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Thursday, January 29, 1998

Swimmers! Take your marks!

Coach Terri Morse's Pecos Eagle swimmers are favored to win
the District 4 swim competition in Monahans water on
Saturday, Jan. 31 at the Lobo MultiSport Complex.

Pecos will get competition for the team title from Fort
Stockton and Big Spring, another 4A school.

But Sophomore Candice Teague , already the Monahans High
School record holder in the 100 back sprint, is seeded first
in two individual events - the 50 Free sprint and the back.
And it doesn't make any difference that she comes from a 3A
school, notes Lobo Coach Doug Ward.

In fact, Ward thinks his desert Lobo swimmers will be
competitive in the district swim competition that matches
both 4A and 3A schools.

Teams from Andrews, Coach Mike Waldmann; Big Spring, Coach
Harlan Smith; Fort Stockton, Coach Monty Gibson; Monahans,
Ward; Pecos, Morse; Seminole, Coach Tim Sage; Wylie, Coach
Angie Smith; will be in Monahans early Saturday for the
meet. Swimmers start early and stay late.

Preliminaries are scheduled to start at 10 a.m.

Finals are scheduled for six p.m.

Big Spring, Fort Stockton and Pecos are the 4A schools who
will be swimming. Ward notes that those schools plus
Monahans would roughly be the equivalent of the old 4A
football conference in which the Big Green competed before
the school moved to 3A as student enrollment declined.

"Us, Seminole, Wiley," says Ward, "We're the little guys."

But they're little swimmers with a big kick. Ward expects
some broken records and wall to wall competition that will
depend on the dive, the glide and the turns.

Consider Teague, the Green Wave sophomore.

She's seeded first in both the 50 Free and the 100 back. In
the 50, she already has sprinted to within 00.68 of a
second of the District 4 record of 25.92 set by Jayme Brown
of Pecos in 1994.. In the back, she's only 00.09 off the
district record of 1:03.20 set by Nettie Rodriguez of Pecos
in 1996.

Consider the women's Monahans 200 Medley Relay team from
Monahans, they're seeded first in the event are only
three-tenths of a second off the district record for the
event. Pecos holds the district record, 2:05.49 set in 1993.
Consider backstroker Slate Broyles of Big Spring. He's only
00.16 off a district record for the 100 back, a district
record set by a Monahans swimmer, Chuck Rogers in 1993 when
Lobo Rogers swam the sprint in 55.9.

Consider the Pecos "A" 100 men's free relay where those
Eagles have swum this season to 00.71 of the school record.

Ward says Monahans is proud to host the district swimming
competition. He expects spectator space at the pool to be
crowded and he warns that spectators should be prepared for
the day long grind.

Lobo Seeds in District
With Personal Season Best Times

Women's 200 Medley Relay - 1. Monahans "A" (Candice Teague,
Lindsay Fredericks, Marina Martin, Fonda Moore) 2:05.78

Men's 200 Medley Relay - 5. Monahans "A" (Brandon Sutter,
Carlee Heuman, Clayton Cunningham, Chris Cain) 1:59.35.
Pecos is seeded first with a season best time of 1:46.57

Women's 200 Free - 4. Fonda Moore 2:24.81 7. Karen Robertson
2:37.748. Rebekah Robinson 2:38.03. 11. Amy Bowman 2:40:02.

Allison Thomas of Big Spring is seeded first with a season
best time of 2:10.54. Saundra Meeks of Monahans holds the
district record of 2:04.22 set in 1997.

Men's 200 Free - 3. Chris Cain 2:07.55. Matt Ivy of Pecos is
the top seed at 2:03.11. Chuck Rogers of Monahans holds the
district record of 1:49.99 set in 1994

Women's 200 IM - 4. Marina Martin 2:36. 6. Audrey Cox
2:47.35. Somer Leubner of Big Spring is the top seed at

Men's 200 IM - 8. Carlee Heuman 2:35.97. Stephen Smith of
Big Spring is the top seed at 2:12.44.

Women's 50 Free - 1. Candice Teague 26.59. 11. Jamie Butters
31.59. 12. Crystal Partida 31.80 13. Jenny Waggoner 31.89.

Men's 50 Free - 15. Clayton Cunningham 28.24. Billy
Bechworth of Big Spring is the top seed at 23.84.

Women's 100 Fly - 4. Marina Martin 1:15.56 6. Fonda Moore
1:19.39. Megan Freeman of Pecos is the top seed at 1:09.32.

Women's 100 Free - 3. Lindsay Fredericks 1:03.78. 8. Karen
Robinson 1:07.01. 14. Crystal Partida 1:20.01. 16. Jenny
Waggoner 1:20.77. Allison Thomas of Big Spring is the top
seed at 00:59.23.

Men's 100 Free - 4. Brandon Sutter 55.30 7. Josh Oliver
58.83. Kevin Bates of Pecos is the top seed at 52.34.

Women's 500 Free - 7. Rebekah Robinson 7:22.60. 10. Amy
Bowman 7:32.95. Liz Parent of Pecos is the top seed at
5:51.19. Saundra Meeks of Monahans set the district record
at 5:39.19 in 1996.

Men's 500 Free - 9. Carlee Heuman 6:30.04. Kenneth Friar of
Pecos is the top seed at 5:20.03.

Women's 200 Free Relay - 3. Monahans 1:54.48. Big Spring is
the top seed at 1:52.97.

Men's 200 Free Relay - 4. Monahans 1:43.82. Pecos is the top
seed at 1:36.30.

Women's 100 Back - 1. Candice Teague 1:04.28. 7. Jamie
Butters 1:22.59.

Men's 100 Back - 3. Brandon Sutter 1:02.89. Slate Broyles of
Big Spring is the top seed at 56.06. Chuck Rogers of
Monahans set the 55.9 district record in 1993.

Women's 100 Breast - 3. Lindsay Fredericks 1:19.57 4. Audrey
Cox 1:25.89. Michelle Tuttle of Big Spring is the top seed
at 1:10.49.

Men's 100 Breast - 6. Chris Cain 1:10.44. Al Tillman of
Pecos is the top seed at 1:07.88.

Women's 400 Free Relay - 5. Monahans 5:01.14. Big Spring is
the top seed at 4:02.92.

Former volleyball coach sanctioned by UIL

AUSTIN - Martina Carrillo, a former championship volleyball
coach at Monahans High School, has been sanctioned for
violation of state high school coaching rules.

Carrillo is on probation through 1999, confirms Carroll Ray
Daniel, the compliance officer for the University
Interscholastic League.

UIL is the state governing body for secondary school
athletics in Texas.
Carrillo, now head volleyball coach at Taft High School near
Corpus Christi, was named Coach of the Year in District
30-3A in the season just completed after leading the Taft
Greyhounds to that district's co-championship.

She was placed on probation because she was one of two
assistant coaches of an international team on which two
volleyballers from Monahans played. UIL rules generally
prohibit coaches from coaching players who play for them in
UIL competition. The other assistant coach, Carrillo says,
was a native of Melbourne, Australia. The head coach was a
collegiate representative from California.

"I have resolved that I will go on from here and be the best
that I can be," says Carrillo. "My career is back on track.
I have nothing but fond memories of the girls with whom I
worked in Monahans and wish them all success."

She says she wants to thank the parents of her Monahans
players, who supported the team in its state tournament run,
especially the parents of Crystal Looney, one of three all
state players on Carrillo's last Lobo team.

UIL's Daniel made the comments in an interview on Monday,
Jan. 26. Carrillo spoke in an interview on Tuesday, Jan. 27.

The probation is the outcome of a public reprimand by the
UIL's executive committee. Public reprimand at the state
level followed a private reprimand at the District 3-3A
executive committee level. Monahans High School is part of
District 3-3A.

The nature of the violations, says Daniel, is such that
there was never any possibility the victories won by
Carrillo's teams at Monahans were in danger of being
reversed; nor, was suspension of coaching privileges at
issue. Monahans High Schoolnever was in danger of any UIL
sanctions because Daniel says administrators there began the
inquiry and promptly reported their findings to the proper

There was an issue and it was investigated properly by the
school district, Daniel notes, an inquiry directed by then
Lobo Athletic Director Windy Williams.

Except for baseball and softball, secondary school coaches
cannot legally coach players they would coach in the course
of UIL competition. In the case of baseball and softball, a
coach can coach a limited number of his or her own UIL
players in Summer competitions, notes the UIL compliance

Daniel says Carrillo received a public reprimand because she
coached two members of her Lobo volleyball team in Summer
competition in violation of UIL rules. The violation, says
Daniel, occurred in the Summer of 1996. It involved an
International Sports Exchange Program in which a Texas team
comprised of volleyball players from throughout the state
played a series of international matches in Australia.

Carrillo was a coach and, she says, she organized the tour.
The complaint that initiated the subsequent actions against
Carrillo was filed by the parents of a player on the
Monahans volleyball team, according to UIL records.
Fund-raisers were held in Monahans to help defray the $2,000
cost of one of the Monahans contingent on the international
volleyball team from Texas. Two exhibitions by the select
side were played in Monahans.

Matches also were played in Sydney, Australia in June of

"I did sit the bench," says Carrillo. "I did not directly
coach the two Lobo players. But apparently sitting the bench
was enough for a technical violation of the rules."

Carrillo herself had been a former international volleyball
player while a student at Texas A&M-Kingsville, then Texas
A&I. She was part of an All-Texas university side that
played several matches in Hong Kong and mainland China in

According to the UIL Leaguer Reprimand List:

"The State Executive Committee issued a public reprimand to
Martina Carrillo, volleyball coach, Monahans High School,
and placed her on probation through Feb. 19, 1999, for
violation of coaching restrictions."

Larry Hanna, athletic director of the Monahans-Wickett-Pyote
School District, notes the incidents to which the reprimand
refers occurred prior to his becoming the district's
athletic director in the Summer of 1997.

"She is no longer a part of the Monahans High School
athletic staff," says Hanna of Carrillo.

Carrillo's 1996 Lobo volleyball squad won the District 3-3A
championship. She took the Green to the semifinals of state
3A volleyball at Austin in her last year at Monahans. In
two years at Monahans, her teams posted a record of 48-19.

Three players on her final Lobo squad earned All State

Carrillo said of that 1996 team: "This was the best
volleyball team I have ever coached. We did good things all

At the time her record over five years, including Monahans
and previous coaching assignments, was 136-35. At Taft this
season, Carrillo's Greyhounds were 22-9, 12-2 in district.

She has been a featured speaker at volleyball clinics "and
everything is going well." She does says she regrets not
having had a chance to work under Hanna

"It's sad for me sometimes," says Carrillo. "We had a great
program in Monahans. I have a great program here in Taft.
The people in Monahans have a great program with Larry Hanna
there. Sometimes something good comes out of something bad.
Something good has come out of something bad in this whole

She says she still believes the international experience was
good for the members of the All-Texas side and for the
Monahans volleyballers who played on the team. Carrillo also
says "I didn't even know I had a problem because the
athletic department administration knew what I was doing and
approved it.
"It was a setback in my career but I'm bouncing back. I'm
back on track. Everything is positive now, everything," says

She resigned as Monahans volleyball coach in January of 1997
and said she had accepted the position in South Texas where
she was reared at Freer.

"I know lots of athletes and coaches from that area and I
should be as happy there as I was here," said Carrillo in an
interview with the Monahans News after the trustees of the
Monahans-Wickett-Pyote School District accepted her

UIL compliance officer Daniel says the initial inquiry into
the breaking of the UIL coaching rules was conducted by
officials of the Monahans school district.

Then those findings were presented at the District 3-3A
level after which a "private reprimand" was issued. From
there the proceedings went to Austin where the "public
reprimand" was issued and probation ordered.

Lobo women golfers liked Austin last year

Take yourself back to January 1997. Likely, many thoughts,
ambitions, and ideas of the future filled your head. At
this time last year, there stood a group of five girls, who
wanted to take their abilities all the way, but no one
believed in them.

It's amazing what a year will do to an attitude.

The 1998 Monahans High School women's golf team is full of
ambition, drive, and determination to return to the State
Tournament. The only differences between 1997 and 1998 are
minute: The Loboes lost two seniors, and their attitude has
taken a new turn. Instead of fighting to climb the mountain,
they must fight to stay atop it.

The team returns four lettermen from last year's state sixth
place finisher, including two All-District selections.
Kandace Burnett was the second overall medalist at last
year's district 3-3A tournament, and Christin Linton was the
seventh place medalist at the district meet. Those placing
were good enough to earn both Burnett and Linton, Sophomores
at the time, All-District honors. Burnett also finished
fifth at the Region I-3A tournament, held at Odessa.

Despite graduating two lettermen, the 1998 girls team is
expected to be highly competitive, which is a direct result
of the experience they gained last year. Burnett, Linton,
Brandee McDaniel, and Monica Loera are the reigning
upperclassmen (All Juniors), and are expected to lead the
team this season. Sophomores Lindsay Fredericks, Audrey
Cox, Nikki Fuentes, and Marina Martin are all expected to
contribute to the team along with Freshmen Jennifer Shaw,
Edie Garcia, and Jenny Waggoner.

The Loboes have spent the past month making final
preparations for this competitive season. Coach Becky Hix
notes that the team is making substantial progress, and are
intent on returning to Austin. The team will start their
season on February 6-7 at the San Angelo Tournament, but
will be playing without many of their athletes (Fredericks,
Cox, Martin, and Waggoner) as they finish out their swimming
season. Their travels this season will take them to
competitions in Big Spring, Fort Stockton, Midland, Andrews,
and McCamey. UIL elimination rounds begin with the district
tournament here at Monahans, the regional meet at Odessa,
and finally the state meet in Austin in May.

Coach Hix also notes that the team is looking forward to a
successful year. "We will work hard to defend our district
title and advance to the next level.

Clint stalls Lobo surge in District 3-3A hoops

In the past week, both the men's and women's basketball
teams at Monahans High School began their season turnaround,
and are coming full-throttle into District 3-3A play.

The boys had won both of their first two distrct games, and
were on target for a second consecutive district

The girls, despite not garnering a district win, had still
been playing well, and looked poised for their first
district win.

The Clint Lions had something to say about that.

Both sets of Lobo basketball teams dropped their Friday
night, Jan. 23, contests with Clint.

The men played a tough game, but the constant attack of the
Lions kept the men from a 3-0 district mark. The men played
even ball with the Lions in the first quarter, each scoring
15 points, but a 23-12 scoring spree by Clint kept the
Loboes' confidence down, as they lost 72-51.

Lobo Lobo Senior Cody Avary led all Monahans scoreres with
14 points. while Sophomore Brian Morris also reached
double-digits with 10 points.

The loss on the road dropped the Green to 7-15 on the
season, and 2-1 in district play.

They are now in third place in the district, behind the 3-0
marks of El Paso Mountain View and Clint.

The girls hosted the lady Lions at the complex here on
Friday night. The Loboes played good ball all game long,
but early mistakes hurt them in the end, dropping a 34-25
decision. The lady Lions jumped out on top in the first
half, leading 24-13 at halftime.

Monahans outscored Clint in the third and fourth quarter,
but the margin failed to cover the 11 points first half
spread. Junior Lori Enriquez paced all scorers with 11
points, including one three point basket. The girls are
4-17, and 0-5 in district 3-3A play

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