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Tuesday, Oct. 14, 1997

Peggy McCracken

Squarely Pegged

By Peggy McCracken

Candid shots on T-shirts
proves to be a success

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Lambs, steers and heifers, some relaxing under a bank of fans, crowded
the fair barn Saturday for the fall fair livestock show. Parents,
brothers and sisters helped exhibitors wash, clip and groom their
animals for their time in the show ring.

The weather man was kind to animals and humans, sending a cloudy, breezy
day to keep everyone comfortable.

One new twist this year proved to be so popular we couldn't keep up with
the demand. That was digitized color photos of the kids and their
animals printed on T-shirts by the Enterprise staff.

It was the first booth we have had at the fair in years - something I
thought we should do, but didn't have the time to work on. Because Mac
is letting me concentrate on getting our paper and advertising pages on
the Internet, I was able to take the time, and I'm glad I did.

The idea came to me on Monday before the fair opened on Thursday, and I
had a scramble to get the supplies together. Rhetta Blount at the Back
Door T-Shirt Shop was gracious enough to order shirts and transfer paper
for me. I didn't get my ink shipment in, so of course ran out of ink
while I still had customers waiting in line.

We didn't have to do much selling. The shirts sold themselves once
people got a look at them. Early on I took a photo of Candace Roach
holding her favorite lamb for the judge, printed it out immediately, and
Laura Rodriguez ironed it on a T-shirt for her. Candace put the shirt
on and went right back in the ring with another lamb. We got lots of
requests after that - more than we could fill.

I did get a few candid shots, which I saved on computer disk. Parents
may want to check with me at the office to see if your child is in one
of them. We can print them out later, once I get another shipment of ink.

Pat Elkins bought four T-Shirts and said she would want some from the
January show and sale. I don't know if we'll be offering the service
then, but I'll bet someone will be. And the pet show would be another
great opportunity. I made the mistake of taking a supper break about
that time and missed out, but Greg really got some neat black and white
photos. Come to think of it, we could put those on a shirt. Call me if
you are interested.

It was a good experience to be at the fair, although it was tiring to
stay there until the 10 p.m. closing time. Not much happened during the
day, so I was able to do a little work. Night time brought out the kids
who had been to the carnival, so we were busy, busy, busy.

One attraction to our booth was black and white prints that have
appeared in the paper this year - or not. We sold quite a few of them
for $1 each. And there are plenty more if you want to come by the
office to browse through them.

I am going to Quitaque this weekend, where my sisters and I plan to set
up a booth for T-shirt transfers, photos and poetry books. Cross your
fingers that all goes well.

"Ensure your servant's well-being; let not the arrogant oppress me."
Psalm 119-122, NIV.

Editor's Note: Peggy McCracken is the Webmaster of the Pecos Enterprise whose column appears each Tuesday. She can be e-mailed at

Your Views

Children need to be rehabilitated

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To The Editor:

I have re-read 2 recent articles written in your newspaper. I can find
no correlation between the article entitled, "Angry Kids; Substance
abuse contributes to local juvenile crime," Oct. 7, and the article
entitled, "Council commits $10,000 to push through TYC bid," Oct. 10.

These youngsters who self prescribe medications for themselves, don't
need a guard they need a psychiatrist. The police department doesn't
need a larger detention center they need a bigger stack of referral
forms. Let's rehabilitate these children.

The conclusion I draw from the conclusion our council persons drew by
putting monies into a criminal facility leaves me wondering if they
would rub iodine on a juvenile's navel to cure his/her broken leg?

We are quickly moving into the third millennium. Could we try modern

Let a medical person address the medical and emotional needs of these
children first. We already pay for the use of Big Spring and Abilene
State Mental Hospitals for a 90-day observation. Send the kiddos there.


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