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Golden Years

Tuesday, Feb. 17, 1998

Longtime Pecos resident achieves many goals

Jimmy Herod's children hold many firsts for
African-Americans in the area. As we celebrate Black History
Month, Herod thinks of his beginnings and those of his
children and the long way they have come and accomplished
their goals.

Herod's son, Bobby and holds many "firsts" and

Herod's pride in his children shines through as he talks
about them and the many things they accomplished while in
Pecos and thereafter.

"My kids kept me pretty busy back then," said Herod.

Herod came to Pecos in 1950 and he and his wife, Dorothy
have four children. The couple have been married for 47

Herod is employed as a building superintendent for Security
State Bank, a position he has held for the past 38 years.

"All my children were involved in sports and activities
throughout their high school years, which kept us pretty
busy," said Herod. "Now, I don't do as much," he said.

Herod was involved with baseball and Little League while his
children were growing up and states that he misses the many
activities that kept him `young.' "I was vice-president of
the booster club for two years," said Herod.

Herod's son Bobby was the first African-American to attend
Boy's State was All-District in football and baseball. He
was also on the track team, basketball team, band and still
managed to graduate with honors. "I don't know how he did
that, because he was always having to practice for
something, but he still did good in school," said Herod.

Both boys, Bobby and Donny, were All-District in baseball.

Herod's two sons helped the baseball team win and go all the
way to state competition. "Our biggest thrill was when he
hit that home run, that sent us to state," said Herod. "That
year, they both played on the team and got to go to state
together, one was a senior and the other a junior in high
school," he said.

Herod stated that the family likes to look at the old
photographs and reminisce about that particular year. "We
just look at all those old pictures and remember that year,"
he said.

The baseball team again had the chance to attend state
competition the following year, with just one Herod boy on
the team then, according to Herod.

His daughter, Kathie, was a cheerleader. "She used to cheer
for her brothers," he said.

Kathie was also involved in other extracurricular
activities, such as student council.

"I remember when I worked at Safeway, in the 1950's, later I
worked for Galbraith Steel, as a shipping clerk," said Herod.

"This was back in the 1950's, when I worked for Safeway, as
a stock clerk and price marking person," he said.

Three of Herod's children attended college. His daughter
Joyce White, now of El Paso, who works for the Fort Bliss,
PX, is the manager of sporting goods and garden department.

His two sons, Bobby and Donald, graduated from Ranger
College and then attended UTEP in El Paso.

Bobby resides in El Paso where is a technician with U.S.
Power and Technology. Donald is a counselor for Helping
Hands Home for Children in Austin.

Kathie attended UTEP and later Cameron University. She
resides in Austin where she works with the teacher
retirement system.

Herod's activities now include being a board member of the
West of the Pecos Museum and the Friendship C.M.E. Methodist
Church, where he was the chairman of the board at one time.

"We've come a long way," said Herod. "I'm very proud of all
my children," he said.

"We have many friends in the community and enjoy them all,"
said Herod. "The people in the community have been very nice
to us and we've been very lucky," he said.

Herod is also a U.S. Army Veteran, who served in World War
II, in the European Theater, from 1945-1946. He was a staff
supply sergeant.

Special exhibits attract many visitors

West of the Pecos

Museum News



January & February have been busy months at the Museum.
After the big job of taking down and storing Christmas,
Museum Curator Dorinda Millan started getting the special
exhibits for February up. The Presidential Museum of Odessa
let us borrow 33 wooden mosaic pictures of U. S. Presidents.
She has a cute exhibit of old valentines, donated by Jacque
Renshaw. Frank Mendoza put five old doors together for her
to add lace and greenery - an attractive display of the

The Black History exhibit includes photographic display of
past Black History exhibits & programs. Also general &
national Black History topics. In addition a special
photographic display of local artist Bobby Woodard's work. A
specific program was not held this year, possibly the reason
for the poor turn-out for the Open House held Saturday, Feb.

Among the interested guests were Marilyn & Don Brady,
professors from Sul Ross. She is with the Center for Big
Bend Studies and is researching the African American history
West of the Pecos, dating as far back as she can. If anyone
has information they would like to share with her, please
call us at 445-5076.

Volunteers from Kim Calhoun's 8th grade classes are: Crystal
Rodriguez, Mark Gomez, Nick Williamson, Cathy Urias, Jesus
Orosco, Catherine Matta, Carlos Garcia, Celestina Machuca,
Allessandra Armendariz, Rosa Rubio, Jeannette Muniz, Elvia
Ornelas, Cassie Foster, Marissa Pando, Vicki Samaguay,
Patrick McChesney, Jacquelyn Marquez, Eloy Salas, Rocky
Matta, Jessica Rodriguez, Mariebel Muniz, Shanna Tredaway,
Valerie Vela, Barbara Cardenas, Candace Hillard, Kelsey
Riley, Samuel Guerrero, Rocky Dominguez, Daisy Chavez, and
Mireya Medrano.

Ken Garlitz 7th grade Texas History Classes seem to enjoy
going through the Museum looking for answers to their
history papers like a scavenger hunt only they will be
graded - it's part of their school work. Ken has been doing
this for about eight years.

During the year of 1997 we had about 11,826 people who
visited the Museum. We've already had many interesting
visitors this year. A couple from Australia posed for
pictures when Texas Highways Magazine writer Larry Hodge was
interviewing Mr. Tom Linbery, getting history on the 100
year old chuck wagon located on Oak Street near the caboose.

The four gentlemen from Italy really had a good time. They
enjoyed posing for the Pecos Enterprise reporter, Greg
Harman. Other visitors already in 1998 include folks from
Florida, New York, California, Michigan, Pennsylvania,
Illinois, Idaho, Tennessee, Arizona, Utah, & New Hampshire.
Also from Mexico, Columbia, Russia, Germany, France,
Belgium, Canada and Venezuela.

Brandy Owen, Museum Executive Director, has successfully
received grant money from Texas Commission on the Arts to
help with the "Hank the CowDog" special program held at
Bessie Haynes on January 30. It was cute. We sell "Hank the
CowDog" books, a series of 28 small books, at the Museum
Book Store. The kids, especially boys, love to read these
books. A great gift idea for parents, grandparents or
friends and it would help the Museum too! Buy books at the

The other grant was also from the Texas Commission on the
Arts and was for Tumbleweed Smith who will be here March 2,
for a program to be held at Zavala Middle School in
commemoration of the Texas Independence - a project of Cindy
Duke's 7th grade Texas History class. Another program will
be held the same evening from 8-9 p.m. at the West of the
Pecos Museum. Cost for the tickets will be $5. The Museum
has been involved with this since it was started three years
ago. The bean and corn dishes is in conjunction with
Tumbleweed Smith and the dishes will be served at the Senior
Center. Cost for the dish will be $2. Everyone is encouraged
to attend these programs which will be educational and fun!

Meet more of the Museum Board of Trustees: Bill Oglesby,
President. Bill has been on the Board for 10 years, having
served as treasurer most of the time, spending many hours on
the bookkeeping, the financial part. He is Vice President of
Security State Bank, member of the Lions Club, involved with
Salvation Army, President of the Pecos Aquatic Club, on the
Board of Country Club. Bill and his family are active in the
Methodist Church.

Bill was born and raised in Pecos. His parents are W.R.
(Billy Bob) and Maxine Oglesby, long-time Pecos residents.
He and his wife, Karen, have two young sons, Will, a 6th
grader, and Matthew, a third grade student. He graduated
from Pecos High School in 1968 and from Angelo State
University in 1974. Bill and Karen are energetic young folks
who do a lot for our community.

We are starting you on a tour of the Museum: Upon entering
the lobby you will be greeted by a very friendly volunteer
or a staff member. We are happy to see you! You will be
asked to register in our book and to pay a small admission
fee (unless, of course, you are a member in which case there
is no charge everyone is encouraged to be a member). You
will be given a little information, directions and a
brochure that will guide you through the museum with some
detail about each room.

The lobby was always used as the lobby of the Orient Hotel.
One of the most modern hotels between Fort Worth and El
Paso, the Orient was built by Mr. R. S. Johnson, grandfather
of local resident Mrs. Georgia Morrison. Started in 1904, it
took about three years to build the three-story structure,
opening for business in 1907. Built of large concrete blocks
that were made by a "new fangled" hand operating machine
owned by Mr. Hugh Roberson, father of Anneevelyn Eisenwine
and great-grandfather of Jean Burkholder.

The building continues to be very sturdy we were told by the
1994 renovation. Mr. Barney Hubbs helped to make these
blocks when he was about 16 years old and attending Pecos
High School. The ceiling is covered with embossed pressed
tin. Many old buildings had tin ceilings. I've noticed
Brownlee Hardware still has it. There is a small writing
room just as you enter where visitors could write post cards
or letters. Sometimes we have a table in there, but right
now we have Mr. Hubb's bronze and his picture. He loved this
Museum and was much involved, not only in its beginning in
1962, but all through the years until his passing in 1993.
He has been missed tremendously. During his years as
newspaper publisher, he had acquired much history - and he
remembered it!

The other lobby room at one time was closed off the main
lobby and was used as a ladies billiard room. We don't know
when it was opened into the lobby - do you? For years I used
it as the office area, but since the 1994 restoration (when
we built the new much needed office area) it is a place for
sitting and visiting, but most of all to enjoy seeing the
very interesting tiles, an important part of the Museum
these past few years. There have been about 450 tiles
painted and Freda Blahosky is always working on more. They
are so very interesting, little mine-histories. If your
family does not have a museum tile to be remembered by, NOW
is the time to purchase one. Your family, friend or reunion
class will love it! Visit the museum today it is outstanding!

Many visitors write that this is the best museum they have
seen in the register book. We have also received some nice
letters from some of our nice visitors. HERE IS ONE FROM

"We visited my brother the first of October and he took us
to your museum. We want to say how much we enjoyed it and
applaud your efforts. It is one of the best we've been to
and we've seen them from Maine to Colorado and Montana. The
stories included with the photos were most interesting.
Again, thank you. Mrs. W. L. Sandberg"


"My husband and I were given a pleasant surprise at our stop
and visitation of your town. During our many travels we have
limited memories of enduring individuals we met during this
visit. The West of the Pecos Museum remains a delightful
conversation topic as we relay our experiences with our
friends. The lady at the registration was gracious,
hospitable, and so knowledgeable. We purchased two paintings
and the young ladies made a box for us so we would eliminate
damage as we continued our travels.

We feel an extensive advertisement of your town and
especially the museum would inform and delight the tourists
when they discovered the area. Again, congratulations on
having one of the most complete histories of the West Texas
artifacts. Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Knapp."

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