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Friday, November 14, 1997

Mac McKinnon


By Mac McKinnon

Veterans deserve recognition

As most people probably realize, Tuesday, Nov. 11 was
Veterans' Day, a day set aside to honor those who have
served and died to protect our country's freedom.

It seems that the reverence of this day has been lost to a
great extent. There were only a few ceremonies in Pecos and
many areas of the country did nothing to let people know
what this day means.

Pecos Elementary had a special ceremony that I understand
was really nice as did Crockett Middle School.

Maybe one of the reasons for a lack of observation of this
special day is that people just don't appreciate the
freedoms we have because there doesn't appear to be a threat
to that freedom on the horizon.

But, there are always threats out there, they're just not as
obvious as in the past. Many people are power hungry and we
must always be vigilant or we can lose our freedoms. Even
though our military is basically service in peacetime, their
presence all over the world helps let the world know of our
strength and how important peace is, peace achieved through

Our country through its strong presence, militarily and
economically, all over the world serves as a guiding light
to people fighting for freedom in many parts of the world.

Many of those people are now making the sacrifices that our
forefathers made starting with the Revolutionary War and
continuing up to the present time.

The flag of our country signifies what our country stands
for; valor, loyalty, purity and the blood that has been shed
to keep us free.

But how many times have you seen people not stand when the
Star-Spangled Banner is played at various events? How many
times have you seen people not remove their hats or caps and
hold their hands over their hearts when this special song is

Too many people take for granted what we have in this
country and we must struggle to keep it going. Voting is one
way, and being informed on the issues facing us as a
community, county, state and nation is very important.

People in almost every other country would give anything to
have what we have, freedom, stability in government, the
right to choose our elected leaders without intimidation and
a free press where what is printed is not dictated by
government or others who don't want certain things printed.

I've lived and visited in countries like that and the people
envy us. Why do so many people want to come to this country
if it wasn't for the fact they have opportunities here,
opportunities that are made possible by freedom and freedom
makes it possible to have a thriving economic system.

No, our country isn't perfect but it's the best thing
anybody has ever come up with.

And the veterans of this country, sacrificing their time
and in many cases, their very lives, to keep our country
free. Our veterans deserve recognition and respect for what
they have done.

Editor's Note: Mac McKinnon is the Editor and Publisher of
the Pecos Enterprise whose column each Friday. He can be
e-mailed at:

Your Views

Resident referred to as a "real angel"

To the Editor:

Editor's Note: This article was sent to the Pecos Enterprise
by Verma Daniels. It appeared in an October issue of a Bowie
newspaper and was written by Joe D. Prater, Colonel (USMC

Many stories of cowboys are told via books, movies, TV shows
and other sources. With recent actions of the Dallas Cowboy
owner, coaches and players, you may prefer never to hear or
read about another cowboy. Cowboys do recover...there are
always good stories along with the bad.

While driving through west Texas in August 1997 en route to
California, my wife and I experienced an encounter with a
"real cowboy" that cannot be forgotten. This realistic view
has changed my attitude toward circumstances that I have
ignored in the past.

As I drove on Interstate 20 near Pecos at 70 miles per hour,
one tire completely disintegrated; fortunately, the traffic
was sparse and a safe stop was made after severe swerving.
Many cars and trucks passed, none stopping to offer
assistance. However, a young man (thirty-five to forty that
is young to me!) was seen approaching along the highway
inside his pasture. He had heard the initial tire noise
about a quarter-mile back.

This Pecos resident, Chris Taylor, walked up and asked if we
needed any help; of course, I needed lots of help. In thirty
years of driving from coast to coast, this had never
previously occurred to me. Chris insisted on changing my
tire with the `spare' and told me the directions to a
recommended tire dealer...he refused any payment for his
work I did make a donation for his children.

As we were leaving, Chris said, "Tell Lupe that Chris sent
you down to his place." Lupe Garcia, Credit Manager, Eagle
Tire & Service, was extremely accommodating at 4:30 p.m.
with several customers waiting for work completion. Two new
tires were installed and we were on the road again at 5:30

Lupe thanks us for coming and stated, "Chris Taylor is the
nearest to a real cowboy that you will ever meet." He told
about Chris being attacked by a bull just six weeks earlier
he did not give all the details; however, he did state that
Chris received several broken ribs as a result, but Chris
never ceased working.

My response to Lupe's "real cowboy" comment was, "Chris
Taylor may be the nearest to a real Angel of any person that
I will ever meet." In today's world of vehicle related
crimes, people are hesitant to check on cars stopped along
the highways. At least, I have been reluctant to take the
time to inquire if the help is needed my time has always
been more important...too selfish.

Our trip continued though New Mexico and Arizona with 100
degree temperatures and a 70-plus speed limit. We observed
thousands of tire parts along the road many clean-up crews
were involved with their loaded. We checked to see if help
was needed and available at all sites of stopped cars. Many
were traveling together and assisting each other when
problems arose.

Advice has been provided for long travel trips: have tires
checked by experts regardless of tire mileage; check your
tires and all auto fluid levels as frequently as gas
fill-ups; reduce travel time and speed during extremely hot
conditions. Hope you will always have a Chris Taylor nearby
to assist you. Chris is an Angel.

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