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February 12, 1998

Lobo boys golf team is back

With the new year, an old favorite returns to action again
this year. No, it's not the comeback of the Magnificent
Seven, or a rebirth of Elvis. The Lobo Boys golf team is
back, in gear, and ready to make another run through the
Last year, the boys became district champions, adding to the
horrors of other 3-3A teams intent on advancing to the
regional level. Individually, the Loboes performed well at
the two-day tournament in El Paso. Freshman Don Fisher
emerged as the overall 2nd place medalist in the
competition. A pair of 1997 graduates, Joey Woods and Jason
Pittman, took third and fourth respectively in the
competition. Also garnering All-District honors were Eric
Ray, Josh Gaddis, and Josh Willson
The boy's "A" team also finished in first place with an over
all score of 648. The "B" team grabbed a third place finish
with an over-all team score of 721.
Monahans "A": Don Fisher 80/77 - 157 Joey Woods 80/81 - 161
Jason Pittman 83/80 - 163 Eric Ray 85/82 - 167 Josh Gaddis
86/84 - 170 Team total: 328/320 - 648
Monahans "B": Josh Willson 85/86 - 171 Matthew Neace 87/93 -
180 Brandon Bicknell 87/93 - 180 Jamie Willson 98/91 - 189
Micah Tuxhorn 107/105 - 212 Team total: 357/364 - 721
Other individual players for Monahans boys team were, Chris
Cain shooting 106/101 for a two day total of 207; Ryan Cosby
120/128 - 248 and Bradley Smith 139/120 - 259.
1997 Top Ten Medalists in District Competition
1. Johnathan Cozart Alpine 152 2. Don Fisher Monahans 157 3.
Joey Woods Monahans 161 4. Jason Pittman Monahans 163 5.
D.J. Check Clint 166 6. Eric Ray Monahans 167 7. Ryan
Pridemore Clint 169 8. Josh Gaddis Monahans 170 9. Josh
Willson Monahans 171 10. Donnie Rodriguez Alpine 173
The boy's golf team is expected to remain atop the pack in
District 3-3A. In addition to returning most of the varsity
team, the Loboes also gain standout Freshman Eddie Rowe.
Fisher, Ray, Gaddis and Willson are also expected to make
significant varsity contributions this year.

Women golfers top 3A

SAN ANGELO - Kandace Burnett led the charge.
And the seniorless Lobo women golfers finished ahead of all
the other 3A schools in the annual San Angelo Invitational
tournment that marks the traditional Spring start of the
prep golf seson.
The girls had the pleasure of playing at two courses in San
Angelo. Coach Becky Hix's charges used the tournament to
work out final preseason jitters, and came away with eighth
place in the Orange Division, and first place among all 3A
schools attending.
Notes Hix: "The girls played a little inconsistently which
is normal for the first tournament. They would have several
good holes and then have a bad hole. This can ruin your
But Hix notes that "Overall, we are ahead of where we were
last year at this time. I feel like we will have several
girls that will compete well this year. We expect to get a
lot of experience in these first few tournments (the next
one is this weekend at Big Spring) competing against all
levels. I have no seniors this year so the juniors,
sophomores and freshmen will get plenty of playing time."
The Loboes opened the San Angelo competition on Friday, Feb.
6 , at the new Quicksand golf course, considered to be one
of the finest and most difficult courses in the state. The
ladies fought hard through the heavy wind and cold, but
still shot a 395. Individually on day one, junior Kandace
Burnett shot a 90. Fellow junior Christin Linton came away
with a 93. Brandee McDaniel, also a junior, posted a 105;
sophomore Lindsay Fredericks added a 109; and junior Audrey
Cox shot 110.
The ladies came back solid after getting the first round
jitters out of the way. The Loboes came back on Saturday to
greet slightly warmer conditions and the Riverside golf
course. The ladies took a cumulative 22 strokes off their
score by shooting a 373 on day two. Burnett again led the
Lobo charge, posting an 89 to end the weekend with a 179,
just five strokes off the medalist pace. McDaniel posted a
95 and Linton put up a 105, which gave them both a two-day
total of 198. The two Lobo sophomores, who are competing in
their open swimming week between the District and Regional
meet, fared well on day two of competition. Both girls
bounced back from 100+ days to drop under the century mark,
as Fredericks fired a 91 and Cox posted a 98. Fredericks
had a two day total of 200, while Cox ended her weekend with
a 208.
The girls not only used this tournament as a stepping stone
for the season, but made an early statement. The girls shot
a two day total of 768, which topped district rival Alpine
by 44 strokes. Alpine's 812 was good enough for 11th place
overall. The other 3A school attending, Sonora, posted a
two-day total of 871, trailing the mean green by 102 strokes.
Orange was full of tough competition, as Monahans
challenged a host of 4A schools. District 5-4A, in effect
next season, took five of the top six places. Snyder
ladies won the team title, outshooting second place Pampa by
37 strokes. Dani Mallon from Justin Northwest paced the
medalists with a 152..
ORANGE DIVISION TEAM STANDINGS .1. Snyder:..337-335-672 .2.
Pampa:..368-341-709 .3. Big Spring:..367-359-726 .4.
Andrews:..373-358-731 .5. Fort Stockton:..377-358-735 .6.
Pecos:..381-364-745 .7. Justin Northwest:..386-360-746 .8.
Monahans:..395-373-768 .9. Borger:..393-394-787 10. Canyon
Randall:..408-385-793 11. Alpine:..404-397-801 12.
Hereford:..426-386-812 13. Sweetwater:..419-413-832 14. Lake
View:..424-429-851 15. Sonora:..453-418-871
(Plaques given to top three) .1. Dani Mallon, Justin
Northwest:..78-74-152 .2. Randi Reed, Snyder:..79-78-157 .3.
Daysha Weaver, Snyder:..79-81-160 .4. Alison Piersall,
Pampa:..81-83-164 .5. Kelly Hollar, Big Spring:..84-84-168
.6. Kacey Henderson, Canyon Randall:..85-84-169 .7. Shelbie
Allison, Pampa:..86-84-170 .8. Renee Gonzales, Fort
Stockton:..84-87-171 .8. Stephanie Waggoner, Big
Spring:..88-83-171 .9. Jessica Treadwell,
Andrews:..85-87-172 10. Ashlie Simmons, Big
INDIVIDUAL SCORES Snyder (337-335-672) ..Daysha Weaver,
79-81-160; Randi Reed, 79-78-157; Keisha Gafford, 92-83-175;
Lacey Kidd, 87-94-181; Adrienne McJimsey, 97-93-190.
Big Spring (367-359-726) ..Kelly Hollar, 84-84-168; Stefanie
Waggoner, 88-83-171; Ashlie Simmons, 87-87-174; Brittany
Roberson, 108-114-222; Christine Medellin, 117-105-222.
Pampa (368-341-709) ..Shelbie Allison, 86-84-170; Melissa
Gindorf, 96-86-192; Alison Piersall, 81-83-164; Maggie
Cowan, 109-88-197; Cortnie Allison, 105-101-206.
Andrews (373-358-731) ..Jennifer Sanders, 96-89-185; Rachel
Robb, 98-91-189; Jessica Treadwell, 85-87-172; Keesha
Parker, 97-91-188; Jessica Thames, 95-94-189.
Fort Stockton (377-358-735) ..Renee Gonzales, 84-87-171;
Ashley Dunagan, 100-91-191; Taryn Elliott, 93-93-186;
Jennifer Bilano, 100-87-187; Valerie Nolen, 106-97-203.
Pecos (381-364-745) ..Alva Alvarez, 94-88-182; Sarah
Armstrong, 89-96-175; Kim Clark, 108-95-203; Amanda
Hernandez, 98-96-194; Cindy Mauldin, 100-95-195. Justin
Northwest (386-360-746) ..Dani Mallon, 78-74-152; April
Starnes, 100-89-189; Melissa Reeves, 104-89-193; Amanda
Stevens, 104-108-212; Ellen Morgan, 123-112-235.
Borger (393-394-787) ..Candice Bowden, 100-102-202; Ashley
Beales, 107-94-201; Afton Messinger, 91-98-189; Hollis
Huffine, 106-100-206; Jacque Lindbloom, 96-111-207.
Monahans (395-373-768) ..Kandace Burnett, 90-89-179;
Christin Linton, 93-105-198; Brandee McDaniel, 103-95-198;
Audrey Cox, 110-98-208; Lindsay Fredericks, 109-91-200.
Alpine (404-397-801) ..Adrienne Reyes, 95-89-184; Arlene
Garcia, 101-95-196; Jami Johnson, 121-111-232; Randi Davis,
110-102-212; Libby Dalton, 98-128-226.
Canyon Randall (408-385-793) ..Kacey Henderson, 85-84-169;
Brooke Jones, 100-96-196; Tiffany Pulliam, 109-102-211;
Rachel Wright, 117-109-226; Janna Henderson, 114-103-217.
Sweetwater (419-413-832) ..Julie Careathers, 95-94-189;
Kristen Martin, 105-106-211; Kasey McBeath, 107-109-216;
Jacquie Simone, 132-111-243; Lacey Coons, 112-104-216.
Lake View (424-429-851) Tiffany Gray, 118-101-219; Kristi
Upton, 105-108-213; Jeri Snyder, 105-116-221; Crystal Brown,
125-118-243; Renee Boswell, 96-102-198.
Hereford (426-386-812) Amy Killingsworth, 99-85-184; Lindsay
Ward, 98-90-188; Michelle Bixler, 105-101-206; Crystal Luna,
124-110-234; Kristen Huffaker, 130-112-242.
Sonora (453-418-871) Ashley Henson, 101-92-193; Kimberly
Bustamante, 105-106-211; Daisha Henson, 121-114-235; Sarah
Cook, 128-106-234; Joni Thorp, 126-115-241.
Individual MedalistsJamie Lawrence, Sweetwater, 102-91-193;
Natalie Newberry, Sweetwater, 116-113-229; Whitney Lowther,
Fort Stockton, 106-90-196; Melissa Burrage, Lake View,
133-WD; Brittany Desroiers, 144-120-264; Merrit

Greens top Eagles in tennis

Coach Justin Quest has been working hard with his team to
get them ready for the Spring season and Saturday afternoon
he was happy with the progress.
The Loboes traveled to Pecos Thursday, Feb. 5, and had a
big win over the Eagles.
The final score was Monahans 16 and Pecos 4. The Lady
Loboes made a clean sweep in the doubles and the singles.
Saturday morning, Feb. 7, Monahans hosted Frenship here for
another big win.
Fog caused Frenship to arrive a little late. The fog
burned off and it was an excellent day for tennis.
Again the Lady Loboes made a clean sweep in the doubles and
the singles. The final score was Monahans 13 and Frenship 6.
Monahans will travel to San Angelo February 13 and 14 for
the San Angelo Invitational Tournament. Games will start at
8 am.
Monahans vs. Pecos
Feb. 5
Boys Singles
Winner Score
Kyle Clemmer vs. Jonathan Fuentes Pecos 6-1,6-4
Robert Wilbur vs. Tye Garham Pecos 6-4,6-3
Drew Skinner vs. Jeff Lam Pecos 6-1,6-4
Jeremy Reyes vs. David Lam Monahans 6-1,6-0
Justin Yates vs. Sonny Cylia Monahans 6-0,6-0
Curtis Gibson vs. Robert Payne Monahans 8-0 (Pro

Boys Doubles
Clemmer/Reyes vs. Graham/Lam Pecos 8-6 (Pro
Skinner/Yates vs. Lam/Cylia Monahans 8-1 (Pro Set)
Wilbur/Gibson vs. Wein/Fuentes Monahans 8-5 (Pro
Hawkins/Ledingham vs. Graham/Cylia Monahans 8-6 (Pro Set)

Girls Singles
Joanna Cupp vs. Teresa Minjares Monahans 6-0,6-1
Lecia Baker vs. Vanessa Miranda Monahans 6-0,6-1
Megan Shawn vs. Erin Dominguez Monahans 6-1,6-3
Christina Wilbur vs. Lori Minjares Monahans 6-1,6-0
Erin Armstrong vs. Rachel Pharroah Monahans 6-0,6-1
Sandra Molinar vs. Priscilla Levario Monahans 8-2 (Pro
Melinda Covensky vs. Tiffany Jarrett Monahans 6-0,6-4
Girls Doubles
Cupp/Baker vs. T.Minjares/Miranda Monahans 8-0 (Pro Set)
Molinar/Wilbur vs. Dominguez/Pharroah Monahans 8-0 (Pro
Armstrong/Shawn vs. L.Minjares/Levario Monahans 8-0 (Pro
Final Score
Monahans 16 Pecos 4

Monahans vs. Frenship
Feb. 7

Boys Singles
Winner Score
Kyle Clemmer vs. Jon Wolfshohl Frenship 6-2,6-2
Robert Wilbur vs. Jeremy Strawn Frenship 6-3,6-1
Drew Skinner vs. James McCord Monahans 6-1,6-3
Jeremy Reyes vs. Eric McFaddin Frenship 7-5,6-2
Justin Yates vs. Josh Bray Monahans 6-3,6-2
Nick Ledingham vs. Ashot Petrosian Monahans 5-7,7-6,7-6
Ashish Choprah vs. Ashot Petrosian Monahans 6-4,6-3
Boys Doubles
Reyes/Yates vs. Bray/McFaddin Frenship 6-1,5-1,6-7(7-4)
Clemmer/Skinner vs. Wolfshohl/McCord Frenship 6-4,6-1
Ledingham/Wilbur vs. Strawn/Woliver Frenship 6-4,6-7,3-6
Girls Singles
Lecia Baker vs. Amy Prachenberg Monahans 6-1,4-6,6-2
Megan Shawn vs. Sara Farmer Monahans 6-0,6-1
Erin Armstrong vs. Shalyn Schaeffer Monahans 6-1,6-0
Sandra Molinar vs. Coventhey Crawford Monahans 6-1,6-0
Casey Gatski vs. Amy Handy Monahans 6-2,6-0
Crystal Passmore vs. Janell Kilmer Monahans 6-2,6-2

Girls Doubles
Baker/Armstrong vs. Prachenberg/Hardy Monahans 6-0,6-1
Shawn/Molinar vs. Farmer/Schaeffer Monahans 6-0,6-2
Gatski/Passmore vs. Crawford/Kilmer Monahans 6-0,6-4
Final Score
Monahans 13 Frenship 6

Eagle-Lobo rivalry over

It can't be official until Feb. 24 under University
Interscholastic League rules but here's what the tentative
schedule for Monahans Football '98 will bring.
No Pecos for the first time in years although the Lobo will
play the Eagle in a scrimmage at Pecos on Aug. 21 but, as
Monahans head Coach and Athletic Director Larry Hanna says,
scrimmages are not games. Scrimmages are laboratories where
coaches find out what they have and what they need before
real football starts. Real football starts a week early this
year on Aug. 28 against Snyder, a 4A school that had been
scheduled to be the fifth game for Monahans. They agreed,
says Hanna, to play on Aug. 28, allowing both Snyder and
Monahans an open date before district competition. Under the
new rules, the coach says Monahans can get 10 games in 11
weeks by not having the old second scrimmage.
What does Hanna think of the schedule? "It's going to be
difficult, a challenge," answers the coach. "I feel you play
up to your competition."
That competition is there. Predistrict includes four 4A
schools (Snyder, Big Spring, Andrews and Fort Stockton) and
3A Seminole, like 3A Monahans, a playoff team in 1997. In
district, it doesn't get less competitive. Monahans, Midland
Greenwood and Alpine were playoff teams in the 1997 season.
Crane, which will return most of its squad, and Kermit were
playoff contenders until the final week of regular play.

Presidio team hard to stop

Monahans ran into a Presidio buzz saw in district basketball
action on Tuesday night, Feb. 10.
In women's action, the Lobo was stopped 53-40.
Men basketballers lost to Presidio by 54-52 in a squeaker
that wasn't decided until the last quarter.
Presidio ran off 16 points while Monahans was hanging up
only 11, a dearth that cost the Green the game by a field
goal in the final stnza.
After Tuesday's action, the Monahans High School girl's
basketball team is winless in district play and 5-21 for the
97-98 basketball season. Presidio women are 15-7, 3-6 in
district competition.
On the men's side, the Loboes 5-2 in district with still an
outside chance at the playoffs, are 10-16 overall.
Presidio is 2-6 in district and 12-12 overall.
Lobo Summary
Swigert, 1, 0-0, 2; Almanza, 1, 4-4, 6; Covington, 4, 0-2,
8; Krone, 4, 2-4, 10; Enriquez, 3, 2-4, 8; Jasso, 1, 0-0, 2;
Wessels, 2, 0-0, 4; Williams, Franco, Rogers, Huckabee,
Brandon Stephens, 7-2-5, 18; Cody Avary, 6, 0-0, 12; Rocky
Rivera, 3, 2-4, 8; Brian Morris, 2, 0-0, 5; Nathan Swarb, 2,
0-0, 4; Jason Merrick, 1, 1-4, 3; Chris Adams, 1, 0-0, 2/.

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