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Monday, November 17, 1997

The Way I See It

By Rick Smith

Readers offer suggestions to improve Pecos

A couple of weeks ago the Enterprise ran a request for our
readers to let us know what they think is missing in Pecos.
Since then we have received a few responses and I thought I
would share some of them with you.

All the responses agree that something should be done with
all the empty buildings in town. From using them for
community centers to offering incentives to new businesses
to occupy them, all agree something needs to be done to
alleviate the ghost-town appearance they create.

One writer suggested that consideration be given to turning
unoccupied downtown buildings into facilities that cater to
tourists such as bed-and-breakfast hotels, a Texas rodeo
hall of fame or a printing museum. Even cleaning up the town
by destroying dilapidated buildings would give Pecos a
better appearance, suggested one writer.

To further develop the city's potential for tourism, one
reader suggested to turn Pecos into "The Last Frontier Town"
capitalizing on the West of the Pecos motto, the West of the
Pecos Museum, the West of the Pecos Rodeo, Pecos cantaloupes
and the Pecos River.

Setting at the intersections of I-20, SH-285 and SH-17,
Pecos is in a prime location as the hub for travel to Fort
Davis, Big Bend, the Guadalupes and Carlsbad, one writes.
According to one response, Pecos was dropped from the Big
Bend Area Travel Association because of lack of
participation. That writer suggests Pecos invest more in
promotional activities.

Another writer said that if Pecos leaders could come
together to court businesses like they did while trying to
get the Texas Youth Commission to build a jail here a lot
more businesses would be interested in locating in the city.
This person went on to say that Pecos needs an active
economic development committee with clear-cut incentives to
present to prospective businesses.

One response said Pecos has been spiraling downward for the
past 20 years, and continues to go down the tubes. To turn
Pecos around, more of our leaders need to get involved in
community activities, according to that writer.

Taxes are too high, one mentions. What about increasing the
sales tax and decreasing property taxes? That would be
especially attractive if tourism increased. Out-of-towners
could help pay for a lot of improvements for the community.

What impression does the city's water leave on those
considering living here? questions one.

The city needs more cultural activities, suggests one.
Another says we need more recreational activities.

Improve local educational opportunities, suggests another.
Odessa College has looked at Pecos for expansion of its
facilities more than once, but one writer suggests that the
college receives the cold shoulder due to lack of interest
in Pecos.

Some of these ideas are not new. Some are already being
worked on. The main point is that Pecos has a lot of
options. The future of Pecos will be determined by what we
do today. If our leaders have a vision of what Pecos can
become all they have to do is take the steps it takes to
make the vision become reality.

If our leaders have no vision for the future improvement of
Pecos, then we need new leaders. Election time is coming up.

Editor' Note: Rick Smith is the City Editor of the Pecos
Enterprise whose column appears each Monday. He can be
e-mailed at:

Your View

Coach receives support from reader

To The Editor:

I am writing in regards to the letter that was published a
couple of months ago in the Pecos Enterprise about Coach
Mike Ferrell.

As a student in one of Coach Ferrell's classes I have
noticed that since the letter was published he has not
completely been himself. I am hoping that if this letter is
in fact printed Coach will realize that not everybody is
against him.

As a matter of fact, I want him to see that there are a lot
of people who know what he is truly like and respect him not
only as a coach, a teacher, and a mentor, but as a friend.

Coach, I just wanted you to know that there are still people
in Pecos who care. Best of luck in the future.


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