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December 22, 1997

See Photo of Mexican Christmas - Feliz Navidad (33.2KB)

Two hurt, one arrested in accident

PECOS, December 22, 1997 - A three-vehicle accident Saturday
evening resulted in one local man's arrest and the
transportation of two other local people to Reeves County

Police reports available at this time do not explain how the
accident at the intersection of the 800 block of East Second
Street and the 200 block of Sycamore occurred at 7:33 p.m.
Dec. 20, but they do indicate that the accident happened
after dark in a lighted area and on a wet surface. There had
been rain earlier in the day.

Of the three vehicles involved, only the one driven by the
man who was arrested was uninsured. Arrested was Jose Luis
Arevalo, 43, 409 N. Cypress Street. He was charged with
public intoxication, failure to yield right-of-way at a
yield sign, no liability insurance and no driver's license.

According to the police report, Arevalo was driving a 1986,
white and brown Plymouth Voyager van. Other vehicles
involved were a 1994 black Oldsmobile Achieva and a 1993
white Chevrolet GEO Tracker.

There was at least $500 worth of damage done to at least one
party's vehicle. Although charges against Arevalo include
public intoxication, there were no specimens taken from any
of the persons involved in the accident for alcohol/drug

Reeves County Hospital has no record of treating the
individuals who were supposedly transported there.

Man indicted for marijuana delivery

PECOS, December 22, 1997 - District Judge Bob Parks on
Friday unsealed an indictment returned by the Reeves County
Grand Jury on Dec. 11.

Clemente Urquidi III, 20, is charged with two counts of
delivery of marijuana. The indictments allege that Urquidi
sold more than one-fourth ounce of marijuana to an
undercover officer on Nov. 21 and Dec. 4.

Pecos Police served the arrest warrant at 11:02 p.m. Dec. 17
at 207 S. Plum St.

Bail on each charge is $20,000.

The indictments resulted from an investigation initiated by
the Pecos Police Department, Reeves County Sheriff's
Department and the 143rd district attorney. An officer with
the Permian Basin Drug Task Force made numerous drug
purchases during the investigation.

Peace pilgrim set off on long journey

Staff Writer

PECOS, December 22, 1997 - I shall remain a wanderer until
mankind has learned the way of peace, walking until I am
given shelter and fasting until I am given food. -The Peace

Starting out at the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade in
1953, Mildred Norman - widely known as the "Peace Pilgrim" -
began what she called her retirement project: walking the
highways and byways of the United States as an advocate of
world peace. She pledged not to stop walking until offered
shelter and not to eat until offered food.

This year another has taken up her mission, along with her
momentous vow. Earl Standberry, a graduate of Pecos High
School, left Pecos this morning for California. He is
preparing to trace Norman's original walk, which he hopes
will end at the U.N. on December 25, 1998.

Once there, Standberry plans to deliver the same request
that the first pilgrim for peace did in '53: that the
violence in North and South Korea be ended, a Peace
Department be incorporated in the White House, and that
global disarmament be carried out.

He will also be gathering signatures for a petition for
peace he hopes to present to the world at the 2000 Olympics
in Australia.

But Standberry, who eschews the spotlight saying that "the
mission is not about Earl Standberry, but the Peace
Pilgrim," has not always walked the path of peace.

He spent many years absorbed in the drug and party scene in
Los Angeles. He was also a U.S. Marine for four years and
served in Operation Desert Storm. Standberry appreciated the
discipline he gained from his years in the military, but was
sickened by what he became during the conflict as a result
of his training. "We were looking around for ears, like
trophies," he said.

Back in California and living on Venice Beach, Standberry
continued his self-destructive behavior, smoking crack and
drinking as many as six 40-ounce bottles of beer a day.
Things changed after he visited a local church in South
Central, Los Angeles.

It was there he asked God to change his life. "I remembered
'ask and you shall receive' ... I couldn't stop crying," he
said. "When I was through, I felt this quick sense of
peace." It was only a week later that a friend was passing
on a copy of Norman's writings. It impacted him deeply.

"I've only read two books in my life, and I read that one in
three days," he said.

Standberry then met with the publishers of Norman's book, a
couple dedicated to keeping the spirit of the Peace Pilgrim
alive. Publishers Ann and John Rush, both of whom are close
to 80 years old now, gave their blessing to Standberry.

While on a walk with Ann Rush, said Standberry, Rush told
him that Norman had always promised that she would be back.
"She said, 'I think she's here now.'"

Standberry has taken a vow, similar to those of chastity,
poverty and silence. He has adopted the vow of the Peace
Pilgrim: always to wander until mankind learns the ways of

"I'm not trying to change what is in people's heads, but
only to plant a seed," said Standberry.

Vejil joins race for JP Precinct 3

David Vejil, 1518 S. Eddy, has filed as his own campaign
treasurer to seek election to Justice of the Peace Precinct

Vejil was born between Saragosa and Balmorhea and has lived
in the Pecos area all his life. He is retired from 25 years
with the U.S. Postal Service and three years with the
military police.

This is Vejil's first attempt to gain public office.

"I know most of the people around here," Vejil said. "I know
the law from my time as a military policeman and from
reading up on it.

"Being retired I can work full time if I am elected as
justice of the peace. I have no other ties."

Vejil said if he is elected he will keep an office in
Balmorhea and an office in Pecos.

"I can be helpful to people and I will be there when I'm
needed," he said. "I'll be available 24-hours a day because
I have no other job or business to keep me from being 100
percent available."

Vejil has been married to his wife Gilda for 32 years.
Together the two have three children, David Jr., 28;
Patricia Abila, 27; and Demecio Vejil III, 25.

"I'm a fair man and I understand our people," he said. "I
will be a fair man to everybody. If I can help anybody in
any way, I will.

"I'll be there whenever I'm needed."

Professor brings prison experiences to students

Staff Writer

PECOS, December 22, 1997 - One UTPB professor is trying to
get the message out that prison is no fun and bring students
to reality.

Dr. Fran Johnson, a UTPB professor and author of the book,
"Coyote Tales; How the Sandbar Came to West Texas," was on
hand at Crockett Middle School recently as guest speaker for
Jim Workman's classes.

"I took a literature class this summer under Dr. Johnson in
which many of the strategies I use in class were taught,"
said Workman. "My students enjoy the hands-on techniques we
apply in our daily activities."

Johnson's lectures are based on her experiences as a teacher
at Lynaugh Unit prison in Fort Stockton and Ferguson prison
in Midway.

Her poignant lectures are eye-opening and straight to the
point. "She tells it like it is," said Workman.

"I just want them to be aware of the dangers out there,"
said Johnson.

Johnson also told the group that no matter what people tell
them, they are worth something. "A lot of these kids in
prison have low self-esteem, which is what got them there in
the first place," said Johnson.

"These prisoners would tell me that all their lives, someone
was telling them they weren't worth anything. Which is why I
started telling them that every morning they should look in
the mirror and say 'Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the
smartest at Lynaugh Unit,' or something like that," said

After this project, she said she noticed the prisoners
standing taller and feeling better about themselves.

"You could just tell that they were doing it, and that they
were feeling a lot better about themselves," said Johnson.

Johnson showed classes items the prisoners made, including a
teddy bear made out of toilet paper.

"These guys have some really good skills, some are artists,
others are craftsmen," said Johnson.

Johnson told the group that some of these prisoners had been
murderers, had stolen or were drug addicts.

Through skits and hands-on techniques, Johnson explained to
the group how easily someone so young can get mislead and
end up in prison. She told them that was not the place they
wanted to be, in graphic detail told them about the what
really happens inside a prison.

"At UTPB classes, I really stress about what it's like to
get an opportunity to work with prisoners, because there
could be a student in your class that has a parent in
prison, and they need to know what it's like," said Johnson.

Johnson stated that she tries to get her UTPB students
involved, using hands-on techniques and skits.

Johnson taught here in Pecos at Zavala Middle School in 1981
as a migrant teacher and moved to Midland shortly

"I originally came out from Atlanta, Georgia," said Johnson.

Johnson tries to speak to as many students as she can
because her students in prison asked her to try to reach
these children. "They told me be sure and tell them they
don't want to come here," she said.

"Her intentions are to bring the kids to reality," said
Workman. "She has experienced many professions and loves to
share her knowledge with everyone," he said.

Workman stated that Dr. Johnson made a big difference in his
life and wants to do the same with his students.


Louise Mosser

Louise Anna Mosser, 88, died Thursday, Dec. 18, 1997, at her
residence in Saragosa.

A grave side service was held at 1:30 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 21,
at Balmorhea cemetery with Abner Razon officiating.

Mosser was born in Fruitland, Wash. Nov. 11, 1909 and had
lived in Saragosa since 1983. She was a retired teacher and
a member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Saragosa.

She was preceded in death by her husband Keith J. Mosser;
four sisters; and two brothers.

Survivors include: two daughters, Ellen Klinke of Dallas and
Hazel Wendt of Saragosa; two brothers, Dr. Ray Downs of San
Diego, Calif and Bill Downs of Calville, Wash.; one sister,
Hazel Vetter of Bismarck, N. D.; 12 grandchildren; and seven

Maria Mata

Maria B. Mata, of Pecos, 66, died Sunday, Dec. 21, 1997, at
Medical Center Hospital in Odessa.

A rosary is scheduled for 7:30 p.m., Tuesday, Dec. 23, at
Martinez Funeral Home Chapel.

Mass will be held at 10 a.m., Wednesday, Dec. 24, at Santa
Rosa Catholic Church with Father Antonio Mena officiating.
Burial will be in Greenwood Cemetery.

Mata was born Feb. 1, 1931, in Cuchillo Parado, Chih.,
Mexico. She was a housewife and a Catholic.

Survivors include: her husband, Jose N. Mata of Pecos; five
sons, Francisco, Gonzalo, Jose and Dulces Mata of Pecos and
Felix Mata of Odessa; four daughters, Pamela Ruth Szokne of
Little Rock, Calif., Ninfa Mata of Ojinaga, Mexico, Lucy
Salinas of Artesia, N.M. and Maria Dolores Chavez of Pecos;
28 grandchildren; and 18 great-grandchildren.

Martinez Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.

Lela Williams

Lela Marie Hamshire Williams, of Pecos, 87, died Saturday,
Dec. 20, 1997, at her residence.

Mass is scheduled for 2 p.m., Tuesday, Dec. 23, at St.
Catherine's Catholic Church with Father

Juan Narez officiating. Burial will be in Mount Evergreen

Williams was born June 2, 1910, in Beaumont, Tx. She was a
homemaker, a Catholic and partner in the family business.
She had lived in Pecos since 1940.

Survivors include: two sons, John Hamshire Williams of
Dallas and Richard (Sonny) Williams of Austin; two
daughters, Mary Ann Harrison of Lubbock and Sarah Helen
(Sally) Perry of Pecos; 11 grandchildren; and five

Pecos Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.

Security State Bank employees celebrate Christmas

Bank Employees (32KB Photo)

Adorned with new Security State Sweaters the bank staff is: Seated on floor from L to R: Deana Lara, Jackie Warren, Suan Cross, Brenda McKinney, Cecilia Ward, Elizabeth Redwine, Olga Mendoza and Linda Jones. Sitting Middle Row L to R: Judy McKinney, Lisa Navarette, Jessica Medina, Sylvia Carrasco, Blythe Evans, Joanna McCormick, Vicky Deishler, Olga Garcia. Standing from L to R: Bobby Clark, Haydee Garcia, Dolores Hamilton, Barbara Flores, Bea Herrera, Craig Hill, Jimmy Herod, Dudley Montgomery, Ray Owen, Gilbert Abila, Jeanette Smallwood, Corina Matta, Denise Clements, Kaye Hanks and Bill Oglesby. Not Pictured: Nelda Laurence and Nelda Nagel.

Commissioners meet tonight

PECOS, December 22, 1997 - A regular meeting of the Reeves
County Commissioners' Court will be held today at 5:30 p.m.
in the third floor courtroom of the Reeves County
Courthouse. Agenda items include discussing or taking action
upon the following list of topics.

*Pay raises for RCDC personnel

*Fiscal year 1998 budget amendments

*Appointment of County Judge as board member of the Pecos
Economic Development Corp.

*Paid holidays for fiscal year 1998

*County personnel policy Section 10.02 - Work During
Holidays and Section 8.06 - Vacation Time

*Inmate money replacement at RCDC

*Reclassification of budget analyst position at RCDC

*Modification of RCDC Statement of Work regarding personnel

*Architectural agreement for RCDC support services building

*Performance bond for RCDC day room addition

*Award proposals for workers compensation coverage

*Approve bond for Deputy Clerk, Connie Lozano, District
Clerk's office.

*Contract for the detention of juvenile offenders between
Reeves, Culberson and Ward counties.

*Agreement for Montgomery KONE Inc. to test and inspect
elevator equipment

*Establish procedures for resale of struck-off delinquent
tax property in Reeves County.

*Award proposals for materials testing services for RCDC

*Award bids on TCDP housing rehabilitation contract #714-160

*Award proposals for physician services, sheriff's office

*Award proposals for Medical Director, RCDC

*Proposals for dental services, Sheriff's Department and RCDC

*Proposals for pharmaceuticals, Sheriff's Department and RCDC

*Proposals for laboratory and X-ray services, Sheriff's
Department and RCDC

*Award bids for asphalt and emulsion

*Award bids for surface aggregate

*Award bids for fuel, motor oil, antifreeze

*Award bids for discarded food, RCDC and RCSO

*Award bids for employee uniforms RCDC

*Award bids for inmate clothing

*Award bids for janitor supplies

*Award bids for inmate food and kitchen supplies

*Reports from various departments

*Budget amendments and line-item transfers

*Personnel and salary changes (RCDC, County Clerk, County
Attorney, Road & Bridge, JDC)

*Minutes from previous meeting

*Payment of semi-monthly bills

The commissioners' court will spread on the minutes notice
of over-axle weight permit, financial interest affidavit of
Commissioner #4 Bernardo Martinez and continuing education
certificates of County Clerk Dianne O. Florez, Commissioner
Pct. #1 Felipe Arredondo and Commissioner Pct. #4 Bernardo


PECOS, December 22, 1997 - High Sunday, 60, low this
morning, 32. Precipitation Saturday totaled 0.49 of an in.,
bringing total rainfall for the month to 0.68 of an in and
9.92 inches for the year-to-date. A winter storm watch has
been issued for tonight and Tuesday for the southern Texas
Panhandle, the South Plains, northwestern sections of the
Permian Basin the Guadalupe Mountains and extreme West
Texas, including El Paso. Forecasters say an upper level
storm system located over northern Baja California will move
eastward into New Mexico by Tuesday morning and into the
South Plains by Tuesday evening. A mixture of freezing rain,
sleet and snow is expected tonight, changing to snow during
the night. There is the potential for up to 8 inches of snow
in extreme southwest Panhandle and western portions of the
South Plains as well as in extreme West Texas and the
Guadalupe Mountains. Other areas of the watch area may get
up to 4 inches of snow. Lows tonight will be in the 20s and
30s in West Texas, highs Tuesday will be in the 30s and 40s.

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