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Nov. 13, 1997

Monahans youth rescue travelers

To the Editor

On a trip to the Davis Mountains State Park last week,
my daughter and I found ourselves in a dangerous situation
and we were rescued by four young people form Monahans. It
was an extraordinary deed of kindness, and without their
help there is the possibility that we might have died in the

The two men and two woman would not accept any money
and so I determined to write the Mayor of Monahans, and
request that your City Council present them each with a
certificate in recognition of their deed and their character.

Additionally I determined to write the Editor of the
Monahans Newspaper, for there were other people who could
have stopped but chose to go on.

The temperature may have 115 degrees. We had turned off
of Highway 18 just south of Grandfalls in order to read a
historic marker, which was in some bushes and not seeing it
we drove into the desert on a seemingly well-traveled road
beside the maker. About a mile and a half later we were
stuck in a pool of water in the road. We worked for nearly
two hours trying to gain traction, but when our gallon and a
half of water was nearly gone and nausea, dizziness and
chills had appeared, we decided to walk back to the road. We
could only walk 50 feet at a time before we had to rest
under a mesquite tree, so it took a long time but we reached
the road with 1/2 cup of water left. We stood out in the
highway and waved our hats and shirts, but people swerved
and drove on.

Chris Millan lives in Monahans. He was with a young
lady and in another car was Chris's brother who also was with a young woman. They drove into the desert, pulled our car out of the covering their new jeans with mud in the process and when we pushed payment up on them said, "No, what we like to do is help people."

We hope you will print this letter and see that Chris
Millan and his 3 companions receive a copy of the letter.

Everyday we read in the newspaper about the bad things
which people do; I think the citizens of Monahans would like
to read this story of goodness.

If ever we travel again in West Texas, We will take
with us eight gallons of water, a chest of ice and a car

The Texas Highway Department has been contacted with a
request to erect a sign beside the side road to prevent
future occurrences of our mishap.

We shall forever remember our rescuers and also think
fondly of the City of Monahans.

Janet C. Shepherd
Dallas, Texas

Letter from the editor

By Steve Patterson

As far as I could tell, Veterans' Day passed in Ward
County without anything much more than a nice prayer at the
Lions Club. The Post Office was closed, as was the county
courthouse, but other than those minor inconveniences, I did
notice that a few of us went through the blustery morning
with enough spirit to fly Old Glory in our front yard.

I am ashamed to say that both my household and place of
business forgot about Tuesday. We failed without excuse.

Well, maybe I'll try to use one last excuse. I do not
relish the fact I'm trying to get myself off the hook with a
guy who is not even in town to defend himself.

I forgot about the importance of America's veterans of
war. I forgot because A.G. Adair was not here to remind us.
Police Chief Dave Watts is a decorated vet of Vietnam. He
failed to mention the observance to me as we grabbed a quick
cigarette Tuesday morning.

Johnny Dalton, who just joined the Monahans News staff
part-time, saw his share of Vietnam. He worked on a day
(Tuesday) that - one would think - veterans would have the
day off.

There are many veterans in this town. Now, while
admittedly the roles some of them played in strategic
battles may have to be assigned by future historians, I
assure you, Monahans has a fair share.

However, if the retelling of the glories of war somehow
dulls the bad memories and brings comfort to the teller, it
is worth the price of listening.

But the holiday is not about just the veterans. There are
mothers and sisters, fathers and brothers, friends and
in-laws who are affected by the wounding or worse of a
soldier. I would seriously doubt that there is a Ward County
family whose fate has not taken a tragic turn since 1900 due
to a war fatality. It has directly or indirectly touched all
of our lives, whether we realize or not.

This year's Veterans' Day hero for me was that pilot who
flew the spy mission into Iraq with the world watching. We
don't know who the pilot is... is it a woman? We don't know
who the pilot is because the news media were looking at the
symbol and not the soul.


As should be obvious by the panicked expressions on our
faces this week, Linda Staphens is in Dallas helping her
daughter make preparations for a wedding.

Linda, who has been writing about weddings for years,
finally was given the opportunity to write her own Sandi's

Hear-ye, hear-ye, good readers, accept this column as a
sworn affidavit that I, (say my name here), do solemnly
swear that as Publisher of the Monahans News, am fully
anticipating this wedding so that Linda Stephens can stop
talking to her daughter every five minutes.

Linda's daughter, Sandi, worked for us last Summer. I am
probably one of the few men outside of Miami or Paris who
can recite word-for-word the neccessities of a good gown.
Mom and daughter have been talking wedding
allll-Summer-long... into the Fall...into almost the Winter.

We all wish the bride and bride's mom well. Now, please
mom. Let these kids have their honeymoon and you come back
to work!


Volunteers are needed to deliver Meals-On-Wheels to the
elderly and shut-in. Rotating schedules are available and
this is the perfect opportunity to help somebody.

Contact Jane Ulrich at 943-2608.

Am I still biased in favor of the Lions' Club? You betcha'
I am! The K-Bob's crowd has paid for eyeglasses for almost a
dozen deserving kids. They plan to do more before the year
is over. I can think of no nicer Christmas present than a
pair of prescription eyeglasses... contact your nearest Lion
for details.

FIRST FREEZE! Next week!

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