
some added company with the opening of the Venters World War
II museum in the main office of the Monahans Country Club RV

Rodney Venters displays a collection that has taken 10 years
to this to assemble. Venters is thankful he has the
opportunity to display his collection in such a way that all
visitors to Monahans and Ward County can see it.

"The library has been great in allowing me to show some
pieces fromtime to time," says Venters. "However, the more
this stuff moves around the greater the chance of something
happening to it. Papers tear; leather wears out. By being
able to keep it in one place, we can maintain it and keep it
looking as good as possible."

The Cutbirths (David and Henry, the brothers who own the
park) are excited about the addition and have high hopes for
the museum.

"Opening the WWII Venters museum will be a draw for
additional tourism and help the economy," says Henry.

"David (the Monahans mayor) was interested in having a
display of this type for the different clientele at the RV
resort. We talked about doing something like this for
sometime and finally we just went ahead and did it."

Venters began building the militaria museum in late January
and already has it ready for public display.

"We have been working hard to get the display ready, but
none of this would have been possible if it weren't for
David and his hard work," says Venters.

Venters' collection is primarily from World War II and
focuses mostly on the Allied Forces.

"I was fascinated by how the nation came together for the
war," says Venters.

"Even today that generation is very giving. They are the
type of people who, if they had done something very brave or
heroic, they would never mention it. They would see it as
doing what needed to be done."

Venters had little difficulty finding some of the artifacts
from the WW II period. In fact many who have uniforms,
flags, daggers, etc. willingly give them to Venters when
they find out who he is and what he does.

"I have run into people who were going to get rid of their
stuff because they didn't feel they wanted it or needed it
any more," says Venters. "And they would just give it me."

Surprisingly, when asked about the rarest and most unique
piece in his militaria collection, Venters pulled out a
plastic canteen.

"This plastic canteen is probably the hardest thing to
find," says Venters.

"The army experimented with plastic and in 1943. Only 1000
to 2000 of these (canteens) were made in World War II. In
ten years of collecting this is only the second one I have

Venters feels the museum is a great teaching tool and hopes
people take advantage of the opportunity to see the

"I have always been amazed by how you can walk into a museum
and see an artifact hundreds of years old and it still looks
like new," says Venters

Two grand champions already chosen

Grand champions already have been chosen in the rabbit and
swine divisions.

Stacy Miller had the grand champion swine; Nikki Bean, a
grand champion New Zealand White.

That judging was on Tuesday night, Feb. 17, and the 59th
Annual Ward County 4H and FFA Livestock Show keeps on going.

It started with the horse show two weekends ago, went
through the Ranch Breakfast on Friday, Feb. 13, and the
Stock Show Parade led by Queen Chandra Emfinger and Princess
Amy Williamson at 10 a.m. on St. Valentine's Day.

Before the week is out, grand champions in several divisions
will be crowned before the show ending dance on Saturday.

Hundreds of 4-H and FFA members from Ward County and
adjacent counties compete in the annual competition.

Ward County Livestock Show Schedule

Thursday, Feb. 19

5 p.m. - Pee Wee Goat Show
6 p.m. - Goat Show (Judge: Billy Reagor of Ozona)
8 p.m. - Heifer Show (Judge: Charley Hyche of Crane)
8:30 p.m. - Steer Show (Judge: Hyche)

Friday, Feb. 20

8 a.m. - Sale pictures taken in barn. 1. Swine 2. Goats 3.
Lambs 4. Capons 5. Rabbits 6. Steers.
8 a.m. - noon - Preparation for sale
11 a.m. - 2 p.m. - Barbecue lunch prepared by Ward County
4-H Parent Boosters Association.

Noon - Honoree presentations.
1 p.m. - Auction of Top 4-H and FFA animals (Auctioneer:
Sandy Leverett)
Saturday, Feb. 21
8 p.m. - midnight - Ward County Livestock Show Dance
sponsored by Monahans Senior 4-H Club.

Ward County Livestock Show Schedule

Thursday, Feb. 19

5 p.m. - Pee Wee Goat Show
6 p.m. - Goat Show (Judge: Billy Reagor of Ozona)
8 p.m. - Heifer Show (Judge: Charley Hyche of Crane)
8:30 p.m. - Steer Show (Judge: Hyche)

Friday, Feb. 20

8 a.m. - Sale pictures taken in barn. 1. Swine 2. Goats 3.
Lambs 4. Capons 5. Rabbits 6. Steers.
8 a.m. - noon - Preparation for sale
11 a.m. - 2 p.m. - Barbecue lunch prepared by Ward County
4-H Parent Boosters Association.

Noon - Honoree presentations.

1 p.m. - Auction of Top 4-H and FFA animals (Auctioneer:
Sandy Leverett)

Saturday, Feb. 21

8 p.m. - midnight - Ward County Livestock Show Dance
sponsored by Monahans Senior 4-H Club.

Ward County Livestock Show


RABBITS FANCY BUCK Best Opposite Sex-First Place - Charla
Biedsoe Second Place - Kayla Brandenburg Third Place - Matt

FANCY DOE Best Breed-First Place - Kayla Brandenburg Second
Place - Arin Bledsoe Third Place - Lop Black

MARKET BREEDER BUCK Grand Champion commercial Breeder-First
Place - Nikki Bean Second Place - Nikki Bean Third Place -
Tiffany Bean Fourth Place - Matt Evans

MARKET BREEDER DOE Reserve Champion Commercial Breeder-First
Place - Jerry Bledsoe Second Place - Tiffany Bean Third
Place - Matt Evens Fourth Place - Terin Bledsoe Fifth Place
- Charla Bledsoe Sixth Place - Jerry Bledsoe

MEAT PEN Showmanship-First - place Amber Rogers Second Place
- Nikki Bean Third Place - Tiffany Bean


LIGHTWEIGHT DUROC Champion Duroc-First Place Lacresia Porter
Reserve Champion-Second Place - Tony Peña Third Place -
Amanda Murphree Fourth Place - Lacresia Porter Fifth Place -
Megan White Sixth Place - Summer Porter Seventh Place -
Misty Stocks Eighth Place - Summer Pulis Ninth Place -
Ashley Padraza Tenth Place - Chandra Emfinger Eleventh Place
- Jody Perry Twelfth Place - Doug Bowden

HEAVY WEIGHT DUROC First Place - Lacresia Porter Second
Place - Amanda Canava Third Place - Lindsey Riley Fourth
Place - Danielle Melius Fifth Place - Lacey Sanders Sixth
Place - Timothy Neyman Seventh Place - Krystal Setzler
Eighth Place - Alexis Pritchard Ninth Place - Nolan
Pritchard Tenth Place - Emerald Setzler Eleventh Place -
Amber Rogers Twelfth Place - James Stocks Thirteenth Place -
Jimmy Raspberry Fourteenth Place - Amy Davis

LIGHT WEIGHT CROSS Grand Champion Swine-Champion Cross-First
Place - Stacy Miller Reserve Champion-Second Place - Amber
Rodger Third Place - Chandra Emfinger Fourth Place - James
Stocks Fifth Place - Daisey Rodriquez Sixth Place - Summer
Pulis Seventh Place - Jessica Kessler Eighth Place - Matt
Kuhn Ninth Place - Sean Francisco Tenth Place - Amanda
McCall Eleventh Place - Orlando Pesina Twelfth Place - Jeff
Corean Thirteenth Place - Courtney Van Cleave

MEDIUM WEIGHT CROSS First Place - Lacresia Porter Second
Place - Jimmy Raspberry Third Place - Cody Murphree Fourth
Place - Krystal Huertas Fifth Place - Amanda Canava Sixth
Place - Misty Stocks Seventh Place - Ashley Swan Eighth
Place - Arcilia Fuentes Ninth Place - Ashley Swan Tenth
Place - Maey Lou Eleventh Place - Ashley Padraza Twelfth
Place - Danny Santiago Thirteenth Place - Jennifer Mitchell
Fourteenth Place - Mary Lou

HEAVY WEIGHT CROSS First Place - Joshua Neel Second Place -
Amanda Canava Third Place - Amber Rodgers Fourth Place - Amy
Davis Fifth Place - Marvin Luckie Sixth Place - Joshua Smith
Seventh Place - Christina Huertas Eighth Place - Dusty Gandy
Ninth Place - Candice Ramirez Tenth Place - Amber Swan
Eleventh Place - Amanda Martinez Twelfth Place - Dwayne
Brandenburg Thirteenth Place - Candice Ramirez
DARK OPB (all) First Place - Cody Murphree Second Place -
Lacresia Porter Third Place - Kisha Riley Fourth Place -
Christina Huertas Fifth Place - Summer Pulis Sixth Place -
Amy Cleveland Seventh Place - Tyson Carter Eighth Place -
Amanda Murphree

LIGHT OPB LIGHT WEIGHT Reserve Grand Champion Swine-Champion
OPB-First Place - Lauren Fuentes Reserve Champion-Second
Place - Amber Rogers Third Place - Jody Perry Fourth Place -
Amber Swan Fifth Place - Cody Murphree Sixth Place - Lauren
Fuentes Seventh Place - Summer Pulis Eighth Place - Chase

LIGHT OPB HEAVY WEIGHT First Place - Megan Wittie Second
Place - Jimmy Raspberry Third Place - Crystal Hernandez
Fourth Place - Jessica Kessler Fifth Place - Jordan Pedraza
Sixth Place - Brandy Dean Seventh Place - Tyson Carter
Eighth Place - Doug Bowden

LIGHT WEIGHT HAMP Champion Hamp-First Place - Manuel Olivas
Second Place - Arcelia Fuentes Third Place - Krystal Huertas
Fourth Place - Brodey Emfinger Fifth Place - Chase Cornelius
Sixth Place - Matthew Santiago Seventh Place - Cody Murphree
Eighth Place - Jordan Pedraza Ninth Place - Rickey Martinez
Tenth Place - Aaron Davis Eleventh Place - Aaron Davis
Twelfth Place - Cole Cornelius Thirteenth Place - Amanda Dean

MEDIUM WEIGHT HAMP Reserve Hamp-First Place - Nolan
Pritchard Second Place - Lacresia Porter Third Place - Erica
Anaya Fourth Place - Lacy Vasquez Fifth Place - Stacey
Miller Sixth Place - Joshua Smith Seventh Place - Candice
Ramirez Eighth Place - Chelsea Emfinger Ninth Place - Dusty
Neyman Tenth Place - Meghan Francisco Eleventh Place -
Candice Ramirez Twelfth Place - Stephen Phillips

HEAVY WEIGHT HAMP First Place - Lance Porter Second Place -
Joshua Neel Third Place - Amy Davis Fourth Place - Jeff
COrean Fifth Place - Sean Francisco Sixth Place - Jennifer
Mitchell Seventh Place - Jeff Corean Eighth Place - Ricky
Martinez Ninth Place - Marvin Luckie Tenth Place - Mari
Gonzales Eleventh Place - Brandon Martinez

Grandfalls-Royalty Stock Show Results

Saturday, Feb. 14, 1998


Grand Champion - Krystal Huertas
Reserve Grand Champion - Amy Davis
Junior Showmanship - Tyson Carter
Senior Showmanship - Mary Lou Ramirez
Cross Lightweight-First Place - Alez Ramirez
Second Place - Daisy Rodriez
Cross Heavyweight-First Place - Krystal Huertas
Second Place - Amy Davis
Breed Champion - Krystal Huertas
Reserve Breed Champion - Amy Davis
OPB-First Place - Amy Cleveland
Second Place - Tyson Carter
Breed Champion - Amy Cleveland
Reserve Breed Champion - Tyson Carter
York-First Place - Tyson Carter
Second Place - Jessica Kessler
Breed Champion - Tyson Carter
Reserve Breed Champion - Jessica Kessler
Duroc-First Place - Tony Peña
Second Place - James Stocks
Breed Champion - Tony Peña
Reserve Breed Champion - James Stocks
Hamp Lightweight-First Place - Keith McCall
Second Place - Erica Anaya
Hamp Heavyweight-First Place - Amy Davis
Second Place - Krystal Huertas
Breed Champion - Amy Davis
Recerve Breed Champion - Keith McCall


Medium Wool-Grand Champion - Keith McCall
Cross Reserve Grand Champion - Keith McCall
Showmanship - Keith McCall


First Place Grand Champion - Ashley Bookmiller
Second Place Reserve Grand Champion - Stacey Bookmiller
Third Place - Charity Pierce
Showmanship - Stacey Bookmiller


First Place Grand Champion - J.C. Kester
Second Place - Reserve Grand Champion - Kristi Kester
Showmanship - Kristi Kester


Lightweight-First Place - Rachel Cleveland
Second Place - Tommy Cleveland
Mediumweight-First Place - Jessica Kessler
Second Place - Sherry Brandenburg
Heavyweight-First Place - Alex Ramirez
Second Place - Lacey Vasquez
Grand Champion - Alex Ramirez
Reserve Grand Champion - Lacey Vasquez
Junior Showmanship - Lacey Vasquez
Senior Showmanship - Sherry Brandenburg

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