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December 15, 1997

PBT ISD rated "acceptable" by agency

Staff Writer

PECOS, December 15, 1997 - Last week the Pecos-Barstow-
Toyah ISD received mostly "Cs" and a few "Bs" on its report

Overall the PBT ISD was given an "acceptable" rating on its
report card, the Academic Excellence Indicator System (AEIS)
report, that was released at Thursday's school board
meeting. The report is produced by the Texas Education
Agency and its findings are largely based upon results of
Spring 1997 Texas Assessment of Academic Skills (TAAS)

The report also contains information on TAAS results broken
down according to the ethnicity of the students, college
entrance exam results, attendance and retention figures and
financial information. If you are interested in detailed
information, contact your child's campus or the district
administration office to view a copy of the report.

While the P-B-T ISD was rated academically acceptable as a
whole, some individual campuses achieved recognized status.

To be rated acceptable, 35 to 74.9 percent of students must
pass the TAAS tests administered at their grade level. A
recognized rating means that 75 to 89.9 of the students
passed their TAAS tests.

TAAS tests are given to students in the third, fourth,
fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth and tenth grades. TAAS
consists of tests in reading, mathematics, writing, science
and social studies. Reading and math tests are given at all
grade levels. Writing tests are given in grades four, eight
and 10. Science and social studies tests are given in eighth
grade only.

Results by campus and grade are as follows.

Pecos Elementary (third grade)

Reading: 1996 - 70.5%, 1997 - 74.3%;

Math: 1996 - 74.7%, 1997 - 81.3%

All tests: 1996 - 63.3%, 1997 - 68.4%;

Bessie Haynes Elementary (fourth grade)

Reading: 1996 - 78.2%, 1997 - 84.3%;

Writing: 1996 - 86.9%, 1997 - 85.0%;

Math: 1996 - 90.1%, 1997 - 87.9%;

All tests: 1996 - 71.3%, 1997 - 70.5%;

Bessie Haynes Elementary (fifth grade)

Reading: 1996 - 82.1%, 1997 87.4%;

Math: 1996 - 84.1%; 1997 93.9%;

All tests: 1996 - 73.2%, 1997 - 84.7%;

Lamar Middle School (sixth grade)

Reading: 1996 - 79.8%, 1997 - 88.1%;

Math: 1996 - 84.4%, 1997 - 95.0%;

All tests: 1996 - 72.4%, 1997 - 87.7%;

Barstow Elementary (third grade)

Reading: 1996 70.5%, 1997 - 74.3%;

Math: 1996 - 74.7%, 1997 - 81.3%;

All tests: 1996 - 63.3%, 1997 - 68.4%;

Barstow Elementary (fourth grade)

Reading: 1996 - 78.2%, 1997 - 84.3%;

Writing: 1996 - 86.9%, 1997 - 85.0%;

Math: 1996 - 90.1%, 1997 - 87.9%;

All tests: 1996 - 71.3%, 1997 - 70.5%;

Barstow Elementary (fifth grade)

Reading: 1996 - 78.2%, 1997 - 87.4%;

Math: 1996 - 84.1%, 1997 - 93.9%;

All tests: 1996 - 73.2%, 1997 - 84.7%;

Zavala Middle School (seventh grade)

Reading: 1996 - 76.4%, 1997 - 79.3%;

Math: 1996 - 71.9%, 1997 - 80.2%;

All tests: 1996 - 64.0%, 1997 - 71.9%;

Crockett Middle School (eighth grade)

Reading: 1996 - 71.7%, 1997 - 74.8%;

Writing: 1996 - 69.1%, 1997 - 78.0%;

Math: 1996 - 65.1%, 1997 - 68.9%;

Science: 1996 - 70.2%, 1997 - 71.6%;

Social Studies: 1996 - 59.9%, 1997 - 45.1%;

All tests: 1996 - 40.5%, 1997 - 38.7%;

Pecos High School (tenth grade)

Reading: 1996 - 75.8%, 1997 - 72.5%;

Writing: 1996 - 91.6%, 1997 - 89.2%;

Math: 1996 - 61.2%, 1997 - 57.1%;

All tests: 1996 - 57.2%, 1997 - 50.0%.

PBT ISD had a total of 3,117 students enrolled during the
1996-97 school year and spent $5,337 per student on their
educations, according to the AEIS report.

Empty units first on PHA renovation list

Staff Writer

PECOS, December 15, 1997 - An update on the CIAP '96
pre-construction conference minutes showed that major
renovation at the Pecos Housing Authority Apartments will
begin with the 25 empty units.

The minutes were part of the PHA meeting held Friday evening.

"The work order shows they started on Dec. 8, with the
electrical part of the construction," said PHA Director
Nellie Gomez.

Gomez told the group that only those apartments which are
empty at this time will be worked on during the holidays,
with other construction work to begin in January.

"We'll start moving people around at the beginning of the
year, as work progresses," she said.

Master Builder's Construction is set to begin major
renovations in January at the south-side PHA apartments and
the apartments for the elderly located on Second Street. The
project will cost an estimated $1.1 million.

Equipment needed for this project will be stored at what was
formerly the Community Council building on 10th Street.
"We'll be using this building until our storage building has
been renovated," said Gomez.

Gomez told the board that her office had also closed out
CIAP '93, a grant from HUD.

"It means we're completely finished with that project," said
Gomez. "This year we've closed out on three CIAP's and want
to get moving to start another one," she said.

Annual bonuses of $25 for each PHA and Farm Labor Housing
employee were approved by the board.

Collecting money from delinquent renters was a major
discussion at the meeting.

Finding a way to better collect from renters is something
that the PHA board has been working on, according to Gomez.

"The amount of money they owe is after we have forfeited
their deposit and a lot of times this is money for damages
that they owe," said Gomez.

Gomez told the board that they either have to write them off
or get penalized.

"I'll be glad to discuss this problem with HUD to see if we
can handle it some other way," said Gomez.

In this month's collections losses, Efren Natividad, owes
$115; Hector Chavez, $155; Herlinda Villalon, $245; and
Delma Rodriguez, $172.

Every month there is a collections loss list of individuals,
according to Gomez.

"Some of these individuals are zero renters, which means
they don't pay any rent, but they owe us money for damages,
hauling items to the dump, or something else," said Gomez.

These bills are usually sent to Retail Merchants for
collection, but PHA only gets half of whatever is collected,
according to Gomez.

"I just think we need to give them a little more time to
pay, before writing them off," said board member Ken

The board agreed to write off the currant list and turn it
over to collections.

Our Style has "the" style in autos, bikes

Staff Writer

PECOS, December 15, 1997 - Velvet-padded, chrome-armored,
custom-painted rides filled Reeves County Civic Center
yesterday for an Our Style Car Club show.

Our Style President Rene Guerra said he has been customizing
cars for 14 years.

"I used to sell them, now they're for myself," he said. At
the front of the exhibition was Guerra's own tricked-out
1986 Mazda pickup - which, Guerra said, would soon belong to
his son.

Behind the green Mazda sat Gabriel Dominguez's slick
Cadillac Royal (custom red with sharp Aztec lines), with
velvet-laden front swivel seats and mandatory chain steering
wheel. Dominguez said he had just purchased the car. "All it
needed were the rims," he said.

Besides the 20-odd cars on display, were several low-rider
bicycles. The bikes live up to their names ("Red Passion,"
"Plum Crazy," etc.) with dropped banana seats and extended
handle-bars. All were displayed spotless, with evident pride.

Besides the exhibition, there was also a talent show and
raffle. The winner of the raffle was to receive a black and
gold low-rider bicycle. All proceeds from the event go to
the Pecos Police Department's Toys for Tots program.

Still to come from Our Style is a dance to be held at Reeves
County Civic Center Sunday from 7 p.m. to midnight, also to
benefit Toys for Tots.

County Judge Galindo files for re-election

PECOS, December 15, 1997 - Reeves County Judge Jimmy Galindo
announced today that he has filed to seek re-election as
County Judge.

"Serving as your County Judge has been one of the most
difficult challenges of my life," Galindo said today after
filing his application to appear on the ballot.

"When my term began, Reeves County was faced with an
$800,000 a year budget deficit. In just a few years, the
financial position of Reeves County was completely reversed.
Through cooperation and team work we lowered taxes two years
in a row and gave all County employees a well deserved

The Reeves County Detention Center has become one of the
fastest growing employers in the County, according to
Galindo. The success of the prison has created 50 new jobs
and gross revenue projections have increased from $6 million
to $12 million a year, he said.

"The expansion of the prison is one of our most exciting
prospects for economic growth," Galindo said.

"Our community lost one of its best assets when the old West
Pecos Gym was shut down. This was our only recreation center
and now our young people have nowhere to go and nothing to
do. We need a place for recreation where our children and
adults can go to enjoy the benefits of a healthy life."

The Commissioners' Court is proposing a plan for Reeves
County to improve the athletic facilities at Pecos High
School, if the PBT School Board will agree to let the public
use the facilities, he said.

"I believe we can use the facilities we already have to try
and help make things better for everyone," Galindo said.

"Based on the experience of our past, the possibilities for
our future are endless and I would like to ask each of you
for the opportunity to continue to serve as your County

Students present spoof of news casters

Staff Writer

PECOS, December 15, 1997 - Lamar Elementary students had a
crew from News West 9 chuckling at the newscast spoof the
children presented Friday.

The school held its annual "county fair" last week, with
entertainment provided by students of Marina Underwood's
language arts class and Rhonda Gallagher's math class.
Students performed their version of the news, complete with
commercials. Art imitated life on the cafeteria stage as the
youths reported on a local woman giving birth to triplets, a
tragic drive-by shooting and Dallas Cowboy heroics (Emmit
Smith executed three front flips to score a touchdown).

The guest of honor at the event, Charle Scott of Ector
County ISD, was awarded a quilt and a plaque in appreciation
for her hard work while president of the Center for
Professional Development Technologies.

"She filled our wish list for us," said Underwood, as she
presented the plaque. Scott pushed to attain computers for
Barstow schools and instead of only receiving a
long-distance learning center, Underwood said, Barstow
classrooms received computers with Internet access and
training - about $75,000 more than they were expecting.

Scott said, "We have to all work together to make education
what it is . . . " and encouraged the kids to "keep on
learning and be the best you can be."

After the award was presented, the children then filed
through the food line - where cakes and snacks the students
had made were sold. The money raised from the food sales
will go to Toys for Tots.

Voter registration cards mailed

PECOS, December 15, 1997 - New voter registration cards were
mailed out last Wednesday, and anyone that hasn't received
theirs can contact the Reeves County Tax
Assessor-Collector's office.

"We mailed them all out last Wednesday and the new thing
about them is the color, they're blue," said tax
assessor-collector Elfida Zuniga.

Every two years the cards are renewed and the color changes,
according to Zuniga.

These new cards will expire on Dec. 31, 1999.

Those wanting to register to vote can come by the office and
pick up an application to fill out, according to Zuniga.

"They need to have been registered 30 days before elections
in order to be able to vote in that election," said Zuniga.

Ag conference set for tomorrow

PECOS, December 15, 1997 - Precision Agriculture in the 21st
Century is the topic of a conference to be held next week in
Lamesa, and scheduled for 11 a.m. to noon on Tuesday, Dec.
16, with lunch following.

Research and educational efforts on precision agriculture
being conducted at Lamesa's Agricultural Complex for
Advanced Research and Extension Systems will be reviewed by
U.S. Rep. Charles Stenholm, State Sen. Robert Duncan, State
Rep. Gary Walker, National Cotton Council President William
Lovelady, National Cotton Foundation President Larry Nelson,
and several area agriculture leaders.

The Ag-CARES farm is the only research and educational
complex in the country where research is conducted on
full-size fields. For more information, contact either Jerry
Harris at the King Mesa Gin in Lamesa, (806) 462-7351, or
Joe Bryant, Extension Communications Specialist, at (806)


The Fort Stockton Pioneer

FORT STOCKTON, Dec. 11, 1997 - Citing his qualifications and
the experience of years of service to the community, Robert
N. Gonzales announced he will seek a third term as Pecos
County Justice of the Peace for Precinct 1. Friday, Dec. 12,
was the first installment of "Coffee With the Mayor," a
monthly series of informal and informative meetings held at
local restaurants.

The Big Bend Sentinel

MARFA, Dec. 11, 1997 - The district attorney has notified
the Texas Rangers and an investigation is underway regarding
the use of city equipment, personnel and supplies by Alpine
Mayor Bill Sohl for his private use. According to City
Manager Doug Lively, the mayor used city workers, a city
truck and supplies to lay emulsion on his ranch road in Jeff
Davis County on two separate weekends a couple of months ago.

The Alpine Avalanche

ALPINE, Dec. 11, 1997 - A water distribution system in Study
Butte and Terlingua could become reality in the near future,
according to a letter to the Brewster County Commissioners
Court from Mike Davidson, president of the Study Butte Water
Supply Corporation.

The International, Presidio Paper

PRESIDIO, Dec. 11, 1997 - There was a low voter turn out for
Tuesday's $4.4 million bond election for Presidio ISD, but
those who voted overwhelmingly approved the bond issue. A
total of 250 persons participated in Tuesday's special
election, with 200 voting for the bond issue and 50 voting

The Sanderson Times

SANDERSON, Dec. 11, 1997 - The Terrell County Chamber of
Commerce is bringing Santa Claus to Sanderson. Santa will be
at the elementary school at 9:30 a.m. Thursday, Dec. 18.
During the regular meeting of the Terrell County
Commissioners' Court last Monday, the annual budget was
amended to include $3,214 for the salary of Jane Sager, home
economics extension agent.

The Monahans News

MONAHANS, Dec. 11, 1997 - The Ward County Courthouse will
undergo a major expansion to bring it into compliance with
the requirements of the 1988 Americans with Disabilities
Act. Estimated cost for the project is $900,000 and
construction could possibly start by spring.


Roy Murphy

Services are incomplete for Roy Murphy, 77, of Midland, who
died Saturday, Dec. 13, in a Midland Hospital.

Pipkin Funeral Home, of Midland, is in charge of


PECOS, December 15, 1997 - High Sunday, 67, low this
morning, 25. Temperatures were warm and skies were sunny
across the state Sunday and more pleasant weather was
expected for most of the week. In West Texas, thin high
level clouds were moving in advance of an upper level
disturbance Sunday. Temperatures were mainly in the 60s with
50s. Winds were variable at 5 to 15 mph. The forecast for
West Texas calls for clear to partly cloudy skies and dry
conditions Tuesday. Lows Monday will be in the 20s and 30s.
Highs will reach the 60s and 70s.

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