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Thursday December 4, 1997

That's Rich

Limping, bruised Joltin' Joe Demaggio played every day

Here recently I have noticed a push for the way things used to be.

"Classic hits from the '70s, '80s and '90s; '50s theme restaurants;
throw back uniforms; grass over Astroturf; bring back instant replay.
America seems to be in a state of chaos and wants to go back to the
glory years.

Everything I know about the so called glory years comes from what I read
in books and what I catch on the History Channel from time to time.
Although, I must admit much of what I see, hear and read intrigues me,
especially historical facts having to do with sports.

Not too long ago I saw a special on one of the cable channels about Joe
DiMagggio. I sat and watched the program with merley general interest
until, about half way through the program a gentleman was talking about
DiMaggio playing hurt.

According to this gentleman DiMiggio was changing for a game and was
covered with bruises, in addition to a heel spur that had been plaguing
him through out the season.

So the guy asked DiMagggio why he didn't take a day off or hold back or
something to give his body a break. DiMaggigio said, "There might be
someone out there today that has never seen me play."

If ever there was a call for a throw back, it should be for this type of
player. DiMaggio had a huge salary contract and was a hot shot
outfielder, He didn't have to put himself through the torture he did but
he did it for his fans.

Imagine if a father took his son to Seattle to see Ken Griffy Jr. play
and that day Griffy didn't feel like playing, or if a family planned a
trip to Dallas to see the Cowboys play (although I don't know why anyone
would) and the starters played only a half game to rest for the
playoffs. How does a father explain to his son that his hero just didn't
feel like playing that day?

Well, no father had to do that back in the good ol' days at Yankee
Stadium. Every kid that went to the game got a chance to watch their
hero give his best everyday.

Monahans Lobo Basketball Roundup

Girls Basketball
Nov. 25, 1997
Monahans 38, Greenwood 41
Monahans 8 7 5 18 - 38
Greenwood 9 7 7 18 - 41
Free Throws Made: 4 of 18 for 22%
Lobo players: Amanda Swigert; Kari Almanza, two points; Suntrece
Covington, six points; Amanda Krone, two points; Sonya Williams; Lori
Enriquez, 11 points; Janette Franco; Tracie Jasso 17 points; Amber
Rogers, Kacey Huckabee, Amanda Sanchez and Dedra Wessels.

Nov. 21, 1997
Monahans 16, Seminole 68
Monahans 3 3 6 4 - 16
Seminole 15 20 23 10 - 68
Free Throws Made 0 of 0 for 0%
Lobo players: Amanda Swigert; Kari Almanza; Suntrece Covington; Amanda
Krone; Sonya Williams; Lori Enriquez; Janette Franco; Tracie Jasso 14
points; Amber Rogers, Kacey Huckabee, Amanda Sanchez, two points and
Dedra Wessels.

Monahans 42, Buena Vista 47
Monahans 4 16 8 14 - 42
Buena Vista 7 15 11 14 - 47
Free throws Made 1 of 7
Lobo players: Amanda Swigert, four points; Kari Almanza; Suntrece
Covington, five points; Amanda Krone; Sonya Williams, four points; Lori
Enriquez, 14 points; Janette Franco; Tracie Jasso 11 points; Amber
Rogers, Kacey Huckabee, Amanda Sanchez and Dedra Wessels, four points.

Eighth Grade Basketball
Nov. 24, 1997
Monahans Green 20, Kermit 29
Monahans 6 4 7 3 - 20
Kermit 6 3 9 11 - 29
Lobo players: Pilai Lavario, five points; Ryan Young two points; David
Gallaher two points; Matt Gonzales two points and Nick Painter nine

Nov. 24, 1997
Monahans Green 31, Kermit 24
Monahans 6 10 6 9 - 31
Kermit 4 7 6 7 - 24
Lobo players: Osualdo Heurtas, three points; Chad Greenfield, five
points; Chris Sinclair, seven points; Adrian Porras, five points; Joseph
Naranjo, two points; Marc Covington, two points; Cody Gains, three
points; Josh Powell, four points.

Nov. 20, 1997
Monahans Green 38, Jal. NM. 53
Monahans 8 10 12 8 - 38
Jal NM. 10 17 10 16 - 53
Lobo players: Jeff Harkey, two points; Lesley Eason, four points; Ryan
Young, five points; David Gallaher, nine points; Mark Lovington, two
points; Martian Brito, two points; John Valdez, two points; Matt
Gonzals, four points; Nick Painter, six points and Daniel Eaddis, 20

Freshmen Girl's Basketball
Nov. 17, 1997
Monahans 16, Crane 38
Monahans 11 0 0 5 - 16
Crane 7 15 4 12 - 38
Lobo players: Amanda Krone, seven points; Allondra Alvarez, four points;
Abby Romo, three points; Edie Garcia, two points; Amanda McNutt; Erica
Torres, Julia Graves; Tonya Ontiveras; Carol Martinez; Stephanie Taylor;
Carly Salcido; Jennifer Shaw and Debbie Gutierrez.

Eighth Grade Basketball
Nov. 13, 1997
Monahans......3 3 12 3 - 21
Andrews......16 20 12 17 - 65
Free Throws Made: 3-8 for 38%
Chastity Franco, one point, three steals, three assists.
Kourtney Montgomery, two points, three rebounds.
Emerald Setzler, two points, two steels, one assist.
Crystal Dominguez, two points, one steal , one assist.
Amanda Porras, one point, two steals.
Amber Conterras two points, two rebounds.
Christie Bates six points, four rebounds.
Amber Swan, two points, three steals, two assists.
Lacey Sanders three points, one rebound.

Nov. 17, 1997
Monahans......4 9 8 8 - 29
Ft. Stockton..2 5 9 4 - 20
Free throws made: 3-11 for 27%
Chasity Franco four points, sic rebounds, five steals, two assits.
Kourtney Montgomery two points, five rebounds, one steal.
Emerzld Serzler, two points, one rebound, four steals.
Crystal Dominguez, one rebound, one steal.
Amanda Porras one rebound, one steal.
Amber Conterras four points, three rebounds.
Christie Bates seven points two rebounds, one steal.
Amber Swan, six points, three rebounds, two steals.Lacey Sanders four
points. one rebound.
Ninth Grade Girls Basketball
Nov. 24, 1997
Monahans......7 4 6 13 - 30
Greenwood....4 4 8 12 - 28
Free Thows Made: 7-11 for 5%
Amanda McNutt two points, Edi Garcia 15 points, Allondra Alvaraz six
points, Julia Graves two points, Carol Martinez two points, Carly
Salcido two points and Paloma Pedroza one point.

Grandfall Cowboys ear 20 slots

Junior Roy Vasquez named Offensive MVP

District 8-A Six Man football released their All-District selections
this week. The Grandfalls- Royalty Cowboys pick up 20 slots on the team.
Here are the 8-A All-District selections:
Roy Vasquez Jr. Grandfalls
Juan Luis Ponce Jr. Sanderson
Blocking End:
Francisco Lopez Sr. Sanderson
Andy Leyva Jr. Grandfalls
Brian Jackson Jr. Sierra Blanca
Wide Receiver:
Jimmy Ramirez Sr. Grandfalls
Jesse Duran Soph. Dell City
Jesse Martinez Jr. Sanderson
Ronnie Vasquez Jr. Grandfalls
Danny Santiago Jr. Grandfalls
Alfonso Marquez Sr. Grandfalls
Spread Back:
Debiasie Mendoza Sr. Balmorhea
Utility Back:
John Kennedy Jr. Sanderson
Jason Carter Jr. Grandfalls
Blocking End:
Melchor Avalos Jr. Balmorhea
Ricky Acosta Sr. Buena Vista
Tyler Cantu Soph. Sanderson
Jaime Garcia Soph. Dell City
Patrick Craven Jr. Balmorhea
Zane Rhyne Sr. Balmorhea
Chuy Mancias Sr.Sierra Blanca
Ray Sanchez Jr. Sanderson
Morino Mascarinas Jr. Sierra Blanca
Spread Back:
David Arnold Sr. Sierra Blanca
Omar Linares Soph. Dell City
Utility Back:
Arturo Miranda Jr. Balmorhea
Zack Braden Jr. Buena Vista
Kick Off:
Jeff Corean Sr. Grandfalls
Extra Point:
Jeff Corean Sr. Grandfalls
Kick Returner:
Zach Braden Jr. Buena Vista
Jeff Corean Sr. Grandfalls
Punt Returner:
Roy Vasquez Jr. Grandfalls
Blocking End:
Eric Garcia Sr. Grandfalls
Debiasie Mendoza Sr. Balmorhea
Danny Santiago Jr. Grandfalls
Mike Sanchez Sr. Sanderson
Jim Bob Mumme Sr. Sanderson
Roy Vasquez Jr. Grandfalls
Jimmy Ramirez Sr. Grandfalls
Dave Villegas Sr. Sanderson
Johnny Cavender Jr. Sanderson
Zane Rhyne Sr. Balmorhea
Free Safety:
Roland Rodriguez Soph. Sanderson
Alfonso Marquez Sr. Grandfalls
Tommy Collins Sr. Buena Vista
Brian Jackson Jr. Sierra Blanca
Andy Leyva Jr. Grandfalls
Chuy Mancias Sr. Sierra Blanca
Cody Cooper Jr. Buena Vista
Sean Francisco Jr. Grandfalls
Arturo Miranda Jr. Balmorhea
Albert Gonzalez Jr. Buena Vista
Morino MascarinasJr. SierraBlanca
Omar Linares Soph. Dell City
Zach Braden Jr. Buena Vista
Free Safety:
Tim Bustamente Fr. Serra Blanca
Jason Carter Jr. Grandfalls

District 8-A Six-Man All-Stars
*** Jim Bob Mumme Sanderson
***Debiasie Mendoza Balmorhea
1st Alt.
Alfonso Marquez Grandfalls
2nd Alt.
Dave Villegas Sanderson
3rd Alt.
Mike Sanchez Sanderson
4th Alt.
Ricky Acosta Buena Vista
5th Alt.
Chuy Mancias Sierra Blanca

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