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January 26, 1998

PHA upset with Community Council


Staff Writers

PECOS, January 26, 1998 - Pecos Housing Authority board
members last week expressed displeasure with the Community
Council of Reeves County about the condition the council
left the Community Building at 902 E. 10th St. when it moved

The PHA owns the 10th St. building and chose not to renew
the lease for the Community Council this year. When the
council moved out this month it allegedly left the building
in poor condition and owed back rent, according to PHA board
members who addressed the matter Friday in their monthly

PHA Board Chairman Frank Perea said, "I am very upset by the
condition the building was left in. They left trash; they
stripped out the carpet. It seems to me that they
intentionally left it this way because they were mad that we
terminated their lease."

According to PHA board member Debbie Flores, the floors were
appropriately covered when Community Council took possession
of the building. "Whatever was on the floor when they got
there should have been left there when they left," she said.

"I could understand if they were going to use the carpet
immediately for their offices down here. But my
understanding is that they stripped it; they carried it down
here, and it's just laying there," Perea said.

Perea spoke with Bill Wendt, Board Chairman of Community
Council of Reeves County, notifying him of the condition of
the property. "Of course he was surprised. He couldn't
believe that somebody had done a thing like that," Perea

Today Wendt indicated that there might be some
misunderstanding about the carpet but that the Community
Council was willing to make good any damages.

"The only thing I was aware of was the carpet, it was left
in bad condition," he said. "They said everything we put in
was ours and we put in the carpet. The executive director
(Caprice Cox) thought that is why we should take it out.

"I contacted Nellie (Gomez, PHA Executive Director) about
the carpet and she never got back with me."

Wendt went on to say that some windows were broken in the
building when PHA employees removed air conditioners.

"As far as the floor, I was going to get with them about the
cost," Wendt said. "We're defiantly liable for that. At this
point we're willing to put the carpet back."

The PHA Board has asked to be placed on the agenda of the
next Community Council meeting to show the board photographs
of the damages. During the Friday meeting the PHA board read
and approved a letter to be sent to Community Council
concerning the condition of the building at the time it was

The letter enumerates charges totaling $755.44 for unpaid
rent and repairs to the building. Included are a $75.00
charge "to clean and haul trash" and a $602.00 charge "to
replace damaged floor."

"In light of the condition they left the property in, I
personally would have very serious reservations about ever
dealing with Community Council again," Perea stated.

Wendt was concerned that the PHA board might think the
Community Council left the building in poor condition as
retaliation about the lease not being renewed.

"That's not true at all," he said. "We have to work together
because we have a lot of programs that co-mingle with the
housing authority and we deal directly with them. We don't
want anything to interfere with our relationship with the
housing authority.

"We're not trying to get even or do something of that nature
because we have to have a continuing relationship for the
benefit of the public."

Wendt indicated that the problems between the PHA and the
Community Council might have started before the PHA refused
to renew the council's lease.

"There was a member of their board who was assigned to be on
our board who we did not take on because that person was
supposed to be an elected official but was only an appointed
official," Wendt said. "Our problems with the housing
authority began about three weeks later.

"It seems to us that they might not have renewed out lease
out of retaliation for not placing their board member on our

"This all needs to stop."

The PHA also owns the Pecos Day Care building at 1001 E.
10th, where the Community Council operates the day care as a
Community Action Agency. Greater Opportunities, the
organization which has taken over operation of Pecos Head
Start since the Community Council ceased operating it, has
contacted Perea requesting additional classroom space for
Pecos Head Start in the day care building.

Since the lease the council held on the property has
expired, Perea suggested that Greater Opportunities also
consider operating the Pecos Day Care facility. Greater
Opportunities has requested additional time to prepare a
proposal for presentation to the PHA board, said Perea.

Wendt expressed concern about the proposed changes at the
day care center.

"The day care is essential to our community," Wendt said.
"The program there is under our license.

"If they eliminate us from the day care I'm not sure of the
impact that will have on the community."

Wendt went on to explain that Greater Opportunities is a
for-profit organization and if it operated the day care fees
to parents could increase to make a profit.

"The day care has been notorious with the Community Council
as an expense," he said. "We usually only broke even or went
in the whole with it. They would be more concerned with
making a profit so there is a strong probability charges
would go up. That will hurt low income people that we serve."

In addition, Wendt said the Community Council also operates
a meals for the elderly program and medical transportation
services out of the day care building.

"If we lose our space at the day care center the meals for
the elderly might be discontinued because we would not have
that facility to fix meals. It's possible we could find
other office space for the medical transportation program.
It will have a major impact on the community if they go that

Wendt explained that the day care building and the building
the council moved out of were both originally constructed
for the Community Council when the City of Pecos ran the
housing authority.

In other business, the board heard a report from Nellie
Gomez, PHA Executive Director, concerning the CIAP
renovation project. The contractor has agreed to document
progress on various aspects of the renovation on a bubble
chart, which will then be verified by an independent
inspector working on-site from four to eight hours per week.

Gomez provided board members with copies of two letters sent
to residents. One letter explained the purpose and scope of
the renovation project. The other was a letter concerning
vandalism and trespassing which has occurred on the
construction site. The residents were notified that they
would be held responsible for the actions of their children
and that destruction of property could be grounds for

According to the time-line filed by the architect,
renovations should be completed Sept. 3.

Chamber holds awards banquet Friday

Staff Writer

PECOS, January 26, 1998 - Tickets are still available for
the Annual Chamber of Commerce Awards Banquet set for
Friday, Jan. 30, at the Reeves County Civic Center.

The awards ceremony will begin at 7 p.m. with a dance
scheduled for afterwards.

"I've sold about 80 tickets so far, but have others on hold
that will be picked up Friday," said chamber office manager
Rachel Orona.

About 250-300 are expected to turn up for the annual event,
according to Orona.

"Some of these people won't pick up their tickets until
Friday," she said.

The dinner will be catered by the Reeves County Sheriff's

Pete Gallegos, State Representative from Alpine, will be the
guest speaker at the banquet.

Promotional items are needed to help decorate the tables and
the Women's Division of the Chamber of Commerce is
requesting promotional items from all businesses for use as
table decorations for the banquet, according to the new
president of the division, Suan Cross.

Large items or banners that will be displayed need to be at
the civic center by Wednesday, Jan. 28, after 5:30 p.m.

"This is the date we will start decorating the civic
center," said Cross.

Awards to be presented at the banquet include: Citizen of
the Year, Hidden Hero, Ruiz Profile of Courage Award,
Out-Going President's Award, Women's Division Award of
Service, Outstanding Student, Teacher of the Year, Law
Enforcement Officer of the Year and Agricultural Service.

Those retiring from the chamber board of directors will be
recognized at the banquet, as well as incoming directors and
newly elected officers.

Tickets are $15 per person and may be purchased through the
Pecos Chamber of Commerce office, or any of the directors.

In conjunction, those who do not want to attend the banquet
and dinner, can attend the dance after the banquet. Entry
fee for the dance is $5 with disc jockey Ricky Barreno on
hand to provide the music.

People can use their banquet tickets to get into the dance,
but they don't have to attend the banquet and dinner, they
can purchase a ticket for the dance only, according to
chamber of commerce director Tom Rivera.

Reservations may be made by contacting the Pecos Chamber of
Commerce, P.O. Box 24/111 South Cedar, Pecos, Tx., 79772, or
call 915-445-2406. The chamber's fax number is 915-445-2407
or they can be reached by e-mail:

Pecosites differ on Clinton escapade

Staff Writer

PECOS, January 26, 1998 - President Bill Clinton and his
most recent troubles have been the subject of conversation
around the country and opinions in Pecos differ on the topic.

His most recent problems stem from allegations that he had
an affair with a White House intern.

"I think he probably did it," said George Vasquez, owner of
Vasquez Home Furnishings. "Anybody who does something like
that, needs to suffer the consequences," he said.

"Where there's smoke there's fire," said Bill Hubbs.

Hubbs said he thinks the president should be impeached.
"Anybody in public office should hold high moral standards,"
Hubbs said. "And he should be held accountable for what he
has done."

KIUN disc jockey Ricardo Corrales differed in opinion. "I
don't think he's guilty, and even if he is presidents have
been doing this sort of thing for the past 50 years and
nobody did anything about it," said Corrales.

"I think it's just publicity for the republicans," he said.

"What bothers me, is that he told her to lie about it," said
Jessie Stephens.

"I think that's the part that bothers me, is that he told
her to lie about it, and he himself was lying," said Harold

"Well, he's got a good batting average," said Stephens.

All agreed that the right thing should be done, according to
the right officials, at this point in time.

Town of Pecos City Mayor Dot Stafford stated, "I'm very
disappointed and I think it's such an embarrassment for our
country and our government."

"I"m in public office and I think since he holds the highest
office in our country, we should lead by example," said city
councilman Gerald Telles.

Telles stated, "If we're going to promote family values and
moral values, we should abide by what we preach."

Telles stated that this is especially true since he holds
the highest office. "I don't know if morality is an
impeachable offense, though," he said.

Telles however stated that we should be held accountable for
our actions, "us in public office."

"I think right now, I don't want to be judgemental, because
you're innocent until proven guilty," said councilman Johnny
Terrazas. "As far as the president goes, I haven't made a
decision either way, because I'm a firm believer that there
are two sides to every story," he said.

"If people would just listen to both sides, instead of just
listening to one side and making a decision, everyone would
be better off," said Terrazas.

"The presumption of innocence is still there," he said.

PBT schools awarded for improvement

Staff Writer

PECOS, January 26, 1998 - Four Pecos-Barstow-Toyah ISD
schools received monetary awards through the Texas
Successful Schools Award System (TSSAS).

The Texas Education Code, Section 39.092 provides for
financial awards to schools that have demonstrated the
highest levels of sustained success or the greatest
improvement in achieving the education goals.

"We're very proud of these schools, the teachers there, the
students and of course the parents," said PBT personnel
director Gome Olibas.

Olibas stated that the teachers are in the front line along
with the students in achieving these goals. "We also want to
thank the parents for helping in achieving this," he said.
"They play a major role also," he said.

Schools which received the awards included Zavala Middle
School, $500; Lamar Middle School, $500; Barstow Elementary
School, $500 and Bessie Haynes Elementary School, $581.

Campuses that are designated as exemplary or recognized
based on student performance on the Texas Assessment of
Academic Skills test and on dropout rates are TSSAS winners.
Campuses are also TSSAS award recipients if they ranked in
the top 25 percent of all campuses statewide that are in the
same category with respect to improvement in their
performance in reading and math. Campus categories are based
on several factors including the percent of students
identified as African American, Hispanic, White,
Economically Disadvantaged, Limited English Proficient, and

The 75th Texas Legislature appropriated $5 million to be
used during the 1997-98 and 1998-99 school years to fund the
Texas Successful Schools Award System.

Fatalities, injuries result in separate accidents

Staff Writer

PECOS, January 26, 1998 - Two people died and a family of
three were hospitalized in two separate auto accidents in
West Texas during the weekend

The two deaths resulted from an accident at 2:30 p.m.
Saturday about 32 miles east of Presidio on FM 170 in
Presidio County.

The Presidio accident occurred when a 1997 Ford Bronco,
driven by Dr. Robert Dean Earl, 61, Houston, was west bound
down a steep incline on FM 170, according to a DPS report.
Earl failed to negotiate a 90-degree curve, ran off the left
side of the roadway, rolled end over end down the side of a
mountain, came to rest about 200 yards from the road and
burned. The driver, who was wearing a seat belt, was ejected.

Earl was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident at
4:30 p.m. by Justice of the Peace Daniel Bodine of Presidio.
His body was taken to Geeslan Funeral Home in Abilene. His
next-of-kin were notified.

Also killed in this accident was an unidentified person who
was also wearing a seat belt and was burned beyond
recognition. An autopsy was ordered and next-of-kin weren't
notified because it was impossible to identify the body,
according to the report. The unidentified person was also
pronounced dead at the scene by Justice of the Peace Bodine.

The accident was investigated by Trooper David Nesbitt with
the highway patrol in Fort Davis.

Locally, an accident around 10:30 Sunday morning on
Interstate 20 at mile marker 49 near Barstow resulted in
injuries that sent a Muleshoe family to University Medical
Center in Lubbock.

The driver, Arturo Avitia, 27, was traveling west bound on
I-20 when his vehicle went into the center median. He over
corrected and overturned twice. Avitia and his two
passengers, his wife Petra and her son, were ejected. None
were wearing a seat belt.

Arturo Avitia remains in critical condition, according to
DPS Trooper Richard Jacobs, who investigated the accident.
His wife, Petra Avitia, 32, was downgraded from critical to
stable condition, and her son, Lorenzo Mendoza, 6, is in
good condition, according to Jacobs.

County commissioners meet tonight

PECOS, January 26, 1998 - The Reeves County Commissioner's
Court will hold its regular meeting at 5:30 tonight in the
third floor courtroom of Reeves County Courthouse.

On the agenda is the early hiring of new employees for RCDC
expansion; advertising bids for RCDC support services;
agreement with Permian Basin Regional Planning Commission
and Reeves County for mutual aid in disaster assistance;
contract with Permian Basin agency on aging amendment;
approval of early voting workers for primary election;
contract for the detention of juvenile offenders from
Presidio, Upton, Brewster and Reeves counties; and a fee
schedule for proposal 15-97 dental service.

Also to be discussed: award food bids and/or General
Services Commission food purchasing program; bylaws and plan
of operation for Texas Association of Counties Worker's
compensation self-insurance fund; departmental reports;
budget amendments; personnel and salary changes at RCDC and
tax office; and payment of semi-monthly bills.

On the spread on minutes, the court will discuss and order
regarding compensation and duties of county auditor's
assistant's notice of over-axle over-gross weight tolerance
permit; a continuing education certificate for County
Auditor Lynn Owens and County Clerk Dianne O. Florez.


Luis Roman, Sr.

Luis Morales Roman, Sr., 74, of Pecos, died Saturday, Jan.
24, 1998, at Medical Center Hospital in Odessa.

A rosary is scheduled for 7:30 p.m., Tuesday, Jan. 27, at
Martinez Funeral Home Chapel.

Mass will be held at 2 p.m., Wednesday, Jan. 28, at Santa
Rosa Catholic Church with burial in Greenwood Cemetery.

Roman was born June 21, 1923, in Ruidosa, Tx. He was a
butcher and a Catholic.

Survivors include: his wife, Eduarda Jaquez Roman of Pecos;
five sons, Hector (Tito) Roman of Balmorhea, Luis (Louie),
Andy, Joel and Arturo (Artie) Roman all of Pecos; four
brothers, Raul Roman of El Paso, Manuel Roman, Jr. of
Balmorhea, Charlie Roman of Odessa and Israel Roman of
Tucumari, N.M.; seven sisters, Alicia Aguirre and Olivia
Telles of El Paso, Nancy Franco and Ellen Roman of Odessa,
Mary Lou Apodaca of Saragosa, Coa Hinson of Abilene and
Carmen Vige of Lubbock; and 11 grandchildren.

Martinez Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.


PECOS, January 26, 1998 - High Sunday, 74, low this morning,
30. Warm days and cold nights are in store across Texas
because of clearing skies across the state. West Texas will
have clear skies at night and sunny skies during the day on
Tuesday. Skies will be clearing across North Texas tonight,
becoming sunny on Tuesday. It will be mostly sunny across
South Texas on Tuesday after a cold night in the Hill
Country. Lows tonight will be in the 30s and 40s in West
Texas, the 30s across North Texas and near 30 in the Hill
Country and in the 40s and 50s elsewhere in South Texas.
Highs Tuesday will be in the 60s and 70s in West Texas, the
50s and 60s in North Texas and in the 60s and 70s in South
Texas. Strong thunderstorms produced heavy rainfall and some
large hail as they moved across North Texas on Sunday night.
Most of the activity ended before dawn Monday.

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